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We get out of the car and I still can’t take my eyes off of you. You look spectacular in the white capri pants and pink short sleeve blouse you’re wearing. Your finger and toenails match your blouse. I walk around to the trunk of the car and open it up. I pull out a small cooler and a picnic basket, you take the basket from my hands. I lean over to you and our lips meet. We kiss deeply. “Thanks” I say.

We walk down the ramp to the dock. At the end of the dock is our first destination. A 34-foot sailboat with a sheet over the stern waits for us.

“Is that for us?” you ask.

“No it’s for you”. I pull the sheet off of the stern of the boat and you see your name written on the back.

“I named it for you. So I thought it only proper that you be here for the maiden voyage.”

“I’m flattered, but I’m hardly a maiden”, you laugh.

I help you into the boat, and bring on the cooler and basket. “Have you ever been night sailing? It is incredible”

You look out at the western horizon and see a deep red sun setting over some hills across the harbor. “It’s already beautiful”, you whisper.

We quickly get the boat ready to sail. I show you where to stow the cooler and basket, and I give you a quick tour of the boat.

I go back on deck and cast us off, set sail and steer us out of the harbor.

“Come on up here” I yell to you belowdecks.

You come up on deck fast. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I just wanted you to see my favorite part of this trip.” We round the point as the sun sets, and in the silence we see the New York skyline, all lit up, as if it was put there just for us. I hear you gasp slightly at the sight. I reach over and pull you close to me.

We head for a small lighthouse in the center of the sound, üsküdar escort near the bridge and I turn on the marker lights so bigger ships can see us in the channel. “There shouldn’t be much boat traffic at this hour, most of the power boats are in for the night.”

As we approach the lighthouse, I drop the sails and lower the anchor.

“Let’s stay here awhile and enjoy the sights.”

“You were right, this is magnificent.” You cuddle up close to me and we sit in silence for a while, watching the skyline and the cars moving over the bridge in the foreground.

I turn and kiss you deeply. “This is my most favorite spot on the planet. I wanted to share it with you. You’re the only one I’ve ever taken here.” I kiss you deeply again.

You put your arms around me and kiss me back; my tongue slides between your parted lips. My hands pull you closer; I reach around your back and feel for your bra strap. A smile comes to your face. “I’m not wearing one,” you giggle.

I smile as you lean back slightly. I can see your nipples erect through your blouse. You reach over and grab the bottom of my t-shirt and I allow you to pull it over my head. I undo the buttons of your blouse and I pull you tightly toward me again. You can feel my hairy chest against your erect nipples as I kiss you again, my tongue gently probing your mouth. Your tongue answers back. I lean back, and you do too, exposing your perfect breasts to me. I kiss your neck and start to move lower, tracing a line with my tongue down to your right breast, circling the nipple with my tongue. My hand moves up to gently cup your left breast, feeling the smooth soft texture of the underside curve of your breast. I hear you gasp again.

I take your tuzla escort nipple in my mouth, wetting the nipple by flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I move back slightly, and blow across your wet nipple gently. The cool air causes it to stand up even more. A soft moan escapes you. “Oh God” I hear you whisper.

I move to your other breast, giving it the same treatment I gave to your right breast. You lean back on the bench, lying down on your back, and I move over the top of you. I kiss you again and reach down to unbutton your pants. You raise your hips to allow me to take your pants off. They slide off effortlessly, and as you weren’t wearing any panties, you are now completely naked. You look magnificent in the moonlight, like a goddess.

I kiss your breasts, and start to move downward. Tracing a line with my tongue down between your breasts, to your navel. I stick my tongue in your navel and you giggle. Then I start to move lower. I look down and notice that you shaved for me. I can see your pussy glistening in the moonlight. You are already wet. I look up at you and smile.

You spread your legs for me and I move down your body. I kiss the inside of your thighs, and gently bite them. Your hands find your erect nipples and you begin to pinch your nipples. I can hear your breathing get shallower and more rapid. My tongue moves closer to your wet pussy. I can smell the wonderful aroma of you it makes my mouth water… I want so badly to take you right now, but I resist. I am not done teasing you yet.

I reach down under the bench and take out a seagull feather, my good luck charm. I run it gently, slowly up the inside of your legs. Barely touching you, it sends shivers up your spine. I feel you pendik escort shudder as I bypass your pussy with the feather, moving up to your breasts, circling your nipples with it and brushing across the tips of your nipples. I hear you whisper, “Please, oh please…”

I tease you for what seems like forever with the feather, and then I put it aside. I see you shuddering in anticipation and I just cant wait any longer. I move between your spread legs and put them over my shoulders, my head between your legs. I can see your pouting, swollen lips and your clit peeking out from between them. You can feel my breath on your pussy and you shudder again. I move my hand between your legs and spread your lips. You gasp and your hands come down and grab my head, forcing it into you. My tongue works back and forth over the tip of your clit as one of my hands moves downward. You feel 2 fingers moving forcefully into you. You spread your legs wider as my fingers move in and out of you faster and faster and harder and harder, deeper with each thrust. My tongue flicks back and forth over your clit and you can feel me nibble gently on your clit with my teeth, biting and pulling on it. I can feel you squirm and your legs begin to shake as you let out a loud moan as you feel yourself begin to cum. I can feel my face get wet with your juices as you cum, your legs squeeze my head as you moan louder and louder with each wave of your orgasm.

I continue to lap up your juices as your orgasm subsides, sending shudders through your body. I take my fingers out of you, and move up your body, I give you my fingers to taste and you suck on them hungrily. “You seem a little hungry sweetie,” I say, smiling.

“I am, a little,” you reply.

“Let’s go below decks, and we’ll get some food.” I scoop up your clothing and take it below; you stand up slowly, getting your sea legs and follow me below. Just before you come below, you turn around and I can see you standing there, naked, the moon and the city skyline forming a silhouette of you, and I realize that the evening has just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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