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My name is James and this is my first experience I am sharing.

Several years ago, I was 25 years old. 6’3″, slim and athletic with black hair and brown eyes with smooth brown skin. I have a good size cock, more so thick though, and I am always complimented by girls on how sweet my cum taste. Out of the Army and graduated college, I was now a successful working man. This one day I was feeling lazy at work, and just surfing the internet. I found a girl on Myspace and we messaged each other back and forth. I guess she took a liking to me and was attracted to my picture so much so that I was able to convince her to get a babysitter so she could go out with me and she came over that night! No bullshit.

I left work and went home to change. At 8pm she arrived to my apartment and buzzed me from the front door. I went downstairs to greet her. When I let her in, she gave me an approving smile and said, “You’re cute…”

And I replied, “So are you Carina.”

Carina was a sexy Mexican latina. She was 5’6″, with about 34c boobs, brown hair with gold streaks. She was 28, divorced, with two young kids, petite but not model skinny, still very sexy though. Carina was wearing trabzon escort tight jeans with a blouse that was showing some good cleavage. She definitely didn’t have a conservative look to her, definitely more rap videoish. In her early 20’s, she was in the Navy, where I am sure she had some slutty experiences, like I did in the Army.

By the time the elevator made it to my floor and we walked into my apartment, her tongue was already in my mouth. I pulled away and told her, “let me make you a drink.” Leaving her wanting more.

We talked a bit, before leaving to go to a show. We went to see Jill Scott in Hollywood. At the show she was grinding her ass on me while we danced to the music. A few times my hands wandered to cup her breasts and ass and she moaned with approval. The show was great, and we definitely both had a good amount of drinks.

We got back to my apartment about 2am, and it was obvious that she was too tipsy to drive. I gave her a tang-top to sleep in, and she came to bed with just the tang-top, no bra, and her panties. Carina laid with me and we began to kiss. Then she moved down to my crotch and let out my cock from my briefs trabzon escort bayan right in front of her face. She was impressed, “I knew it was big! I could tell while we danced…” She then took my cock into her mouth and gave me the best blowjob to this day I have ever received. She was very talented. Carina sucked hard up and down with a soft glide of her tongue against my head with every movement. She would lick my balls and had a great hand technique to stroke me while she sucked. Oh it was good.

After 10 minutes, I felt my cock stiffen, and I warned her, “I’m gonna cum…” She released her hand from my cock and bobbed her head faster on my cock while she sucked harder. I exploded in her mouth, and she didn’t miss a beat with her head bobbing as she swallowed all I could give her. Carina’s hand again grabbed my cock out of her mouth and stroked it while she took a redeeming deep breath. She licked the side of my shaft of the drops of cum that dribbled out during her head movements, as I complimented her on how skillful she was. Carina then joined me on the pillows and we had no sex before we fell asleep, which I didn’t mind as I was very tired.

When escort trabzon we woke up in the morning, I was hard already, and she felt it against her butt. I asked her if she wanted it inside her, and she non-hesitantly and half-awake whispered “yes.” I put a condom on my cock, and rolled her on her back and removed her thong. I moved in between her legs and entered her. I thrusted deep inside her, widening her pussy, first slowly then to a quicker pace. With her eyes still closed she moaned, “You’re dick feels so good!” till she came.

Still hard, I laid on my back and she straddled me, facing me. With one of her round breasts exposed due to my large tang-top, she lowered herself onto me, and I entered her once again. She rocked herself forward and back for a few minutes, with her hands on my stomach and her face tilted towards the ceiling as she moaned. She rode and bucked before sighing “I’m cumming…” She slowed her movement after her orgasm, but never came to a halt. Carina realized I didn’t cum yet, so she again returned to her quicker rocking, but this time harder as she tried to make me cum. Within a minute, she was again moaning, “fuck, I am cumming again!” and as she orgasmed I did too.

We laid in bed for another 20 minutes before I had to get ready for work. We never went out again, as she had gotten back with her ex-boyfriend, and now is living in another state. She still messages me on Myspace though…lol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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