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**Note** Trying something aa bit different here. Unlike my other stories, this one is not autobiographical, but I delved into the incest/taboo section recently and had a lot of fun, so thought I’d try my hand at it. This one also has a longer build up, so sorry if it seems slow. As always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.

Dave’s daughter had never really been a big part of his life, for most of hers. She’d been born when he was barely out of his teens, and not married to her mum, Janine. Janine and him had lasted for a while, but when their little bundle of joy – aptly named, Joy – was two years old, things had stopped working out for the two of them.

There was no big blow up, no screaming matches, and because they’d never tied the knot, no messy divorce. Dave was self-employed while Janine was a professional and could easily support Joy and herself. He’d never really seen himself as father material, so they came to the decision that it would be best of Joy stayed with her Mum, and Dave did what he could to help out, but with no expectations either side on visitation or child support payments.

His friends gave him a hard time for being a deadbeat dad, but they knew what was going on with him struggling to keep a business above water, and how much time and effort it took, so none of the piss taking was ever done seriously, and as the years passed, his daughter grew up, for the most part without a father in her life.

Travel time on about 15 years, and Dave was doing fine! The business was doing well enough that he had his own place and car, and could afford to pay other people to do most of the day to day work, while he got to relax and look forward to what could be a very early retirement.

When Joy turned up at his door aged seventeen, his first thought was that she could have heard about his success and came looking for a handout. He wouldn’t have really held that against her. He’d done what he could to pay money to Janine every month, and as he started doing better, the payments got bigger.

The last time he’d spoken to Janine, just after Joy’s sixteenth birthday, they’d agreed to carry on the payments at the same level until she turned eighteen, and then Dave was off the hook. He’d tried to get an invite to her birthday party, it being three years since he’d last seen Joy, but once again, Janine was off working in some distant part of the world, and Dave couldn’t justify the time away from work, or the international flight. Plus, the tone of voice from his Ex gave him the impression that while they weren’t telling him he couldn’t come, he was unlikely to be welcomed with open arms.

Here she was now though, stood in his doorway, travel case on wheels sat behind her, shivering in the rain. “Good god girl,” he said “it’s bloody rotten out there. If you were coming to visit, you should have had your mum call, and I’d have gotten you a taxi from the station.”

He hurried in her, dragging the heavy case over the doorstep and in, “Wait here,” her said, walking a couple of paces down the hall and through a door, returning in a second with a small towel, “Won’t get you fully dry, but it’ll stop you dripping on the carpet and get the water out your hair.”

She hadn’t said a word, and while she towelled her hair, Dave got the first look at his daughter in years that wasn’t a tagged photo on Facebook. She’s grown since they last shared an awkward meal, but was still pretty small. He’d have guessed she was lucky to be over five foot, and had the same delicate features and build as her mother, with the same light blonde hair.

It was as he was taking in her elfin features that he realised that although her face had been dried, there was still moisture on her cheeks, “Joy, what’s up?” he asked, tactlessly as always, no idea how to talk to teenage girls unless he was flirting with one.

“It’s mum,” she sniffled, “There was accident, a driver on a wet road. On. His. Fucking. Phone.”

“Fuck,” he replied. He had no clue what to say, so just wrapped her in his arms, getting soaked through to his skin as he held her until she stopped crying.

Over the next few hours he got the details. It was just a tragic accident, and there was little he could do or say, but he did feel guilty as fuck about thinking Joy had turned up looking for money. He invited her to stay, not knowing if she had anywhere else to go, and got her set up in his small spare room.

Days passed and turned into weeks, and Joy had just moved in. She cried less and spoke more. Helped herself to Dave’s collections of rum on occasion, and added pear cider to the shopping list for herself. She’d turned 18 three months after moving in, and he’d been OK with her having a drink in the house before then.

As the months went by, Joy came out of her shell. She’d been close to her mother, but seemed pragmatic about the loss, and was doing her best to carry on her life. She was soon going out a couple of nights pendik escort a week when not in class, having enrolled herself in the local college to finish off her studies.

It became clear to Dave that his daughter was promiscuous fairly quickly. A part of him thought he should be the “Dad” and set her on the straight and narrow, but the idea that parents would encourage a son to go out and get laid but be far too overprotective about their daughters had always bugged him.

Instead of giving her a hard time, he just spoke to her about it as if she was a friend of his, keeping it open and light, joking about guys and girls on nights out, and when it came up, even offering advice. He came to look forward to these kind of chats, and was pleasantly surprised by open his daughter was on the subject, asking him about his own sexual experiences, and for quite intimate advice.

When very drunk one Sunday afternoon after a match, she’d asked, and he’d regaled her at length about what guys looked for in a great blowjob. She had chuckled away at some of his stories; the girl who could never make him cum so he’d just toss himself off into her mouth and then tell her she was amazing. The one who thought nibbling the balls was a great signature move to have!

Details about great cock suckers had her just as interested too, the first girl who’d been able to get him all the way in so her lips were against his balls, the student he’d spent a few days dating, who want him to cum in her mouth even if they were having sex, and would pull away, jump to her knees and open her mouth whenever he got close.

The few times he’d been lucky enough to get more than one girl in bed at the same time and how that had to be every guys dream; two girls either taking turns to slide their mouths down his cock, or each taking a side and licking, looking up at him while he did it!

Without realising it, Dave was getting pretty horny. He’s had a few beers at the game, and then cracked open a bottle or two while talking to Joy. She was on her third bottle of cider, and sitting close to him, laughing at his jokes and demanding more detail on the kind of things that were getting his cock hard.

He knew he had to stop talking about this kind of thing. Not all the time, but when he was a bit merry and could see his own cock throbbing against his jeans, but didn’t dare adjust it in case that drew Joy’s eyes to his crotch. He couldn’t imagine she’d be happy talking to him about anything, let alone sex, if she saw how thick and hard he’d gotten within touching distance of her.

It’s not like he hadn’t been getting laid since she moved in, but it’d been a couple of weeks, and porn just wasn’t the same. Although, now he thought about it, jerking one off seemed like a damned fine idea. “Right Joy, your old man is half a bottle away from slurring his words so much you won’t be able to make out one word in three. Work in the morning for me, and no doubt you have classes, get up to bed, and I’ll clear everything away down here.”

“Not a problem old timer,” she responded, “I get that you can’t hold your drink anymore.” She stood up as Dave got unsteadily to his feet, and leaned in to kiss his forehead, “Good night dad, sleep well, and make sure you drink water before bed.”

He wasn’t sure, but she seemed a bit unsteady too as she walked to door and through it, but then he realised he was focused on her small but curvy arse, watching it saunter away, and it was that that was swaying, not her. OK, maybe the room was a little bit too.

He tidied away the detritus of the evening, bottles in recycling, and food wrappers in the bin, stuck some TV on for a bit of background noise, and booted up the PC. He’d been thinking about getting a laptop for each of them for a while, since the computer in his front room was his only way to get online apart from the small screen of his mobile. Luckily, he’d always found time to wank when Joy was out the house, but even with a few beers in him, and ten minutes since she’d left the room, he was still pretty hard, so decided to risk it. The TV was on, but he should still be able to hear her on the landing and put his cock away should it come to that.

Ah, incognito mode! The friend of horny men everywhere. He had a few sites he knew he could usually rely on to get him going, some actresses that were fine with taking something sizable up the arse, or a few who liked being the babysitter in a mum and dad sandwich! After a few minutes, he was still hard stroking himself firmly, but no closer to cumming.

It was always a bit of a problem when he’d had a few. He never really worried about getting it up, but the numbness and lessening of sensation brought about by the beer did make it hard for him to cum. More than a couple of girls in his younger days had been very pleased about that. On one memorable occasion he’s put a girl in a sex coma from orgasm after orgasm. Luckily, it was one of those lucky times, and the other girl escort pendik stepped up her game until her friend came too and was ready for another go.

Instead of finding one video clip to get him off, he was searching through a few, looking for the magical porn that would give him release, and without evening paying much attention, he was clicking a lot more on “teen” clips than he usually would. When he finally figured out what he was doing, it was because he’d found a girl that looked like she was tonight’s winner, and two minutes into the video, he spotted the similarities.

She was petite, blonde hair, elfin features, small tits, but still there, and plenty perky. Then there was the smile. It was like she’d stolen it from Joy. And here he was, cock in hand, watching her smile before struggling to fit a huge cock into her tiny mouth.

It wasn’t stopping him though, and as he stroked, he couldn’t help but think of Joy. How fucked up was it that she was on his mind? He couldn’t shake her now though. He needed to do something about it though, and figured, just for tonight, just while he was pissed, he might as well embrace it.

He was still in incognito mode, so even if she jumped online in the morning, he wouldn’t have to worry about his browser history giving away that he’d been looking for daddy/daughter porn. Fuck. “Daddy/daughter” porn. There was something wrong with that, but he had to admit, the fact that it was wrong was getting him crazy horny.

As he started typing it into the search bar, he was shocked to see the words auto-filling! Apart from him, Joy was the only one who had access to the computer, and he always assumed she used it for chatting to her new group of friends. Maybe occasionally doing some college work. Maybe.

There it was though, links to websites specifically about this, and plenty of porn too. Mostly erotic fiction, but he’d always known from girlfriends past that they preferred to read and let imagination do more. Before long, he’d found a video of a middle aged guy – looked older than him actually, which gave Dave a confidence boost – with his “daughter”, who looked the part, sneaking off from a family event to fuck each other in a bathroom.

As the young blonde was lowering herself down onto the guy’s cock, another boost or Dave, who figured himself the winner in that little internal completion, the orgasm was already close, and when she started to moan – cute little noises, rather than faked porn star screams – the hot cum was running down his fingers, and he was looking around for a tissue.

While wiping himself off, he listened intently upstairs, making sure there was no sound of movement and that he wasn’t about to get caught. Slightly out of breath, he thought about heading to bed now, early as it still was, his head was swimming, and he needed sleep. And water too.

There was another itch that needed scratching though. His little Joy had been looking into the same thing, and he was curious about what she’s been searching for. The thought of her getting herself off watching the same video he just had gave him a lovely tingling sensation, but he needed to know more. Was this just a kink, like all people have?

An ex of his would often talk about her rape fantasy, but at no point mentioned acting on it, even with him, safe word in place, in her own home. It was just something she thought of to have fun when alone, and he was curious if that’s all it was to Joy. He also thought about telling her to clear her browser history, but that was a problem for later.

Most of the links were to written porn, and almost all were daddy/daughter. A couple of mummy/daughter, but they seemed to be the next chapters in a story that started with the father. “Daddy”. She had never called him that, even on their sporadic telephone calls when she was just learning to talk. He was always just dad. It’d never bothered him before, but he was wondering if she thought of him as her Daddy?

He lost track of the time he spent reading the stories, but he did notice himself getting turned on a hell of a lot. He also noticed some overriding themes; it always seemed to be the daughter doing the enticing, never just a creepy old man having his way with his daughter, and the seduction was always similar. What was most shocking though was how much of it he’d seen his little Joy do and say around him. She was always the one to initiate sex talks, and although he was happy to join in, his worry about being seen as a pervert had meant that he had never brought sex up in any kind of titillating way at all.

Joy did it a lot though, telling him about fun times she’d had, asking for his stories, and always pushing him to embellish, something he’d never done to her. The girls were also very happy to walk around wearing very little.

Dave had to stop himself there. Was he just looking for signs that he was allowed to be sexually attracted to his teenage daughter? He needed to think.

She did pendik escort bayan walk around the house in less than her mother had done when they were still living together, and he knew she wasn’t an idiot, especially about effect what her appearance had on men who saw her. She talked often about getting attention from guys, not always positive, but Dave was open minded, and was always quick to blame to guys for being douche bags, rather than a girl for wearing clothes that made her happy.

She asked him for her opinion on clothes, which was fine. She had no Mum, and if that was his job now, then so be it. He was terrible at it though, and would often just shrug, saying, “Honestly Joy, it all looks the same to me, looks great on you, but unless you’re going to put on a radically different colour, I doubt I’d even notice you’d changed your outfit!” All true as well. He had no eye for women’s fashion, much preferring his women naked, or near as damn it, bent over, and playing with themselves.

Still, she would come to him in clothes. Never clothes for college or shopping though, always going clubbing outfits, slinky and revealing, low top, riding up the thighs… And again, he was getting hard.

The daughters would always be looking for extra physical contact in the stories too, and now his mind was racing, thinking of all the times, she run her hand down his back as he pulled away from a regular hug. Her hand on his arm when they talked, on his leg when she went to stand up. Her hand on the back of his neck when he got his now traditional forehead kiss goodnight from her. Was he still thinking this was all in his head?

What else? Ah yes, the walking in on daddy in a compromising situation. Sure, that had happened, but it was the two of them in a house he’d bought just for himself. They shared a bathroom on the first floor, no en suite for him, so of course it was bound to happen at some point. But then, as he got to that exact moment in a story, his breath caught in his throat. This wasn’t just another example, this is what had happened, exactly, to the two of them.

He’d come out the shower, dripping wet, and still a little hard from taking matters in hand whilst showering, and had needed to pee. Joy had walked in, towel around her chest, ready for her own morning shower, and seen him from behind. He’d quickly turned in surprise, his cock swinging and he was sure she’d seen it, before he’d turned his back to her again. She’d just laughed – like the girl in story – and wandered into the room, turned to the sink and knocked her toothbrush onto the floor.

In the story, the girl – named Catherine – had done the same, every detail, right down to bending at the hips rather than the knees, her dad getting an eyeful of her shaven pussy and even a look at the tight little hole most girls expect a guy to stay away from, before picking it and sauntering out, saying nothing more than, “I’ll brush my teeth in the small bathroom downstairs, sorry but I’m in a rush. Shout me when you’re done.”

It was practically verbatim what his Joy had said. Fuck. When was this story published? He suddenly needed to know. Did Joy get her idea after reading it, or were these her words? No date on the site. If he was determined, he could probably figure out, maybe even set up an account to message the author, lady_lady69, and get to the bottom of it.

What if it was her? How did her story end? Dave was scrolling down, reading each word as if his life depended on it, his left hand stroking at his cock again, already hard and pressed against his left thigh, throbbing excitedly.

Catherine had returned to her bedroom frustrated that daddy hadn’t made a move and spent a good few minutes imaging the cock she’d just seen sliding between her soft wet labia while daddy played with her pert nipples. Damn, all he could think of now was his little Joy, naked with her legs open, a couple of fingers disappearing inside her wet slit. He knew it’d be all he could think about until he knew for sure, so he’d have to do something about it, something to get him an answer.

His first thought was to play it safe, but he’d spent months being oblivious, and didn’t want to have this hanging over him any longer than it needed to be. Come the weekend, Joy would no doubt ask his opinion on her outfit, and if Dave asked the right questions, used the right language, he’d get his answer. Until then, he had a few days to work out what he’d do with this new information.

For the next few evenings Dave was paying attention to everything Joy did, everything she said, and even the way she sat. All this was doing was convincing him that she was in fact trying to make something happen. On Monday night, she sat with him on the sofa after dinner to watch some TV show, wearing a small t-shirt and a pair of panties. Not for the first time mind, but Dave struggled to keep his eyes off her.

How had he never noticed before how erect her nipples could get, even with the house nice and warm? The material of her panties was so figure fitting, he could tell that Joy shaved her pussy, leaving just a small strip of short hair, leading his eyes further down to the little mound made by her labia.

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