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Paul had been working at the chemical refinery since graduating college. Except for plant shutdowns twice a year his schedule was fairly light. Since the next shutdown was not scheduled to take place for two months, Paul decided to take a few days vacation. He had no particular activities planned; instead he was going to take care of various errands and small jobs around his house. Paul was telling his mother of his plans and when she learned he was going to the local hardware store she asked if she could go along.

“Paul, honey…I need to price some lighting fixtures. I want to make some changes and if I wait on your father it will never get done.”

“Sure, Mom. I have some things to do in the morning. I can pick you up about 2:00. How’s that?” he responded. Paul had heard his mother be more critical of his father lately and was curious as to the source of the attitude.

“You don’t think Dad will get motivated?” Paul asked, chuckling.

“He just doesn’t seem to be interested in anything anymore.” replied his mother. “Unless it’s golf…or work. Definitely nothing I am interested in.”

“Damn, Mom. Is everything ok?” he inquired in a concerned tone.

“Sure, honey. You know old people are. Wanting things the way they used to be.” she quietly answered.

“You’re not old. You’re only 46. That’s just a spring chicken.” He chided gently.

“You’re very sweet, Paul.” she smiled into the phone.

“You’d be surprised, Mom.” said Paul.

Momentarily surprised by his tone, she thought her son might be flirting with her. Deciding he was simply joking around his mother played the comment off by laughing into the phone.

“You’re such a naughty boy!” she exclaimed.

Her son laughed with her. “See you tomorrow, Mom.”

“Ok, honey. Love you”

“Love you, too”

Placing the handset in its cradle, she leaned back in the chair going over the conversation. Closing her eyes remembering Paul’s words and easy, playful manner. Visualizing his dark blue eyes, his close-cropped brown hair. Seeing his form in her mind she let herself think of his broad shoulders and long, well muscled legs. Her pulse quickened at the recollection of Paul’s recent visit. He had taken some laps in the pool and she happened to look out the kitchen window as he strode up the steps out of the water. The steps were opposite her vantage so he faced away from the window as he exited the pool. She caught her breath at the sight of her son’s powerful butt flexing under the wet cloth of his suit. The drops of water trickling down his body had caught the late afternoon sun and sparkled like a golden aura surrounding his tanned body as he turned. As if in a trance she gazed over the well-defined pects lightly covered with hair. Her eyes drifted down his flat stomach noting the tight abs. His loose fitting swimsuit clung to him and she could plainly make out the contour of his manhood swaying between his legs as he walked to a nearby chair to retrieve his towel. Watching the thick, pendulous organ sparked a lustful yearning within her soul. She shivered with the memory and silently rebuked herself. “Diane, Diane.” She thought. “You really need to get a grip, dear.” Shaking the cobwebs of the daydream she rose from the chair and attempted to concentrate on other things as she busied herself about the house.

* * * * *

A little before 2:00, Paul pulled his car into his parent’s driveway. His father was walking down the sidewalk carrying his golf bag. Paul thought, ‘Golfing on a Wednesday?’

“Hiya, Paul.” His father greeted him.

“Hello, Dad. You golfing today?” Paul asked.

“Nah. Hitting the road. My route will keep me out of town ’till Friday and there’s a course I want to try before I come home. Your Mom told me you had some days off.”

“Yeah. All work and no play.” Paul winked. His father laughed

“Hello, honey.” His mom greeted Paul from the doorway.

“Hi, Mom.” He responded walking up and hugging her.

His father approached and, leaning in, gave his wife a perfunctory kiss on the cheek. “Bye, Diane. See you Friday. Maybe Saturday. I’ll call. Love you.”

“Have a safe trip, dear.” Said Diane to her husband’s back as he headed to his car.

Paul noticed a forlorn look pass over his mother’s face as she watched his father back the car out and drive away.

“Ready to go?” Paul asked.

“Sure, honey.” She replied smiling, the mood seeming to have passed.

Paul opened the passenger door of his truck for his mother watching as she stepped up into the vehicle. Diane was attired in khaki slacks and a white t-shirt with her country club logo prominently displayed. The effort she exerted caused the material of her slacks to be pulled tightly to her ass and thigh. Paul noticed the shape of his mother’s ass revealed by the garment molding itself against the round, full form. Diane settled into the seat and Paul closed the door firmly, shaking his head to rid it of the vision he had just seen. His girlfriend had been distant of late and only last night had found some excuse not to have dinner with him. As if his thoughts were being escort ataşehir read his mother asked as they drove away from the house, “How’s Lisa?”

“She’s doing ok. We haven’t seen much of each other lately. You know the shut-down just finished and our schedules haven’t been cooperating.” Paul shrugged.

They engaged in more small talk as they made their way to the hardware store. Once there, Diane accompanied her son to the lumber department. Paul made his selection and arranged for the pick up of the articles on the store’s dock.

“Mom, go ahead and get the things you need. I’ll pick up the lumber and meet you around front.”

“Ok, honey” his mother responded. “See you in a minute.”

While Paul helped the store employee load the lumber into the bed of his truck it began to rain. The rain fell steadily and it did not take long before Paul’s clothes were soaked through. Cursing under his breath Paul drove his truck around to the front of the store. As he approached he saw his mother standing under the covered walkway of the main entrance. There was another truck waiting under the cover for some reason and Paul stopped short of the cover and waited for the driver to move. For some reason his mother began to move toward Paul’s truck. “Wait!” Paul shouted involuntarily. At the same moment Diane began to trot the rain became a deluge. Even though the distance from her starting point to the vehicle was twenty feet, she was totally drenched by the time she opened the door.

“My goodness!” she exclaimed as she slammed the door.

“You should’ve waited, Mom. I would’ve pulled up to get you.” Paul said.

“I didn’t think it was raining that hard.” Said Diane.

Paul reached into the extended cab and retrieved a roll of paper towels. Tearing a couple off he handed them to his mother. He took a couple more and wiped his face and arms. Paul looked over to see if his mother needed more assistance and immediately noticed her t-shirt had become almost transparent when the water soaked it. He could easily make out the outline of Diane’s bra and the material molded itself into her subtle cleavage. Diane was by no means buxom but at only 5’3″ her breasts were ample for her frame. The air conditioning in the truck chilled her wet body to the point that her nipples stiffened and protruded noticeably. Even though covered by a t-shirt and bra, Diane’s nipples were stunning. Half an inch long and at least half an inch in diameter, they seemed to be trying to escape their confinement. Paul stared a mere moment longer than he meant to and his mother was able to figure out what had caught his attention. She experienced a brief feeling of embarrassment that quickly transformed into a vague detachment.

His mother stole a glance at him and saw Paul was occupied negotiating the parking lot. Unable to exercise any control, Diane’s gaze was drawn to her son’s lap. A tube shaped bulge was pinned against his thigh by the wet fabric of his shorts. Diane was revisited by that same primal desire that she had experienced the day she had brazenly watched her son by the pool. Gripped by this craving she impulsively decided to act. Leaning to her left, the woman reached into the extended cab weakly mumbling, “I need another towel.”

Diane’s titties brushed her son’s arm that was resting on the console as she leaned over. Feeling his muscles flex fueled her longing and she shamelessly moved her upper body so that as she returned to her seat her taut nipples raked Paul’s bicep. Diane used the excuse of the paper towel to tease her nipples unseen by her son. As Diane daubed the towel against the front of her t-shirt, she gently squeezed her breasts and raked her fingers over her stiff nubs. She was so worked up by the electricity of the moment and her lust driven actions that she was barely conscious of her surroundings. Wanting to know if her bold endeavor had affected her son, Diane furtively looked into Paul’s lap. She almost cried out when she saw that his member had swollen to twice the size of her previous glance. Paul and Diane were so caught up in their respective reveries that they thought nothing of the fact that not a word was exchanged between them on the return trip.


Arriving at his parent’s home, Paul pulled into the driveway. The rain had subsided, but the sky still looked threatening.

“Come inside and dry off, Paul.” His mother suggested.

Paul shook his head slightly, “Nah. It won’t take me long to get home. I’ll be ok.”

“Nonsense.” She insisted. “You’ll come in and get dry.”

He recognized her tone of voice and realized that argument would be useless. His mother had made up her mind and the path of least resistance seemed attractive at the moment. They exited the truck and entered the house. Diane walked towards the bedroom speaking over her shoulder, “Get out of those wet clothes and I’ll bring you a robe, Paul.”

“Mom. Really. It’s not necessary.” Her son protested.

“Don’t argue, Paul. I can dry them in no time. There’s no good reason to go out in wet clothes.” Her frustration was evident.

“Ok, Ok. ” he surrendered. kadıköy escort bayan “I’ll be in the hall bath.”

Paul went into the bathroom and disrobed. His clothes were so drenched they were dripping. He put the wet clothes in the sink and decided to take a piss since he had time to kill. Having finished the task he absently gripped his penis with a satisfying pressure. The member began to engorge, filling his hand warmly. As his hardness progressed Paul called the afternoon’s memories to mind. Wet, clinging cotton against the pliable flesh of his mother’s breasts. He stroked the veined rod slowly. Molding the memory into a desire he pictured the t-shirt removed. The bra, wet as it was, masking only slightly the dark areola tipped by thick, erect nipples. The hand moving the length of his cock increased in speed, his grip tightening.

“Paul, honey.” Diane knocked on the door softly.

Paul almost cried out in his surprise. Collecting himself he answered. “Yeah?”

The door opened enough for her arm to extend, holding a white, terry cloth robe. “Take this.” She instructed.

He took the robe and the door closed. Trying to clear his mind of fantasy, Paul put the robe on and tied the belt. Although his erection had somewhat subsided, adjustments were necessary to keep the organ in the confines of the garment. He left the bathroom and went down the hall to the den. Not seeing his mother he called, “Mom!”

“In the kitchen, honey. Sit down, I’ll be right in.” his mother replied.

Paul was seated in a plush leather chair when his mother came in from the kitchen. She was wearing a short, kimono style robe that had the shiny appearance of silk. It was a bright red with a subtle gold pattern stitched into it. As his mother crossed the room, he took note of the tan, smooth thighs that extended beyond the hem of her robe. He realized that the robe was so short it barely covered her ass. His eyes moved up passed Diane’s hips, past a waist only slightly thickened by age to see the thin garment snugly contacting her titties. Without a bra her breasts hung like two trembling cones against the silky material. Paul could see that the robe was not covering his mother’s tan line and he was amazed at the contrast her white skin created. They bounced slightly as she walked, a sensual display that could’ve been accidental. Diane was standing within a foot of her son before he saw the glasses in her hands.

“Here.” His mother held a glass out to him. “You’ll like this.”

Paul took the drink from her, his mind churning with thoughts and images that were distracting. He concentrated enough to say, “Thanks.”

Diane turned on her heel to take a seat in the chair opposite her son. Her movement caused the robe she was wearing to flare a bit at the hem. Again, he caught a glimpse of stark white skin and knew the woman was not wearing panties. Paul gulped the drink in an attempt to occupy his mind with something besides the raw lust that was growing within him. He tasted the rum as it burned his throat. Diane situated herself and sipped her drink. They discussed various mundane subjects with no particular connection for almost an hour, going through two more drinks. Paul was feeling the effects of the alcohol in the strong drinks, and was losing the battle with his libido. As his mother chattered on, her conversation sprinkled with giggles and lively arm movements, Paul could tell she was loosening up as well.

“So.” Diane drew the word out. “You haven’t been spending time with Lisa?”

“Nah.” Paul put his glass to his lips.

“That must be very frustrating for a guy your age.” She said, slightly slurring the words.

“How do you mean?” he asked.

His mother giggled, making her breasts quiver under the robe.

Paul realized what she meant and felt a bit embarrassed. Somewhat at the subject matter, and somewhat at not picking up on her original intent.

“Mom.” He chided.

She raised her eyebrows innocently, “What? Shouldn’t I bring the subject up?”

Did she accent the word ‘up’? “Damn rum.” He thought.

“I don’t have a problem with the subject.” He answered, trying to keep his voice even.

“Well. Is it frustrating?” she adjusted her position in the chair. Paul eyed her smooth legs as they slid against the fabric of the chair. He felt his cock swell a bit at the sight of the rounded calves pressed against themselves.

“I manage.” He answered and thought, “I gotta get a hold of myself.”

“How? Masturbation?” she sipped her drink calmly. Her mind was reeling. Diane could not believe she said that. She thought to herself, “Now you’ve done it.”

The word hit Paul’s mind like a slap. He did not react right away, surprising himself. Looking into his mother’s eyes and replied quietly, “That’s always an option.” His cock was so hard now it was almost uncomfortable. Paul dared not move, though. He was trying to keep the turmoil of his thoughts masked.

“Do you masturbate often?” she asked, her voice a throaty whisper. Diane’s thoughts screamed, “My God! Have you completely lost it?” In contrast, her body escort bostancı thrilled at the thought of her son’s erect member in the grip of her hand.

Paul decided that he would go with it. “I don’t know. Whenever I feel the need. When the tension gets too much. I want relief.” Now he moved in his chair and the robe was pressed against his crotch so that his semi-erect rod could be seen across his thigh.

His mother was silent a moment in a reverie he could not discern. She was plainly staring at his hardness, but Paul could not tell what she was thinking. Once more he decided to push the boundary. “Do you masturbate, Mom?” he asked in an even voice.

She nodded, her eyes not leaving his lap.

“Do you get horny?” he asked.

She bit her bottom lip.

“You’re horny now, aren’t you?”

She exhaled audibly.


Her head jerked as she snapped to reality. “What?” she replied.

“Open your robe.” Instructed her son.

Diane’s mind was reeling. How had it gone so far? She had thought she could keep control. That she would have some fun, maybe some slight thrill. She felt totally lost.

“Open your robe.” Repeated Paul.

She would resist. Yes, that was it. Diane secured her fleeing grip on sanity with that. She did not have to give in to the raging heat inside her. The heat that was making her shiver. Then he did it. Paul spread his robe in his lap. His thick penis lay along his thigh, the veins purple in their tumescence. He grasped the rod and stroked slowly down the shaft to the massive head. Diane’s pussy instantly flooded. She could feel the moistness without even moving.

“Open your robe.” He said again.

Diane put her feet on the floor and absently opened the garment revealing her body to her son. Resist? That was like a light on the horizon. Faint. Burning bright, but so very far away.

“Spread your legs.” His hand worked up and down the veined shaft. His erection burned in his hand as he stared at the white, drooping cones of Diane’s breasts. Her dark nipples were stiffened in her excited state and he marveled at the contrast. As if she could read his mind, Diane brought her hands to her breast and twisted her nipples slowly. Pulling, squeezing them so that they expanded in size.

His mother exposed her vagina to her son’s gaze. As she moved her knees apart she felt a lightening bolt sear her soul. This was so wrong, but she needed to do it more than she had ever needed anything. Paul stared between her legs, looking at the sparse hair covering her mound. The now swollen lips gaping a bit, visibly damp.

“Touch it.” He said.

She whimpered.

“Touch it.” More insistent.

Diane’s hand moved over her stomach slowly. Her desire at this moment was relief from the white, hot heat inside. She knew that there were other paths that were available, but at this moment she took the only path she could see. Her middle finger touched her clit and the heat exploded. She wanted to scream. Did she scream? The finger moved down into the folds of her lips, the wetness soaking it. She pushed the finger inside, closer to the heat. Her eyes fixed on her son jacking his now glistening cock. Swollen to full erection, it reared from his groin like a cobra. ‘Why can’t I scream?’ she thought.

Paul watched his mother finger fuck her self. Diane was now moving two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were riveted to his cock as he jacked himself. She had scooted forward in the chair to meet the thrusts of her hand and was bucking against the intruding digits. Her thrusting was so animated that a squishing could clearly be heard over their breathing. She grunted softly and Paul could not tell if she was reacting in pleasure or frustration. Paul stood up, let the robe fall from his body and walked to his mother. She watched him approach and her hips became more busy. He was standing between her legs, his thighs against hers forcing them wider apart. She was now completely open, vulnerable. Exhibiting the flesh of her plump mound to her son, flaunting her self-gratifying actions.

“Fuck your cunt, Mother.” He growled.

Diane yelped at hearing her son’s lurid instruction. She quickened the pace of her thrusts, staring at the engorged penis inches from her face. Paul saw a scorching lust in her eyes and on impulse grasped her hair and pulled her head to his crotch. Directing his cock to her lips, he pushed the flared head into her mouth. She was now on the brink. The heat inside blistered away all control. It burned away the inhibition, the conscience, the shame. Her son’s erect penis was in her mouth! He was moving his hips making the stiff member slide back and forth over her lips. Paul was holding his mother’s head with one hand and reaching down with the other, squeezing her protruding nipples with the other. She was displaying her wanton, physical craving to him and his response was rampant, carnal sharing. It was too much. Paul saw his mother’s body convulse as her orgasm exploded. Her eyes closed tightly and she tried to moan past the meat in her mouth. Still holding her hair with one hand, he withdrew his cock with the other. Pressing the hard dick to her cheek, he smeared her saliva and his precum over her contorted face. Diane sobbed in shuddering gasps feeling the heat of her orgasm subside. She looked up at Paul, her body twitching and whispered. “Do it.”

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