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I have rewritten this story. It was my first story on Literotica and after a lot of assistance from editors I feel I have been able to improve my writing.

This story is 100% true with some minor changes to protect the innocent.


When I was in my early 30’s I was required to travel to our head office once a month. I normally stayed for about a week at a time and used the company flat instead of a hotel. I would work in the office until lunch time and then head back to the flat, have lunch, and catch up on my emails during the afternoon.

During one of my monthly trips, I was invited by a friend to join him at lunch to meet a friend he had met on IRC (an early internet chat program). We both visited the same room and I had chatted with Janine once online. I only knew her by her IRC nickname of “sexy lady.”

We arranged to meet at one of the better restaurants in town which was one of our regular haunts. When we arrived, the waiter showed us to our table in one of the quieter parts of the restaurant, up on the first floor, where we could enjoy some privacy. Janine arrived shortly after we sat down and as she walked up the stairs and across the room I was able to admire her. She was very sexy, short and curvy, with blonde curly hair and huge breasts. She smiled as she walked across, her smile lighting the room. We stood up and she kissed us both and sat down. I found it hard to concentrate on her face with those beautiful breasts seemingly staring at me. I could feel the warmth where they had pressed against my chest just moments before. Her perfume still lingering in my nose.

Our conversation was a little stilted at the start, with each of us giving a bit of background about ourselves, our families and our lives. As the wine started to flow the conversation followed, and we were soon discussing our respective spouses and their various quirks. After the second bottle of wine was done the conversation started to become more explicit and Janine started to tell us about her relationship with her husband. They had an open marriage and provided they stuck to their pre-agreed rules they were free to see and have sex with other people. While I found this fascinating, my friend Dave, being newly married and very conservative, was finding the direction the conversation was taking was making him feel uncomfortable. It didn’t take him long to start looking at his watch and before long he made his apologies, telling us he needed to get back to work. I offered to drop Janine back at her flat and he agreed readily. He kissed Janine on the cheek and got up and left us.

“I am in no rush; would you like to stay a little longer?” I asked.

“Let’s have more wine?” she suggested.

I ordered another bottle and we carried on chatting.

Janine and I had had a lot to drink by this point and our conversation was starting to become very explicit about our sexual likes and dislikes. Janine leant forward and rested her hand in my lap, her fingers squeezing the shaft of my cock through my trousers.

“Do you remember how horny you felt as a 14-year-old boy? That’s how I feel all the time.” She whispered.

By this point I was rock hard and thankful for the tablecloth hiding the obvious bulge in my trousers. I was in the middle of the most surreal experience of my life!

We were both leaning forward, our heads inches apart, so that we could not be overheard. I told Janine about my love of panties and that nothing turned me on more than burying my nose into a nice sarıyer escort damp, worn pair of panties. She leant over and took my hand and slowly pulled it under the table, into her lap and guided it under her dress. I felt the smoothness of her plump thighs and slowly slid my hand up until my hand reached the hair of her pussy. No panties! My fingers soon found her hot, wet pussy. Her moisture dripping from her. I worked my fingers slowly between her lips and into her.

“I only wear fur panties, I am always so horny that my panties are constantly wet and uncomfortable so I just don’t wear them!”

I slipped my hand from under her dress and as I brought my fingers to my face, her pussy scent filled my nose. I slipped my fingers into my mouth and licked her juices from them. She tasted fantastic! By now she had her hand on her lap massaging my cock. I could see her nipples pressed against her bra, they were hard and erect.

By this time the restaurant was nearly empty and we were the only people left upstairs. Despite this we were trying very hard not to be too obvious but I don’t think we were very successful. At one point the waiter came up to see if we needed anything and I think he realized that we needed to be left alone. He just left a full bottle of Port on the table with 2 glasses and quickly retreated down the stairs.

Janine told me that just before she had married her husband, Gary, she had come home to find him in bed with another woman. She had been really pissed off and called off the engagement. She decided that to get even with Gary and started picking up guys at their local pub, take them home and fuck their brains out. She made it clear that these guys were just fuck buddies, no emotional attachment. During this time, she had met a woman at a bar and taken her home. Although she loved the oral side of the lesbian sex, she loved being filled by a cock too much, and focused her search for casual sex to men. She told me that she didn’t think any amount of sex could fully satisfy her for long.

The enjoyment she had received from sex with strangers of both sexes, made her realise that she was still attracted to her ex fiancé and wondered if they could reach a compromise. She contacted Gary and discussed getting back together on an open marriage basis with some strict rules thrown in. He had agreed and as they say, the rest was history; they had been married for 6 years.

As she talked she kept her hand under the table rubbing my cock through my trousers. My precum was leaking profusely and a small wet spot had formed on the front of the tan fabric. I was almost beside myself I was so turned on.

By now the restaurant was starting to prepare for the dinner service and more of the restaurant staff were coming up the stairs. I reluctantly called for the bill and after we had paid we got up and made our way down the stair to the car park. While walking we made plans to meet the next day (her day off) and headed to my car, hand in hand. When we reached the dark car park she pulled me into a tight embrace.

“How long will it take to get to your flat?” she whispered.

“About 40 minutes.”

“Let’s go, my husband’s flight lands at 10pm, I should be home before he gets in.”

We got into the car and drove to my flat in silence. We were soon out of the city traffic and on the freeway. As we drove I placed my hand on her lap. She responded by opening her legs a little wider and pulling up esenyurt escort the hem of her dress to give me free access. I slipped my fingers through her course pubic hair, my fingers caressing her wet slit. I ran my fingers down her lips until they were nicely lubricated with her juice, and then returned them up to flick her swollen clit. Periodically I would bring my fingers to my mouth and lick her juices from them. They seemed to taste even better and her scent filled the car.

As soon as we got in the front door and I closed it, Janine lifted her dress up over her head and threw it onto the back of the couch. She was left standing in high heels and a bra. I took a moment to study her near naked body in better light. Her gorgeous hairy pussy matted with her juices. Her tits filling the white lace bra. I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of champagne, grabbed 2 glasses from the cupboard and led her upstairs to the main bedroom. I wasted no time undressing and released my hard cock from my underpants. I peeled my foreskin back and my moisture coated the purple head of my cock as I watched her free her large tits from the confines of her bra. As I watched I stroked my foreskin up and down.

She poured 2 glasses of champagne and walked across to where I was standing. As we sipped our champagne she ran her left hand down and wrapped her tiny fingers around my thick cock.

“Hmmm, I need this in me.”

He lay back onto the bed with her knees bent and spread wide, giving me a clear view of her swollen pussy lips. I knelt between her legs and lowered my head towards her hairy cunt. I paused for a moment; savouring her scent. I lowered my mouth to her lips and my tongue slowly started flicking her swollen clit. While working her clit I slid 2 fingers into her clearly remember being very surprised how big her pussy was. She started to grind her hips back into me and moaning loudly as I plunged my fingers in and out. After every few strokes, I introduced another finger until I was fucking her with 4 fingers. On hindsight, if I had tried she would have been able to accommodate my hand.

“Fuck me!” she shouted, shuddering to her first orgasm, her juices pouring from her

“Now I need your thick cock inside me!”

I sat back on the bed and with shaking fingers rolled a condom onto my now aching cock (this was one of the rules made by her husband). I knelt between her legs and took my cock in hand and guided it slowly into her wet cunt.

“Fuck me hard!” she screamed “Tell me what a whore I am!”

As I slammed my cock into her pussy I started shouting.

“I want to fuck your hot wet pussy, I want to cum deep in your hot cunt.”

As I leant over her I rested myself on one hand while the fingers of my other hand grabbed her nipples roughly.

“Harder. Pinch my nipples as hard as you can.”

I carried on pumping my cock in and out of her waiting pussy and with each stroke I was grunting with the exertion. I felt the cum rising in my balls and with a load shout, pushed one more time and felt my balls erupt, my cum spurting into the rubber. As I lay back, exhausted, I saw that she had her hand between her legs she was fingering herself vigorously and the other hand strumming her engorged clit. I needed time before my cock could revive itself but did not like the thought of Janine having to take care of herself.

I leant across and picked up the champagne bottle and tore the foil off the neck. I crawled down between her avrupa yakası escort legs and slowly slid the neck of the bottle into her waiting cunt. She gasped as the cold glass entered her. She recovered quickly and gripped my hands, helping me slam the bottle deep into her pussy. As the juice from her dripping pussy made contact with the champagne it immediately started to fizz deep inside her. The cool liquid bubbling away against the walls of her cunt and with the hard ramming of the bottle against her pussy lips she was quickly orgasming once again.

By now the entire bed was covered with champagne mixed with pussy juices and they kept a slow dribble from within her. I knelt and put my lips over her pussy lips and drank deeply of this erotic liquid. This soon had my cock rock hard again. She watched me roll on the next condom onto my cock.

“I don’t think that my pussy can stand any more, rather fuck me up the ass”.

She rolled over and lifted her ass high in the air. Her little brown bud shiny with mixed pussy juice and champagne. I slowly slipped the head of my cock into her waiting ass. I started slowly at first but it was quickly apparent that she wanted me to fuck her hard again.

“Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass” she screamed over and over.

I rammed my cock deep into her ass while my other hand started rubbing her gaping pussy.

“Slap my ass” she cried.

I gave her a hard spanking as I told her what a good fuck she was as I continued to push my hard cock deep into her ass.

“You are a horny bitch,” I grunted.

By now I was fucking her ass with long hard strokes. My hips banging into as I rammed myself to the hilt. As she neared orgasm her hips were thrusting back to meet me and her cries became louder and louder. Her whole body started to shake until with one last loud cry she came once again. It didn’t take me long before I could feel my balls tighten and with a loud moan I filled the second condom with my cum.

I slid my cock from her and we lay back on the bed; exhausted from the last 2 hours of hard fucking. She sat up on the bed and knelt next to my now limp prick and pulled the condom off. My cum started to dribble down my leg. She put her head down and started to lick my juices off my cock. I started to harden again and she took me deep in her mouth while her hands started to squeeze my balls. She continued sucking up and down my shaft until I felt my pleasure rise once again. I was fully hard again and with the entire memory of our afternoon racing around my head, I could feel my orgasm building quickly; a throbbing pain in my balls as they prepared to shoot off my third load. As I came she sucked every drop from my spent cock, swallowing it all.

We dressed in silence. I looked over at her and as she was putting her bra back on her juices were slipping down her creamy thighs.

“I hope you are not like so many guys, this was a great fuck, but only that. If you are in town again call me for a fuck, but no romance.”

There was little I could say in response. If anything, I was a little intimidated by her.

We drove back to her house in near silence. I was contemplating the unexpectedness of the afternoon. As we pulled up at her house she pointed up the lounge window.

“He’s home!”

“Is that a problem?”

“I should be home when he has been away but he will understand.”

I looked over at her, her face sweaty and her hair a mess and as she leaned over to kiss me goodbye I smelt the strong smell of sex mingled with the smell of my cum. It would be impossible for him not to know.

I have not seen or heard from Janine again and often think about all those lucky guys out there who have been able to try to satisfy this horny woman. I also wonder if any succeeded. I wasn’t sure that I had satisfied her completely!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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