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Sharing my sister with my best friend – Or Vice Versa!

My sister (Sue), myself and my best friend (Jake) were having an afternoon of jazz music, cocktails and a general chat about the world.

Jazz was the mutual choice of music and chat, Duke Ellington’s Best Hits, windows darkened for the heightened mood.

The three of us first started this shared interest in college. We are now in our early twenties and just love hanging out with one another. Double Penetration between the three of us was the order of the day. There was no rush. After all the three of us have the whole afternoon and night to cruise upon the tickling anticipation of the stretched out affection we all share.

Another Duke Ellington Vinyl and Cocktail and we were nearing our destination of joint intimacy. Sue stood up and began taking off her sweater. “Wait!” I said. “Why don’t you let Jake help you?” A quick reflex of mine, as a new thought hit my mind. What better way would it be than to let and watch your best friend undress your sister right in front of you?

Jake obliged me and started unzipping my sister’s pants. He slowly pulled them down only to her knees, then ever so slowly he pulled my girlfriend’s panties down to her knees also. There it is! My sister’s pussy slit all closed up right in front of us. She turned around and that gorgeous little ass was there AWAITING!

My best friend ran his hand inside her almost closed thighs and gently to her little snatch. I myself, didn’t want to touch my sister yet but simply admire and enjoy the slow sexual tension of a dish best served with anticipation of trembling desire. Before too long, and I mean before I leak my load in my pants, we were now in the bedroom.

Jake climbs on the bed first and removes his pants exposing his terrific hard on. My sister Sue slowly climbs aboard with her back to him, both facing and waiting for me. I unzip my pants and my cock comes into view. My sister stares at my (her brother’s hard cock) as I remove the rest of my clothes. The taboo of sex with my sister is making me shake. This feeling seems to just become stronger and stronger no matter how many times we have had incest sex.

I make sure the bedroom light is at its lowest for that perfect dreamy halo level. Jake is now slowly pushing his cock against my sister’s ass. This is a position we have done more than a few times. The head of his cock enters. My sister has her legs completely spread with her pussy displayed openly for myself (her brother).

I climb aboard slowly türkçe alt yazı porno and reach them. I kiss my sister on the lips – she passionately kisses me back, our tongues meet. Brother and sister’s tongues are twirling with one another. My sister reaches and holds my cock. My cock is hers. Jake has already reached around my sister and is fingering her vagina, getting my sister’s vagina ready for her own ‘taboo’ brother.

Jake’s cock now is going even deeper. My sister is being beautifully ass-fucked by my best friend (our best friend). She slowly raises herself up his cock to just the head inside and now back down again all the way back to the base of his cock – his whole cock is now fully inside my sister’s ass and his finger wetting her pussy for (ME) his best friend.

As my sister and I still passionately wet kiss, she starts to lead my cock (her own brother’s cock) toward that wrongest place – my own sister’s vagina. My cock head touches her cunt – my sister’s cunt. I enter quite easily. Jake is now with both hands slowly massaging my sister’s spread thighs. She is still going up and down on his cock.

I am physically trembling now as every time we do this it seems to be like the first. So completely wrong but so completely romantic and meant to be. My sister’s cunt is completely mine as I slowly push and enter her. I am now fully inside and we kiss again. I feel her breathing shudder at the feeling of having her own brother and her brother’s best friend deep inside of her – filling her holes completely.

We all gently move together to the low music of jazz that just seems to go perfectly with the sexual act we perform. Both cocks fully inside my sister as we lovingly team-fuck. I feel the vibration of Jake’s cock against the inner wall and he feels the vibration of my cock. We start to all move in the same speed as one unit.

My sister Sue is loving the buzz of having two fine hard cocks at once. We were all enjoying this for quite a while when something unexpected happened. My cock moving in and out, in and out of Sue’s wonderful welcoming vagina. Jake’s cock was indeed slowly moving in and out, in and out of Sue’s equally welcoming ass. I kiss my loving sister and quickly our tongues meet again as we enjoy this wonderful position for as long as possible.

My sister’s pussy felt a little different as at this same time she was having her ass filled with the throbbing hard cock of my best friend Jake. Sue reached and held my hips and ass tight as we türkçe ifşa porno all melded into one glorious rhythmic machine of utter pleasurable lust.

Jake now reached and held my sister’s ass tight as they were both stopped with cock hard in ass. I can feel his cock throbbing through her vaginal wall. Somehow with Jake holding my sister’s ass tight this gave me the strangest feeling that Jake was himself opening up to me, to his best friend’s cock! Somehow my friend had a vagina and he was spreading his vagina wide for ME!

Sue was just slowly panting as she savoured every moment of the fullness of cock inside her bottom just pulsating. I can feel this pulsating against my own cock as I push fully inside. Jake reaches his hands now a little more and I feel his strong gentle hands come in contact with my hips. Jake is now slowly nursing me closer and closer inside our wonderful threesome.

A threesome that was ever so slowly moving into the territory of something new. My breathing quickened as I was loving this feeling of being held tight by male hands as my cock moved in and out of my sister’s vagina. What a glorious mixture of sensations I was feeling. I didn’t want this to end when something else began to happen… Sue, ever so slowly moved her cunt up in the air. I followed her cunt with cock deep inside. Jake’s cock slipped out.

Sue knew I wanted to stay deep inside her as she slowly drew her cunt away – I followed, only to now feel a sensation I had never felt… Jake’s cock was right under my scrotum – then between my own ass cheeks. Oh My God, this is so hot, and wrong! With one hand still holding me close as I kept my cock inside my sister’s cunt, the other hand of Jake’s I could feel grabbing his own cock and aiming it up directly between my ass cheeks!

My own ass cheeks were instantly corrupted by the feel of this glorious cock hard up against them. This dynamic was a first and even a first I had even imagined. Sue somehow knew what was happening as she first encouraged this switch by changing position in the first place. It all became clear, my own sister wanted me to enjoy what she was enjoying – ANAL.

The cock head of my best friend was pushing against me hard now as my sister and I passionately kiss even more now. I was shaking as we all were embarking on something of even extra taboo.

My cock is deep inside of Sue as I can feel my own ass being penetrated. My breathing quickens as I experience the welcoming soreness of a cock head now vivid porno inside me. Opening me. Steadying me. Jake held me tight as he pushed a little more. I was completely giving in to this new experience.

Ever so slightly my ass is accepting this hard beautiful cock pushing against me. All this while my own is buried deep inside my open-thinking sister’s gorgeous cunt.

I can’t believe the sensations I am going through. I am surrendering my own ass to my best friend with Sue in between this glorious position. I caress one of Sue’s boobs now and my other hand caresses my best friend’s hip as he ever so gently pushes his incredible cock even deeper inside of me.

Sue slowly positions herself a bit so that this cock can enter her own brother’s ass even more. My sister and my best friend are lovingly helping me have this fantastic anal penetration for the first time. This manly cock I am pushing back on even more and more now as it enters me. In and out, in and out until finally this cock is fully inside me. I gasp out loud. Sue gently nurses me. Jake nurses me also.

This brand new behaviour of my best friend and Sue fucking me, helping me, loving me. I push back even harder now onto his cock. I reach now and hold his hand even more tighter against me, encouraging him to hold me tight as we all begin to move a little quicker. One of my hands now finds his chest and caresses him as we all have this perfect intercourse.

I’m loving every inch of cock now as I can feel him starting to throb inside me. I grasp out loud at this amazing intimacy. His cock now speeding up in and out of me. Deep inside he stops and all I can feel is bliss. My own cock still fucking a wonderfull ‘sister pussy’ and my own ass filled lovingly by my best friend’s very own penis.

Both of Jake’s hands now were holding my ass tight against his throbbing cock. All of a sudden as if all agreed upon, Jake and myself and my sister all begin to ORGASM! Sue whimpers a little in bliss as my cock throbs and starts to squirt deep inside her loving vagina. As this is happening my best friend starts to squirt his cream shots deep inside of me.

We all gently rock against one another for a while as our cocks slowly become soft and spent. This loving threesome is better than anything I have ever felt. I am still caressing my best friend as he is still caressing me as my sister is just loving being between us. After a couple more minutes I can feel my best friend’s half softened cock ever so slowly begin to stiffen again inside my ass.

We must have spent our whole afternoon going through these positions of fucking all together about four times until finally we had to have a break and pour a naked martini, enjoy a sip or too before we started all over again, the ongoing jazz accompanying our love that will never fade.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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