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Following Steve, I walked to the car parked outside. The blue color Rover resembled a beast, to carry me to the hell. The chilling night was the next thing caught my mind. Sleepy eyes and tired muscles pushed me to have a seat, of course only after signaled by Steve.

Mark took the seat beside me, not to my shock, Steve adjusted the mirror before we started as he was in the driver seat. Mark touched my nipples after which his fingers breezed over my boobs. He caressed my ass, with the other hand, pressing and squeezing them. I was in no mood to enjoy it but deep inside I don’t want him to stop.

A few seconds later, his wet lips skated around my pink nipples and triggered the energy, in the form of horniness, into my tired body. Like a tide, my hand went over pulled his head tight into me. He opened his lips and allowed more than half of my 32c girls to get all wet in his saliva.

I could see Steve eyes, filled with lust and excitement urging me to do something new, in the mirror.

“Do you want me to taste your ass,” I asked Mark.

“What the fuck…” he nagged and murmured in my ears, “You deserve some shit on your lips bitch.”

Mark quickly removed his pants and turned around to show his ass inches escort sincan away from my nose.

“If not in sex…” I spanked his butt, “I would have killed you,” saying it out of the agony, caused by his rude comments. I jumped on to his ass like a hungry tiger and started to lick it.

“Get your tongue in there, my sweetheart,” Steve asked me.

My tightened tongue muscle made its way into Marks tight asshole.

“Holy shit…” Mark moaned in pleasure and said “You bitch… for the god sake, I hadn’t flushed it, better stop doing it.”

I continued with his ass and Steve went ahead with a sarcastic remark saying, “Don’t mind it. She will do it for you.”

Anyhow, Mark decided not to go ahead with his ass so he forcefully around and shoved his cock into my mouth. In one trust his medium sized cock was completely inside. He held my head against his belly with a hand and started to slap my face with the other.

The tears flowed down to my cheeks in the response of his choke were making a pleasant music as he was slapping me. He continued to push his cock inside, with little to and fro jerks, building more pressure on my throat. I could feel my eyes turned red as they started burning.

Mark pushed ankara escort out his cock soaked in my saliva, as Steve said, “Here we are.”

He parked the car, down the road and Mark pulled back his pants on. They got down the car and checked the surroundings and signaled me to come out.


I was standing on the road, with barefoot, and in a bare body. The sun was about to rise. Steve pulled off his jerkin and gave it to me. I wore it in a hurry but it could barely cover half of my ass. I could still feel the cold wind on my wet pussy.

We walked around 200 yards into the woods to reach a resort. Steve might have had a reservation as we checked in straight away.


I laid on the bed, to relax my back but Steve jumped on me like a hungry wolf. He brought his face near my face and asked, “Want some rest.”

I nodded ‘yes” in reply but half-heartedly.

“If you stay silent for next thirty minutes, We won’t disturb you till the sunset,” he offered.

“Silent?” I Inquired in confusion.

“Absolute silent,” he confirmed.

It was a bit challenging for me. Though most my moans were fake, there were certain occasions for every woman to scream out.

And again etimesgut escort bayan I nodded ‘yes’ half-heartedly.

Steve was quick to unzip his pants and shoved his rock hard cock into my pussy in a single thrust. My eyes popped out as I managed to fill the fucking moan in my slutty mouth. The entire pressure made my face look like a balloon, maybe a red balloon. My wet pussy allowed him to go hard and he took complete advantage of it. He banged my pussy for seven minutes till his cum spurts six times inside me.

As he withdrew his cock, Mark took his place and continued to fuck me. His slow deep thrusts along with Steve’s fingers on my clit were building a powerful orgasm deep inside. Steve took things further by sucking on my tits and spanking them. In no time, my orgasm overtook the entire body and me shaking my head and hitting it against my pillow. Each and every nerve and muscle of my body was strained to control the loud moan from my vocal chord.

My eyes were all tears and lips were covered with some brain fluids down my nose. Muffled ears, blurred sight, and weak nerves. Probably, I was a complete mess by now. I could say that I was completely lost in my struggle.

Mark came inside me after few thrusts and Steve took his place. I couldn’t remember, how much time they fucked me. They took turns on me as moaned in a low tone for every single thrust.

To be Continued…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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