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This chapter is from the perspective of Lisa


My saucepan and wooden spoon seemed to wake my son up pretty quickly!

“What’s going on?” Simon said, rather confused. He looked up to me standing over him. I pulled him by his ear out of bed(almost literally). He was naked and starting to get his morning wood, I just ignored it.

“Right young man. I’m going to make sure you regret your behaviour more than you’ve ever regretted anything in your life. You have 10 minutes to shower, get dressed and be ready by the front door. You will not do anything other than go to the loo, shower, and get dressed. That includes eating breakfast, getting back in bed, or dealing with that.”

I pointed down to his now full erection, let go of his ear, and left his bedroom.

I went back into my room to leave a not for Maria:


I am taking David out for the day to ensure he receives adequate punishment for his behaviour. Do not worry, I will not tolerate him being so perverted, and I will make sure that he is no longer able to exhibit such a disgusting attitude towards you. We will likely be gone overnight, but should be back escort ataşehir before tomorrow lunchtime.

I hope you are doing okay.


I slid the note under her door and went downstairs to make myself a couple of tea and have a quick bite to eat. I settled for a cereal bar and a banana in the end – not really having time for anything else.

By the time I’d eaten, Simon was ready by the front door. I went over to him and said, “Give me your phone and keys; then your wallet excluding your driving license, keep that in your front pocket.” He still hadn’t said a word to me since he’d gotten out of bed, I’d never seen him be so obedient before. “My shouting must’ve worked”, I thought to myself.

I quickly dumped his belongings in the kitchen before dragging him to the car by his hair. Setting the satnav on my phone only took a few seconds and then I attached it to the hands-free phone holder. Just before I pulled away, I told him, “You will not speak for the entire journey, you will find out where we’re going when we get there.”

We hit traffic, so the drive took 2 hours instead of 1, but eventually we reached the destination kadıköy escort in an industrial estate outside Bury St Edmunds. We pulled into the car park, which to my surprise had about 20 cars in it.

I looked at the sign on the warehouse. It read ‘discipline industries’, I was at the right place at least. I shut the engine off.

“You will do everything you’re told here okay, regardless of who gives you instructions. Now, you may be scared, but I promise that you won’t be harmed. You’re my son, and if you want to continue living in my house, you WILL do as you’re told. I love you, you’ve made a mistake, and this will help correct your mindset to a more appropriate one. When we get out of the car, you will follow a few meters behind me. Do you understand?”

“Yes mum.” He sounded scared. Good. It might actually make him do what he’s told for once.

A woman was standing with a clipboard outside the front door. I decided to head towards her, I wasn’t 100% sure how all of this was going to work, but from what I’d read, she’d probably get us to the right place. I got out of the car and headed towards her, locking the car with as soon as I heard maltepe escort bayan him shut his door.

“Hello, my names Sian how may I help you?” The woman said.

“Hi. Um. I’m here to enrol my son in program 7.”

“Of course, Can I take your name and postcode please?”

“Lisa Yates, NW3, 2RN.”

“Thank you.” She says as she writes it down.”Can I just get your participant’s details? Oh does he have any photo ID?”

I snapped my fingers, and Simon handed her his ID

“Excellent.” She exclaimed. “Simon, can you hold your right wrist out for me please.”

He complied and Sian locked a metal cuff to his wrist.

“It has a series of letters and numbers on it. This is your personal discipline number,” she said. “Now Lisa if you’d like to step through the front door there is a waiting room, I will be with your son, don’t worry. I’m just going to escort him into the side entrance, someone will be with you shortly. Oh and take this plastic wallet, and hand it to the receptionist.”

I watched as she walked him across the front of the building.

“I hope I’m doing the right thing.” I quietly said to myself. I walked through the front doors, handed the receptionist the wallet, and took a seat.

After a few minutes, a man took the wallet off the receptionist and walked up to me.

“Hi, I’m Fred”, he announced to me. “I’m head of program 7, if you’d like to follow me to a consultation room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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