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A Small note: Thank you for the response to my first part of the story, here’s the second part many of you have mailed me for, hope you enjoy. Thanks again folks.

Story so far : Raja unoffically engaged to Rekha, my mom Rukmini’s best friend Padmini’s daughter, Raja gets Padmini to bed finally after years of having a crush on her and is caught by his mother fucking her……..

I and Padmini did not notice my mom and continued our rendezvous, me fondling her and thrusting inside her over and over again, my mom was standing outside, suddenly Padmini’s eyes froze fixed on the door, I turned around and saw my mom, I still could not stop, I continued pumping my hard cock into Padmini and until I emptied it into Padmini’s all devouring cunt!!!!

My mom was so shocked she just stood there, so was Padmini who did not utter a word, I was standing naked in front of my mom not knowing what to say, my cock dripping with cum. Padmini, took a bedsheet to cover her and ran out of the room, I was left alone to deal with mom.

“Mom, I could not help it, she is so beautiful, I wanted to have her”. I finally spoke.

My mom did not speak to me and just went to her next door and closed it hard. Inside I could hear her sobs. I decided to go out and went outside and came back late in the night, that night after a long time, Padmini did not come home that night, saw my mom finishing her cooking and laying on the table. I went to the table silently and both of us had food, nobody talking.

Then she looked at me at said, “You have made me very alone now, I have lost a good friend and now have a really bad son, you are more and more like your father, you will also run away from me in search of more cunts, you are just another womanising bastard”.

I was surprised at her words, she never said these kinds of words ever!!!

“I am sorry, but I really like her, it is not that I want her for one day or night,” I said.

“What do you mean, you sick pervert, she could be old enough to be your mother,” My mom shouted.

“That may be, but I still want her, she is beautiful, she is smart, she is sexxxy and besides her husband don’t care for her?” I answered back.

“So? she is my friend, you should not have even thought of that, even I don’t have a husband who cares for me, so will you fuck me too?”.

I kept silent.

“Answer me you pervert,” she shouted.

“Oh, I am not beautiful, is it ,is that the problem?” she shouted.

“I am sorry mom, but I really like her. You are very beautiful and lots of men ogle at you, I have seen that,” I said my face lowered.

“So are you saying you would fuck me too, would you?” she questioned.

I again bent my head and kept silent.

She just banged the plate, locked the door and went to sleep. In the morning I got up and when I saw Padmini outside, saw she was all bruised, I got really angry and went to her husband asking what he was doing.

“She is fucking you, isn’t she and you are her knight in shining armour,” He told me looking at my face.

I said “Yes,” back to him.

I took her arm and took her home my mom was there and when she Padmini’s state she cooled down, she asked me to bring some ice and she applied it to her.

Padmini was silent and fell at mom’s feet and asked for forgiveness.

“Rukmini, Your son has always been sweet and helpful to me, I felt so protected with him, and I am always fighting with my husband, and it just happened,” Padmini said.

Mom did not say anything and just patted her on the forehead, asked me to make the bed, and Padmini slept on it.

My mom was silent for a while, in the evening, Mom called both me and Padmini to her room and said ,” I have decided to forgive you both, you are my best friend and you, my son”. Dont repeat it she said

We both nodded, after 2-3 weeks but there was some other news in store, Padmini missed her period and after a fortnight of waiting found out she was pregnant with my baby!!!!!

My mom was flabbergasted and she was angry with both of us, I was secretly thrilled and Padmini was shaken, I just hugged her and kissed right in front of mom and lifted her up.

Mom watched us in disgust and shook her head and sat down.

“Mom, this was meant to happen, I want her to have the baby, my first baby and your first grand child”.

Mom looked at Padmini and the look said she also wanted to have the baby. My mom shrugged everything and hugged both me and Padmini,Mom meanwhile was wearing sarees, lower than ever, and I could catch a glimpse of her breasts every now and then.

That night, I asked mom to let Padmini sleep in my room.

Mom agreed and I and Padmini were alone in the room.

She was very shy and I asked her, “are you happy?”.

She said “Yes, very happy”.

“Rukmini etiler bdsm escort has accepted us, that means a lot to me,” she said.

I hugged her and I kissed on the forehead I removed her saree and blouse and kissed her naked breasts, played with her nipples. She started moaning loudly “aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah”.

“O Padmini I missed you, I love you”.

Then I kissed her navel and she squealed in delight, I rubbed my finger on her cunt and she whispered, “Careful, your baby is coming out of there,” and I was even more excited by her words and kissed her hard on her mouth.

I was very tender and kissing her all over, touching everywhere and hugging, my cock was hard and went in slowly and she gasped. I kissed over and over again, as I kept pushing and pulling my cock inside her cunt. We were making noises and giggling like a couple of teenagers all night.

In the morning, mom teased both of us, “I was hearing lots of noises”. Hearing this from mom made me more horny, I was thinking of mom now. The next night, I asked Padmini, “whether her relationship with mom has changed”.

She said “In some ways, I now find it uncomfortable to discuss you,” I said, “We can make that go away and you can help,” “I want to make love to mom too,” I blurted out Padmini looked at me and smiled “You naughty sexxxy boy, lusting for your own mother!!!!”

She was pleased and said she would share anything with mother as she loved her a lot including her lover boy if that can help get back to her old relationship. She started telling mom about our juicy love making sessions and mom was clearly excited. she told mom, she should find a man too, to which mom remarked, you are lucky you found one, I hope I am as lucky as you.

“Yes, I am very lucky, your son is a wonderful man and lover, Rukmini,” “Yes, Raja is a very good man, maybe if you had a son, I could be with him,” Mom teased. Padmini Replied “Raja was like my son for a long time until …!!!!!” Mom looked at Padmini and both smiled.

As Padmini was telling me this, I was getting so horny, I just wanted to go mom’s room and tell her I wanted to fuck her.

Padmini said “Darling, what are you doing when I am in the office?” and she naughtily smiled.

The next day, I dropped Padmini in the office and she wished me good luck and winked. I went home and mom was in a sexy nightie, I could see her bra and panties through it. I had a ready hard on and mom noticed it, you have to wait until the night she said looking at it.

I said, “It has a lot of energy, always wanting”

“Bad Bad Boy, not tired of making those noises with my friend and your very own mother-in-law Padmini,” She remarked sexily.

“Your friend is very sexy, and she likes being in my bed,” I said

“She is very lucky,” mom remarked

“She is beautiful, has guys half her age going after her!!!!” mom said

“You are beautiful too, you could have any guy you want,” I said

“You think your mom is beautiful?” she asked

“Oh yes, very beautiful”


“Oh yes, very sexy,” I was barely talking now

“You think I can find a young guy for me, your mom?”

“Oh yes,”

“Know anyone in particular?” she was looking at me straight.

we were both flirting like this, my hard on all too evident, and my mom moving her eyes and lips very provocatively.

“I do know, but not sure if you would want him,” I replied

“Well, what are you waiting, tell me how to get a hold of this guy and maybe your mom will like him, I will go with whoever my son wants me to fuck!!!” there was a small pause and mom continued..

“Tell me, my darling son,” I am waiting eagerly.

“Oh Mom, I want you in my bed,” I blurted out.

“You want your sexy mom in bed, is it?” she replied without batting an eyelid.

“Yes,” and without waiting I hugged her tight, and my hard cock touching her panties through the nightie.

“My, my!!!! no wonder my friend could not resist you,” she said winking at me

“Don’t tease me mom, I am so hot for you”

“Oh darling,” she replied and kissed me on the forehead.

“Do you want your mom in your bed?” she asked “What about Padmini, won’t she mind, are you not cheating with her?” she teased knowing fully well that I had her consent.

“Mom, Padmini loves me and loves you, she wants me to have you as a lover, so she can go back to her previous relationship with you being free and all,” I replied.

“What about you, you want to do for her or for yourself?” she questioned.

“I want it for myself and you,” and I kissed her on the mouth.

Mom moaned and I moaned too. “Oh my darling raja,” she moaned and kissed me.

My hands went to her waist and I squeezed her there, she cried in pain and looked at me wantingly. etiler elit escort I kissed her on the nose, nibbled at her ears. I removed her nightie and her bra, and I kissed her breasts and nipples kissing and biting “This is where you had your first food,” she said looking lovingly stroking my hair.

i smilingly kissed it, “I am grateful for that”.

Then I kissed her navel, and her cunt

“It is so beautiful mom,” I said

It is yours, my son, all yours,” she whispered

“This excited my more and I start licking her cunt, while playing with her thighs her hand were all over my hair and she was moaning with delight

“Mom, want to get back inside you,” winked at mom

“What’s stopping you, son,” She replied

I plunged my hard cock into her cunt, it was so tight, years having gone by without sex for her, it felt awesome as I rammed into her cunt, I slowly start moving in and out.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaah,” mom moaned, “You are so big and thick, slowly darling”

“Yes mom,” I replied and slowly start moving in and out, my pre-cum already lubricating her cunt walls, I was kissing her on the mouth as my rhythm increased faster and faster

“Faster son, Faster son, I LOVE IT,” “Mom, you like your son fucking you?” I asked “Yes, Yessssssss,” she cried as she wriggled her ass as she said it and I started fucking her harder and harder.

There were no words, just the sound of the wetness inside her sweet motherly sexy cunt getting rammed by the hard cock of a son. I came and she came , both in joyous unison of a beautiful love formed. we both hugged tight after that and kissed. “Now you can be sisters again,” I remarked “Yes, Thank you son,” she smiled lustily. We kissed again, our tongues playing with each other.

“What about Rekha?” she asked

“You two did not talk about it,” I asked

“well, she likes you a lot , I know and maybe we can all live together,” she replied

“What if she does not want to do this?” I said

“What if she creates problems?” I asked again

“I don’t think so,” she said

“Is there something I don’t know,” I asked

“Well, both me and Padmini went and talked to her after her pregnancy finding,” she said

“What? did you tell her it was me?” I was a little angry and surprised

“Yes, it came out better than we expected,” she said

“She did not mind?” I asked

“Well, she did at first, but realizing what her father had put her and her mother through, she took it well,” mom said

“And she still wants to marry me?” I queried incredulously

“Yes, she always loved you, you were her ideal man after looking at her father, obviously both mother and daughter think alike!!!!” mom said winking at me.

“Oh,” That’s all I could muster

“Well she said if you like her she would not mind sharing with her mom,” mom said

“I cannot believe it, what about you?”

“Oh I have changed, I think we can all live together happily,” she winked again

I just kissed mom again and made love to her, in the evening, I picked Padmini back from the office and told her what I did to mom on the way back, she was so excited hearing about it, she was totally wet by the time she was home.

As soon as we got home, she wanted to make love to me, I did with mom watching us, then I made love to mom with her watching, I made both of them stand kiss me turn by turn naked. I made love to Padmini in the night, mom content to let her have me, while I made love to mom in the morning, before going to the college.

Rekha’s exams had gotten over and I and mom went to pick her up as Padmini was way too pregnant at the time, everyone thinking what they wanted to, rumour being my kid. As soon as Rekha saw me outside she hugged me tight and kissed me. Mom was around and she blushed.

She whispered “I hear you did things to mom”

I kinda blushed and said “Yes”

Then she got bold and said “I want you to do the same to me”

Mom sternly intervened “You will get pregnant only after marriage”

I said “Yes we should both complete our studies and then only we should get married and have kids”

She kept quiet and then teased, “at least we can play and looked at mom, you need someone when my mom is not available,” not knowing I was banging my mom.

I looked at mom and winked. we kept quiet the rest of the journey, occasionally Rekha’s hands on my legs while driving, Rekha was in front and mom in back, I kept looking at mom in the rear view mirror and she kept making lewd gestures, I had a hard time , literally HARD!!!!

We reached home and Padmini was waiting. Both mother and daughter hugged and fed each other sweets. I then kissed Padmini on the mouth right in front of Rekha, Rekha was looking straight.

She etiler escort started teasing me , asking if I should be called “Dad”. Padmini looked at her and smiled. I said, right now you can call me “Raja, after I marry you, I will call your mother, my mother-in-law,” and we all laughed.

She did not even want to see her father, who did not care what was happening and was just happy I took care of his food and drinks. I told her she should and I went with her and asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage along with my mother

He said,” you already have my wife, you want my daughter too”

I kept quiet and said,” I want to marry your daughter Rekha, she loves me and I love her”

“I don’t want anything from you and I will take care of everything,” I said.

He said “Fine, it is ok”

I was relieved to have got that out of the way and spread news that I was marrying Rekha so I could dispel rumours of me and Padmini go away even though I did not want to. At night, I was in Padmini’s room making love to her and my mom and Rekha could hear our loud love making, then I went to mom’s room and kissed and made love to her. Rekha could not believe her eyes when she saw me fucking my mom.

She was so aroused she came into the room and hugged me tight, “please fuck me now,” she begged.

“Now I know why mom loves you,” she said, I kissed her.

she fell at my mom’s feet asking for her blessing, she did the same at her mom’s feet. Both of them blessed her and asked her to enjoy but no kids now. Then both came to me and told me to take care of her, “be tender, sweetheart,” they advised.

I took her upstairs to another room and we both kissed “I love you, Raja,” , “I love you too Rekha”

She hugged me on hearing that and I asked if she was willing to share me.

“If that is way it has to be I am ok, I hope you are satisfied with us only and not more,” she replied

I said,” I am glad to hear that, you are the only women I loved and now I want all of you,” She kissed me and I laid her on the bed slowly I lifted her legs and sucked her toes, she had just finished her periods and was not fertile, so I did not have to wear a condom

My tongue was licking her legs slowly moving to her thighs and then I licked her inner thighs, she just moaned. I removed her skirt and she was in her panties I now lay on her and kissed her mouth and nose, we had a long kiss and I removed her blouse , playing with her lovely boobs, my fingers moving along the sides of her boobs. I pinched at her nipples and she moaned. “You are so beautiful, Rekha,” I said, she blushed, my hands were roaming on her back and waist a pulled her up to me. We were now sitting and kissing each other, I placed my hard cock in her hand and she looked at in amazement. she bent down and kissed it, “it is so HARD,” she said looking at me

“For you darling”, I whispered and started kissing her again.

I put my fingers into her cunt slowly rubbing, her pubic hairs getting stuck in my fingers, I kept taking out and blowing them. I knelt down and smelt her cunt, it smelt so gooood, I kissed her cunt and she moaned again, she was squeezing my cock hard and I liked it. I rubbed my cock around her mouth and she tried to swallow it, but almost gagged. I smiled and took out, “Try it next time, dear,” She smiled back and lay there waiting for me to make the next move. My hands rolled over her arms and waist and I slowly pushed at her cunt with my cock. It was difficult to push in, but I pushed in hard.

She moaned, “Ohhh, it is paining,” she cried

“Dont worry, you wont notice the pain,” I said “Yesss,” she cried again

I slowly started moving up and down, increasing my strokes steadily, she was moaning, no words coming out of our mouths and just looking and kissing each other, while I was increasing my pace more and more. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, this is so nice,” she cried “Yeah, it is so hotttt”, I agreed



I came in her cunt, cum overflowing in her cunt slowly I came back and kissed her she hugged me, she slept in each others arms naked when in the morning our moms came and woke us up, I pulled both of them to the bed and kissed them, and fucked all three on the same bed. It was so sexy seeing my darling Padmini, her beautiful daughter Rekha and my sexy mother Rukmini in the same bed all naked and exposing their lovely bodies to me.

I pulled Padmini onto me as my mother rubbed her cunt over my mouth, Rekha watched as her mom was riding me and I was sucking mom’s clit. I hugged Rekha and we made love once before and during breakfast all the women took turns sitting naked on my lap and me feeding them.

I finally married Rekha couple of years later, her sister and my daughter watching me during the marriage, and I had a baby with Rekha a year later.

All of us live happily now together, taking care of each other,my mother-in-law,mom and wife and my two kids……

MY mom wants her own baby, I am very aroused by the idea and both Rekha and Padmini feel Rukmini needs one, maybe next year, my mom will be my kid’s mom too!!!!

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