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Katherine pulled the duvet up to cover her big melons and within seconds she was in a deep sleep. Her Mother on the other hand woke from her dream state opened her eyes and stretched her nipples were throbbing and she could feel the wetness between her legs. As she moved she felt the stockings and wondered why she hadn’t taken them off. Deborah’s pussy was on fire she hadn’t been so turned on for donkey’s years replaying the dream in her mind only made her twat leak more.

“Oh fuck what’s happening to me? That dream was so fucking kinky I don’t think I’d ever dare touch Kate Sweetie in that way it’s wrong, but having her order me around was quite erotic. No no no I can’t.”

As she thought Deborah’s right hand had began stroking her sodden gash her left hand sought out her long stiff right nipple. She lifted her massive boob by the hard nub of her teat then shook it gently.

“Agh fuck that feels good it’s a pity I woke up before Mistress Kate used her beautiful strap-on cock on me. Oh my god Deb you dirty slut get your kinky mind off your Daughter it’s incest you know.”

Deborah tried to block the images flooding her brain but when she brought her slick fingers to her greedy mouth and began sucking noisily it only sharpened them all the more. The more excited Deb became the more erotic the images seemed to become.

“Oh my fucking God I need a good hard dicking.”

Deborah slid from under the covers stepped over to her dresser opening the bottom drawer she pushed several vibrators aside looking for her favorite black dildo. When she saw the new strap-on she’d bought a few days before earlier on her first ever visit to a sex shop her hand reached for the thick plastic tool.

“Well if my Mistress didn’t fuck me then I suppose I’ll have to do it for myself.”

Sitting on the edge of her bed with her long legs spread wide as possible Deb licked at the fat knob of the dildo. Deborah didn’t really need to lubricate the fake cock her pussy was certainly wet enough for the dildo to slide effortlessly in as she pushed.

“Agh yeah fuck me hard Mistress Kate.”

Hearing herself talk out loud like that shocked Deborah she bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from waking her children. It was bad enough that she was turned on by the thought of her Daughter dominating her but she didn’t want Katherine to find out. Pumping the fake cock at her pussy was soon having the desired effect Deborah watched herself in the mirror she loved the way her outer lips gripped at the thick plastic shaft.

“This is no good, that fucking dream I need more why oh why did I fucking wake up? What I need is someone to wear this for me.”

Suddenly a kinky thought struck Deborah she slowly pulled the fake tool from her gash and greedily lapped at the shiny shaft.

“Linda Sweetie might help her poor Aunty out. I know it’s still incest but at least it’s not my own child.”

Deborah stood up carrying the huge strap-on dildo in her left hand walked out into the hallway. Creeping down the hall she was relived that Kathy’s bedroom door was closed. Reaching out in the semi dark Deborah quietly opened her son’s bedroom door. The room was dimly lit by the street light outside, after closing the door Deborah crossed to the bed she could just make out her niece’s sleeping form. Looking down at Lukey baby she could just make out the shiny nipple rings under the nearly nonexistent baby doll nightie an uncontrollable urge overtook Deborah, and leaning over she snaked out her tongue gently licking Linda’s pierced right nipple this caused poor Linda to moan in his sleep.

“Linda Sweetie, Linda Sweetie.”

Deborah gently shook her son’s shoulder.

“Linda Sweetie, Linda Sweetie, it’s me Aunt Deb.”

Lukey baby opened his eyes standing beside his bed was his Mother except for her stockings and suspender belt she was naked. He wasn’t sure what was happening but being so close to his half naked sexy Mother was a real turn on. What she said was a shock and it caused his cock to twitch he wasn’t sure he’d heard right he must be dreaming.

“Beg your pardon Debbie?”

“I said your poor old Aunty needs some help Linda Sweetie I know it’s supposed to be wrong but I’m just so fucking horny. I had a dream that I was being fucked with this Sweetie.”

Deborah lifted the fake dick up so Linda could see it, Lukey baby’s eyes widened when he saw the huge strap-on cock his Mother was holding.

“Wow that’s massive are you sure you can handle it? I have to admit Debbie that I’ve have fantasized about doing you, and I don’t think it’s wrong. After all it’s just two women doing what comes naturally when there’s no man around. “

Linda said as she pulled back the covers for his Mother.

“I’m glad you see it that way Sweetie.”

Deb slid in next to her son. Immediately her hands made a bee line for his pierced nipples tugging gently on the twin titanium rings she kissed him probing his mouth with her hot tongue. Lukey baby had been fantasizing about this moment big ass porno his tongue danced against his Mother’s while his hands were busy thumbing Deb’s long stiff teats.

“Ummmmmm suck Aunt Debbie’s titties Linda Sweetie.”

Deborah lifted one of her massive tits up to Lukey baby’s waiting lips. Linda sucked Deb’s inch long nipple he gently bit the hard flesh. Being so close he could just see the fine stretch marks half way up her big boob. Her musky odor excited him and he suckled noisily at Deborah’s chest.

“Aghhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhh touch my wet pussy now Linda Sweetie.”

He didn’t have to be asked twice Lukey baby had cum hundreds of times just thinking about what he was about to do. Reaching down he was amazed at how wet his Mother was, pointing two fingers he rubbed her clitty while sliding the other two fingers across her slippery cunt lips.

“Oh fuck Linda, finger Aunt Debbie’s pussy for her Sweetie.”

Deborah didn’t want her young niece to miss out so she reached down towards her pussy. Lukey’s heart raced and he thought that when his Mother found his hard cock instead of what she was expecting, she’d freak out and go right off. Deborah’s fingers touched the head of her son’s cock stopped for a fraction of a second then wrapped themselves around his throbbing tool.

“Oh fuck Linda Sweetie is this your clitty? Wow it’s so big”

“Yes, Debbie you’ve got me so excited.”

“Oh my it’s so big Sweetie I’ve just got to suck it Sweetie do you mind?”

Lukey baby threw back the covers his dick was standing up causing a tent in the front of his baby doll nightie. Deborah reached towards the hem of her son’s baby doll nightie.

“Here Sweetie let me help you take this off.”

Lukey baby didn’t answer he simply sat up and lifted his arms so his Mother could remove the baby doll nightie. Deb tossed it aside then looked down at Linda’s big clitty.

“Oh Linda Sweetie it’s so big it’s like a little cock have you ever tried to fuck with it?”

“No, I haven’t but if you think its possible Debbie, I’m willing to give it a go.”

Lukey baby replied in a shaky whisper Deborah lazily stroked Lukey baby’s cock as she shuffled her butt down the bed a touch.

“Your Aunt needs something much bigger to scratch her itch Linda Sweetie now open your legs that big clitty of yours looks so delicious it’s calling me.”

Lukey baby relaxed against his pillows lifted one knee while pushing the other out towards his Mother. Deborah maneuvered herself so that she had her hands on Linda’s inner thighs with Lukey baby’s clitty standing up she had to rock forward to take the tip into her mouth. The light streaming through the window clearly showed Deborah hunched over Linda her head bobbing up and down. Poor Lukey baby wasn’t able to control himself watching his Mother giving him head and he started to cum.

“Oh oh oh aghhhhhh fuckkkkkk Debbie I’m cummmmming.”

Deborah felt her niece’s cum hit the back of her throat and redoubled her suction. Lukey baby was amazed that his Mother didn’t seem to notice or care for that matter that he’d cum in her mouth. Deborah didn’t stop her sucking even when Lukey baby’s orgasm was over he wasn’t sure she’d noticed until she let his cock head go with a loud popping sound looked up at him and said.

“Wow Linda you taste just like that wonderful cocktail of yours is this where you got the idea from Sweetie?”

“I wish Debbie No I make it on the stove top because I can’t get enough of the glorious stuff.”

“Let’s see if Aunty Debbie eating your sweet pussy can get some more Linda Sweetie.”

She pushed Lukey’s thighs back taking the hint Lukey baby rocked back and lifted his knees up on to his chest. “If she’s gone this far who is I to object if she wants to choose not to see my dick.” Lukey baby thought. Little did Lukey baby know that his sister Mistress had programmed their Mother so she saw him as a girl and anything male her brain saw would appear as its female counterpart. Deborah moved forward her palms on his butt cheeks pushing her son further up until he was almost resting on his shoulders she looked down at his hanging ball bag. She moaned loudly as her tongue snaked out and took one long swipe at his sphincter.

“Um your labia is huge to and you’re so tight Linda Sweetie.”

His Mother’s tongue made Lukey baby groan and when she tried to push it inside his eyes flew open in surprise. Even in his wildest fantasies he’d never imagined that his Mother was so kinky.

“You’re so tight I can hardly get my tongue in there how the hell do you take Johnny’s prick?”

“We use lubricant Debbie and when I concentrate really hard I’m able to relax my muscles Johnny loves it when my pussy grips his tool he comes every time, he calls it my snapping pussy.”

Deborah sucked on her index finger while she listened then reaching down she ran the slippery digit around the edge of Lukey baby’s sphincter. Once she was happy she lifted her left tit and used her fat nipple big tits porno to smear her saliva over her son’s anus. Lukey baby concentrated and when Deborah felt Linda’s sphincter start to relax she pulled her boob back and lifted it up to her mouth. Taking the thick teat inside Deborah grazed the hard flesh with her teeth then pulling back she spat on her nipple and allowed it to drip onto Lukey baby’s anus. This time when she tried pushing her taught nipple against her son’s sphincter it gave a little allowing the thick inch long nipple to slide in a touch.

“Aghhhh that’s so good but you’ve already made me cum it should be your turn Debbie.”

“You’re just keen on fucking your Aunt Debbie and boy oh boy she definitely needs a good fucking Sweetie.”

Deborah stood up and held out a hand. Lukey baby swung his legs back down and sat up, seeing his Mother’s hand he instinctively knew she wanted him to stand. Lukey baby stood totally naked his gorgeous Mother just inches away. He wasn’t game enough to say a word what ever she wanted he’d do it no worries, this was far better than any fantasy. Deborah reached for the strap-on she’d placed on the dresser picking it up she turned it around holding the large knob she held against Linda’s tummy.

“Here Sweetie hold this while Aunt Debbie does it up for you.”

Lukey baby’s hand reached for the massive dildo his fingers sank into the pliable flesh like shaft and were still no way near touching. His Mother had taken the top straps and walked around behind him as she threaded the buckle and pulled the strap tight her wet tongue danced against Lukey baby’s ear lobe. As Deborah took the two inch wide strap hanging between Linda’s knees she reached behind the apple sized fake balls and pushed Linda’s clit up so it was trapped. Then Deb treaded it up through the chrome buckle as she pulled it tight Lukey baby adjusted his nuts so she didn’t crush them, his Mother tightened the leather strap and the dildo was securely attached to her son. Swaying his hips slightly Lukey baby could feel the considerable bulk of the monster prick.

“There Linda Sweetie now you’ve got a big dick as well as a big clit.”

“Yeah it’s a beauty Debbie it’s a touch bigger than Johnny’s.”

Deborah sat on the edge of the bed her eyes glued to the huge 14 inch dildo standing out from her niece’s stomach the weight caused the head to droop towards the floor.

“When I bought this I didn’t think it looked so fucking big Linda, but my dripping wet cunt is telling me it wants it all the same Sweetie.”

Lukey put his hands on his hips and took a step closer the fake cock bounced inches from his Mother’s mouth. Deb’s tongue automatically flicked across her lips as her hands reached out and closed around the thick tool as best they could. Moving forward she pulled Linda by the dildo towards her. She opened mouth her and tried to get the huge bulbous knob inside to no avail. Deborah satisfied herself with licking her way around the head.

“Oh yeah that’s it Debbie suck Linda’s big strap-on cock.”

“It’s to big Sweetie you better put it somewhere it’ll fit instead.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed with Lukey baby between her open knees Deborah closed one hand around the dildo the other she slid down to her smooth slippery pussy lips. Deborah stroked the fake tool while diddling her clitty looking up she swapped hands and said.

“How about we see how well Aunt Deb can titty fuck your big dick Linda Sweetie?”

Deb lifted her soaked hand and spread her abundant nectar in her cleavage took the head of the dildo as best she could into her mouth and pushed her massive boobs around the plastic shaft. As she began slowly rocking the head came out with a loud pop then in a rasping voice Deb said.

“Okay Linda Sweetie, fuck Aunty Debbie’s big tits fuck me with your gorgeous strap-on cock, titty fuck me with that huge dildo Sweetie.”

Amazed at how sexually experienced his Mother was Lukey baby watched as Deborah managed to pinch twist and pull her thick inch long nipples as she bounced her huge tits around the fake dick.

“This isn’t any good I’m not wet enough Linda Sweetie, besides that the fucker doesn’t fit.”

Lukey baby didn’t know what she was on about her warm abundant tits were a near perfect cavern for any rampant fuckstick. He quickly understood what she meant when Deborah pushed him back a step quickly stood then spun around and knelt on Lukey baby’s bed in the doggie position. Steadying herself on one hand Deb slapped her butt cheek loudly with her free hand while looking back over her shoulder.

“Come on then Linda Sweetie fuck your poor old Aunt Debbie’s wet cunt… Aghhhhhh.”

Lukey hadn’t touched his Mother and he wondered why she’d groaned he shrugged his shoulders and got up behind his Mother. Holding the dildo steady Lukey baby bent his knees he rubbed the fat knob from between Deborah’s thighs up through her puffy lips only stopping when the shaft of the dildo rested against his Mother’s blacked porno anus.

“Oh fuck Linda Sweetie don’t tease your Aunt Deb. Fuck my wet cunt… Aghhhhhh fuck me Sweetie your Aunt Deb needs that big fucker in her wet cunt… Aghhhhhh.”

Lukey baby pulled back a touch and pushed the bulbous head against Deborah’s swollen lips. Deb reached for the dildo but instead she held her labia apart and as her son pushed in to her she rubbed her exposed clitoris.

“Give it to me Sweetie come on Dirty Deb can take it. Fuck my wet cunt… Aghhhhhh.”

Linda then realized why his Mother moaned loudly every time she said “wet cunt” the words excited her. He wondered if he should try talking dirty to her, she did call herself Dirty Deb. He continued pushing the fake tool gradually working six or so inches slowly back and forth.

“Give me more Linda fuck your poor Aunt Deb faster Sweetie.”

As she talked Deb pushed back taking another six inches a moan like whimpering came from her throat. Lukey baby drew back the in a single stroke he buried all fourteen inches in his Mother’s greedy twat.

“How is that Aunt Debbie?”

“Oh fuckkkkkk yessssss Sweetie it’s unreal.”

“So Dirty Deb likes Linda’s big tool up her wet cunt does she?”

“Aghhhhhh oh yes yes yes Sweetie fuck Dirty Deb’s wet cunt… Aghhhhhh ummm fuck me fast please Linda Sweetie.”

“Does Aunt Deb like me talking dirty?”

“Ah huh Sweetie it makes my nipples tingle and pussy dribble. Just as well cause that beautiful big prick is almost splitting your Aunty Debbie’s cunt. Aghhhhhh fuck yessssss faster Sweetie fuck Dirty Deb’s pussy faster.”

“Good because Linda loves fucking her slutty Aunt Deb’s wet cunt with her huge strap-on cock nearly as much as Dirty Deb does.”

Lukey baby held his Mother’s hips as he talked slowly he began rhythmically pumping ten or twelve inches of the monster dildo into his Mother’s willing gash. Deborah was busy lifting each of her massive boobs in turn up to her mouth licking then sucking the nipples.

“Give it to me Linda Sweetie fuck Deb’s pussy with your fat cock. Agh agh agh agh agh fuck yeah Sweetie dildo me baby dildo me.”

“Don’t worry Dirty Deb. Linda will fuck your brains out all night with her big dildo if you want her to. I’ll give your wet cunt a good strap on fucking Dirty Deb”

As Lukey baby drove the huge fake cock into his Mother he pulled her back by the hips to meet every thrust causing loud slapping sounds as the fake balls hit his Mother’s puffy labia.

“Agh agh agh gonna cum faster Sweetie fucking faster.”

Beads of sweat broke out across Lukey baby’s forehead he was going as fast as he possibly could his hips were a blur. Deborah pushed back against the strap-on dildo wanting even more she reached for her swollen clitoris rubbing it with three finger tips in a quick circular motion.

“Take Linda’s fake dick up that wet cunt Debbie my big strap-on cock is up your wet pussy Deb, and Linda sweetie loves fucking her Auntie’s sweet wet cunt with her huge strap-on dildo.”

“Oh fuck yessssss agh fuck yessssss Linda Sweetie fuck Aunt Deb’s wet cunt for her. Do me with your big dildo Linda sweetie agh gonna cum Sweetie gonna cum.”

“Take that strap-on Dirty Deb up that wet cunt of yours. Wet cunt wet cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt wet cunt Linda loves fucking your wet cunt cunt cunt cunt. Aunty Debbie’s fucking wet cunt is full of my huge dildo.”

Lukey baby drove himself at his Mother the huge fake prick flashed in and out of her swollen gash. Deborah reached around and slid a finger across her sphincter causing her to take a sharp breath. Lukey baby watched in awe as his Mother ran her slippery digit around her shitter suddenly she pushed it inside and practically exploded.

“Yessssss fuck yessssss aghhhhhh cummmmming cummmmming yessssss Sweetie fuck Dirty Deb’s wet cunt.”

Lukey baby stood behind his Mother and pistons the dildo into her while still trying to hold her steady as she came to an earth shattering orgasm. Gradually Deborah slowed down pulled her finger from her gripping anus and moved forward until the strap-on bounced freely and tapped her on the sphincter. Her eyes opened wide and quickly she spun around.

“No, Linda Sweetie not in there it’s a touch big.”

“I won’t Debbie I didn’t honestly.”

Lukey baby stepped back to let Deborah turn around the smile on his Mother’s face told him that she was joking.

“That certainly hit the spot Sweetie take this off and let Debbie return the favor.”

Lukey spun around so his Mother could undo the buckle he couldn’t wait to try the huge dildo it looked like a mini base ball bat he hoped she’d take it easy to start with. When Lukey baby turned back around Deborah was holding the dildo in both hands and she was greedily licking her way along the shaft. He stood watching in the dim light, his cock had been hard ever since Deborah had fingered her own anus, looking up at her son’s hard prick Deb said.

“My pussy juice doesn’t taste anywhere as good as yours Linda Sweetie.”

Lukey baby a bright shade of crimson.

“Thanks Debbie you’re to kind.”

“Don’t be embarrassed Sweetie. Can Dirty Debbie have some more of your delicious love juice?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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