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Cole jerked his hand back but before he could step away from the wall, there was a grinding screech from behind and he jolted forward, banging his forehead.

“Tanya!” He choked, his mouth filling with dust. He felt the slow, inexorable pressure of the chamber’s back wall closing in from behind. He reached both arms up, palms flat against the stone in front of him, and pushed with all his might.

“Dad! Dad!” He could barely hear Tanya’s panicked shouts over the rumble of the stone as he was pressed more firmly between the chamber walls. He had to turn his head sideways to fit or it would burst. He was certain to be crushed into powder.

And then… as suddenly as it started, it stopped. He froze – not that he had much choice.

The stone pressed in on him. He had no way of moving his arms or legs out of plane with his torso, either forward or back. There must have been less than a foot of space between the back and front walls that were compacting him. He was Han Solo in the carbon freezing chamber, right down to the contorted expression on his face. Comical – if it wasn’t also likely to be fatal.

“Dad! Oh my god dad! I’m here!” Tanya’s voice was faint, muffled by six inches of stone.

Cole could hear his daughter scrabbling against the wall behind him. He took a breath to call out to her and sucked in a lungful of 3000-year old dust, triggering a bout of painful coughing. His chest heaved against the wall.

“Dad, oh, thank god! I can hear you! Dad! Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” he finally managed to sputter. “Yes, Tanya. Oh Jesus. Tanya, I’m trapped. Are you ok?”

“Yes! I’m ok dad. Can you move? What’s happening in there?”

“Not really,” said Cole, testing his fingers against the stone and trying to move his feet. There was not even an inch of play for his feet or hands. “Can’t reach my water, can’t bend my knees, can’t turn my head…” He considered his entire anatomy. “Nothing feels crushed or broken. I think I’m ok. I’m just… stuck.”

Tanya spoke again, but her voice faded out.

“Louder!” yelled Cole.

“Can you see?!”

“Yes, I see a wall.” Cole’s headlamp had survived the ordeal. With his head stuck turned over his right shoulder, he could see the side wall illuminated about three feet away.

“What’s there? Glyphs? Indents or protrusions? Anything?”

Cole knew what Tanya was hoping for: a release mechanism of some kind. In the three years Cole and Tanya had been exploring the tombs, all the traps they’d triggered (intentionally or not) had a hidden mechanism for returning them to their original state.

“Uh, no, not that I can see so far.”

There was no response from Tanya. Then he heard a scratching sound in the wall behind, over his left ear.

“I found a soft spot in the stone!” shouted Tanya. “I’m using my blade!”

The scraping behind his ear got louder, and suddenly he could hear Tanya’s voice much more clearly.

“Dad! I got through! A bit of the stone was broken away. Can you hear me better now?”


“The hole’s not big enough for me to fit anything through, but at least this way we can talk without shouting. Maybe you can breathe better.”

“What’s changed on your side since I sprung the trap?” asked Cole.

“Um, well…” Cole could hear Tanya shifting her weight, and her voice rose and fell as she moved about the room behind him. The chamber they’d discovered was no more than eight feet square. They’d dropped into it from a short vertical shaft above. “I don’t see anything yet… other than this wall that swung down out of nowhere and pinned you there.”

They were silent for a minute as Tanya continued to roam the chamber.

“Wait a sec,” said Tanya. “There’s something on the floor.”

“What is it? What?”

“Glyphs. Can’t decipher right away. Let me look for a minute.” Cole could hear his daughter rummaging around in her pack, then flipping the pages of the book.

Cole was silent, anxious. He pictured his daughter frowning over the pages of their hieroglyphic translation notes, tracing the outline of the glyphs on the floor with a trembling finger. He thought about how lucky it was that Tanya been behind him with the gear. That was almost never the case – she was usually in the lead, and he was the pack mule.

But as soon as they had climbed down into this chamber, Tanya asked to carry the pack and offered Cole to lead. Moments later, it happened. And thank God, thought Cole. If it were Tanya stuck in here suffering and not him, he didn’t think he could stand it.

“Well?” he called to her.

“Um… yeah. Ok. I have something. It’s, er…”

“What? Tanya?”

Silence. But a loaded one.

“It’s… a fertility chamber. For the goddess Hathor. It’s designed to, um, extract… uh… your virility.”



“My life force?”

“No!” Tanya said suddenly. “Not like that! Not your actual life! Your, um… your seed…”

“My seed.”

“Yes. The glyphs are pretty clear.”

Cole thought czech casting porno about this. The fertility theory made sense, based on where they were in the tomb and what they’d seen so far. And his daughter was the expert on Hathor.


“Yes, I’m here, sorry. But I don’t understand. How could they have conceived this extraction to work? I’m trapped in here. It feels like solid stone everywhere…”

Cole heard Tanya take a deep breath.

“Ok dad, I’m going to lay this out based on what I understand from these glyphs. It looks like… once you’re, uh, stimulated enough… once it’s clear you are ‘prepared for the touch of Hathor,’ according to my translation, then, one of the goddess’s handmaidens will begin the, um, extraction.”

“So. I need to give my seed.”

“Well,” stumbled Tanya, “um, technically, you’re not really giving it, they’re taking it, but y’know, that’s just, um, a nuance of the text… Anyway, the first step is to get you, to get your, I mean… tostimulateyoutoerection.”


“Dad, sorry, I’m just the messenger here!” She ploughed on. “You need to get an erection, and that’s going to have some kind of, I don’t know, effect on the trap – maybe there’s a specific stone right in front of your… pelvis? Like, your penis is going to push into a pressure plate or something? And that will release the wall? Right now it’s all we’ve got. We have to try!”

“It’s insane!” Cole shouted back, flustered and bewildered. But he knew she was right about one thing: no matter how insane it seemed, if that’s what the glyphs said needed to be done, it was the most likely path to freedom. He trusted his daughter’s expertise in this area unconditionally. There was only one problem.

“But, how am I – I mean, I can’t – there’s no way I could stimulate… I can’t move my hands!”

“Try dad, try.”

Cole tried. He gritted his teeth and dragged his arm down half an inch and it stuck again, and even that was excruciating. “There’s no way,” he panted.

“Ok,” said Tanya, resigned. “Ok. Dad. It’s going to have to be verbal stimulation.”


“Yes, dad, verbal! I’m going to have to… to say things to you. To make it move. To make it grow.”

“Jesus no Tanya! You’re my daughter!”

“Dad! Please! I don’t want to die down here! I don’t want you to die down here!”

“You can’t, Tanya! Let’s find another way, please!” No response. “Tanya?”

“Dad?” She sounded thoughtful. Reflective.

“Yeah? Talk to me Tanya. What else can you think of?”

“Remember last year, when we were climbing at Calakmul, and it was like, 115% degrees? We’d been walking for seven hours?” Her voice drifted back to the memory.

Cole smiled, then frowned. “I do babe, of course. But… why bring that up?”

“Well, we were climbing, right… and the sun was blazing, and, well, I… I caught you looking at me.”

Cole’s frown deepened.

“I was in front, and I kept looking back to make sure you were alright, and, I saw you looking. Like, every time I turned, your eyes were on me. On my thighs. They’d been getting a lot of sun, and the heat – I could feel the sweat on them. I could see them glistening, and the muscles flexing under the skin…”

“Tanya…” Cole’s voice caught in his chest. “What – “

“Shhhhh. And you were looking at my ass too.”


“It was a tough climb, it was so steep, and the way I was reaching up with my legs for every foothold. I don’t know if it was just the heat and sweat on your face, but you were licking your lips. I started to imagine that you’d purposely asked me to take the lead so you could… so you could watch me like that. It made me want to show off for you…”

“Aggh! Tanya!” Cole ground his arms and legs fruitlessly against the stone in frustration. “No! It wasn’t, I never – “

But she powered on, entranced by her own story. Cole had no choice but to listen, squirming, unable to shut out the sound as her voice thickened.

“And I did show off. I reached for higher footholds. I moved my legs so you could see the length of them, and then I turned to talk to you so I could see you looking. I pretended to swipe a bug off my ass and let my fingers linger on the curve. You saw. I saw you seeing. I liked it.”

“No… no…” Cole was starting to whimper. And he was also starting to respond. There was a light pressure building in his pants. The first telltale drops of blood were working their way into his shaft.

“And then when I got to the summit a minute ahead of you? That’s when I unbuttoned my shirt and cinched the tails into a knot below my tits. And when you came up over the summit and looked at me, I saw it in your eyes. You were hungry.”

“Ahhh… no, Tanya… please…”

“I took my canteen and doused my face and chest, letting the water soak into the white camisole under my shirt. I looked down to see if my nipples were showing through. They were. I looked up, and I knew that you could see them too. You czech couples porno seeing them made them get hard.

“I paced around on the summit, strutting for you. I did some stretches, standing on tiptoe, reaching above my head. Touching my toes. Spreading my legs. Twisting. Bending. Extending. You didn’t join me, remember? You just sat on the rocks and watched.”

“Tanya, please, that’s not how – “

“Shhhh!” She hissed through the stone wall. “Do you remember what happened next? How I said my muscles were aching, and I started rubbing my thighs? My neck? That was a setup, and you saw the opportunity. I could almost hear your heart thumping when you approached me and offered a massage. My heart was pounding too, dad.”

Cole’s dick was twitching in his boxers. There was nowhere for it to go. He always wore tight boxer-briefs to keep himself nice and snug for their expeditions. And of course, the elastic resistance of his briefs fired up a continuous feedback loop as his penis swelled.

“I sat on the rock and pulled my shirt down from my shoulders, exposing the straps of my camisole. My shirt slid down around my waist, and I knew you could see my nipples through the wet fabric of the camisole. I bent my head down as you started to massage my neck and shoulders. I wanted you to know that I was aware my nipples were showing, and that I wasn’t doing anything to hide them from you. Remember what I said then? I said, ‘It feels good dad. It feels so good…'”

“Uunhhh,” groaned Cole, his eyes squeezed tight in his prison. He could not shut out the sound of Tanya’s voice, even as it faded to a husky whisper. He could not block the images.

His cock throbbed. He could feel it beginning to press against the stone in front of him. He was more than halfway to his full girth. For the first time as he listened to his daughter’s verbal torture, he accepted that perhaps the only way out of this was through it – completely through it. His daughter continued…

“And then I tilted my head back, way back, and looked up into your face. You were looking down at me with that hunger in your eyes. Your face was red. I smiled up at you, upside down, and felt your fingers roaming over my skin. I pushed my shoulders back and my chest forward. I spread my legs out wide in front of me and rested my hands on my thighs.

“You said to me – only it came out more like a croak – you said, ‘Is this good baby? Does it feel alright? Is it too hard?’ And I said looking up at you, ‘It’s great dad, keep going, even harder if you want.’ And you said, ‘Why don’t you stand and I’ll do your arms and back?’

“I stood, and you ran your hands down my arms. I wondered if you could feel me trembling. If you could feel or hear how my breathing was changing. I didn’t want to talk, in case I gave too much away. Too much of my intent…

“And then as you massaged my arms, you took half a step toward me, but it wasn’t enough. You weren’t close enough. And you needed me to make that move. I knew that, I understood. I’m your daughter, after all. It wasn’t right. So I stepped back to close the distance, and I pushed into you. I… I felt you.”

Cole groaned and his stomach clenched hard. His cock grew and strained against his pants, pushing against the stone, throbbing into it. There was a heat reverberating back from the stone, warming his cock and balls. He didn’t think it could get any bigger from here without physical stimulation. But… it did.

“You felt good against me,” whispered Tanya. “I pushed harder. I said, ‘Mmm, daddy, I really like what you’re doing. It’s making me feel so much better.’ I felt you push forward into my ass. I arched so my upper back pressed back against your chest and my tits stuck right out. I knew you could see them down over my shoulder. Your breath was streaming down onto my shoulder and neck. I wanted your hands on my tits but I didn’t know how to get them there.

“And then it was like you knew, you knew what I wanted. You put your hands between us and started massaging the small of my back, your hands spread wide. Your fingers were wrapped around me toward my front. I had to arch even further to keep my ass against you. You really responded to that. I felt it. I felt you moving down there…

“Then you moved your hands up my back as you massaged, and your fingertips started to prod the underside of my tits. You inched them forward, bit by bit, and up my back, and I looked down and watched as my tits moved at your touch, the flesh stretching and spreading as you kneaded my back and sides. Your fingers were just an inch from my nipples. My hard nipples.

“But you couldn’t get your hands all the way there, and I couldn’t make you. There would have been no excuse. It wasn’t right. Not with my father. Not with your daughter. But I wanted it. I wanted you. Daddy. I wanted you…”

Cole was so hard now it hurt. He was jammed against the stone. The heat was building. He wanted to touch his dick so bad. He wanted… he wanted… he wanted her to czech estrogenolit porno touch his dick. Tanya. His daughter. His daughter’s hands on his dick. Wrapped around it. Moving over it. Her face looking up. Her eyes on his eyes. Her lips. Her breath…

The stone pressing into his crotch suddenly backed off, creaking away from him with a spurt of air. He heard it fall away on the other side of the wall.

“Ahhh! My god! Tanya! It worked!” She was silent but for her heavy breathing behind the wall. “Tanya?! I… I… I pushed against the stone in front of me and it moved back and fell away! But… I’m not sure what happens next… nothing else is happening… Tanya?”

“I’m here.” Her voice was strong and clear. “Dad. Did you, did it…?”

“Yes yes yes, you were right, it worked! But I don’t want to talk about it, I want to get out of here!”

“That was just the first step dad.”

“What? What do you mean?” He could feel the dusty air swirling around his crotch. His erection was subsiding.

“I told you.” His daughter sounded uncharacteristically stern. Like she was talking to a child. “She needs to take your seed.”

“She? You mean… Hathor?”

“Yes. Well, her handmaiden, anyway. But yes, in Hathor’s honour. Are you still… erect?”

“I said I don’t want to talk about that now! I want to get – “

He stopped and held his breath. There was a new pressure on his crotch. Something was moving against him. “What’s…” he trailed off.

It was fingers. A hand was on him. A light, fumbling touch. It was hungry. “T-t-t-Tanya? Is that? Are you…?”

“Dad? Is it starting? Can you feel her?” Her daughter was speaking quickly, anxiously. She sounded… expectant.

“Oh my god…” gasped Cole. The fingers were growing more insistent. They were prodding at his cock through his pants. Suddenly they ripped his pants apart at the zipper seam. “Jesus Christ!” Then they ripped his briefs apart and his flaccid member was suddenly exposed to the musty air. Sweat pricked his skin.

The fingers seized him.


“Dad?! Talk to me dad! Is it starting? Can you feel her? It’s her, isn’t it?!”

The fingers felt like dry twigs, pinching and dancing all up and down his shaft. Like delicate needles. Like spider legs.

At first there was no rhythm at all to the movement and Cole shrank and shrank and shrank.

And then the hands began to work a pattern. He felt the parchment-like fingertips circling the base of his shaft, then they dragged along his skin toward the tip, released, and repeated. Fingers on, drag, release. On, drag, release.

“Oh. Oh Jesus, what is happening this can’t be happening Tanya what is happening I can’t you have to what’s – “

“Dad. Dad. Calm down and listen to me. This is happening. And it’s not going to stop. She needs your seed. You have to let her take it. Are you hard right now?”


“Goddammit dad, yes or no! Are you hard!”

“No, Jesus! It’s… there’s… it’s fingers, but it’s, I think… it’s just… they’re just… bones…”

“That’s right dad, that’s right. She only just woke up. I want you to take a deep breath now. I want you to take a deep breath… one… two… one… two…”

Cole breathed in and out with his daughter’s cadence. The skeletal fingers kept running their pattern on his limp dick.

“Now,” said Tanya, “I want you to remember that night we spent at Calakmul. I couldn’t sleep. I was so horny after that massage…”

One… two… breathe in… breathe out…

“I slowly unzipped your sleeping bag. It seemed like it took hours, half an inch at a time, hoping not to wake you. And then, for a moment, I thought I saw your eyes flutter. It helped me to imagine that you were awake. That you were just pretending to be asleep. Because you wanted me to do what I was doing.”

One… two. In… out.

“I finally got your bag unzipped and you shifted toward me. I could see your cock through your briefs. My heart was pounding. I could barely control my breathing. I stared at it so long…”

One… two. In… out.

Cole’s dick was coming to life and the fingers never let up. They seemed to increase their scrabbling pace as he grew.

“And then finally I touched you. I was trembling so hard. But I did it. I touched you, daddy…”

Cole’s dick leapt into the dancing fingers and they grasped and fumbled over his length, pulling harder. He was long enough now to accommodate a bony palm against his shaft.

One… two. In… out.

“I pulled your shorts down and you fell right into my hands. I took you gently. I didn’t want to wake you. I didn’t want to hurt you. But I needed to feel you. I needed to… taste you.”

“Ahhh, nunhh, uunhh, guunhhh,” was all that Cole could say.

“My mouth was dry but I did my best to wet my lips. And then I put you in my mouth. You were in my mouth daddy.”

“Nuunhhh, guunhhh, uunhhh…”

“You got bigger in my mouth. You got so big. You got too big for me to hold all at once. I had to take just the tip. I licked and sucked the tip of your dick.”

“Ahhh, nunhh, uunhh, yeeeuunhhh…”

“Your dick leaked into my mouth daddy. I tasted you. I reached down between my legs and felt myself. I pressed my panties into me. I was leaking too. You were making me leak.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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