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It had been a night that crept slowly, almost agonizingly slowly, by. It’s always like that when the workload is light. Each minute felt like ten and the more often she looked at the clock, the slower the progress of the hands appeared to be.

Finally, as the pale morning light at last filtered through the blinds, the end of her shift arrived and she was able to look forward to a hot shower and her welcoming, comfortable bed.

There were relatively few cars on the road at that pre-rush hour and despite each set of traffic lights appearing to conspire to delay her journey she arrived home at last, weary and relieved.

Once in her apartment, she headed straight for the bathroom, jerking out of her coat and kicking off her shoes along the way. In the bathroom she wriggled out of her jeans and pulled off her top, leaving both in a heap on the floor. Her creamy white bra and panties quickly followed, before she turned the shower faucets on and stepped under the steaming torrent of water.

For a few minutes she simply stood motionless and allowed the water to pour over her…washing the weariness from her mind and the tired ache from her limbs. She often found that after her shower she would no longer need to sleep immediately and would instead have a bite to eat or watch some TV. Today though was the last day of her two week stint of night shifts and she felt ready to sleep for days!

She poured some shower gel into the palm of her hand and began to slowly massage it into her body…gently caressing her aching shoulders, her arms and then her stomach and thighs. Next she cupped her full breasts, fondling softly as she spread the creamy suds over them. She closed her eyes and thought of the last time she had made love to her boyfriend. She recalled the way he had gently held her, how he had kissed her breasts, how he had so tenderly taken her nipples between his lips.

Then, as she squeezed her hardening buds between her soapy fingers, she imagined he was with her again, flicking his tongue over each nipple, suckling them, teasingly grazing them between his teeth as she ran her fingers through his short hair.

She felt a familiar tingling between her thighs. It was a sensation that he prompts and nurtures so well, tending it with his skilful and selfless attentiveness. She thought of his lips and tongue giving her pleasure. She recalled his teasing, tormenting play and how her body burnt with desire. She remembered the feeling of his fingers inside her, as hers inevitably were now, how they knew exactly how and where to touch her.

The water cascaded over her aroused body as she recalled his soft kisses and erotic caress. Her fingertips drifted over her awakened clit and felt the creamy texture of her juicy labia. She wanted to feel him inside her again…needed to feel his desire for her.

She let out a sigh, frustrated and a little saddened. She wanted the warmth of his body and the tenderness of his touch, just as much, if not more, than the sexual release of an orgasm. She turned off the shower and reached for a towel. Patting herself dry, she smiled inwardly. There was no need for her to get upset. Her relationship with him was going from strength to strength. After only a few short weeks it was clear they were serious about one another. They spent every weekend together and last week he shocked her by giving her the key to his apartment. She felt obliged to reciprocate, even though he said it wasn’t necessary, and she was surprised at how good it felt.

She padded naked from the bathroom to her bedroom. She never bothered with a bathrobe and would often walk around the apartment naked or in her underwear…her apartment wasn’t overlooked and this gave her a sense of confidence and freedom.

The morning was only just beginning to conquer the darkness of her bedroom. The weak light created a grey-blue hue that only dimly lit the minimal furniture. But there was enough light for her to notice immediately that her bed was occupied!

Her shock was almost immediately replaced by delighted surprise with the realisation that her boyfriend was asleep in her bed. She had little idea what had possessed him to spend the night in her apartment when he knew she was working nights, but presumably he’d wanted to surprise her. He had certainly achieved that aim! A few weeks ago she could never have imagined being charmed by his uninvited appearance, but despite herself she found she was thrilled to see him lying there in her bed.

Her heart was pounding as she quietly entered the room and approached the bed. She didn’t want him to wake yet. She just wanted to look at him for a few minutes as he lay there. Despite the dim light, she could see him clearly enough laying on his front. His arms were both raised; the left to around shoulder height while the right was hooked higher above his head. The duvet had been pushed low, leaving his back exposed to the cool air and hinting at the swell of his buttocks.

She knelt beside her bed and softly ran her fingertips kartal escort over his shoulders and was surprised at how cold his skin was. He must have pushed the duvet away some time ago and, she mused, it was a wonder that he could sleep in such a chill. She allowed her fingers to follow the line of his spine…between his shoulder blades to the small of his back. She could feel the firmness of the muscles than protected his spine, though he was not a muscular guy. His back was slim, but not skinny. Indeed, as her fingers brushed across his hips to his waist, she could feel the gentle swell of his love handles. She smiled as she recalled him explaining this was reluctant evidence of his edging into middle-age.

Her fingers continued their exploration, deftly slipping the duvet further off his buttocks. She liked his bum. It was quite small and rounded, but didn’t have the hard tightness that comes from working out or frequent sports. She liked that…she liked a little softness on a man…smooth curves rather than hard lines.

She folded back the duvet further and ran her hands over his thighs, feeling his fine hairs under her fingers. His legs were very hairy, the front of his thighs and his shins particularly…and he had thick wiry chest hair too, which she loved to run her fingers through. But oddly, his back was very smooth, though quite freckled…a few tufts of long stray hairs on his shoulders only.

He stirred as she caressed the backs of his thighs, shifting his legs slightly when her straying hand slipped momentarily between them. She stayed motionless for a few seconds, until he settled, not wanting to waken him…not yet at least. She was enjoying the peacefulness of his relaxed steady breathing and this unusual intimacy. Normally he would respond to her caresses with his own gentle touch, which of course she adored, and inevitably take the lead in whatever direction their love-making would take. She enjoyed this too, he led but didn’t dominate or control.

She delicately ran her fingernails over his buttocks and thighs, immediately causing goosebumps to flourish over both. He stirred once more, but didn’t wake. She was becoming more sure of her touch now. Confident of how firmly she could touch him without breaking his sleep. She began tracing a pattern with her fingernails over his back…enjoying the soft smoothness of his skin but thrilling also at a sense of ownership.

Emboldened, she leant forward and kissed his cheek. First taking the precaution of holding back her long hair so that it wouldn’t drape over his face, she touched her lips lightly to his prickly stubbled cheek. She could smell faint traces of a familiar scent. It wasn’t the light fragrance of Issey Miyake that he occasionally wore, nor the muskiness that is common to many male shower gels. This was sweeter and more feminine and she quickly deduced that it was her own shower lotion. He must have used her shower before going to bed. She smiled to herself again at that notion and felt a warm glow envelope her.

She kissed the back of his neck and his shoulders, now allowing her hair to trail down his back as her lips followed the path of his spine. Any weariness that she may have felt when first returning home had now entirely evaporated! She was now completely awake, not to mention aroused, as she delicately teased the dimples that formed a gateway to his buttocks.

She rose to her feet and gingerly knelt on the bed, trying desperately not to wake him. Despite not being a tall or large guy, he was still rather bigger than her…certainly too wide for her relatively small frame to straddle without him noticing! His legs were still parted, with one bent at the knee, and this allowed her to slide one of her knees between his thighs, whilst her other straddled his straight leg.

Leaning forward, she placed her hands on the bed either side of his torso, lowered her head, allowing her hair to fall unrestrained, and again kissed his neck and shoulders…though this time more firmly. She delicately licked his ear and nibbled his lobe, once again causing him to stir. His thigh brushed against hers and he turned his head to the other side, but still he didn’t wake.

She kissed his other lobe and breathed softly into his ear. She whispered “I love you” and immediately felt herself blush, despite knowing that he couldn’t hear her. Her heart was racing as she kissed his neck and nuzzled his nape. Her desire for him was complete and overpowering. Her head felt suddenly leaden and her ears were deafened by the pounding of her heart. She felt a physical and emotional yearning for the touch of this man lying beneath her. She felt at once a throbbing ache in her chest and an exciting tingle spreading over her sensitized skin.

She sat up on her knees and watched her boyfriend beneath her. She’d never before been conscious of that moment in a relationship when she knew she was in love. In the past it had been a gradual awareness, or a retrospective acceptance. She realised maltepe escort bayan that she was smiling again and giggled self-consciously.

As she watched him and listened to his deep and even breathing, she cupped her breasts. Her nipples were already extended, from the chill of the room as much as from her arousal. She passed her thumbs over each nipple and immediately felt a tingle of pleasure wash over her chest. She rolled each thickening bud more firmly and squeezed between fingers and thumbs, eager now for more of this addictive sensation. Her eyes closed involuntarily and her head tilted backwards. A soft sigh escaped from her lips.

Whilst continuing to stimulate her nipples with one hand, with the other she slowly slid a path down over her stomach, past her navel, until her fingertips encountered her short prickly pubic hairs. She opened her eyes as her hand cupped her pubic mound, watching his peaceful breathing then taking in his naked torso and buttocks.

She slid a finger between her soft lips and into her soft, wet, heat. A deeper sigh broke into the silence of the room and a second finger joined the first. Flexing and straightening, sparks of pleasure shooting through her abdomen. She retracted her hand slightly, slipping her moistened fingers back between those lips and over her hooded clit. Her head thrown back and her eyes closed once again, she pressed, and circled and gently squeezed.

She felt him stir once more and realised that she had been rocking her hips in rhythm to the motion of her fingers. This time she knew he would wake, or rather, this time she wanted and needed him to wake. She leaned forward once more, sliding her body over his and kissed his cheek and nibbled his neck. He made a noise that seemed somewhere between a moan and a grunt…surprise mixed with pleasure.

Sitting back once more, she caressed his back and shoulders with a heavier touch than before. She grazed his back with her fingernails again before bending forward and repeating her explorative kisses across his shoulder blades and down his spine, allowing her breasts to rub firmly against him as she moved.

His eyes flickered open and closed and a half smile appeared on his lips. He mumbled a somewhat throaty morning greeting and allowed his eyes to close once more as her kisses continued tenderly over his sensitive waist and his buttocks. He moaned softly when she nibbled his cheeks. She felt his hips rise slightly off the bed to meet her kisses and bites and responded by slipping her hand between the bed and the underside of his hip and upper thigh and teasing with her fingertips.

Her subtle kisses and licks flirted with the cleavage of his buttocks, eliciting more sighs and a further raising of his hips. She nipped his thighs in response, before teasing with kisses creeping between his legs, which reflexively parted and lifted further. This encouraged her hand to follow where her lips had led, feeling the tender smooth skin between his anus and scrotum before carefully cupping his warm, soft balls, all the while tormenting his buttock and crack with tiny kisses and nibbles.

The tips of her fingers were able to extend just far enough to feel the stiff base of his shaft, the remainder being squashed between his stomach and the bed. She grazed her nails over his sac and inner thigh as she retreated. His arse rose higher again, but to no avail as her attention was now diverted to kissing the backs of his thighs. She had found out what she wanted to know, that he was already fully aroused. She was ready to cease the subtlety and take a more direct approach.

With gentle, but assertive, pressure on the underside of his hip, she encouraged him to turn over on to his back. He complied without a word, his body far more awakened than his sleep-dulled mind. He lay back with his hands behind his head and his legs stretched out straight, while she again straddled one thigh.

His cock was hard and erect. It twitched and bobbed slightly as it angled 30 degrees from his body. His sac lay heavily against his thighs, deep pink and void of all hairs. She noted he must have shaved recently, possibly last night, and she could see the shape of his balls clearly. She smiled at his motives knowing that it was a less than subtle invitation for her to lick and suck them.

She allowed her eyes to travel up and down the length of him. His eyes were open and for a while they held one another’s look, before first his gaze diverted to her breasts and further down to her pussy. Despite her instinctive shyness about her own body, she loved the way he looked at her. She could see the look of desire in his eyes and actually enjoyed his appreciation of her nakedness. She teased him by cupping her breasts again. Squeezing and gently pulling her nipples to his obvious pleasure.

His chest was rising and falling rapidly as he watched her fondling her breasts, throwing back her head with her eyes closed. Eventually, she dropped her hands to her thighs and allowed escort pendik him to look at the effects of her fondling…her large nipples protruding erect and stiff. She ran her hands up his thighs and tormented his sensitive areas near his groin and waist, watching his cock twitch excitedly when her hands neared contact. But she didn’t touch; she bent further forward and stroked her hands over his stomach and the lower reaches of his ribcage.

He was content to allow her to continue taking the initiative, remaining with his hands behind his head while she stroked his chest, running her fingers through his thick chest hair. She adored the abundance of hair across his chest and the thinning trail that extended from that forest down to his stomach and navel and then beyond to his trimmed pubic area.

She lowered her head and flicked a tongue over his small nipples and watched as they hardened in response. She knew that he didn’t have especially sensitive nipples, at least not initially, so nipped them playfully with her teeth. Her real purpose for this however was to cause her breasts to stroke across his stomach as she leant forward and for her own stiffened buds to graze delicately against the softness of his skin, which teased her as much as it did him.

She kissed his chest and shoulders and, stretching forward further, his neck too. Her weight was heavily on her shoulders, a position she could not hold for long, so with a final stretch she kissed his lips, and then bit his bottom lip suggestively, before retreating back down his chest and stomach, her hair tickling him as she kissed and nuzzled him.

When she reached his waist she could feel him squirm slightly as she kissed him. This was a sure sign of his increasing sensitivity as she knew that he gets ticklish there. She teased him for a while, darting her tongue over his waist and groin, until his hips were twisting and beginning to writhe with torment.

Her lips were close to his excited erection now. As lightly as she could manage, she ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, from the base all the way to the ridge of his covered crown. She felt his intake of breath as she flicked her tongue over his tip and felt her own excitement surge at the first taste of his leaking pre-cum.

Unable to maintain her tormenting any longer, she slid her lips over his crown, feeling his foreskin slide back easily as her mouth took him inside her. He groaned loudly as he felt her tongue rolling over his sensitive wet tip. She took his shaft in her hand and sucked deeply feeling his smoothness and his heat, tasting the creamy saltiness of his juices which mingled with her saliva in her mouth.

She loved his soft moans as she pleasured him. They increased her excitement too and without realising it, prompted her to increase her vigour; the firmness of her grip on his shaft and the pace of her stroking and licking. He likes it soft and gentle. She knew that and loved the tenderness of oral sex with him, but as his passion rose it was impossible for hers not to grow also. It was impossible not to suck on his swollen crown greedily or pump his rigid shaft.

He moved his hands down to her head and ran his fingers through her long dark hair as her mouth slid up and down his shaft. He moaned each time her lips or tongue returned to his crown and lifted his hips slightly each time he was engulfed by her descending mouth.

She cupped his balls, gently squeezing and grazing with her nails. Then she took one of his heavy testicles in her mouth, sucking and allowing her lips to slide over it and repeating with his other whilst stroking his cock firmly. His moans were increasing in frequency as was the urgency of his hip jerks. He was getting close to his orgasm, but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She needed to feel him inside her.

As though reading her mind, at that moment he held her arms and gently guided her away from his cock. She kissed his now highly sensitive stomach and resumed her journey up his body, kissing and nibbling his nipples which had now stiffened and caused him to gasp. She kissed his chest and shoulders and licked his nipples as she straddled over his waist.

His cock nudged her inner thighs and slid over her anus and pussy as she wriggled herself into position. She enjoyed the sensation and for a couple of agonizing minutes, for him, she played with his crown, allowing it to probe her anus, though not enter, and forcing it to slip along the length of her labia. She could tell by the way he lifted his hips and pushed that he was desperate to be inside her, and she was desperate for that too, but she also loved the feel of his large head teasing her entrance and rubbing over her clit.

Eventually, with his bum practically lifting fully off the bed and in danger of tipping her over, she snaked a hand between her thighs and held his cock in her palm. She rubbed it hard over her clit several times, sighing heavily as she did so, then positioned his head at her entrance and pushed firmly and smoothly down onto it, taking him inside her to the sound of their bilateral moans. She sat on him heavily, so he was as deep as possible, and rocked her hips so her pubis ground against his pelvis and allowed the base of his stiff shaft to rub against her clit.

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