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We are together in your bedroom. We are kissing and touching. I am moaning from the pleasure. Your lips are pressed firmly against me, our tongues doing the dance they have learned so well. My hand is wrapped around the back of your head holding you as closely as you are holding me. Our bodies are locked together as close as possible and still it isn’t close enough.

Our kiss breaks and we move. Slowly, I pull your pants down before you sit in a chair. I lean in to kiss you again before taking your shirt off. I am kissing your cheeks and eyes. I get close to your mouth and move away. I lick and nibble your ear and begin moving down your neck. Slowly, my kisses trail over your flesh, my tongue dancing where my lips have been. I hear your moans of approval. I don’t stay in one place too long. My mouth is constantly moving over your skin. I continue kissing your neck and throat making sure to cover every inch of it with my mouth. I trail down your shoulder and across your collar bone. sarıyer escort Your chest is next to feel the attention. My fingers join now dancing across the smooth skin beneath them. My fingers tickle you as my mouth caresses you. I am moving steadily down your body exploring as I go. The feel of your skin under me is amazing. I stop occasionally to nibble or lick.

Eventually, I reach your waist and legs. I move down your inner thighs letting my cheek graze your stiffening cock as I go. Slowly, I tease you until I can’t stand it any longer. I have to feel you in my mouth. I take your freshly shaven balls onto my tongue, first one then the other. I lick you and caress you with my mouth.

When I have covered your balls with kisses, my tongue steadily moves up to your cock. Starting at the base, I slowly lick the entire way up to the tip. I move back to the base and start again repeating this procedure the entire way esenyurt escort around your thick hard manhood. When finally my tongue has caressed every part of your Lil Feller, I move back to the head. I begin slowly licking and teasing your foreskin. My tongue wandering and exploring the folds. The moans that escape you tell me that what I am doing is pleasing you.

This encourages me even more. My tongue and lips wander over your head kissing, licking and sucking you into my mouth. As more and more of you enters my mouth, my tongue is caressing and licking you. It is swirling around your shaft and back up to the ridge of your head. On the up strokes I flick the tip of my tongue across the tip of your head and then slowly suck you back in.

Every stroke I take more of you into my mouth, until finally you are hitting the back of my throat. You are moaning and your hand is on the back of my head. I know how much you love this, but I am still not done avrupa yakası escort with you. I pull my head up slowly removing you from my mouth.

I lay on your bed, inviting you to join me. I ask you to lay with your head tword my legs and your cock over my face. When you are comfortable as possible, I begin taking you into my mouth once again. I repeat the process of taking you slowly into my mouth little by little. This time, when you reach the back of my mouth I don’t stop. Your cock continues sliding down my throat.

You are stretching me further than anyone before you and I am loving this as much as you are. My pussy is dripping wet and my hips are involuntarily moving in rhythm with my mouth. You are slipping further and further into my mouth and throat. Your mouth is running all over and in my pussy encouraging me even more. Soon, I feel my orgasm coming. I burry you as deeply as I can get you into my mouth and lock my legs around the back of your head, holding you in place. I feel my body start to shudder and shake as my orgasm takes hold of me. The combined feeling of your mouth on my pussy and cock deep in my throat have sent me to an earth shattering orgasm.

Finally, my body comes to rest and I withdraw you from my mouth. “Please, Baby, I need to feel you in me…” is all that I can say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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