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You never forget the first girl you have sex with. Mine was named Sue. To this day I still think about her.

I ran into her the other day at the market. She was still hot, just as she was in high school. Same long dirty-blonde hair, tight little ass and beautifully curved tits. I was contemplating a bottle of wine when she walked up to me and said hello. We hugged hard, glad to see each other.

“How are you, Sue?”

“Good, Joe. You’re looking good for forty.”

“Same with you.” We checked each others ring fingers, which were both empty. We agreed to meet for dinner that night and I said I would pick her up. We went to my favorite restaurant in the City and the maitre’d seated us immediately at my favorite table in the corner. She allowed me to order for her and I picked a full classic French meal, starting with pate, then a clear soup, roasted chicken, vegetables, potatoes and finished with a cheese plate.

We caught up on each others lives in the twenty years since we had last spoken. She had been married and divorced twice, had three kids and was a premier banker, handling high net worth clients. I told her about me two kids, my failed marriage and my idle early retirement.

I looked across the table and remembered the old Sue of the tight rock & roll t-shirts. My cock stirred at the memories of stolen moments with her in dark corners of our high school.

“God, I’ve missed you Sue. I’ve never stopped thinking about you.”

She reached out and took my hand. “Same here, Joe. I’ve often wondered what happened to you. I never saw you at any of our class reunions.”

“Something was always going on. I used to travel a lot for business.”

“And now?”

“I only travel for pleasure.”

We sipped cognac over dessert, both full to bursting. I paid the check and we walked over to the cigar bar for another. I was surprised when she pulled out a cigar and lit it. She offered me her lighter and I lit up my own.

“Are you seeing anyone?” I asked her.

“No. The kids keep me busy.”

“How old are they?”

She pulled out a small leather portfolio filled with pictures. “Sixteen, fourteen, and eight. How about yours?”

I pulled out my wallet and showed her pictures. “Twenty and eighteen.”

We compared notes on the wonders and horrors of teenagers, then laughed that our parents must have said the same things about us. We had been mid-grade wild, but nothing that ever required bail money.

We puffed at our cigars, enjoying each others company. I was feeling all the old sparks return. I looked over at her to see if the same thing was happening to her.

“Sue, are you happy?”

“I do okay. Two-time loser in the marriage game but the kids make that worth it. Would you ever have guessed I’d end up a stuffy old banker?”

“Never! Professional sincan escort band groupie is what I had you pegged for. Remember that terrible joke I played on you?”

“Which one?”

“The one where I had you thinking Steve Perry was dead? Had you going for a whole day!”

She socked me in the shoulder. “That sucked! My love for Steve Perry was a religious thing.”

“I got tired of hearing about it. Pretty good prank, I think!”

We finished our drinks and cigars and started for the car. We held hands out into the parking lot. Once there, I couldn’t resist the temptation and kissed her. Our arms went around each other and it was as if we were teenagers again. All the old feelings came flooding back and we stood there, making out by the car.

“Your place or mine, sailor?”

“What would your kids think?”

She laughed. “Actually, they would be quite shocked. How about yours?”

“They’re old enough not to be, but my daughter has friends over to study.”

“So I guess we are talking about a motel then?”

“Always the shy, retiring type, huh?”

She smiled. “You know me. As I recall, the first time we had sex I practically had to rape you.”

“Tonight, I’ll go willingly.”

We got into my car and she called her kids, telling them she would be late. I stopped at the store for some condoms and we were off. I paid for the room and we ran up the stairs, excited with anticipation.

Once in the room, we picked up where we picked up where we left off at the car. I got her blouse off and stared at her still perfect breasts, encased in a black lace bra.

“Still the perfect 36C?”

“You bet.” I fondled them, loving the feeling of firmness. I licked her exposed flesh as she reached around to unhook her bra and let it fall. Her nipples were quarter-size and brown, already erect. I sucked on them like a nursing baby.

We shed clothes on the way to the bed. Sue propped herself up on the pillows and I planted my lips on her pussy. I had learned a few tricks in the years since we had last been together and I planned on using every one of them on my first lover.

“God! Oh fuck! Joe! Shhhhitttt!” Sue squirmed under my ministrations. I licked her from hole to hold, using my tongue and fingers like weapons as I assaulted her womanhood. She still had the same sweet taste and the same light covering of downy brown pubic hair.

After bringing her to two orgasms, I backed away. My cock was now fully erect. Sue looked down at it and smiled. “I’ve missed that cock, Joe. Both my husbands had pencil dicks compared to yours.”

“You always knew how to make a guy feel good about himself. Want a taste?”

“You bet!” She got on all fours and brought her lips to my throbbing member. I reached underneath her and massaged her tits as she sucked my cock. Her ankara escort hands were all over me, on my balls and ass and up and down my shaft. It brought back memories of the first time she had sucked me off, in a utility closet between US History and Chemistry classes. Back then it had only taken me two minutes to fill her mouth with cum. I was determined to last a lot longer this time around.

“You still give great head, Sue. Damn!”

As she continued sucking I reached for a condom. Sue got the idea and took it from me. She tore it open and rolled it down my cock. She got on her back and I eased my cock to her opening. I rubbed the head up and down her slit, making sure she was ready. I wanted to give her the fuck of her life.

“I want you inside me, Joe. Fuck me good!”

In one thrust I buried myself in her. She let out a gasp and our pubes touched. Her pussy was still tight and her muscles went to work immediately. I got into a slow rhythm, sawing my cock in and out of her.

Sue spread her legs wide and, once I got going, rested her feet on my ass. I stopped a second and kissed her. I wanted to go very slow.

“This is great, Sue. Just like old times.”

“Not quite. Back then you would have pounded my cunt for about three minutes and then shot off.”

“You’re right. Age does have its advantages.”

Slowly I slipped in and out of her. I reached down and rubbed her slit, getting my fingers nice and juicy. Then I eased them to her other opening. Meeting no resistance, I slipped them into her rectum.

“Gotten bold in your old age, huh Joe?”

“You could say that.”

I rolled over on my back and let Sue ride me for a bit. I remembered that was her favorite position, her being a control freak. I held onto her butt and she slid up and down on my cock. She reached behind and rubbed my balls as she fucked me.

“God, Sue. Fuck me!”

Feeling myself ready to cum I stopped her and put her on her side for my favorite position, the spoon. I rubbed her tits with one hand as I thrust, holding her hand with the other.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“Great!” she cried out. I sensed her ready to cum so I doubled my thrusting speed, wanting to shoot with her. Suddenly, the moment arrived and I filled my condom and her pussy clamped down on my cock as she shuddered to another orgasm.

I kissed her and held her, basking in the familiar feelings and memories. She got up and grabbed cigarettes as I removed the condom and threw it in the trash. She lit two cigarettes and handed me one.

“Phew! Not a bad fuck for a couple of old people.”

“Who you calling old?” she asked, smirking.

“Can I ask you something, now that we’re adults?”

“Anything, my love.”

“I know you weren’t a virgin when we got together, but just how experienced were you?”

Sue etimegut escort laughed. “You want to know how big of a slut I was?”

“Not quite how I would have put it.”

“What do you think?”

“My friends put the estimate at fifteen to twenty guys.”

Sue shook her head and laughed. “That’s funny. If you must know, you were my third lover.”

“And now?”

“Now is none of your business. I’m sure you haven’t been a monk since last we saw each other.”

“No. It doesn’t matter.”

“Nope. I will say you’ve gotten much better over the years.”

“You started it all.”

She stopped mid inhale. “Do you mean…?”

“You never knew? You were my first. Taker of my virginity.”

“Wow. Somehow I feel honored.”

“Honored enough to do it again?”

“Still the horn dog, I see.”

I grabbed my cock and stroked myself the rest of the way to erection. “With a hot naked lady like yourself next to me in bed, can you blame me?”

“I guess not.” She kissed her way down to my cock and took me in her mouth, swinging her legs around so I had access to her pussy. I licked her slit, again from hole to hole and brought her to another orgasm. She had to take my cock out of her mouth as she screamed in pleasure.

I got out from under her and moved around behind her. I slipped on another condom and drove myself into her from behind. I gripped her hips as I thrust in and out of her. I loved her swinging tits and played with them as well, also paying attention to her clit. We built up a fast rhythm, my balls swinging so violently I had to slow down some times to prevent injury. When I was close to cumming I pulled out and ripped off the condom. I put Sue on her back and slid my now naked penis between those huge tits.

Sue responded by pushing them together, making a tunnel of flesh for me. As my cock poked between them, she licked the head. I took over pushing her tits together and she reached behind me, rubbing my balls.

“Oh yeah, Joe. Fuck those titties. Shoot your stuff all over my face!” With that, she started rubbing my asshole and then plunged a finger inside me. That sent me over the edge and my orgasm took me over. I shot ropes of sticky white cream all over her face. Drops landed in her hair, on her nose and a particularly large one right on her lips. She licked it up lick it was candy.

We jumped in the shower together and playfully soaped each other up. I told her that her pussy was especially dirty so played extra attention there with the soap, and she did the same with my cock and balls. After drying off and getting dressed we went back to my car and I drove her home. We sat in the car in her driveway.

“I’m sure glad I ran into you, Joe. Tonight made me feel twenty years younger.”

“Me too, Sue. Can I call you?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t mind a repeat at all.”

I kissed her then she bolted from the car and up to her house. She waved before going in, then I drove off.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you DO get to have a first love a second time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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