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On the day she turned eighteen, Rose fell under an awful spell, making her sleep for one hundred years. But her true love, Prince Philip was not letting that happen. He slayed the evil witch and dragon with help of a magic sword and shield. He ran up to the tower where Rose slept in a white night gown made of fine silk. Even in the state of sleep she aroused him. It had only been yesterday he met her deep in the woods gathering wild flowers. They had danced and began to kiss and touch. He had layed her on the grass and made her cum wildly for her first time. No other man had touched her like him.

Her golden hair was around her and her lips were full and colored as roses. He wanted that mouth on him. He wanted to claim her now so no one would take her from him again.

Philip went to her and kissed her softly, and within seconds her eyes opened. Those violet eyes saw him and smiled. He smiled and kissed her again.

He looked down at her. “Let me make you mine now, my Rose.”

“Yes,”She begged.”Take me.”

She went into his arms and he held her against him, letting her feel his hard pendik escort erection. He kissed her neck making her moan.

I want to be deep in that tight pussy of yours,” Philip said to her.

“Then do it. I want you.” She breathed.

He tore her silk gown off, and groaned at how lush and perfect she was. She had full breasts with pink nipples. Her bottom was small and softy rounded. He squeezed it in his hand and began to suck on a nipple making her cry out.

“Yes… oh yes, harder”! She begged him.

From behind his fingers found her wet slit and stroked her. She was so wet for him he wanted to take her now. Yet it was her first time so he would be kind.

“Please,” She moaned.

He kissed down her sweet body and moved her legs apart and put his mouth on her pussy, making her whimper and tug on his thick hair. He sucked on her clit and she screamed, cuming hard.

He picked her up and set her on the bed, and began to undress. Rose took in the sight with pleasure. He was tall,well muscled and hard all over. Then his thick cock sprang out and she shivered. She maltepe escort wanted that body on hers!

“Oh, Philip,” She licked her lips.

He came and laid over her, his brown eyes meeting her pretty violet eyes. He rubbed his thick cock along her wet slit. “You are so lovely.”

She smiled and kissed him, tongues meeting and he thrust deeply to the hilt with one strong thrust. She cried out in pain against his mouth.

“Easy, my love,” He said softly. “Lay still for a moment.”

Rose hurt, he was so big and thick! She felt tears stinging her eyes. She moved her hips, and he moved with her, and began to thrust. It began to feel better and then he began to suck on a nipple and her body felt no more pain. He groaned, thrusting deep. She felt so hot and tight and just amazing to him.

Philip kissed her breasts and neck and she ran her fingers down his spine, making him thrust roughly. She moved with him really wanting to cum again.

“Yes, harder… More,” She asked, panting.

He thrust hard to the hilt and ground his pelvic bone against her clit and she cried kartal escort out, arching as she found release. He spilled his hot seed inside her.

Philip was still inside her. She was flushed and panting, pleasure all over her face. He pulled out and she sighed.

“More,” She said and smiled at him. ” Oh please!”

Philip grinned. “You like to cum”?

“Oh, yes.”

“Want me in that tight wet pussy”?

“Yes”! She begged.

He chuckled and flipped her onto her belly and went on his knees behind her. He pulled her bottom up and nipped her cheeks and then thrust deeply, making her scream in pleasure.

“That’s right, Rose. Take me hard and deep.” He said roughly and she moaned in bliss. He pounded into and she accepted him. He pulled her up so she was on her knees and her back against his chest.

“Touch those nipples, Rose.”

She moaned and did, playing with her pink nipples and squeezing her breasts. He found her clit and rubbed. Rose bucked and squeezed her breasts harder as he pumped. He kissed her shoulder and then bit, giving her a love bite.

He came deep inside her, and she followed, bucking against him.

After he pulled out and they fell on to the bed. Rose was in his arms still panting, with a satisfied look on her pretty face. Philip held her to him, thankful he woke his Sleeping Beauty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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