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Looking back, it’s hard to believe how it started. Certainly there was never any indication that my wife would be open-minded enough to give me permission to fuck anyone else. But here I was, with my dick halfway down my neighbor’s throat, as she struggled to work the other half in, and somehow this had become my new routine. I was coming next door to get my needs met and I had barely even touched my wife since this all began.

Our jobs kept both of us busy, and between the kids, work projects in the evenings, and needing to get some sleep, my wife Alice and I had been down to having sex an average of once every couple of weeks-sometimes more, sometimes less. I would have loved to have much more, but we loved each other and it’s not like I couldn’t use the sleep too. My big complaint was that our sex, while satisfying, had been pretty routine for years. When we found a moment, my wife would go to our bed and lie back for plain missionary. No spontaneous blowjobs in the living room after the kids were asleep. It was on me to request any other positions, and even though she always came from receiving oral sex, she claimed she didn’t really like it that much. I had tried to push her boundaries some over the years, but she didn’t really care for being submissive to my suggestions, or messy cumshots, or going down on me for more than some quick foreplay. I had tried suggesting anal sex or just anal stimulation enough times that she called it “my thing,” but she was always clear that her ass was exit-only. She seemed happy with our situation though, and didn’t show any indication that she needed anything more than plain missionary. Outside of the bedroom we were a perfect match, so it didn’t seem like it was worth throwing everything away just to try out some new positions.

For my birthday a few weeks ago, we had gone for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. We didn’t have a crazy night planned, but I figured at least I was going to get laid. At the restaurant, we ordered cocktails, then appetizers, in that order. Even if we weren’t going to be gone too long, we could in squeeze a few drinks over the course of a nice meal. After we had finished our appetizers, Alice ordered another drink and started a new line of conversation:

“Emma is pretty, don’t you think?”

“Our neighbor?” I asked, stalling. I never knew if this kind of question was trap. “Yeah, I guess so. Kind of like you looked when we were younger.” You can never go wrong with flattery. It’s true that Emma did remind me of my wife: about 5’4″ with wavy brown hair with just a hint of red, a pretty face and some curves, but especially a round perky ass.

“Her mom says she has kind of a reputation.” Emma.

“Oh? Reputation for what?” I didn’t follow what my wife was getting at.

“Well, her mom actually used the word ‘slut.’ That’s why she had to leave the state school and come back home to community college here. Apparently she never says no. She said she even likes your thing. That’s what she was caught doing in public somewhere when she got kicked out.” I coughed on my drink.

“Well, I know what to ask Emma about when I see her around, then,” I joked.

“She never says no,” my wife repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Then maybe you can stop asking me for it.”

“Very funny.” I answered. Our conversation turned back to more usual topics after this, and I wouldn’t have thought any more about it, except maybe I would try to harmlessly flirt with Emma if I saw her next door. Alice had a couple more drinks over the course of the meal — more than usual for her.

But during dessert, out of nowhere, my wife said, “OK, here’s how it’s going to work.”

“How what’s going to work?”

“With you and Emma.” She stared intently at my eyes, watching my reaction. “It is your birthday after all.”

“Are you being serious?” I asked, lowering my voice. “What are you saying?”

“One, no kissing.” Apparently she was serious. “Two, no keeping secrets from me. This might just be for one time only, but if it’s not, I don’t want you sneaking around behind my back with some little hottie. And three, her pussy is off-limits. Whatever else your depraved mind has been desiring you can ask her for, but mine is the only pussy you get.” She really was serious. I had never even heard my wife use the word ‘pussy’ before. She talked about my ‘dick’ and ‘cock,’ so she wasn’t completely clinical, but she had actually referred to her ‘vagina’ during sex a few times, and she always talked about ‘making love’ instead of fucking.

“Wow,” I said, processing. “Did you already talk about this trabzon escort with her?”

“I may have hinted that our marriage is more open than it really is, but you’ll have to ask Emma yourself. Tonight if you want. She says you’re cute, by the way!”

“You girls really talk about everything. Wow.” I repeated.

“Oh, lighten up! It’s your birthday and I just gave you a hall pass to ask your hot young neighbor for butt sex!” she said, laughing. I guess she wasn’t as uptight as she seemed. And like it or not, the idea was getting me hard already.

On the ride home my wife was teasing me: “So are you going to ask her about it?”

“You’ve got me intrigued,” I admitted, “but is there a good segue? ‘Hey, you’ve really grown up, Emma. Now can I fuck your face while my wife watches?'” I joked again. “I know we’ve lived next door for years, but I’ve barely even had a conversation with her.”

“I don’t have to watch; I just have to know what you’re up to. Rule two.” she reminded me. “Come on, guys have been hitting on ‘the girl next door’ forever. It can’t be that hard!” She laughed, looking at the bulge in my pants, “Or if it is hard already, maybe just whip it out. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Well, if you’re really OK with this, I guess we’ll see what happens.”

“I’m really OK, but you have to tell me what happens if I’m not in the room. That’s rule four I guess if I didn’t already say that.”

After we got back home and up to our bedroom, Alice really started to lay it on thick. “Don’t I look just like your wife, Mr. Larson?” she said, roleplaying as she sank to her knees and unbuckled my belt, looking up at me. “Except you can come all over my face and I’ll like it because I’m your little slut.” She pulled down my pants and underwear and put the head of my cock in mouth, moaning over it. This was an unexpected birthday treat. She used her hand to work my shaft, while her mouth moved back and forth slowly on my head. She never took me very deep, but with her hand working on my dick too, her blowjobs could still be effective. After a minute she paused and looked up again. “Dave, I want you inside me now,” she said, clearly not in character. anymore. She quickly pulled off her clothes while I removed my shirt and shoes, and she hopped back onto the bed, laying back with her legs spread apart. Her pussy was on display, clearly wet, surrounded by wispy light brown pubic hair. Occasionally she would trim, but she had never shaved for me.

I climbed up and lined up my dick with her pussy, pushing in slowly but firmly until I was all the way inside. I loved the first few moments when she hadn’t fully stretched out to accommodate me yet. “Yes,” she hissed in my ear. “Oh god, yes. I love the way you feel inside me.” I started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy, grinding a little at the bottom of each stroke, focusing on the way her body molded itself to me. “Mr. Larson, do you like the way I suck your cock?” she said, back in character. “Do you like how it feels deep in my throat? Do you like how I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it all?”

I pick up the pace a little and started to fuck my wife harder. Had the whole evening just been a setup for this roleplaying? I could play along. “Mmmm,” I grunted, “I love feeling my cock deep in your throat.” I clenched my ass and pressed my dick as far in as I could, feeling the pressure as I stretched my wife to her limit, and grinding against her clit. “It makes me so hard knowing how much you want to earn my cum like a good little slut.” Too far? I guess I would find out in a moment.

But my wife moaned and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me even tighter. “Yes! Tell me what you want to do to me. How are you going to use your little slut?” She was rolling her hips underneath me, and I could feel each ridge deep in her pussy moving along my shaft, holding my cock tight in its massage. I started to work back and forth again until I was thrusting at a nice sustainable pace. With dirty talk in the mix, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back if I went too fast.

“I want to hold your head in place, and work my cock deep into your throat, feeling you squeezing so tight around me. I want to see your neck bulge with each stroke. I want to fuck your face like a pussy and use you like my little fucktoy.” Again, I worried: too far?

But again my wife moaned. “Yes, use your little cumslut. Fill her mouth with your heavy balls. Slap her face with that big cock. Cover her in your hot cum.” Damn. Her eyes were shut tight. Was she in character or trabzon escort bayan not? “Oh god, Dave – just like that, just like that, just like that. Oh god, I’m cummmming!” Her orgasms often brought me over the edge too, but somehow I powered through and kept going with long, solid strokes as she rode out her orgasm.

“Does my slut like being used to keep my cock happy?” I asked, trying to keep the roleplay going.

“Oh god, yes, I just want to please this cock.” She looked me in the eye. “I just want to please this married cock. Tell me what your wife won’t do so I can be your perfect slut.” This was really upping the ante.

I looked back her, searching her eyes to make sure it was okay to keep pushing the limit. Her pupils were big and dark, and her eyes seemed to be pleading with me to continue.

“Turn over,” I said, and my wife rolled over onto her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder expectantly. I lined up my dick and slid back into her pussy. There is probably nothing I love more than the view of her body in doggystyle: her slim waist flaring out to her hips, and the curve of her ass, perfectly my framing my cock in the center as I fucked her, pulling out after each stroke slick with her juices.

“My wife won’t let me fuck her ass. But I love how my little fucktoy craves it. How she needs my cock inside her ass.” This was about as far as I had ever gotten with my wife on this point. I kept pumping from behind, staring at her own ass as I imagined my hot little neighbor was the one in front of me. “Tell me what you want,” I probed.

“I just want to make you happy,” she said. “I want you to take anything you want. Use me for your pleasure.” She paused for a while as I kept stroking, then continued. “I want you to get what you deserve. Split me open with that big cock, use me, and cum deep in my ass until you are satisfied, so you can go back home to your happy wife.”

“Oh fuck,” I muttered, getting close. “I love the way my cock feels in your ass. Stretching your needy hole. Making your body mine. Your ass is mine. Mine to fill with my cock whenever I want. Make my wife happy by being a filthy little slut for me. Tell me what you need.”

“I need you to cum for me. Fill me up. Claim me. Fill my tight little ass. Wreck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass. Fuck me so deep.” I had never heard anything like this from my wife before, and my dick had never been harder as I plowed her slippery cunt from behind.

“Yes,” I grunted. “Fuck. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum so deep inside your ass. Fuck. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” My dick pulsed and throbbed inside her and I held her hips tight against me as I flooded her pussy with spurt after spurt of cum.

“That was so good baby,” Alice sighed contentedly. “I want to hear all about it when it happens for real. You deserve it.”

We didn’t see Emma until a few days later. We were coming in from the garage and she was reading a book in her backyard. “Hey Emma, how’s school going?” my wife asked.

“Pretty good. I’m trying to focus on my studies so I can bring my average back up this year.” she said over the fence..

“That’s great,” my wife smiled. “Well, I think I’m going to head in early. Dave, lock up when you come in. And don’t forget you were going to ask Emma about doing us a favor. If she’s available for that position?” And with that assist, Alice went inside.

“So what are you studying?” I asked.

“Well I’m just reading a novel for my literature class right now, so it’s not too intense today,” she laughed. “So what’s this position? I’m happy to fill in if you guys need a nanny or something.”

“Well,” I cocked my head, “it is filling in, but it’s for Alice. Look, can you come around to our garage?” I opened the garage door and she came around the corner through the alley a few seconds later.

“What’s up, Mr. L?”

“I don’t really know how to say this so I guess I should just come out with it. Did Alice tell you the other day we sometimes see other people in our marriage?”

“She said something like that,” Emma nodded. “I think it’s cool that you guys have it so together but can still be a little wild. Oh my god, do you two fool around with my parents?” she asked.

“No, no.” Huh, there’s an idea. “No, something gave Alice the idea that you might be interested in playing with us. We usually get to know our partners pretty well first,” I lied, “but I was intrigued and thought I should just come out and ask you. It’s not like you’re a stranger after all.”

“Oh, really?” Emma smiled. escort trabzon Maybe she was down for this after all. “I’m guessing the ‘something’ that gave her the idea was my friend Zoe, that little bitch.” Or maybe this was a mistake. Then she gave me a look like she was appraising me for the first time. I recognized the same once-over that I’ve tried to be subtle about when I had looked at her in the past. “She wasn’t wrong,” she whispered.

“That’s good to hear,” I said, relieved. “It’s funny you said that we can still be a little wild. It’s just me, actually. Alice is pretty vanilla and that’s the way she likes it. The ‘position’ is filling in for my wife for the wild stuff.”

“Oh?” Emma said, stepping close and looking up at me. I felt like she had sized me up with just a glance. “Wifey doesn’t suck your cock?” she asked softly. “Wifey doesn’t beg for your cum?” She was good at this. She traced her finger down from my chest to my waistband, then she turned around and leaned back on me, pushing her round butt against my already straining erection. “Mmm.” she whispered up to my ear. “She doesn’t let you fuck her tight. Little. Ass?” She really had sized me up. Alice was really okay with this?

I put my hands on her hips and held her close to me. She was more interested in this proposal than I could have ever thought possible. This was really happening. “No, she doesn’t,” I answered. “But she lets me do everything I want with a wild little slut until I’m satisfied.” I breathed in the scent of her hair and exhaled. “Are you interested in the position?”

“Mmmhmmm,” she cooed. “But you’ll have to tell me what the job entails.”

I took a deep breath. This was it. “Turn around and get down on your knees. Take out my cock and give it the attention and care it deserves.” She turned and dropped down, then loosened my belt buckle and pulled my pants and underwear down. This clearly wasn’t her first time.

“Ooh, I like this,” she said, planting a kiss on the side of my dick and bouncing the shaft along her cheek. She kissed her way up the shaft, then slipped her lips over the head and started bobbing up and down.

“To start, I need to cum at least once a day. In you or on you, but not a drop goes to waste.” Alice had given permission for a one-time thing and I was pushing the boundary before we even got started. I grabbed a handful of Emma’s hair near her scalp and held her face down on my dick for a few seconds. “Fuck, Emma, you’re already doing better than my wife.” I pushed in again and held her head tight while I fucked her mouth. When I pulled out again, spit was running down my dick and covering my balls.

“What do you think? Should I come here?” I asked, as I slapped her cheek with my dick, splattering her face with her own spit. “Or maybe I should just finish in your mouth and start over,” I said, shoving my dick back in her mouth.

“No. Cover me, cover me in cum. Make me yours,” she pleaded. “Make me your little cumslut.”

I stepped back a bit and started stroking faster. “I like that idea. Your hot little body is good for coating in my cum. Your mouth is good for sucking my dick. Licking up every drop. Swallowing me deep into your throat.” I knew I was close as I felt my balls start to pull close to my body. “Your tight ass for fucking and filling with my seed.” Her hand was moving fast now, as we were both close.

Finally I lifted my ass and aimed my dick at her face. “Show me your pretty face. I’m going to cover it first,” I grunted as the first shot erupted from my dick and actually splashed against the side of her nose. She whimpered and tilted her face up at me, offering it up to be defiled. I kept pumping my fist on my cock as stream after stream shot out and criss-crossed her face with thick white ropes of cum. I couldn’t remember the last time I came this hard. Eventually the shots slowed until just a thick glob of semen dangled rudely off the end of my dick. I shoved it in Emma’s mouth and she gently sucked it off of me.

I sighed with contentment and assessed the damage. A couple shots had caught her neck and chest, but most had hit their target: her face was a mess of thick cum and her eye makeup had started to run from when I had fucked her mouth. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled up at me. A glob of thick goo started to slide off her chin, then stretched into a string reaching down to her chest. She wiped a finger through the sticky mess and brought it up to her lips for a taste.

“Thank you. I needed that,” she said.

“It turns out I did too,” I replied. “But I’m not done with my new cumslut yet. I’m coming over tomorrow morning before work. Make sure you’re ready to take me anywhere I want.” Then I tucked away my still-hard dick and pulled my pants back up and went in to tell my wife that we had found the perfect substitute to take care of my needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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