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My name is Charlotte. I’ve been friends with Katie since we were eight, but she can be such a bitch sometimes. Two summers ago, I got an announcement saying to keep June 24 of the following year open. She and her boyfriend Marv had just gotten engaged. Things weren’t serious with Steve, the guy I was seeing at the time, but Katie knew that I’d wanted to have my own wedding that day in memory of my brother Carl who died that day when he was twenty. I held on to the announcement until the next year’s planners came out and marked it in a dark red, making it look like someone scrawled it in blood. Coincidentally, the next day she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I accepted. I hadn’t figured out what kind of revenge I was going to take, but being in the wedding would surely get me the inside track. It wasn’t long before I knew that I wanted to fuck Marv; I just had to decide what circumstances would make my revenge the most satisfying.

I didn’t really want him for myself. He’s good-looking, but he looks more like someone you’d see on the cover ofG.Q. than the cover of a body-building magazine. Besides, we’re both 5’10”, and I like a guy that I literally have to look up to. If I were two or three months pregnant with his child, I could spoil the day by announcing my condition at the reception, but then he’d be in my life for the next two decades; plus I wouldn’t be able to get drunk. I didn’t want to steal him for myself, because I didn’t want to punish him for what Katie did. I had the idea to jump naked out of the cake at his bachelor party and fuck him on the spot, but I didn’t think I could get the job without tipping someone off. I entertained other scenarios as the date grew closer, but I kept going back to the cake when I needed a laugh. It occurred to me that I’d be getting my revenge a week or so ahead of the day that Katie had stolen from me. Why not go for the actual day?

My apartment was only a couple blocks from the hall they rented for the ceremony, which is also where they held the rehearsal dinner. Katie and Marv had moved into their new apartment a couple weeks before that. I reminded Katie that it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other the day of the wedding and suggested that Marv stay at my place. Katie talked to him, and they agreed that was a good idea. Given the location, I rode my bicycle to the rehearsal and rode home with Marv. We got in just after eleven. I apologized to him for only having one bedroom, but he volunteered to take the couch. I was glad he did, because that allowed me to look through my closet. In January, I’d bought a sheer red nightgown with matching panty to surprise Steve for Valentine’s Day, but he broke up with me before I had a chance to use it. If Marv was easy to convince, I’d be fucking him on the 23rd, and that wasn’t revenge enough. I put the negligée on and waited until five minutes before midnight before I left my bedroom.

Marv had a baseball game on from the West Coast, but he’d gotten up to get himself a drink. He was wearing white briefs that were so clean, I suspected he’d bought a new package for the honeymoon and decided it was easier not to pack any other underwear. He almost dropped his beer when he saw me. “If this is what you wear to bed when you’re alone, what do you wear when you’re with a guy?” he asked.

I walked up to him and put his left hand on my hip. He was holding his beer in his right hand. I guided it to the counter and then put it on my other hip. “Less than this,” I answered. I noted, “I see you’re not pulling back. I think there’s a reason, and we both know what it is.” Of course the reason was that I’d left him dumfounded. “I want you,” I lied. Okay, it wasn’t exactly a lie. I wanted him that night; I just didn’t want him for keeps. “And I can tell you want me.”

“What about Katie?” he asked.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” I pointed out.

“I’ll know what I did,” he replied.

“You’re not married to her yet,” I reminded him. “You don’t owe her anything until after you make your vows.” I paused for a moment. “And I notice you didn’t correct me when I said you want me. If we do this, you can still marry her, and you’ll be sure that you hose the right woman. If we don’t, you’ll always wonder what you passed up. Does that seem like a good idea?” I put my hands on his nipples and rubbed his chest hair. His hands fell away from my hips. When he didn’t answer me, I ran my hands down his arms and entwined my fingers in his. I reached behind him, pulling him closer to me, and rubbed his butt.

Because we’re the same height, his lips were right in front of mine. He leaned forward and kissed me. I let go of his hands and ran my fingertips up his back. I could feel him get hard when I did that. “You’re right,” he said. “More information is better than less.” Was he really that gullible, or just that willing to cheat? Either way, I was probably doing Katie a favor, but I didn’t want to think of it that way.

No matter, I led him into my bedroom. bostancı escort I put his hands just above my waist and lifted the hem of my nightgown so they were underneath it. He returned my earlier gesture, rubbing my ass through the panty, except that it was probably much more pleasurable for me because the fabric was so thin. This time instead my fingertips, I ran my nails up his back. I was already moist, but I got a little more so when I imagined Katie seeing the scratches I left. I could feel his cock straining for release. I don’t know whether I was being selfish or showing mercy, but I pulled his underwear down just enough for it to pop over the elastic. I stepped back and stroked it a couple times. I could already feel the pre-cum where the head met the foreskin. Marv responded in kind, pulling the panty down just below my butt. I took it the rest of the way off. He bent his knees, put his hands behind my thighs and lifted me. He carried me to the wall, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. “You’re stronger than I realized,” I told him.

“You have no idea,” Marv answered. He leaned back, reached for the hem of my negligée and lifted it over my shoulders. I was now naked in front of a man who was getting married in seventeen hours. He put his hands over mine and held me against the wall. He kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth, and our tongues met briefly. He lifted me a little higher, pushed me back against the wall and sucked each nipple into my mouth.

His technique was only adequate, but I enjoyed the sensation of being held so strongly in place while he did it that I squeezed a little tighter with my legs. “You’re making my pussy tingle, Marv.”

“What do you want me to do about it, Charlotte?”

“Depends. Are you strong enough?” We both looked down and saw that his dick was passing underneath my pussy. He tried to lift me. I even put my hands on his shoulders to help, but when I came down, all I did was bend his dick down.

“Maybe, but I don’t want to risk it right now,” Marv said, and he backed away from the wall. “I’ve got someone I want to make come first.”

“Yeah, who would that be?” I asked.

“Well, she’s five-ten, with curly brown hair, perfectly shaped tits, …”

I stepped to my right, so my back was now to my bed. “Tell me more,” I said.

“When I say curly brown hair, I’m talking about the beautiful hair on her head and the sexy wisps down below. And I’ve never seen her ass directly, but I can tell it’s to die for.”

I turned around and leaned over the bed, separating my legs. “You mean this?”

I felt a slap on my left butt cheek. “Yeah,” he said. He put his hand on my lower back with the fingers pointing down. He moved the hand down, so that his middle finger ran over my asshole and then between my legs, separating my cunt lips.

I turned back and asked him, “You serious about making me come?”

Marv put his middle and index fingers inside my pussy and prodded. “You better believe it,” he said.

“Then you first,” I said. I moved up onto the bed. His fingers came out of me, but they even felt erotic on the way out. I turned around and held his cock up. I formed an O with my lips and took him in until only a half-inch or so couldn’t fit into my mouth. I bobbed up and down a couple times and stopped to put my finger on his asshole. I opened it up a little and bobbed again. I let him out briefly just to look at my handiwork. My spit made his hard cock look as sexy as the gay porn I sometimes enjoy. I wiggled the finger that was in his ass and took his cock back in my mouth. This time I went up and down so fast that I could feel him growing. I remembered what I’d done once with Steve. I bent my finger just the right way and soon Marv was coming in my mouth. His cum barely touched my tongue before it reached my throat. For a split second I thought I might choke on it, but it still felt good. He only let me take a few spurts before he pulled back and pushed me onto my back. He stepped back and took his underwear off, then came back to me.

I waited to feel his cock inside me, but instead I felt his lips on my pussy. He kissed me from the center to my clit, down to the base and back up. They’d separated in the time it took him to do this, and he poked his tongue inside me. I remembered I had assured Katie once that she wasn’t weird for not liking oral sex. Fuck her. If she didn’t like this, she wasn’t just a bitch; she was a weird bitch. Marv doesn’t have a beard, but he hadn’t shaved for the rehearsal, so his chin was covered in stubble, tickling my cunt even more. Usually when a guy’s eating me, I like to put my hands on the back of his head or his shoulders to keep him in place, but Marv had his hands under my butt and was staying so close that I didn’t need to. He bent and folded his tongue in so many ways, you could literally say that he took me to a new dimension with his pussy-eating technique. At one point, he managed to hit two G-spots at the same time. He ümraniye escort bayan didn’t just send me to an orgasm; I thought I could see time. I was torn between two things I wanted. I managed to murmur, “Fuck me! Fuck me, please!” but when he pulled his tongue, I said, “No, I meant keep fucking me with your tongue!”

“Damn, Charlotte, I never get to do this with Katie,” he said. He sucked my pussy lips into his mouth and got his tongue between them, reaching a spot I hadn’t felt since the one time I experimented with a more experienced girl in college.

I was torn what I wanted him to do next. I wondered how his tongue would feel in my ass, but I was afraid if we did it right away, he might not be willing to fuck my cunt later, and I didn’t want Katie to be able to say, “Only vaginal sex counts.” My ass could wait. “Okay, now I want regular fucking,” I told him.

“I wasn’t planning on using rubbers this weekend,” he said.

“Don’t worry; I’m on the Pill,” I told him. I was lying, but he believed me. He got up on all fours and lurched forward until his cock was right at my pussy. He waved it back and forth like in “The Pit and the Pendulum”. He let it fall between my thighs and started dragging it up slowly. He had as much style at fucking as he did at eating pussy, but right now I just wanted him to seal the deal. “Get inside menow, damn you!” I shouted. He moved forward and had his cock deep inside me in a single thrust. “Oh, fuck! Fuck, yeah!” I groaned. I had to be careful. I was thinking what great revenge this was, but I didn’t want him to know that’s why I was doing it. I imagined sitting with Katie a couple months later on the back porch of their apartment, sipping fancy coffees, telling her I’m pregnant and that Marv was the father. That got me really into it. I couldn’t resist saying something, but I managed to control my wording. “Yeah, gimme a baby! A little Marv!”

Marv stopped thrusting for a moment. “I thought you said you’re on the Pill.”

I expanded on my lie. “I am. It’s just that when I’m really into the lovemaking”-even calling it lovemaking was a lie-“I picture myself holding a baby version of my lover.” That satisfied him, and he resumed his thrusting. He showed as much variety as I anticipated, thrusting his hips not just in and out, but side to side and coming in from different heights. He never stopped at the same depth twice in a row, and the sensation of those different stopping points was almost like an erotic melody. When he got really deep, I clenched my muscles involuntarily. I’d never felt a cock go that deep, and I could feel every ridge against the walls of my cunt. “Oh, God, oh, God. Make love to me, Marv!” I realized after I said it that I meant it this time.

He kissed me on the lips and drew his legs up as close as he could get them. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“Fuck, yeah,” I told him. He didn’t say a word. His brow furrowed, and soon I felt his spunk flowing into my waiting womb. I tried to remember what part of my cycle I was on, but at that moment I didn’t care. “Come in my cunt, honey!” I kissed his Adam’s apple and kept scratching his back. I literally wanted to leave my mark on this man. If the orgasm I had when he ate me was deep, this one was like seeing the universe at once. I never wanted our bodies to break contact. He stopped coming, but he rested on top of me. I wasn’t interested in pure sex at that moment. I just felt the contours of his body: shoulders, arms, thighs, and eventually his butt again. When I ran my hand between his buttocks, he got hard again. I put my other hand on his shoulder and pushed.

“Done for the night?” he asked, and he got up like he was going to head back to the couch.

“Not by a longshot,” I told him. I pushed him onto his back. I straddled his chest and moved backward until I felt his cock at my ass. That would still have to wait. I lifted my hips and told him, “Tell me what you see, ’cause I can’t see your expression and our sexy parts at the same time.” At that moment I would have sold my soul for a sexier expression than “sexy parts,” but it felt like I’d already sold it just to have this night with Marv.

“My cock is hard, and you’re holding it straight up. You’re lowering your hips a little, and the head just disappeared between your pussy lips. They’re really puffy now, which makes it an even more erotic sight. I can feel the bottom ridge of my dick against your wall, and your lips are even further apart.” He reached up. “I’m rubbing your clit, and it’s getting extra pointy, just like my dick. Now you’re all the way down, and I can’t even see my dick. All I can feel is the air on my balls.”

“Good,” I said. “Keep talking.”

“You’re bouncing up and down on my dick, but slowly. It’s making those beautiful tits sway. You’re not shaking like a stripper; you’re just undulating, like a woman who loves-“

“Don’t say it, damn you,” I interrupted.

“Loves what she’s feeling in the moment,” Marv continued. He kartal escort reached up and put his palms on my nipples.

It was backfiring. I didn’t want to let him go. I imagined Baby Marv suckling, and I started bouncing harder. Baby Marv. That would be great revenge, but another kind was coming to me. My brain was too clouded by the fucking to figure out what it was. Real Marv put his hands on my forearms and pulled me down to him. I had to admit, I liked how he could do that but wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to. I kissed him on the lips. “Shit!” I yelled. I was scared because it wasn’t a sexy kiss. It was a romantic kiss! I tried to lift myself up, but he moved his hands to my shoulder and kissed my chin and neck.

“What’s wrong?” Marv asked.

“I forgot to pay my cell phone bill,” I said. It was a lie out of the blue.

He asked, “Are you behind?”

“No, I just forgot,” I said.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Worst case, you pay it tomorrow and they charge you a late fee.” I don’t think he bought it, but he was willing to play along if he got to keep fucking a bridesmaid.

I had stopped moving my hips during the exchange, but Marv started thrusting his. Now I could feel his manhood against my pubic bone, a sensation I don’t think Steve had ever given me. I couldn’t even form sentences at this point. We were both bucking our hips into each other. I put my lips to his and drew his tongue into my mouth. I’d just found the best lover I’d ever had and I didn’t want to let him go. “Fuck (pant) fuck (pant) fuck (pant),” was all I could say, until I managed to put together, “You’re amazing. Does Katie appreciate you?”

Marv thrust harder and put his hands between my buttocks. “Don’t talk about Katie right now,” he said. Maybe I was winning!

“I won’t,” I promised. “Just come in my cunt again.” Soon I was treated to another load of semen. I envisioned a million little Marv heads with their tails swimming upstream, and I smiled. This time when he finished coming, I asked him, “Is there anything else you never get to do with Katie?”

He gave me a dirty smile and answered, “She doesn’t let me smoke my cigars in the house, but that’s not what you mean, is it?”

I turned around and pointed my ass in the air. “I don’t usually go for it either, but if your tongue is as talented back there as it is in my pussy, I’ll let you do it just for the warm-up.” He came around behind me. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and felt the tip of his tongue at my opening. I also felt his thumb over my pussy. He pleasured my pussy more by accident while he licked my asshole than Steve did when he was actually trying to! Marv’s tongue didn’t disappoint. He was able to wriggle it around with more precision than any dick. He only did that for a minute, though, before he replaced it with his finger. He tickled me from inside until I clinched my butt cheeks. “Sorry ’bout that,” I said, and I released his finger. “But you can go for it now!”

Marv ran his dick between my buttocks. It did nothing for my asshole, but it did feel really sensual. I hoped he’d do that the next time he fucked my pussy. Wait, when did I think the next time would be? Between the cum that was still on his dick and the saliva from a few minutes before, he got the head in with little effort. “Does that feel okay?” he asked. “If it’s not really your thing, I’ll be extra careful.”

“Forget caution,” I said. “Be a man and fuck me hard!”

He didn’t use much force when he moved his cock in the first time, but he pulled back and then went at it with abandon. “That man enough for you?” he asked.

“I can feel your balls on my thighs. Sorry I questioned it!” Damn it, I was worrying about his feelings now.

He pulled me up so we were both on our knees and tweaked each nipple. “You like it rough, then?” He also got his cock especially deep inside me.

“I never did before, but with you, I do,” I gasped. I usually like being in control, but ceding control to someone I trusted was proving to be fun in its own way. “Take me! Do what you want!” He slowed down, as if to decide what thing he was going to do. I felt his teeth on my neck. I pictured the bridesmaid dress and wished it were a little less modest. The thought of Katie asking where I got my hickey turned me on even more. I moved Marv’s hand to my pussy. He knew what I wanted. He put a finger inside me, then another, and soon he was fucking me with four fingers and his dick at the same time.

It went on for probably ten minutes and ended too soon. “I’m gonna come, Charlotte!” he announced.

“Come inside me, honey!” I answered. Fuck. Did I call him honey? I tried to cover it up. “Come in my ass, lover!” He held me closer and nibbled on my ears. I was almost already about to come when I felt his cum shooting up into my ass, but the sensation when he bit on my earlobe put me over the top. I pounded my thighs with my fists. “Yes! Yes!” I briefly worried that I’d wake the neighbors.

When he’d finished coming, we both collapsed onto my bed. He never made it back to the couch. I woke up him by sucking his dick, and then we fucked once more. I hoped he didn’t notice that I was never anywhere near a packet of pills. The wedding went through, though, and I held my piece.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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