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Arlene was one of those people who impress you from the very first moment you meet them. She was sweet, funny, and intelligent; she bared her soul to the world and was beautiful inside and out. I met her on the job when I started at a new hospital. Both of us were nurses in the critical care ward; she had been there for a few years already when I started.

Her tiny body moved with a happy-go-lucky grace that spoke of someone who genuinely enjoys life. Her cheery disposition coupled with her way of talking to a person as if they were the only one that mattered made her the sexiest women I have ever known.

Her fine-boned features were thoroughly Peruvian in nature; she had the kind of beautiful face that you might expect to see on an advertisement for the country. Big, dark eyes set in a smooth nut-brown face seemed to see into my soul. Her black shoulder-length hair seemed to me to have a wonderful satiny sheen to it. I did not believe in dating coworkers but boy did I wish I did upon first meeting her. I knew I was idealizing her, I knew it was a simple infatuation, and with this knowledge I became determined to get over these feelings, reminding myself that her skin was the same shade as many other women, her eyes no prettier and her hair no finer.

The nurses on our floor shared a common locker room and although I was very discrete, changing in the same rooms as her was agony at first. Her thin body was in good shape without a mar to it that I could see. Sometimes, while changing we became so lost in conversation that one of us would wind up standing there half dressed. It was always an effort not to stare at her small, round breasts hidden only by her bra or her long shapely legs that made me stammer when I thought of them.

Luckily for me, we only wound up changing together a couple of times a week, mostly our schedules overlapped by a few hours. Over my first few weeks we became friends, sometimes going out to the movies or an art exhibit together. It was through this friendship that I finally go past my infatuation of her. I soon discovered that although we had a lot in common, we had enough small differences that a relationship would not work. These were things like taste in music and lifestyles that, if not taken altogether would probably be easy to forget about.

I hoped that this revelation would end my physical attraction to her as well but it did not. Neither of us being very promiscuous, a wild fling with her or a casual sexual relationship seemed beyond possibility so I had to settle for many masturbation sessions on my lunch breaks or late at night. It was not that I did not find other women attractive, I dated a few girls over the next few months but nothing ever developed leaving me feeling sexually pent-up.

More and more often I found myself in the embarrassing position of changing in front of her with a giant erection very obviously making a mound in my briefs. Usually I was able to turn away and hide it but I am pretty sure it was obvious what I was trying to hide from her. Once, while we were both changing and talking I noticed here eyes kept darting down to my crotch. I realized that without realizing it I had grown the mother marmaris escort of all hardons right in front of her. The strength of it was such that the band of my briefs was actually pulled away from my waist a bit revealing pubic hair to her gaze.

I flushed with embarrassment and quickly pulled my scrub pants on. The rhythm of the conversation was broken as we both lapsed into an awkward silence for a moment; me pulling on my pants and her pretending that she had not seen anything.

Arlene was the one who broke the silence, making a comment about the rain predicted for the afternoon. I was grateful to her for that.

The rest of the day I tried to act normal around her but I felt myself blush every time she looked at me. On the one hand I was horrified by what had happened while on the other hand I was thrilled. I knew that I could never sleep with her but it was nice to know that she had seen how she could excite me. Even better, in the awkward moments after, I was pretty sure I had seen the barest hint of a smile on her lips.

Weeks past with no mention of that incident from either of us. I was not worried about anyone else finding out since one of Arlene’s charms was her ability to avoid gossip. I cannot say I forgot the incident, far from it, but I did get past it.

Then it happened again. I had just finished up my shift; when I entered the locker room I found that Arlene was already there pulling off her scrub top. I went over to my locker, two down from hers and started to change. I pulled off my pants, studiously not looking in her direction when I felt my member start to grow. It grew fast and in no time I had a hard on to rival the last one. Caught with one leg in and one leg out of the pant I quickly looked up to see if Arlene had noticed.

Arlene stood there, not three feet away from me in just a tee shirt and panties staring at my cock and wearing a big grin.

“Umm, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” I started.

“It’s ok,” she said but did not look away.

I pulled the scrub pants off completely, only to realize I could not find my jeans. I looked around with rising panic and exhilaration as I realized the show I was giving her. “I, ah, I’m sorry you had to see this.” I said.

“Really I don’t mind,” she said laughing. She shook her head slightly, her ponytail swaying as she continued, “you don’t have to worry, it happens to every guy at some time I bet.” She sat down the bench and pointed behind me and said, “Your jeans are behind you.”

I looked and was relieved to see them. I picked them up and while unfolding them said “Sorry, I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal, I mean we’ve seen each other in our underwear a million times, but not many women have seen me like this.”

She looked me in the eye and said “I kind of like it.” She took a breath and continued, “Come over here.” I hesitated, uncertain but then moved closer to her. With one hand she took my jeans, which were still held in my hands and putt them on the floor, with her other hand she guided me down to sit in front of her.

“Can I see it?” she asked.

“Ok,” was all I could manage, puzzled by her interest.

She reached over and pulled the marmaris escort bayan waistband of my underwear out and down revealing my stiff cock. “I like it,” she said and she gently ran her right index finger along its length. It jumped at her touch causing her to break out in a bigger smile. She gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started to stroke it slowly. I let out a gasp and she looked up at me briefly before returning her gaze to me member.

Voices out in the hall caused me to sit up straight in alarm but she put her free hand on my arm and said, “No one will come in. No one else needs to change for another hour and even if someone did we would have plenty of time to stop once we heard them in the break room outside.” I nodded and relaxed a bit letting the warm caress of her hand soothe me.

“Stand up,” she said urging me up with her left hand while her right hand kept up the slow and steady rhythm. I stood, excited at what might me in store for me be still a bit nervous about the possibility of being caught. Arlene got up from the bench and using my blue jeans as a cushion, knelt in front of me. She pulled my underwear off the rest of the way, making the act seem as sensual as her hand job had been.

Running her hands up and down my thighs she looked up at me with her big brown eyes causing me to hold my breath in anticipation of what was to come. Her hands slid up to my cock. As she started to stroke the shaft with one I could feel the manicured nails of the other tickled my scrotum. Had never felt anything like that before and I smiled in surprise. She was a small woman and kneeling before me she was forced to look up a bit to watch her work. Her eyes looked up past her stroking hand to meet my gaze.

Slowly she rose up to kiss my scrotum lightly running her tongue around it while keeping her eyes on me. Never stopping her stroking, she proceeded to lick and kiss me gently working her way up the shaft. Her massaging hand moved to grip the shaft lower and her lips rose higher, finally reaching the engorged head. I was distantly aware of her left hand cupping my balls and her right hand massaging my ass cheek as she kissed the very tip of my cock and slid the head into her warm wet mouth. I quickly let out a breath that I had not realized I had been holding.

Arlene pulled back a bit and then slid down again. Bobbing up and down, everything about it seemed loving. She seemed to be into it as much as I was. I put my hands on the back of her head allowing them the ride back and forth with her. Her lips never went more than halfway down the shaft but I was surprised she could even go that far, her mouth was opened as wide as it seemed it could go and I could not imagine her being able to open it any wider.

She did seem to be lost in her work. Every so often she would gaze back at me before closing her eyes and seeming to just enjoy herself. After a bit she pulled her mouth off of my cock only to run it open mouthed along the shaft. I could feel her tongue running along the bottom and knew that my orgasm was not far off.

Arlene seemed to have an almost supernatural intuition about this- speeding up, slowing down and changing tactics escort marmaris whenever I started to get close. Finally, after engulfing me once more and sliding her mouth up and down it for a bit she pulled off completely and knelt down again to watch with a quiet calm as she masturbated me with one hand.

I was so lost in the joy of it all that I never thought to warn her that I was going to come. As a result the first few shots hit her squarely in the middle of her face, one shot streaking down from her forehead to her chin, another glob hitting her under her right eye and the third hitting her nose and covering her lips before she was able to rise up and engulf my cock in her mouth. I pumped cum into her inviting mouth several more times before my ejaculation slowed and stopped.

Arlene stroked my cock for a few seconds keeping her lips clamped down around the head as my spasms stopped. The feelings got too intense for me then and I had to gently push her off. She knelt there, in here red and white tee shirt and panties, staring up at me and swallowed.

I looked at her, taking it all in: the cum on her face, a little dripping off her chin to land on a bare nut-brown thigh, her beautiful eyes looking innocent even after what she had just done and her well manicured hands resting on her knees. I looked at my spit and cum coated dick shrinking up and my underwear off to the side.

“Wow,” was all I could think to say.

Arlene laughed, “I’m glad you liked it.” She stood up and walked over to her locker where she pulled out her pants and started to put them on. I did not move. She looked at me and said, “You might want to get dressed.”

I slowly got dressed. “I would love to return the favor,” I said. She smiled, “I enjoyed this, and as much as I would like that, I think it’s best that we leave it at this.” She looked at me a trifle nervously, unsure of how I would react.

“Ok,” I said, “I guess so.” I was confused and let it drop at that.

Arlene pulled out her makeup mirror and looked at herself “holy cow, you really got me!” I smiled uncertainly; I was not sure how to react. “I wanted to avoid a mess and have you come in my mouth but I forgot to pay attention when you tensed up,” she did not seem angry just amused.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I forgot to warn you.”

She looked at me and then back at her reflection. “It’s ok, it’s just a lot is all.” She began wiping the cum off her face and explained “I am not sure why I did that. I just had an overwhelming urge; I have never done anything like that before.” She did not seem embarrassed; instead her voice was filled with a growing wonder at having been so sexually uninhibited with a friend.

“Me neither,” I said smiling. I felt a bit confused and uncertain about what had just occurred but more than anything else I felt ecstatic, the feeling would last for days.

We finished gathering our things and left together walking a block before going different ways. We never again did anything, she got into a relationship and eventually I did too. We remained close friends but had an unspoken mutual agreement not to speak of it again.

I had never had a sexual encounter outside of a relationship before. As far as I knew neither has she, I still believe this was her only such encounter. I am not sure why she did it, I doubt she really understands it either but I have never felt anything like it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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