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Ling rang the doorbell at 7:00PM sharp. I opened the door as Diane made her way to the living room behind me. Ling had on the quintessential “little black dress” with some outrageously high black stilettos. Ling leaned in to hug me and kissed me sweetly on the cheek. She smelled of spice and earth… I was going to have to learn the name of her perfume. The dress was silky beneath my hand and she slid gracefully out of my grasp. She gave me a slightly hungry look as she moved away.

“This must be Diane!” she stated brightly. “I’m glad I finally get to meet you!”

Ling crossed the room and, surprisingly, reached out to hug my sister. She handed Diane a bottle in a gift bag.

“I know it’s customary to bring wine to dinner.” she began. “But we do so much better with rum down here in Florida.” she continued. “This stuff is some dark rum I ran across in Jamaica… very sweet and very strong!”

Diane finally found her voice: “Wow!” “Thank you Lingling.” “What say I pour us all a shot right now?”

Diane turned toward the kitchen and took Ling by the hand as they wandered off to find glasses. Diane was already questioning Ling about what it was like working with me. My sister was in a seafoam blue dress and simple beach sandals. The two beauties were an enchanting view as the alabaster skinned Diane and the almond skinned Ling sauntered away. Ethan drew a deep breath and sent a secret thank you to his lucky stars.

Earlier in the day, Ethan had made a quick trip to the local fish market. There he’d selected some fresh amberjack, shrimp and a few dozen oysters as the foundation of their dinner. Another quick stop at a local fruit and vegetable stand yielded the makings of a salad as well as lemons, pineapple and asparagus to complete the dinner. He loved cooking dinner on the grill and he thought he might need the fortification a few oysters were rumored to provide.

After lighting the grill, Ethan joined the two ladies in the kitchen where, from the looks of the bottle, it appeared they were on their second or third shot of the dark rum. The girls were already laughing about something and he thought he saw a smirk from each of them as he entered.

“Getting started without me ladies?” he asked? Diane and Ling were talking around the end of the island in the middle of the kitchen. Ethan stood at the end of the counter between them. Ling reached out and took his right hand in hers and leaned in and turned her head up toward Ethan and closed her eyes. Reflexively, Ethan gave her a quick kiss on the lips. As she opened her eyes she looked at Diane and asked: “Do you think your brother deserves a drink?”

Diane took Ethan’s left hand and repeated Ling’s motions. She leaned toward him and turned her head up and closed her eyes. Ethan kissed Diane as he’d also done Ling. “I think he can have one.” Diane answered with a sly smile. She fetched another glass and poured Ethan a generous slug of the syrupy brown liquid. Ling raised her glass in toast and said: “To sharing new adventures with new friends!” They all raised their glasses and the girls downed their shots with ease. Ethan thought it best to just sip his for the time being. He had grilling to do… and who knew where the night would lead.

Ethan set about preparing the food. He washed and opened half of the oysters and set them on a tray with crushed ice. Those, he placed with a few sauces on the island between the girls. The rest he shucked and took with him to the grill, along with the other seafood he’d purchased. Earlier, he’d marinated the fish in olive oil and some spices. He’d quickly steamed the shrimp with a local potion known to enhance the flavor and skewered them for the grill. The rest of the preparation involved lots of butter and spices. He traded the glass of rum for a cold beer from the little ice box in his outdoor kitchen. After he’d placed the fish on the grill, he helped himself to a few raw oysters and a couple of long pulls from his beer. He’d never had problems with confidence. Certainly, the events of the past two days had boosted his ego. He thought about Diane and his love for her. He thought about Ling and how good it felt to hold her in his arms. He was probably the luckiest guy he’d ever known. And, he was scared to death. The two women in his house could certainly make his life wonderful… but could he handle it? Ethan took another long pull from his beer. “I guess we’ll find out!” he said to himself.

“Find out what?” asked Diane from behind him.

A bit startled, Ethan sputtered in his reply: “Uhm… it’s time to check the fish… sorry, just talking to myself.” he offered as he moved toward the grill. He busied himself basting on a little more olive oil with lemon and garlic for his fish. He took up the shrimp as they were done and turned to offer some to the girls. They were standing by the outdoor kitchen counter… sort of leaning on each other and holding hands… their highball glasses filled with what he hoped anime porno was more cola than rum… Ethan nearly dropped the pan when the girls turned to each other and shared a very erotic kiss.

“I see you two are getting along well.” Ethan joked.

Diane was the first to respond: “Why yes… we’ve learned that we share a lot of the same interests.” she said with a bit of sultry tone. Ethan could have sworn she looked at his crotch as she said that.

“So, do you want to catch me up on what you two have been talking about?” Ethan asked.

Again, Diane was the first to respond: “I told her everything Ethan.” she stated calmly. “I told her about Chet and I told her what a good brother you’ve been to me.” “I also told her that I knew about your little office escapade yesterday.” Diane said with a wink.

“And I think you might be in trouble for spilling the beans about that.” Ling added. “Of course, from what I hear, the first clue she got didn’t come from your mouth.”

To say that I was speechless is way too much of an understatement. I mean, you don’t just tell everyone that you are sleeping with your sister. Heck, you don’t tell anyone!

“Uhh… so you know that Diane and I uh…?” I stammered.

“Yes I do Ethan.” Ling answered. “I know it’s not your everyday revelation but I know you love her and you are just filling a vital need for her.” “I think I’d be upset if I knew you weren’t there for her.” Ling continued. “You are both adults and you have needs.” “In reality, it’s not much different from what you and I did this morning is it?” she asked.

“Well, uh…” I stammered. “I guess I can’t argue with that.” “I wouldn’t win any Boss of the Year Awards for sleeping with my co-worker either.” I followed.

“For Christ’s sake relax Ethan!” Diane scolded. “You have two very hot, and very randy, I might add, women who are giving themselves to you.” “I don’t plan on stopping any time soon either.” “Do you Lingling?” asked Diane as she turned to Ling.

Lingling shook her head “No” and replied to Diane: “Not on your sweet ass sister dear!” she smirked and turned back to me. “You’d better fill up on those oysters lover boy…” “You’re going to need all the stamina you can get!”

With that she once again kissed my sister… a slow wet kiss complete with practically rubbing her entire body against Diane. Diane reached down and stroked Ling’s bottom through her dress and the girls were sort of grinding on each other. Ling’s hand traced a path from Diane’s hip, up her side and around her shoulder before tracing down her back to her “sweet ass” as she’d called it. They broke the kiss eventually as I just stood there holding a spatula, a pan full of shrimp and sporting a very apparent erection in my pants. Ethan thought to himself that a cool breeze could cause him to cum… And it took a while to think of a reason not to just let it happen… but he had two women to satisfy. He found a focal point in preparing the rest of their dinner. In no time, they’d finished a delicious meal and were once again on the patio enjoying the stars and more adult beverages.

Ethan sat in a comfortable deck chair and looked out across the golf course that ran behind his home. In the distance, he could see the large lake that ran down one side of the fairway. The stars twinkled their reflections in the lake. Diane and Ling sat together on the little cushioned sofa and sipped at their drinks. Both had their shoes off and their legs tucked beneath them. They were facing each other and were holding hands playfully along the back of the top cushion. Their fingers would interlock… and then one of them would trace the other’s hand… and they’d lock again… only to be broken by another caress. Ethan caught them staring into each other’s eyes a few times as they chatted.

“So Ling,” my sister asked: “What do you want to do once you get your MBA?”

“Oh, I’m really not looking for much of a change I guess.” She said rather lackadaisically. “Getting the MBA was just something I wanted to do for me.” “You know?” “I just wanted to be sure I had all the tools available to be a good property manager.”

“Well, the way things grow here in Florida Ling, you’ll have your own string of properties to manage very soon.” I offered. “And I’m sure you’ll do it better than I do.” I continued.

“Well duh Ethan!” she grinned. “Of course I’ll do it better than you!” “Because I won’t have me working for me like you do…” She thought better of that statement as she was saying it and got a puzzled look on her face. We all laughed together and took another sip of our beverages. The girls continued to chat as Ethan excused himself to go to the restroom.

Ethan was in the master bathroom unleashing a steady stream into the bowl when Ling walked in. He did a slight double-take as she closed the door behind him.

“Can I help you with something?” Ethan mused.

“What?” “Oh, no.” Ling answered asyalı porno with a combination of a buzzed and puzzled expression on her pretty face. “I just needed to tell you something.” “I know I promised you a blow job the next time we got together… but, I’m going to have to beg off.”

“What is it Ling?” Ethan worried. “Have I upset you somehow?” Ethan finished peeing and flushed the toilet. He began to wash his hands.

“What?” “Oh… no.” Ling answered again in her distracted tone. “It’s just… well… I’m really turned on by uh… your sister and I uhm… I just really want to make out with her some.” “Well… a lot…” “Oh god she’s so fucking hot…” “The way she’s been kissing me and touching me is driving me crazy.” “I’m dying to get naked with her and… I think she’s into me too.” Ling finished. “Uhm… I want you too… but Diane and I have had a slow fire burning for each other since I walked in the door… I think.” “Geez… am I wrong?” “Ethan, do you think she wants to make out with me too?” Ling questioned a bit excitedly.

I laughed as I answered her. “Ling, I’m pretty sure she’s into you too.” “I’m fine if you two want to be alone tonight.” “You won’t hurt my feelings.”

“What?” “Oh… no…” Ling said for the third time. “I want you to be there too.” She completed as she walked to the toilet and raised her dress, lowered an impossibly tiny G-string and sat down to pee. Ling got a look of concentration on her face as the tinkling sound of her peeing began. In a minute she was done and dried herself with some tissue paper. “Geez, I’m wet.” Escaped her lips before she looked up at me with an embarrassed smile. “Ethan, I don’t know what’s wrong with me… first I jump your bones and now I’m ready to devour your little sister.” she moaned. “Geez… I think I just came a little from saying that out loud.” she said. “Are you sure you don’t mind if Diane and I play a little first? Ling asked.

“Of course I don’t mind.” I said sympathetically. “I’m just glad I get to be there with you both.” “You’re very beautiful Ling.” “I’m looking forward to any sort of fun we can have together.”

Ling thanked me and kissed me deeply. She sort of slithered her body against me as she looked deeply into my eyes, her eyes brown and half-lidded with lust. “We ARE going to have fun Ethan.” she said. “It’s going to wet.” “Wild” “Uninhibited fun.” she moaned while punctuating each phrase with a wet kiss. “And I am going to suck that beautiful cock of yours!” “Just you wait!” She twisted out of my tightening grasp then and left me in the bathroom as she headed back to the patio. I rearranged my stiff cock in my pants and headed back to the kitchen for more drinks. I ran into Diane in the hallway… she drug me into the powder room as she said: “Hey there my big dicked brother… we need to have a chat.”

Diane closed the door behind her and turned around to face me. She nonchalantly backed up to the toilet, hiked her dress, pushed down the second tiny G-string I’d seen today and sat to pee. It occurred to me how weird it was that women were suddenly cool with peeing while I was in the room. A very familiar look of concentration appeared on her face as she began to pee.

“Ethan, I really like your friend.” she began. “I mean, I REALLY like your friend!” she laughed to herself.

“I think I could tell that from the way you two have been sort of hanging on each other, kissing, touching, and looking at one another like you were both a piece of chocolate cake.” I chortled. “Let me guess… you’d like some play time alone with her?” I offered.

“Well, sure I would… someday maybe…” she began. “I guess I was just hoping you wouldn’t mind if I… uh…” Diane tailed off searching for the right words.

“Have sex with her?” I asked? “If that’s what you want, it’s fine… even great with me.” “I can even leave you two alone if you prefer?” I offered again.

“What? Oh… no.” I heard once again. I didn’t seem to be holding Diane’s or Ling’s attention tonight. I was sure hoping I’d get to see the two of them going at each other. It was sort of funny to see the two tipsy ladies so openly hot to make out with each other. But these weren’t drunk teenagers. I assumed both were in their right minds enough to make their own decisions… and I was much too experienced as an adult to even suggest they weren’t. I didn’t want to fight either of them over their sobriety.

Diane finished peeing, dried herself and pulled up her tiny panties. She flushed and squeezed by me to wash her hands.

“Geez Ethan, you’re really sweet and possibly weird, lying, or something…” she puzzled. She placed her hand on my semi-hard cock and squeezed me through my pants. She continued, “I firmly, pun intended, plan to finish the night with your stiff cock stretching my sopping wet pussy.” “Understood?”

I nodded.

“But you just watch while Ling and I get to know each other.” “I think it will be worth your backroom casting porno wait.” she said with a wink.

Diane then kissed me quickly actually teasing my lips with her tongue before dashing out of the powder room and, presumably back to the deck.

When I returned to the deck with a small tray of rather weak drinks, I was welcomed by the site of Ling and Diane sitting in what we used to call the “butterfly” position when we were in grade school and we tried to put two people on a swing. Diane was sitting between Ling’s legs with her legs bent over Ling’s. And they were kissing. Diane was holding Ling’s beautiful face and alternating between sweet gentle kisses and wet passionate ones. Ling was caressing Diane’s upper thighs that were exposed because both ladies had their dresses pulled up to just below their crotches. The kisses got hotter and hotter… and four hands began to explore… arms… legs… necks… faces… lips… until Ling found the zipper on the back of Diane’s dress and pulled it down. They were both looking hungrily at each as Ling pulled Diane’s dress down exposing her pale breasts. Ling looked down at Diane’s firm tits and smiled and then she reached back to unzip her own dress but Diane stopped her. “Let me!” she urged “I want to unwrap this beautiful gift my hunk of a brother has brought to me.” She finished.

I felt the need to interrupt. “Perhaps, we should move this somewhere a little more private?” I asked.

Diane and Ling looked at each other and then nodded at me in unison. Apparently, they’d already developed their own silent language too. I mused.

Diane rose and took Ling’s hand, her dress falling into a sea foam blue puddle at her feet. Her skin was incredible under the moon and starlight. Her beautiful little frame hidden only by her scant G-string. She kissed Ling again and then led her into the house. I picked up her dress and the tray of drinks that’d been ignored and followed after them.

Ling’s dress wasn’t very far inside the back door. I put the drinks down and put both dresses over a chair so they wouldn’t be too badly wrinkled (yes, I do worry about little things like that) and finished my drink.

I have to tell you that I had the proverbial “shit-eaten-grin” on my face. I’m a grown man. This isn’t my first rodeo… truth be known, it wasn’t the first time I’d been with two women. But it had been a long time before this. I think the grin was more for the situation with the two ladies. I think they were both a bit hyper-sexed after both having a bit of a sexual dry spell. I was honestly really happy that they were both having fun… and it amused me greatly that my prim little sister and my studious little co-worker were presumably making out in my bedroom.

I closed up the house, locking the doors and turning off the stereo and most of the lights. I stopped by the powder room and relieved myself again, grabbed a fresh drink and slipped quietly down the hall and into the bedroom.

Thomas Moran, the great landscape painter of the American west, would have had trouble capturing the beauty of Diane and Ling in my bed. The duvet was a burnt orange color and the two beauties were a sharp contrast with their pale and olive tones. They were haloed by the glow from their skin as they lay on their sides in a tangle of arms and legs. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

It’s difficult to say just how much raw passion was flowing between Diane and Ling. They were kissing hungrily and grinding on each other’s legs as their hands roamed freely. They were both moaning and breathing heavily as they caressed and fondled and squeezed each other all over. I tossed my clothes aside and sat naked in a wing-backed chair in the corner of my bedroom. I had an eye-level view of the action and I didn’t intend to join them until I was invited.

Diane’s tongue snaked into Ling’s mouth as she writhed on the Ling’s leg. Her hand traced its way down Ling’s back and pulled Ling’s tiny bottom closer as she arched her back and pistoned her hips against the tiny beauty.

Ling sucked Diane’s tongue and squeezed one of Diane’s breasts before her thumb traced little circles around the nipple. Her manicured nails sparkled as she captured the swollen nipple between her fingers and gently pulled it. A groan escaped Diane’s mouth and she broke their kiss and moved to Ling’s neck. She trailed kisses down to Ling’s beautiful tits and sucked her stiff brown nipple between her teeth. Diane pushed Ling onto her back and kissed her way quickly down to the wild shock of black hair between Ling’s legs. As her legs parted, Diane dove in and Ling raised her hips in anticipation. Diane went straight for the prize and sucked Ling’s clit immediately into her mouth. I saw Ling’s whole body contract in pleasure as waves racked through her little frame. Her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth was locked in a soundless “Oh” as she convulsed in pleasure. Diane sawed two of her little fingers into Ling’s slit as Ling continued to bounce her hips off the bed and roll from side to side. She reached down and held Diane’s head against her sopping wet pussy and moaned and pulled her legs together around Diane’s head as her bliss peaked and ebbed.

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