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Every day drained my soul a little more, numbing boredom and loneliness were my alarm clock and bedtime stories. What had happened to the days when I was in college, throwing the parties that everybody talked about all week long, well until the next one started anyhow! Hell, even after college as a regular at the local nightclubs knowing when they shut down it was my place everyone headed to. Oh yeah I know what happened, her!

She came into the club with a group of friends for a girls night out. They took over the dance floor with the goal of turning every man’s head, all but her. She sat at the bar sipping a drink and shaking her head at them. Although I liked the wild aggression of her friends there was something about her that sucked me in. I sent a drink down a few minutes before I approached her. She smiled, motioned that her drink was still full, and then teased me that it looked like I was hoping she would get drunk. We laughed and the conversation rolled on all night. We could feel people around us but I could only see and hear her. She invited me back to her house and I knew she would not forget my name because she screamed it all night and into the morning. I was always good at that part.

As the days and weeks went by we found more time for each other. The normal courting began with dinner, movies, and wild crazy sex that left us weak but wanting more. Attached at the hip I think my friends called it. It was amazing how comfortable I was with her and as the next few years flew by we got married. The perfect couple full of passion and love, impossible to separate. Still going out with our good friends and shaking the foundations of every club we entered. When we realized we had a baby on the way and it was a son, I could have lifted a truck over my head from the adrenaline. Just like you see in the movies with a happy couple and their baby with a white fence and all. But when our son was born, she almost died from Preeclampsia. It was the first time in my life I felt fear and joy at the same moment. Everything eventually turned out and for the next few years it was wonderful.

Then something happened, not sure when or why but I noticed that she pulled away. I was okay with doing the cooking, cleaning, taking care of my boy, but she started working late and when she got home she went trabzon escort to bed. If I tried to wrap my arms around her in the kitchen and kiss her she moved away, at night the bed could not be colder. I could not take it any longer so I asked what was going on and that is when I found out she did not feel comfortable with the responsibilities of having a family. Information I could have used about 4 years earlier. My heart was torn out, now what? She barely did anything but I did not want our son dealing with separated parents like I did as a child. So we decided that we would pretend for now. There was no fooling our families and friends but everybody was ‘sociable’ and our son was the happiest kid in the world.

So for years I sat in the dark late at night waiting for the house to be quiet. I would head to the spare bedroom and stare at the ceiling, wondering how long life would be this way. One of my best friends told me I needed to find something to do or I would lose it, so we started playing poker online on facebook. We got on several nights a week to bullshit together, blow off a bit of steam. People we played with started adding me as a friend and I met some incredible people. These new friends sent me game requests and before I knew it I was online every night. Then I found you.

I don’t even remember where or how, but I found myself chatting with you outside of the games. Telling you my real thoughts, sharing my real feelings as I knew you were doing with me. We were both lonely, longing to have someone to share life with who wanted and who cared for us the same way. We became playful, going out of our way to tease each other with erotic pictures and flirtatious comments. Eventually you sent me a real picture, one that took my breath away. I had never even imagined that I made you feel that way for real but I could tell by the way you were touching yourself this was more. I was so aroused I thought I would burst. Heavy throbbing made me unzip my pants to release the tension. I looked down as my hard cock reached out to you on the screen. Without thinking I grabbed my camera and snapped a pic, downloaded it and sent it on. Holy shit what did I just do, I could feel the blood rush to my face and stomach churning a little with nerves.

I am just a normal guy, someone as trabzon escort bayan beautiful as you would have nothing to do with me. This had to just be a random moment where you were horny and nothing more. You needed physical touch as much as I did and you were reaching out for it. You sent me another message and when I thought my face could not get any redder than it was already, I am pretty sure my skin burst into flames. I had always heard of people cyber sexing but I was about to have my first experience. You described what seeing me did to your body as I did with you. You begged me to take you and without hesitation I took you.

“My mouth finds yours for the first time as your parted lips welcome me in. We undress each other as my mouth follows the nape of your neck and I taste your sweet skin. My hands exploring the soft flesh of your breasts as I kiss down your body. Squeezing them into my mouth as I sucked your nipples hard inside. You moan as my lips send shivers down your body. I peel off your panties and continue to kiss down your stomach as I feel your hands slide into my hair. Pressing my tongue into you, my eyes find yours. I see you’re chewing on your lip to hold back from screaming out as I devour you. I watch your whole body tremble as waves of orgasms cover your body.” (you tell me you are cumming, cumming harder than you have in years as you look at my cock and touch yourself to my words. I just about loose my load when I hear that.)

I continue creating a fantasy sexual experience for you, wanting more, wanting all of you. I know you need it, you deserve to feel passion again and I was bringing it to you here and now. I am not even sure when I started stroking my rigid cock but at one point I realized how much harder typing to you had become.

“As your body trembles I taste you, my desires become uncontrollable as I climb back up your body and you feel the crown of my cock pressing into you slowly. Every inch finding your core, deeper I go, we are one. Our bodies move together slowly as I lean down to kiss your full lips. You cum over and over as I move fast and deeper inside you. I feel your nipples against my hairy chest and I take them back in my mouth one at a time. Ohhhhh you are so damn sexy, I want you so, and I beg you not to stop. Our motions escort trabzon becoming more forceful with each other as I thrust harder into you and you lift your hips up into me. I lean back to watch your body bouncing beneath me. (oh god I am close, fuck I tell you that I don’t think I can hold on. You beg me to cum. To feel as good as I make you feel. I can barely type.)

“As I watch your tits floating beneath me, I feel your pussy tighten around my shaft squeezing and pulling me in deep…

Oh fuck…cum with me now…

I need it now…

fuck me oh god…

hold me…

cum with me baby please!” (I erupt shooting cum all over my computer, hands, and keyboard. I can’t move…I had not cum in so long, my whole body shook so hard, breathing ragged, I physically could not move. I knew you had too because there was dead silence on our chat. Holy fuck did I yell out? Did anybody hear me…I frantically cleaned up and listened for her to wake…nothing.)

“Baby are you there?”

“Yes baby I love you”

The comment that would scare most men in that situation sent a warm soothing feeling over me. We chatted for a moment but both had to take showers so we bid each other a good night. The next day I waited to see if you would contact me. The morning was busy at work but I kept my screen up just hoping. Every time it chimed my heart jumped. “Good morning sexy” You followed your greeting up with a few new pics. We talked, laughed, and teased each other for the whole day.

Weeks and months went by and we continued to spend time with each other through the good and bad days adding bright spots to each other’s lives. We even sent online holiday cards to each other. One night as you were heading home from work you heard one of my favorite songs on the radio and knew when you got home that you had to tell me about it. You pulled into the drive to see another car already parked. Sitting on the porch was a man and his son watching you approach. Your heart went right to your throat when you saw me and you would have cried if you were not trying to be strong for my son.

I stood up and greeted you with a careful hug, holding you against me gave me that feeling of coming home that I had been missing for over a decade. My boy looked at you and stuck his hand out and introduced himself like he was brought up to do. “We were in the area shopping for a new home and I knew you lived around here, maybe you could show us around.” The tear streaked your cheek as you invited us in for dinner. You assured us that you could help us find a loving new home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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