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Your laying on your bed with enough pillows under your head to be comfortable as you watch him propped up on his elbows between your parted legs. Your arms pulled out above your head and tied with a torn sheet. Your feet tied from two directions so you can’t move them, another strip of sheet holds your knees pulled apart.

You know you have no choice but to just lay and watch him do whatever he wants. He has you raise your butt so he can stuff a big fluffy pillow under it.

Patently he ties and adjusts until he is satisfied, until your naked body has been pushed here and pulled there until you’re totally exposed and accessible to his any desire.

You watch anticipating, You see him lean close, his nose gently parting your lips he draws a deep breath thru flared nostrils inhaling your scent, he closes his eyes.

You feel his hot breath on your butt as he exhales thru his open lips only to draw another breath thru his nose filling his lungs with air saturated with the intoxicating smell of your moist pussy.

Your scent makes his cock twitch beneath him.

His hands on the insides of your upper thighs you feel his strong, splayed fingers firmly grasping as they pull you open slightly. Thumbs gently sliding up the long, dark crease between your upper thighs and the hairless, puffy lips of what no longer feels like your sweet little pussy. istanbul escort Now it feel like your cunt, your needy, hungry cunt.

You watch him intently, his eyes open but they don’t look up. They are inspecting what he holds between his hands. He sees the pores in the shaved skin.

His thumbs drift ever so lightly up then down both outer lips then up and down again. Your hips raise a little, you know he wants to pull you open, you know he will.

Watching intently you feel your lips part and he bends to smell again. Again you watch him fill his lungs with your scent. Then you feel his warm, wet tongue between the dark, wrinkled, wet folds of your inner labia. It slips between them just above your anus.

His thumbs pull you open wider, his warm tongue slowly moves up until it slides across your throbbing clit. It stops there, it doesn’t move but only presses gently before it begins to roll your clit in little circles. Your hips involuntarily raise, you need him to push harder.

His thumbs slid between the dark, wrinkled flesh. He pulls back and watches as he opens you up exposing the glistening, pink flesh that had been hiding there. He holds you open and buries his flared nostrils in the wetness and again fills his lungs. His cock twitches again and he feels it growing harder avcılar escort between him and the sheets. He feels the head swelling with a painful pleasure.

As patient as a master painter with a soft sable brush he licks the slick wetness from the pink flesh and feels another twitch beneath him when he swallows.

You throw your head back and whimper, muscle spasms causing your legs to tremble.

You feel the tongue move down and burrow into you. You feel yourself being sucked into his mouth.

He swallows and a deep growling sound escapes his throat.

You pull against the restraints that keep you from clenching handfuls of his hair and pulling him tighter to you.

You hear yourself whimpering as the tongue plunges in and out of you while he grinds your throbbing clit with his nose.

Gasping you suck in a deep breath. You realize you had not been breathing. Thrashing and pulling at the strips that hold you helpless. It all stops long enough to make you look down.

He’s climbing on top of you, armed with his blood engorged cock, pulsing veins bulging the full length, swollen purple head dripping crystal clear liquid forced from the swinging balls that hang from between his legs like a prized bull.

“I’m going to fuck you now!” He whispers in a deep raspy voice.

You watch a strong hand with şirinevler escort fingers wrapped around the base of the dripping cock, pointing it at your cunt as he moves on top of you. You feel it slide across your clit and move down parting the dark wrinkled flesh until it slips deeper into the softness. Your head tilts, your eyes roll back and your jaw drops as you feel it force you open and plunge its full length into the depths of your soul.

The cock buried as deep as it can reach, pelvic bones sandwich your throbbing clit, grinding and smashing. Swinging balls laying between your buttocks. His body rigid and straight, the only movement is the pulsing cock buried deep in your cunt. You feel the monster grow bigger, stretching and jerking hard inside you.

You smell yourself on his face, he hisses between gritted teeth and explodes pumping his hot cum into you.

With eyes closed tight your world turns white, electricity rushes thru your veins consuming every nerve in your body.

Uncontrollable clenching, your insides constricting, strangling the full length of the twitching beast, milking and sucking at it.

You feel warm liquid leaking from you and running across your anus.

When finally the fucking slows to a stop and breathing is no longer ragged he pulls out leaving you feeling empty.

Kissing his way down across your tits stopping at each nipple to pay homage. You raise your head and watch him kiss across your belly button then lower.

You lean as far forward as the strips will allow and watch him lick the white froth from your red swollen pussy. He swallows and says “Thank you love!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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