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Humid air clung with slick silken fingers to our skin as we sat on the cement that lead up to the small room I lived in. Overhead, the purple fingers of twilight touched the horizon, and darkness descended, but not silence as the multitude of night sounds rent the sky. The settling of the cockies in raucous chorus and the crickets scratching their legs in that unique sound that is their night-song.

We could see the local mob of kangaroos come out from the scrub and start grazing down by the river, the unusual shapes I had only ever seen on flat screen or photograph before I came to this strange country, barely discernable. And we could hear the cattle lowing in the yards, brought in only this afternoon on the muster.

Jessie sat beside me. Not touching though, it was too hot to touch. Her long tanned limbs stretched out before her, her right hand holding a cold beer that dripped condensation onto the step to quickly dissipate into the still-warm air. She took a sip, and I could see the tender lines of her neck work to swallow the mouthful. My eyes traced a droplet of sweat as it trailed along her cheek, sliding down her neck and into the hollow between her breasts.

The bottle was set to the ground with a clink on the cool concrete and there was a moment of contemplative quiet, as we seemed to search something to start up a stilled conversation.

“We should go for a swim,” her Australian drawl was startling, and I jumped for a moment, its huskiness striking me low in the groin as it always did.

“Where? The river?” my own South London accent was incongruous in this place I had only ever seen while watching movies like Crocodile Dundee.

“Unless you want to share the horse trough with Cola and Trotsky?” she raised a cynical brow in query, the faintest quirk of a smile at her lips taking the sting from the comment. I could not resist bunching my fist and giving her a small punch on the shoulder. The pale rose of her lips broke into a smile, lighting her gorgeous features with a serious beauty.

She flipped one long blonde braid over her shoulder so it hung down her back like an arrow pointing to the smooth curve of her backside, toned by years of horse-riding and cattle mustering. With a curious grace, she stood like a cat unfolding its limbs into a stretch. She held out one calloused hand, and I grasped it. With a grunt she hauled me to my feet.

“Come on,” she did not release me, just tugged me toward the path leading down to the sluggishly moving river. The small branch of the Mullaby River ambled around the homestead in a graceful arc, providing bare respite from the dryness that cast up clouds of red dust with the barest puff of wind everywhere else.

“Shouldn’t we get our swimming togs?” I asked in naïveté.

All I got was a snort in reply and a firmer tug.

The air changed a little by the river. It was slightly cooler, and carried the aroma of the water, that particular faintly metallic scent. I jumped as a scuffling sound heralded the departure of one of the unseen denizens of the dark.

“‘Roo, likely,” Jessie uttered in vague comfort to this rather foreign South Londoner. I was grateful. I still had not gotten used to this place, despite the month I had already spent.

“Come on, white boy. Strip,” she gestured at my clothing, and demonstrated by grasping the hem of her shirt and drawing it over her head in one swift motion.

I am fairly certain my heart istanbul escort stopped in the moment that revealed the flat plane of her stomach above the shorts she wore, brown and smooth, then to the perfect orbs of her breasts, rose tipped and fragile, unlike the smooth muscularity of the rest of her.

She didn’t stop there. My hands stopped at the waistband of my own shorts as she tucked her thumbs into the elastic at her waist and slid them down those amazing legs. Toe to heel levered first the left, then the right shoe off and with a mischievous glance thrown my way, she strode into the water and dove beneath the moonlight dappled inky black surface.

I broke out of my reverie only God knows how, and stripped as fast as I could, leaving my clothing beside hers in the grasses that grew on the shallowly sloping banks. I stride into the water, hindered by the slick mud underfoot and the knee deep, sluggish water that swirled around my legs.

As the cool environ touched my balls, I tucked my chin to my chest, hands above my head to dive beneath the surface, toward where Jessie would likely be.

The darkness was a cocoon of comfort, and I swam several strokes before a burning in my lungs heralded a primordial need to breathe air once again. I broke the surface with a gasp, blinking the water away from eyes, vision blurred for several seconds while I rubbed them. Silence still reigned supreme. Where was she?

Before I even had the time to call out, my heart leapt into my chest as something gripped my legs. I had images of crocodiles, eels…sharks. Did sharks swim this far inland? I was yanked under and took a great gulp of water as I opened my mouth to yell for help. The foul brew swiftly coated my tongue.

The grasp about my leg released and I fought my way to the surface. With relief, I spat and spluttered, pushing the blonde strands of fringe away from my eyes with one hand, looking around wildly for the culprit…no doubt the errant Jessie, since after the first panicked moments, my brain finally registered that it was no sea monster returned from the depths to wreak savage revenge on my soft, pale flesh.

“Jessie?” I shouted across the water as the cockies by the riverbank shifted and squawked at my rudeness, “Jessie?” there was silence again. I trod water, worry rose. “Jessie!!”

“I’m right here,” her husky voice scared the hell out of me, even as a pair of long limbs wrapped around my hips. I could feel her breasts pressed against my back as I felt her lips kiss the flesh beneath my ear, her warm breath as she sucked for one stomach swooping moment at my ear lobe. It was all I could do to stay above the water, supporting both of us.

“I want to ride you, baby,” she murmurs in my ear. Cold water be damned. My cock stood up, wanting any kind of attention, but my hands were busy trying to keep us above water, and hers were toying with my rather hard nipples. The delicious witch.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, and clung to me like a frond of seaweed, plastered against my chest and wrapped around me in entangling folds. Her tongue traced my lips, wrought sensitive by the contrast of cold and heat.

I sucked in her tongue, tasting her. Her flavour was faintly bitter from the beer we had only just consumed; there was the flavour of the honey from dessert and that underlying essence that was she. She let me take control for avcılar escort only one moment, before taking it back. Her tongue swept my mouth, duelling with my own, while her nails raked lightly down my back. A rash of goose bumps pimpled my skin.

She shifted and my cock, which lay hard and pulsing against my lower belly, was dually contacted by her sex. She rolled her hips, sliding her heat up and down my length. She broke the kiss long enough to murmur a breath’s distance away.

“I want to ride you…now,” she reached down between us, and my breath stopped completely as she wrapped her fingers around my cock, “But not this. Not yet. I want to ride you…here.”

She raised the hand that enfolded my cock and touched my lips, slipping the forefinger within. I sucked and drew my tongue down its length. Her eyes darkened with heat and her smile was that of a practised courtesan.

“If you are a good boy with this, I might let you fuck me,” she leaned forward and captured my ear lobe again, her long slow licking more of a torture than the insistent grind at my groin. Suddenly she released me, and I was left with an aching hard on and a bewildered expression.

“Come on,” she beckoned with that temptress’s smile, “I know you want it.”

Was she insane? Of course I did. Without hesitation, I struck out in an awkward stroke. I never was very good. Not too many places for swimming lessons where I was from. She stood at the river’s edge, naked and proud, her damp hair drying in pre-raphaelite curls about her features. Her pink tongue licked her lips, and her eyes glittered in the darkness, reflecting the silvered light from the sable-hued sky.

As I finally joined her, she stared directly into my eyes, wide irises in the black. I could not help but join her lips with mine own. I barely felt her hook an ankle behind mine and gently press me to the ground. She straddled my hips and leaned forward, groin to groin, breast to breast, lip to lip. Her hands captured my sprawled palms and held them overhead; once again I was prevented from touching her.

She broke the kiss and leaned forward, nipples hovering expectantly over my mouth. I lifted my head upward a few inches, but she drew back. She released my right hand and placed a finger in her mouth. My cock twitched as I watched her wet her finger and smooth the saliva over her nipples, teasing it into pert erection.

“Want to taste, baby?” she whispered huskily, leaning forward to lick me on the neck. She leaned forward and did not move this time as I got to capture the nub in my lips. I laved her with broad flat strokes of my tongue and her head tilted back, a blissful expression on her face. As I teased her, she rubbed against me, slowly, torturously. I jerked my hips, unable to prevent the action. My brain was short-circuiting.

“Oh no, little one,” she chuckled softly, shifting her hips, “That isn’t for you, not yet.” With a slide upwards, she broke my touch with her breast and I couldn’t prevent the smallest sound of protest escaping my throat. The keening of a man deprived of sweet nectar.

But it was to my intense pleasure that I very soon found she had something far better in mind. Her sex hovered mere inches above my lips and I licked them in anticipation. She thrust the first two fingers of her right hand into her mouth and thoroughly wet them. I could do little but watch as she slid her slippery fingers şirinevler escort over her clit. She rubbed herself with a force that surprised me, her calloused fingertips disappearing into her folds of flesh. Her hips rolling back and forth, her head tilting back to gasp in the warm night air. She removed her fingertips from her clit, and pressed them to my lips.

“Taste me,” she insisted with a wicked smile, “Or you get nothing…”

What is a man to do when a beautiful woman is sitting on his face? Obey of course. And may I say…she tasted like nothing on earth. A goddess.

“Now you can play,” she slid a hand through my sandy hued hair and drew my head upward with insistent fingers. I smoothed my tongue over her clit, licking lightly then gaining pleasure. Her wetness spilled over my face, and she writhed against me. My hands reached up to cup her breasts, flicking her nipples with my thumbs.

“Yes….oh god….harder…” she murmurs.

I released her breast, and smoothed a hand down her spine, I cupped her right buttock with one hand. Would she let me go further? Intrigued, I rubbed a finger over the puckered opening of her ass. Her butt slid backward a little, and I took that as permission. I slid a finger forward into her wetness, toying with her a little first, slicking my fingers with her juices. She squirmed, gasping. I couldn’t help smiling a little at that.

With gentle pressure, I pressed my finger into her butt. The moan that came from her lips was exquisite and I sucked hard on her clit.

“Oh…fuck….me,” she barely gasped out, as she squirmed and jerked, arching her back thrusting her breasts skyward. Her hands clasped over her nipples and she plucked at them, biting her lower lip.

She was not silent as she came. She shouted aloud, grinding against my hand and mouth. She dismounted my face and slid down to rest against my chest. She kissed my mouth, licking and tasting her own juices.

“Mmmm, that tastes nice,” and thrust her tongue into my mouth for a deep kiss. I ran my hands down her back, feeling the sweat that cooled her skin. She broke the kiss and smiled at me, a new glint in her eyes. Without speaking, she slid down my body and licked her lips as she examined my cock with avaricious eyes. After the rather…animated display of moments before, I was straining hard against my belly. With a long slow lick, she trailed the veins from the base of my cock to the head before swirling there for a gut wrenching moment. My hips jerked. She proceeded to deep throat me without a pause, humming deep in her throat, sending mind blowing waves through my groin and up into my spine.

She played me like a skilled violinist, drawing my nerves taught, then toying with them as though they were fragile spider webs not to be broken.

“I’m….cumming,” I barely managed to choke out.

She expelled me from her mouth, and I couldn’t help but watch as I spurted onto the golden cream of the skin of her breast and neck. She licked her lips like a cat that got the cream and the mouse. She slid upward and her hands entangled with my hair.

“Now taste yourself.”

My face must have registered my surprise, and perhaps a little distaste at the demand. Her lips quirked.

“Trust me,” she whispered huskily, her fingertips insistent. I did as bid, I had no will to resist. The small strands of pearlescent white upon her breasts where tasted first with wrinkled nose…and to my surprise it was nowhere near as unpleasant as I would have thought. I suckled her breasts eagerly and she clutched my head close.

“That’s it, baby, lick it all off. You have been such a good boy,” she wriggled her hips, “And since you have been such a good boy…”

Who was I to deny a lady her desires?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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