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After a long day for each of us, it is impossible to wait any longer for you to take me. It was impossible to satisfy myself at work – there is no privacy.

I wait for you at the door with a dildo in one hand and a brand-new bottle of Astroglide in the other. You walk up to me with a smile, holding up a handle of vodka. As you enter the threshold, I embrace you and grab your cock outside of your pants. You know just what I want, but like always, I have to wait.

You build the suspense by mixing us screwdrivers and dropping to the couch with your legs splayed like you want me. I down my screwdriver in one large gulp, and the room begins to spin a little because it was a bit strong. No matter. I clumsily stroll toward you still in my work outfit. Today I chose a fitted blue cotton dress and black pumps because I know how you like them. When I reach you, you run your hands up my soft legs and up to my pussy, soaking through my beige modest panties. I don’t shave completely normally, so you are pleasantly surprised to find that I have removed all hair.

I start to lift up my dress, but you tell me not so fast. You are taking your time on pendik escort that screwdriver, and it is driving me crazy. You start to rub yourself outside your pants, and you won’t look at me because if I see your fuck-me eyes, I won’t be able to resist you any longer. However, it’s too late, and we both know it. Just to tease me a bit longer, you put down your drink and remove your belt so slowly, it makes my pussy start to drip down my leg with desire.

You stand up and start to unbutton my dress, revealing a black silk slip. You let me unbutton your shirt, revealing your small and perfect nipples. I begin to kiss your neck all the way down to your chest, taking time to lick and suck both nipples as I go. I work my way down until I am on my knees, unzipping your jeans to reveal my favorite boxer briefs underneath. You are completely engorged, and I can’t fight my lust anymore.

I take you into my mouth, forcing you down my throat right in our living room. It feels so dirty because the large window is open, it is still light outside, and I am sucking your cock in plain view. Knowing we could be seen makes me so wet, I would cum if you pumped me tuzla escort just once with your enlarged tool. I try to swallow you, and you moan as I cup your balls at the same time. Soon, your moaning grows louder and you shoot a wad of delicious cum into my mouth. I savor the taste as you exhale with pleasure.

You push me against the couch and pull my nightgown off in one swift movement. I splay my legs as wide as they can go to give you a full view of my slit. My swollen cunt is so juicy for you; you only have to rub your cock around a little before you easily slide into me. I’m so tight around you, and it feels amazing. You only pump me twice before I feel my first orgasm of the night. I scream in lust. As you feel me clenching down on you, you grab my nipples and twist them. The pain feels amazing.

By now I feel so relaxed, I have no problem positioning myself on my hands and knees, waiting for you to take my ass. You put two fingers in my pussy and spread our juices to my puckering rosebud. As you push in, I begin to play with my clit and relax even more. Next, you rub yourself up and down my slit. I feel the head of your cock pressed against kartal escort my hole. As you push in, I moan with pleasure. I can feel you bury yourself to the hilt, your sack slapping against me. My juices are getting all over them as you fuck me slow and hard, pushing yourself inside me as far as you can go.

Next, I tell you to stop. You pull out, and I push you down on the couch. I position myself so that I am sitting right on top of your cock, which is harder than I have ever felt before. It feels wonderful to grind on top of you. You are so deep inside me that my hand can’t help but start to play with my clit. Your hand moves to my dripping pussy and three of your fingers slide into me without trouble. I continue to grind down onto you in a circular motion. I move my hands to my full breasts, which had been aching for attention.

I can feel your cock start to twitch, and I start to clench my muscles as hard as possible. Your moaning almost turns to yelling. I can feel myself starting to cum, my pussy and ass feeling so good.

I’m cumming, I yell as you start to spill your seed inside of me. I start to slam myself onto you, your cock inside my ass hitting the perfect spot. My cunt gushes with pleasure I can feel in my fingers and toes. I scream louder than I ever have before.

We both collapse onto the couch. Later, we make more screwdrivers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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