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I am in the foulest of moods and it is all because of one man. He has brought me to this point of anger, hatred and disgust. There is nothing more foul than a man who betrays a woman. He did that to me. He betrayed me and now I seek a way to avenge myself. As I ponder the possibilities, I start to daydream of how he will react to each scenario.

The ringing of the phone brings me out of my thoughts. I get up and walk over to the phone and answer it. It’s him, the one that has caused me so much distress. His side of the conversation primarily consists of him pleading for my forgiveness of his actions. I listen calmly and silently as his words continue on into my head. Finally, he asks if he can see me. He wants to talk about the situation and to hopefully end our time together in friendship.

I think this option over in my mind as I attempt to compose my plan as well as my response. As my mind works, the response of yes leaves my lips and a wicked little grin appears on my lips. We make plans to meet up the following evening. “Will it be enough time to concoct my plan of attack?” I wonder to myself. I hang up the phone and go to work on my plan.

The next evening rolls around and I am preparing myself to face him. The pain of my situation has left and only the hatred of this man and what he has done to me remains. I make all the necessary preparations and then leave to meet him at the restaurant we agreed upon.

As I walk inside, I see him already sitting at a table. He raises his hand slightly to show that he has seen me. I think to myself how good he looks, but then snap out of it as I remember the tasks ahead. I walk over to the table in my shortest skirt and low cut top, giving him every opportunity to see and remember what I have to offer.

I sit myself down across from him and immediately he starts to speak. “Before anything else is said, I want to thank you for coming and to tell you how truly sorry I am that this happened the way it did,” he says. “I never meant for this to happen, and if I could change it, I would.”

I look at him and show a small smile. He continues on. “I met her three months ago while I was away working,” he continued. “I don’t know what happened, but we got to talking and things just seemed to fall into place somehow. I love her.” The words hit me like a slap to the face and I was stunned. I figured he wanted her for her youth, or perhaps because she had not birthed a child, therefore her body was still “unmarred”. I was not expecting this.

I attempted to show no sign of shock or unsettlement. I’m still not certain if I managed it or not, but I did make the effort. I had to keep my mind on my tasks. So what if he loves her, I loved him and he hurt me in the unspeakable way those of the opposite sex hurt each other. With that, I formulated my responses. “Well, sometimes these things happen, and if she truly makes you happy, you should be with her,” I stated, almost as a stranger would to another about the weather. “I would just like to move on with my life and put that night behind me.”

He looks at me in slight bewilderment and it seems that I have confused him in some way. Perhaps a public meeting was to steer me from some ataşehir escort bayan sort of scene. This amuses me since if I had planned to make a scene, it would have been when I found them together in his apartment. At this point, the waiter comes by and asks if we are ready to order.

“I would like a shot of tequila and my friend here will have the same,” I tell the waiter. “Are you ready to order food?” the waiter asks. “I think we need a few more minutes, the tequila will be fine for now,” I reply. The waiter leaves to retrieve our drinks and I turn my gaze back upon him.

“You always were a tequila girl, weren’t you?” he asks with a little bit of grin attached. “But not me. You know that.”

My wicked grin shows itself for the first time of the evening and I say, “Oh, I know, but I feel that this is your penance. You will have one shot of tequila with me to repent for your sins against me.” He raises an eyebrow as the waiter returns with the tequila. He sets them on the table and again asks if we are ready to order our dinner. We make our respective orders and then take our glasses in hand as the waiter walks away.

“A toast,” I start, “to the future and what it will bring.” I lift my glass and he does the same, bringing it against mine, causing the little “tink” so well known to those that have shared a toast. We take our shots and he shivers slightly as it goes down.

“That tastes like shit!” he says. “I never did know why you liked it so much.”

I shrug the comment off and say, “because it gets me good and fucked up and I like the taste of it.” “Besides, the fact that you despise it so is somewhat of a turn on for me now.” Again, his eyebrow raises as he tries to figure out what I’m getting at.

Our dinner comes, as do several more shots of alcohol, more tequila for me, whiskey for him. By the end of our meal, we are both feeling the effects of our beverages of choice and appear as good friends to those that are watching us, laughing and talking.

As the evening progresses on, I know that the alcohol is not only affecting his demeanor, it is also affecting his desire for sex. He touches my arm several times and although his touch brings the nastiest of chills to my flesh, I allow it to go on, as it is all part of my plan. As we are preparing to leave the restaurant, he says, “I’m really glad that we can still be friends, even through this mess I have made.”

As we are walking out of the restaurant, I drop my purse and make a long, deliberate bend in front of him to pick it up. I know full well that from this angle, he can see the bottom curve of my ass and that I am not wearing any panties.

As I stand upright again, I turn my head over my shoulder and say, “Oops.” Already I can see that his want for sex is increasing as he looks away, blushing. I rearrange my purse, adjusting a few things. We walk outside and he is starting to say goodbye. “Oh, the evening is already over?” I ask. “I thought it was just beginning.”

“Did you have something else in mind?” he asks. “I didn’t really think you would want to be spending that much more time with me.” I can smell the liquor on his breath as I get closer and say, “Oh, I escort kadıköy think we should go to a bar and get another drink, at least for old times sake.”

He agrees and we get in a cab and head to a bar I know of. During the ride there, I make certain that my legs graze against his occasionally and rest my hand on his knee a few times. His eyes look me over a few times and I can see the lust in them.

The cab pulls up to the bar and we get out. As we walk towards the door, he grabs my arm. “Why are you doing this?” he asks.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I respond. “You want us to be friends. Don’t friends go out and have drinks together at times?” He seems to accept this response and we enter the bar.

We get two drinks and take a seat at a nearby table. I notice a jukebox in the corner and decide I need “mood music”. I walk over to the juke. It’s the style that allows you to search the Internet and I select a few key songs that we used to fuck to. I walk back as the first song starts to play. He watches me as I approach and says, “How did you know I was thinking about this song?”

“Oh, I know plenty of things,” I say. “You should know that by now. Would you like to dance with me?”

He looks at me and then stands up, taking my arm and leading me towards an empty space in the bar. Its dark there and the music is pounding out of the speaker mounted on a nearby wall. We start to dance, farther from each other at first, then slowly moving in and allowing our bodies to touch. I can feel that his cock is already getting hard through his pants and again, the wicked grin appears.

We dance and I gently rotate my hips into him. His hands fall to my waist where he pulls me tighter in on him. His face moves closer and soon his teeth are sinking into my neck. He lifts his head and whispers into my ear, “You are an evil woman and have made me want to fuck you.”

“Perhaps that was my intention,” I say. “Then again, perhaps it was not. Just what is it that you have in mind?”

He pulls me along and leads us to towards the door. He hails a cab and we get inside. He tells the cab driver to take us to a hotel and once we are on our way, his hands being exploring my body. One hand goes between my thighs and begins to push into my pussy. The other grabs my hair and pulls my head back, exposing my neck as his teeth lower and find that sweet spot.

His hand continues to work at my pussy as I undo his pants and slip my hand inside. “Would you like me to stroke your hard cock?” I ask him seductively.

“You fucking know I do,” he says. I grab hold and start to stroke him slowly as he inserts another finger inside my pussy, pushing in and out more rapidly. His mouth is all over my neck and mouth as he kisses and bites at me, never faltering with the movements of his hand.

The cab pulls up to the hotel and we get out and get a room. We go inside and almost immediately he is pulling off my clothes. He pushes me down against the bed and I drop my purse on the floor nearby. His hands roam over my body and I ask, “What are you going to do to me?”

“Oh, I think you know exactly what I am going to do to you,” he replies as he bites at a nipple pulled free from my bostancı escort bra. “I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop. I’m going to eat your cunt until you scream.”

He has pulled off his shoes, pants and boxers and is bringing his face down between my knees. His tongue moves across my clit and the opening of my pussy. He laps at me and then inserts three fingers as his tongue continues its path around my clit.

He eats my pussy until I cum, and then eats more until I cum again. I then say, “I want you to fuck me hard and long.” No sooner have I said the words than he is rolling me over and standing between my thighs, my hands pressed into the bed. He thrusts his hard cock into me and starts to push in deep, hard and fast. He pulls against my hips as he thrusts.

I moan and tell him to spank my ass while he fucks me. He starts swatting me and then says, “You like getting fucked by me, don’t you?”

“Oh yea, you know I do,” I reply. I am amazed at how good it feels to be getting fucked by him. This is better than any sexual encounter we ever had previously and I am really getting into his dominance. He pulls my hair back and pushes harder and faster still into me. I call out his name and scream for him to make me cum again.

He fucks me even faster and I can hardly believe how badly my body wants the orgasm. I scream as it takes me and he fucks harder until he finds his own release. He pulls out and lies on the bed. I get myself up and straddle him, lowering myself on his slightly limp cock. “Now it’s my turn,” I say as I start to ride him.

I move slowly at first, allowing his cock to reach its full potential before I unleash my sexual beast on him. I’m going to give a whole new meaning to “I wanna fuck you like an animal”.

I start to increase my speed and pressure, bringing myself down fully onto him with each downward motion. I can feel him rubbing against my walls and I say, “Do you like how I fuck you?”

“Fuck yea,” he says.

“No one does it like I do, right?” I say.

“Yea, you fuck like a wild woman,” he says. “I love how you fuck.”

I continue to ride him, feeling his length inside as it moves through me with each stroke. I move faster and push down hard against him as I bite hard into his chest, hard enough to leave a mark. He is too involved in our act to fight against it as I continue to fuck him.

Soon we are both cumming and I pull myself away from him. I get off the bed and gather my things. He asks where I’m going and I tell him I need to get home. I get dressed and pick up my purse.

“Well, I guess this is it,” I say. “Goodbye, thanks for the memories. That was one incredible fuck.” I lean over, kiss his forehead and walk out the door. After I get a little way down the hallway, I rummage in my purse. I find a small tape recorder and utter the date into it and the statement; “I left a bite mark on the right side of his chest”. I then rewind the tape a bit and then press the play button. I can hear the sounds of our last interlude and I stop the tape again. I rewind it, eject it and slip it inside an envelope I had prepared in my purse. I seal it and then grab a lipstick from my purse. I apply a layer and then lay a big kiss on the back of the envelope.

As I leave the hotel, I pass a mailbox. I drop the envelope inside, the address of his new girl written across the front. The wicked little grin appears once more on my lips and I call a cab to take me home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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