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It was late spring in Texas. One of those days that only teased you of the coming fall…cool with a slight breeze.

“This is the kind of day meant for riding”, Susie thought as she sat on the porch.

Nothing better to do while Dave was gone. He left yesterday and was going to the neighboring town to see a man about buying the parcel of land adjoining the west fenceline of their ranch. It was a 2-day ride if everything went well. A day or two in town and 2 days back. He would be gone nearly a week and she was missing him on her first morning alone. But, her problems were minute compared to the task ahead of Dave. Even if the man would be willing to sell it to him, there was still the Bank that he had to persuade that it would be a worthwhile venture. After all, it was just another piece of the same old dirt that they had been trying so hard to raise cattle on since they moved here. And the coming winter months did nothing to help the situation. Truth be known, it is probably the reason the neighboring rancher was being foreclosed on. He couldn’t make enough to feed his herd through the dormant months. She slipped out of her nightshirt and put on her pants. They fit a little more loosely than they did when she had moved out here less than a year ago. Ranch life was hard work, even for a woman. She stood and looked in her dressing mirror. She admired her taut body for what it was. She no longer had the soft look of a city girl, but had not yet gotten the weathered look of the longtime rancher’s wives. She scolded herself for her vainness and quickly finished getting dressed and headed out to the stable. She saddled her favorite horse, the black and white paint, Toby. She had loved this horse from the time she laid eyes on it and would have done anything to have it. He had been the perfect cowhorse and even someone to talk to while Dave was out with the cattle. She had ridden for a few hours and was taking a break at a stream in the lower pasture, letting Toby have a drink. She heard hoofsteps and was surprised to see a gentleman riding up the creek bank from the south. She quickly mounted her horse and pulled her rifle from the holster. She pointed it in his direction, but more towards the ground so as not to scare him but more to let him know she had it and was willing to use it if need be.

” Mornin’, ma’am” the stranger said, ticking the brim of his hat.

“Who are you and what business have you here?” Susie said firmly.

“Long… Mason Long, ma’am” he said. “Just making my way up to the stockyards in Ft. Worth. Meaning no harm as I go and if I’m trespassing I’m sorry. Hadn’t see any fences for a while.”

“Well, you are trespassing and just because there’s no fence don’t mean you can just roam all over our place” she snapped. “My husband’s up on the hill there and probably will not be as nice as me when he finds you here.”

She knew it was a lie but hoped he would not notice the rifle shaking in her hands and discover the truth.

“Might I have the pleasure of knowing just whose property I’m traipsing all over?” he asked with a wide smile.

“That’s not important…what is important is that you leave here now…this minute.” she barked at him.

He politely asked if he could trouble her to fetch her husband, so as to rightfully apologize for the misunderstanding.

She stammered for words, “He’s…he’s on his way now! He should be here any minute!”

“Well, let’s just ride up on ver the hill and meet him then.”

“No!..I mean…that…ummm…he’ll be right here..he’s right up there!” and pointed up the hill.

“Well, if you don’t shoot me first, I’ll just ride up there and tell him myself. If you’ll excuse me, ma’am”, and with a tip of his hat and a gentle nudge to the mare, the stranger started up the hill.

“Wait, I’ll go with you.” Susie said. “He knows I’m down here and it might startle him if you ride up from down here without me.”

She reined in slightly behind him and to his left, keeping the rifle handy. As they topped the hill, there was no one to be seen for at least a mile. Mason stopped and looked back at her and smiled.

“It seems that your husband has left you out here alone, ma’am. Now I suppose we’re about to find out if you’re really gonna shoot me or let me be on my way.”

She lowered the rifle slightly and looked around uneasily. “I’m sorry. But you startled me and I didn’t know what kind of low-life you might have been. You might have wanted to steal out cattle.”

“Our cattle. So there really is a husband?” he asked with a raised brow.

“Yes,” she replied very matter of factly,”but he’s gone into town to settle a land deal. He’ll be back in a few days.”

He turned his horse to face hers and leaned over on his saddle horn, folding his arms and looking at her with an inquisitive grin.

“You mean he left you out here, alone, for at least 5 or 6 days? And now you’re out away from the house where only God knows who or what kind of trouble you might run up on? That’s not the smartest thing for a lady to do under these circumstances.”

She bumped Toby in the side and moved up beside him, bringing the gun nervously close to pointing directly at him again.

“I haven’t been a lady since we left Atlanta nearly a year ago. I can take istanbul escort care of myself if the need arises,” she said with a narrowed glare. “So don’t even entertain the thought of being ‘God knows what’ and you might not have to worry about breathing out of your side.”

He looked at the end of the gun and back at her green eyes. He could see that she was nervous but serious.

He said softly, “Ma’am, the furthest thing from my mind if bringing any kind of harm to anyone. And I would be a lot more comfortable if you would just point that thing down or away or just out it up altogether.”

She again lowered the rifle slightly. “I’m sorry if I make you nervous but you make me nervous. Put yourself in my place. How would you react to running up on a strange woman in the middle of nowhere if you were alone?”

He chuckled. “I believe I have ran up on a strange woman in the middle of nowhere. And she’s pointing a rifle at me right now. How’s that for nervous? Please, put it away.”

She slowly lowered the rifle and the reluctantly slid it back into the scabbard behind the saddle. “It’s getting late”, he said. “How far do have to go to get back home?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been riding around for about 2 hours but I’ve been all over the place. I can make it back easily before noon. I’ll be fine.”

He pushed his hat back on his head and looked up at the sun.”Speaking of noontime, the two pieces of jerky and the biscuit I had for breakfast seemed to have missed my guts. I don’t suppose you have anything around the house that needs doing that might earn a decent meal. It has been quite a long while since I’ve actually eaten a real meal. One not cooked over a fire in the middle of nowhere anyway”.

She was slowly beginning to get the comforting feeling that he really meant her no harm. That he was in fact just a cowboy headed for work at the stockyards.

“I’ll make you a deal,” she said, “I’ll feed you lunch if you will come back and clean out the barn, then if there’s time, you can finish the wood that I started yesterday. You can sleep in the barn if you like. If not, then I’ll pack you a cold supper and you can be on your way.”

He decided that he was not too good for menial labor and readily accepted the offer. They headed back towards the house as they chatted and she found herself actually enjoying his company by the time they topped the hill overlooking the house. She showed him to the barn and left him with a few instructions as she busied herself in the house making a quick meal. She invited him to sit on the big table under the post oak and join her for lunch. They talked more as they ate and as soon as he was through, he thanked her for a great meal and even better company and headed straight to the woodpile. She could hear the axe as it split the hickory and mesquite chunks. She looked out the window and watched him as he swung the axe with three times the force that she could muster on a good day. The wood seemed to just fall apart for him. She watched the muscles in his back and shoulders as he brought the head into the wood again and again. His arms were nice and toned and his stomach was rippled like none other she had ever seen. She made the excuse to go out and tell him that that was enough wood and that maybe he should go ahead and stack what was already split and get his bedroll ready in the barn.

She had told him she would bring him out something to eat after he got settled in. As she was carrying his plate to him, she rounded the corner and saw him in the horse trough bathing. She stopped and stepped back, hoping he had not seen her. He was facing the other way so surely he had not. She couldn’t help but to sneak a quick glimpse around the corner to “make sure she had seen what she had thought she had”. He was there…and he was bathing. She felt a slight tingle in her tummy and in other places. She slipped into the nearest stall, being extra careful not to make any noise. She peeked between the boards and watched as he bathed. She couldn’t help but notice again how muscular he was, at least the parts she could see. Then with a quick movement, he stood up! And she could see the rest of him…all of the rest of him! And muscular he was! She caught herself gazing at his manhood. “Staring” is a more appropriate word. It was without a doubt, the most well endowed man she had ever seen. Her expertise was somewhat limited in this field being as her husband was the only man she had ever seen other than her father once. Regardless, she was amazed at the size of it. It looked as big as the ears of corn in the crib! Dave’s would not even measure to half of Mr. Long’s. Mr. Long? It seemed very appropriate that he be named Long. As he was getting dressed, she eased back to the door of the stall and called his name.

“Mr. Long? Are you in here?”

“I’m here.” he said, as she turned the corner he was standing there in only his boots and pants. ” Oh, forgive me for not calling out sooner. I didn’t know you were getting undressed.” she said shyly…trying to blush.

“I’m not undressing…I’m dressing…I took the liberty of cleaning up a bit…I hope you didn’t mind.” he said.

“Oh avcılar escort no, not at all. I think highly of men who are concerned with their appearance. It’s very…umm…well, I don’t mind. Bathe as often as you wish…I mean, while you are…never mind.” she mentally kicked herself for trying to make some stupid conversation about him bathing. “I brought you some supper…hope you enjoy it.” she said, “I’ll have breakfast ready just after first light, Mr. Long…if you don’t mind waiting for it. I do enjoy the conversation since I have no one else to talk to but Toby, and he doesn’t offer much.”

“I’m thankful for the invite and would be honored to join you for breakfast” Long said. “And call me, Mason, please.”

“Very well then, Mason. I will see you in the morning.” she said and turned to walk out. “And by the way, you should call me Susie…or Susan” and continued out without waiting for him to respond.

She lay in bed that night and tried to think of anything but what she had seen earlier. But her mind was fixated on Mr. Long…Mr. Mason Long…with a very long one indeed. As she thought about the size of him, she imagined what it must feel like to have a man that large. She found herself wanting to slip back to the barn hide in the stall and hope for another look. As she was thinking of him, her hands were slowly rubbing her body. Her eyes closed and imagining it to be him. She eased her hand into her nightshirt and found the spot that was yearning to be touched. As she stroked it more and more, her breathing became heavier and faster, and the sensation was building inside her to the point of bursting. When she climaxed, she could not help but let out a little cry of ecstasy. As the wave washed over her and then subsided, she felt ashamed of what she had done, what she had thought, and then she drifted off to sleep.

Morning came with a loud knocking at the door. She had been sleeping so soundly, she had not awoke to make breakfast! As she jumped from the bed, another series of loud raps echoed through the house. She opened the door and found Mr. Long standing there, smiling.

“Did I miss breakfast?” he asked jokingly.

“I’m so sorry. I must have been more tired than I thought. Please, come in. I’ll get breakfast on right now.” she said as she headed towards the kitchen.

She put on some coffee and started gathering the ingredients to make biscuits. As she stirred about the kitchen, it dawned on her that she was still dressed in only a nightshirt. She turned to look at Mason and caught him looking at her backside. He looked up and caught her looking at him and just smiled sheepishly. She fixed two cups of coffee and placed one on the table in front of him. As she bent over to set it down, she caught him looking down the neck of her nightshirt. She was surprisingly excited by the glance he gave her afterwards. It was as if he knew she caught him looking and didn’t mind it. She hated to admit that she leaned over just to show him her breasts, but it crossed her mind just before she did it. It was a moment before she stood back up, a long moment gazing in his eyes across the table. As she straightened, he said something that caused her to nearly drop the bowl she picked up to stir.

“I know you were there last night…in the barn” he said.

She tried to control her reeling thoughts. “Ummm, of course I was there…I brought your supper out to you.” she said shakily.

“You were in the stall nearest the stable…watching me bathe. Do you like sneaking around and spying on people?” he said.

“I wasn’t spying…I mean I wasn’t there…I..I…called to you as I came in.” she said, turning away from him.

“Well, you have something in your barn with a big breathing problem. I could hear someone or something in that stall and it was breathing mighty hard for something that wasn’t running or plowing or something. I just figured it was you. I’m not offended or anything. I’ve nothing to be ashamed of.,” he said.

“No sir, you do not!” she thought.

“Excuse me?” Mason said. “What was that?”

She looked at him and said “What was what? I didn’t hear anything.”

“Didn’t hear it? You said it. You had to hear it.”

She realized that she was so used to thinking out loud all day every day while alone at home, she had just said that out loud!

“So you were there! It was you in the stall! I knew I wasn’t imagining it.” he said loudly, slapping the table.

“I’m sorry…I feel terrible about it. I have regretted doing it all night” she lied.

“Well I find it hard to believe that you feel that terrible or regretted it as bad as you’re making it sound but…no harm done.” he said.

“Why do you say that? I do feel bad about it!” she said loudly.

He stood up quickly, caught himself and replied softly, “You didn’t once hesitate to invite me in this morning for breakfast. I was expecting to eat it in the barn like before. I was just checking on you when you were about two hours later than what I thought was called first light. I think you were surprised by what you saw and didn’t know what to do. If it had embarrassed you too much, you would have came back here and waited until you thought I was finished and dressed. But you decided şirinevler escort to wait and…see..the…whole…thing. Am I close to being right?”

She dropped her head to her cooking. By her choosing not to speak at all, he gathered he was closer to being right than he thought. It had been a stab at the truth and it hit the mark. He walked over to her slowly and placed his hands on her shoulders, ever so lightly. He felt her take a deep, deep breath as he touched her and she held it for what seemed like forever. As she released the breath, he gently moved his hands over her shoulders, taking the nightshirt with them. He could feel her trembling as the shirt fell to the floor around her feet.

“Should I stop?’ he asked softly, almost touching her ear with his lips.

She just stood stone still for a moment, then with the subtlest of motions, shook her head. She wanted this as badly as she had ever wanted anything. She gave no thoughts to the wrongness of it or the consequences for doing it. She only knew the desire in her hips and the excitement in her chest. He moved his hands slowly down her sides, enjoying the soft feel of femininity. He moved them around her stomach and back up to her breasts, which were now heaving with every excited breath she took. As he gently cupped and caressed each breast, he began kissing her neck. He had to catch her as she fell towards the floor. It was as if someone had knocked her senseless. Her knees went out from under her as if he had hit her with a maul. All with a gentle kiss. He lowered her to the floor and turned her to him. His lips went to hers and she responded immediately, with a newfound passion she had never known. As she became more excited, so did he and soon her hands were all over his head and neck, pulling him to her as she probed his mouth with her tongue like a snake looking for mice. Her hands moved to his waist, tugging at his shirt. He raised up to help with the task but she left him to take off the shirt as she fumbled with his belt and pants. She raised up and shoved him backward onto the floor and spun around to make short work of removing his boots and then his pants. Her firm round ass was nearly in his face now and before she could move, he grabbed her hips and dove his tongue into her. She shrieked loudly and tried to jump away but he held fast to her and she soon realized that this was something new to her that was very pleasing. She relaxed and lay her head down to give him a little more access to her already dripping pussy. It was then that she realized the true enormity of his dick. It was only inches from her face and it seemed as long as her head. It was stiff and throbbing with every beat of his heart. She touched it gently and felt the smoothness of it. As she caressed it up and down the length of it, he moaned gently into her, never taking his mouth from her bottom. He reached around with his hand and took it and moved it nearer her face. She had it with both hands and was gently stroking it. Again, he moved it closer to her face, this time touching her lips with it. As he did this, she noticed a little droplet coming form the head of it. As she moved her lips to it, she gently licked the droplet away. It tasted salty but at the same time sweet. She gently licked at the head of it in a way that reminded her of a cow licking a calf. Long, gentle licks up and down, back and forth. He placed his hand behind her head and pushed her mouth over the end of his dick. She was about to gag when he grabbed her hair and pulled her head off of it. Then back on it again. She caught on to what he was trying to show her and started bobbing up and down on the head of his dick as best she could. She could only get an inch or two in her mouth before it felt like her jaws would split wide open. She felt herself building to a fantastic finish when he just stopped what he was doing and held motionless for a second while she continued sucking and stroking his dick. She tried to grind her steaming pussy into his face but he held her off. As the wave subsided, he again started teasing her with his expert tongue, again building her to the point of no return, only to stop again just as she was ready to climax. She lifted her head and looked at him as angrily as she could at the moment. He grabbed her waist and spun her around and held her tight with his dick lying against his belly and between her legs. As she started grinding against the huge dick he kissed her passionately. She could taste her own juices on his face. It turned her on even more. Then she raised her hips, took the giant dick and guided it to her waiting, aching pussy. As she gently lowered herself over the tip of it, she had to stop and take a breath. It was much bigger there than it seemed in her hands. As she moved over it ever so slightly, in and out, a little deeper each time, she felt her climax coming. This time, she would not be denied. She moved on his stiff dick faster and faster, until she came like never before. She collapsed on his chest as she nearly blacked out from the pleasure. As she was catching her breath, he gently rolled her over on the floor beneath him. It was then she realized he was still very much hard and still inside her. As he began to slowly stroke her already wet pussy, he kept easing his cock deeper with each stroke. She could not believe the size of this man! It seemed to go in her up to her chest! As the tempo of his stroking increased, the depth of penetration did also. And so did her orgasms. It hit her suddenly as she screamed and shuddered uncontrollably. Wave after wave pulsed through her…starting deep in her pussy and flooding outward over her entire body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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