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I was 26 years old and my banking career was going well. I decided it was time to ditch the messy apartment with 3 other guys and get my own place. I bought a 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse in a new developed neighborhood. Inside I had a large kitchen area that was open to a family room and dining area. The kitchen island served as a cooking area and sitting area with 4 chairs. I used this for eating too as my need for a dining table would have to wait.

The family room I only had a couch that could seat 4 people. I defiantly needed more furniture. For a table I had a table made of broken hockey sticks that I made 6 years ago. But on the wall across from the couch I had a fireplace and above that a 72 inch smart tv with surround sound. The basement was unfinished and at some point of time I would make that my man cave.

The outside of the house looked dull. It needed shrubs and flowers. It was a Saturday and I had no plans for the weekend. I decided to go to the local nursery and get a few things to plant.

When I got to the nursery I was overwhelmed on what to get I needed help. Earlier I noticed an employee helping a customer. I saw her from behind. She had long straight blonde hair that stopped at the small of her back. She wore a dirty baseball cap with a blue T shirt and tight jeans. I noticed her slim body with lean strong tan arms. Being single I also noticed no wedding ring. I saw her now and she wasn’t helping anyone.

I walked up to her from behind and said, “Mam, could you possibly help me?”

When she turned around the first thing I noticed was her bright blue eyes. Looking at her face it was very pretty but she had a few wrinkles at the corner of her lips and laugh lines at the corner of her eyes. But when she smiled the wrinkles disappeared and I was taken by her straight white teeth. She had the kind of smile that made me smile. I estimated her to be maybe 10 years older than me.

“I sure can.” She answered.

I pulled up some pictures of my townhome I took with my cell phone. “I need to make this look better.” I told her.

“I would love to help you.”

I spent the next hour following her around as she picked out plants and shrubs. We had a nice casual conversation. Even though she was dirty from work I found her attractive.

When we went to pay for it she input all the stuff into the computer. Total was $1958.69.

“Guess more furniture can wait.” I muttered softly to myself.

“What was that?” She asked.

“Oh, I was just talking to myself. I need more furniture at my place. This was more than I planned on spending. But I can get my furniture with my next paycheck.”

“How about if I give you a 10% discount?”

“You can do that?”

“Sure, I own the business!” She answered.

I handed her my credit card to pay my bill. She looked at it and said, “Brian, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Lynn.”

“Nice to meet you Lynn. It is going to take me about 4 trips with my car to get all of this. Is that okay?” I asked.

“I tell you what. I worked 12 hours yesterday. I wouldn’t mind a break from here. I will have the boys load up my truck and I will deliver it to you in an hour. But one question. How old are you?”

“That would be great. And as for your question I am 26. Why?”

“Hmmmm I have a 22 year old daughter I think you would be perfect for. She loves smart, athletic build and attractive guys like you.” She answered.

“If she is as nice as you and half as pretty as you I am interested.” I answered with a smile and a wink.

Lynn blushed a bit then said, “She is 24 years younger than me so much prettier than me.”

I got home and changed into some old jeans and T shirt. I was digging a hole at the corner of the house for a shrub when Lynn pulled up with a truck full of my plants.

“Good to see you have already started.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Yeah, I figure if I start now I can maybe be done before it gets to dark.” I said.

“I tell you what. I have nothing planned for the rest of the day. Make me a cocktail and I will help you. Then I can also see if you are worthy of dating my daughter.” She said with a wink.

“Sounds like a good to deal for me. What do you drink?”

“If you have Crown and Coke that would be great.”

“As you wish.” I headed into the house mixed us both a Crown and Coke.

We had a good time and worked well together. While we were working she had rolled up a T shirt and tied a not in it. She had a flat toned, tanned stomach. Man she is in good shape I thought to myself. We were done by 5:30. We were filthy dirty and sweaty. We sat on the back patio and had one more drink together.

“Thank you for the drink, Brian. I need to get going after this. I am starving and need to pick up something to eat.”

“Lynn, I have some steaks in the fridge. I am a great cook. You can tell your daughter that too! How about I make us dinner?”

“I can’t, I am a mess. I don’t want to get your new house all dirty.” She answered.

“I’ll tell you what. istanbul escort Let me shower first. Then you can shower. I will throw your clothes in the washer and make dinner while you shower. I have a robe you can wear until your clothes are dry.”

“Hmmmm are you trying to bribe me to meet my beautiful daughter? Okay, sounds like a deal.”

I took a quick shower and put on some deodorant and cologne. I put on a pair of loose shorts and a T shirt. All right it’s your turn.

Lynn had taken off her work boots and was already inside my house. She was in the kitchen making herself another drink. “I hope you don’t mind I helped myself to another drink? Mmm you smell much better now!” She said.

“Not at all. Leave your clothes outside the bathroom door and I will through them in the wash for you. Use the bathroom in my bedroom. It’s a lot bigger and nicer.”

Lynn went into the bedroom and noticed the king size bed was made and the room was not messy. Not bad for a male. She took off her clothes and put them outside the bathroom door. She looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe how dirty she was. She did like how her body was. Tall and lean. She just wished her boobs were bigger. Her daughter for some reason had nice D cup boobs.

She went around the corner to the shower. Wow it was big enough for 3 people. It had a shower head on two walls opposite of each other and a rain shower head in the middle. Lynn was feeling a bit of a buzz as she stepped into the shower. As she took a long hot shower she thought how attractive Brian was and what it would be like to be fucked by a young stud like him. It had been a long time since she had been with a man.

Without barley realizing it, she was pinching her nipple with one hand and the other was rubbing her clit. She had a quick short orgasm.

I checked in my bedroom and saw the pile of clothes. I had put my bathrobe in the bathroom for her. I took her clothes and my clothes to put in the wash machine. I was about to put her bra in when I thought, I have to know. Yup, I was right 32 B cup. I started the wash and went back to cooking dinner

I heard the blow dryer going and figured she would be done soon. I set the counter top for the two of us. I pulled the steaks off the grill to let them rest while I made a salad and some garlic toast.

She came out with the robe wrapped tightly around her. She really looked gorgeous as she walked into the kitchen. Her blonde hair was slightly wet. Her long slender tan legs would turn any mans head. “Wow, you clean up well!” I joked.

“Well thank you. I see dinner is ready. Mind if I mix myself a new drink?”

“Help yourself.” I told her.

As we ate it appeared that the robe was loosing up a bit. A couple of times it dropped open a bit at the top where I could see the tan lines on her firm small tits. Shit, I was getting hard and I had loose shorts on. I tried not to look for fear of getting a full hard on.

We finished our meal and I told her she can relax while I cleaned up. Lynn told me she was going to sit on the back patio and enjoy the sunset along with the new yardwork we had done.

After I got everything cleaned up a mixed myself another drink. I got a new glass out and made Lynn one too. I stepped out onto the patio. Lynn had her legs crossed at the knee. The robe was draped open at the bottom giving me a view of her legs all the way up to 4 inches below her pussy.

“You look relaxed” I told her as I handed her a fresh cocktail.

“I am. I love being outside. Thank you for the drink and dinner. I am really thinking you will be a great catch for my daughter.”

We sat and watched the son slowly going down while she told me how her husband took a job in another country. She had no desire to move so they got divorced and gave her full custody of their daughter.

“It’s getting a bit chilly. We should go in and I should get dressed and head home.” She said.

“Shit! I forgot to put your clothes in the dryer.”

Lynn laughed and said, “No problem. Shouldn’t take to long to dry.”

Lynn followed me into the house. I took the remote to the tv and clicked on an 80s music channel. I ducked into the laundry room to through the clothes into the dryer. Took me awhile to find the Bounce sheets. Found them in the 3rd drawer I looked in. When I came out Lynn was sitting on the couch and had freshened up our drinks.

As she handed me my drink and I sat down about a foot away from her I noticed the robe was quite a bit looser and she was showing more cleavage. She told me. “This will have to be my last drink. I am already tipsy and I need to drive home.”

“I understand. I hate to see you go. It’s nice to have company for a change. If you feel uncomfortable driving you can stay here. You can have my bed and I will sleep on the couch.” I told her.

“Are you going to try to take advantage of me?” She asked.

“I will be a total gentleman.” avcılar escort I answered.

Lynn crossed her leg over and the robe parted to the point where I could almost see her pussy. Then she said with a laugh, “Well I might as leave. That doesn’t sound like much fun!”

We continued to talk more about me. My plans and where I saw myself 5 years from now. As we talked she would touch my arm and thigh. I was also more views of her breasts. Several times I could saw part of her nipples. They were a light brown. I was estimating the size of nickel.

I got up to make us another drink. When I returned the robe wasn’t even really tied anymore and it open just past her belly button. Her small tits were covered just enough to hide her nipples. My god she looked good. Her stomach was tan, flat and toned.

Every time Lynn would bend over to set her drink down on the coffee table I was getting a complete view of her tits. I was wrong about her nipple size. They were the size of a quarter. Plus they were hard. Not sure if she was aroused or what. But by now my cock was getting really hard and I didn’t care if Lynn noticed.

Lynn moved closer to me closing the foot gap so that our thighs were now touching and she placed her hand on my thigh.

“So tell me Brian. Are you turned on by this older woman as much as your cock is telling me? Because I have been watching it and I really want to know if it is as big as it appears under your shorts.”

With that she slid her hand up my shorts and took my shaft into her hand and gave me a couple of strokes as she squeezed it.

As she slowly stroked my cock with one hand she undid the robe letting it fall open exposing her naked front completely to me. In my little peaks I hadn’t noticed her left nipple had a little gold stud piercing through it. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed into a V.

“I noticed you sneaking peaks of me. Does this make it easier?” She asked.

“Fuck Lynn you are beautiful.” I said.

I cupped her right breast and ran my thumb across her hard nipple causing her to take a deep breath and a light moan. The little bumps around her areola were like brail and to me it read, lick me and suck me.

I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue across it. I was pretty much able to suck her whole tit into my mouth. While doing this I played with her pierced nipple. I teased her like this for about a minute. She was moaning so loud and squeezing my cock so hard I thought we were both about to cum.

I then worked a few kissed up her neck then started to kiss her lips. It didn’t take long before our mouths parted and our tongues danced. While we kissed Lynn was pushing the pant leg of my shorts up until my cock and balls were free.

Lynn broke off our kiss and looked down at my hard cock. “Fuck Brian, that is one nice looking cock. The length is nice but shit, I have never seen anything that thick.”

Without saying a word Lynn threw her leg over me so she was facing me and on my lap. The robe fell off her shoulders and onto the floor. She held my cock with one hand then ever so slowly while biting her lower lip she took me deep into her wet pussy.

I could feel her cervix against the tip of my cock. She slowly rotated her hips getting used to me being inside her. While she did this I continued my attack on her sexy little tits. She changed to riding my cock up and down. Shit, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

She started to ride me faster and faster while saying, “You like my tight pussy. Fuck I love how you fill my pussy.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer I thrust hard 3 times into her and felt my seed explode inside her. Fortunately I remained hard and she rode me for a good 5 minutes before she gripped my shoulders hard with her fingers digging into me she yelled. “Oh god, oh god, oh fucking god.”

She came hard and fell forward resting her head on my shoulder. She rested there for a bit catching her breath. I held her in my arms gently stroking her back with my fingers. When she moved it started with a kiss on my neck then my ear.

When she could talk she said, “I think I am going to take you up on spending the night. But you can join me in the bed.”

She got up and removed herself from my semi hard cock. She reached for my hand and took me to my bedroom.

Lynn got onto the bed while I got out of my shorts and T shirt. I crawled up the bed kissing her legs until I got to her hot wet pussy. I didn’t care that her pussy was full of my seed. I needed to taste her sweetness.

As I licked her pussy I was drunk from the smell and taste of sex. She draped her long slender legs over my shoulders. I put my hands under her firm ass and pulled her into me and squeezed her ass a bit. Looking up at her I could see the pleasure on her face and she was gently playing with her nipples.

I licked and sucked her clit like it was my last meal. She came twice before I decided to move up and fuck her pussy.

As I moved şirinevler escort up I took a little time to linger at her nipples to give them a little attention. I noticed while I ate her pussy and Lynn was playing with her breasts and nipples each time she had an orgasm she would pinch and pull on her nipples hard. So while licking her nipple I sucked it into my mouth and held the hard nipple between my teeth and bit on it just a bit hard.

Lynn’s body jerked like a bolt of lightning went through her. “Oh fuck!” She yelled. “You found my weakness. I latterly just had another orgasm.”

“That’s good to know.” I said with an evil laugh.

I then kissed her deeply letting her taste our combined love juices. As we kissed I was trying to get my cock inside her. Finally she reached down and guided me into her hot wet pussy.

We fucked for a good 2 hours. We did missionary, missionary with her legs over my shoulders, doggy and ended with cowboy with her riding me hard while I pinched her nipples. I know I came 3 times. Not sure how many Lynn came but at least 6 times for sure.

Our bodies were hot and sweaty as we fell asleep with Lynn’s head on my shoulder.

Lynn is an earlier riser. I woke up to Lynn sucking my cock and I was already hard. Damn, her oral skills were the best I had ever had. She had started with sucking the head of my cock and swirling her tongue around the head and gently licking just below its hole. She then would lick the entire shaft up and down and occasionally suck my balls into her mouth and tease them with her tongue. A few times I felt her tongue run along my taint and barley touch my ass.

To my amazement she then took my full hard thick 9 inches all the way down her throat. I thought to myself, “Fuck she is better than any porn star I saw on video.” Four times she went up and down my shaft taking it deep before she started to stroke my cock while sucking the head.

“Uuuuuuugh” I moaned as I shot 4 hot jets of cum into her mouth. She easily swallowed it, then looked up at me and said, “Good morning stud.”

I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful smile and a bit of my cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. I motioned with my finger for her to come here. As she slid up, I wiped the cum from the corner of her mouth and wiped it on the bed sheet.

“Hey, I was saving that for later.” She said with a laugh. She kissed me a quick deep kiss then said, “I need to get to work. How about we have a quick shower together in your nice big shower?

She didn’t wait for me to answer as she jumped out of bed and before I could think I heard the shower running. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to see this gorgeous tan older woman wet and naked in my shower. My cock stood at attention seeing her.

I stepped inside the shower with all 3 shower heads going. We kissed for a long time under the spray of the shower heads. Our hands explored each others bodies until Lynn’s hand found my cock.

“I want that big cock before I go to work.” She said with a devilish smile. With that she turned around facing away from me and leaned over putting her hands against the shower tile. I stepped up behind her and guided my cock slowly into her already wet pussy. I reached up and pinched her nipples sending a shock wave through her body. It almost seemed like she was dancing on the end of my cock.

Looking down on her was such a turn on. The light wet blonde hair stuck to her back. Her slim waist and tight ass showing a great contrast of white ass and dark tan line. I am glad I already came once otherwise I would have shot my load in 10 seconds. Taking her by the hips I started to fuck her long and hard thrust. “Uh, uh, uh” She would say as each time I would bottom out hitting her cervix. Lynn came rather quickly with a “Ohhhhh god that feels good.”

I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to cum inside her. But she reached back and pushed her hand against my hip signaling me to pull out. I was disappointed having to pull out. But the disappointed quickly went away as she held my cock and pulled it to her little star.

“Fuck me in the ass Brian.” She ordered me.

“Are you sure? I’m afraid I might hurt you.” I said.

“In case you haven’t figured it out, I love sex. All kinds of sex. Now put that big cock in my ass and cum in me.” She said.

I was surprised how easily my cock slid into her ass. “Oh god that feels good.” She moaned.

While I fucked Lynn’s ass she enjoyed herself as she played with her clit and nipples. I could feel her ass tighten up on my cock each time she had an orgasm, which felt great. Her third orgasm sent me over the edge as I came hard deep in her ass.

I saw some of my cum drip from her ass as I pulled out. She turned and faced me and we kissed again under the rainfall shower head. We cleaned up then got out of the shower.

Lynn was dressed and ready to go in a few minutes. Before heading out the door she wrote down her phone number. “Call me when your horny. Plus, I still think you and my daughter Stacy would make a great couple.”

I called Lynn often and we had a lot amazing sex. It was about a year later when I ran into Lynn and Stacy at the Super Market. Lynn introduced me as one of her customers. Lynn was right. Her daughter was gorgeous. Lynn later told me her daughter was interested in dating me. She also made it a point that nothing would change between us if we dated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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