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My father took me on a couple of bicycle trips, and I had more great dinners at the Lobster Shack, but I was sort of uncomfortable in the house. I mean, my bedroom was right across the hall from my mother’s bedroom, and fuck, I had fucked my own mother. I tried to act very normal, like it had never happened, and I could tell she was doing the same. Until a couple of weeks later.

I was in my room studying, when she opened my door and asked me if I wanted milk and cookies, but I said ‘no,’ so she went back into her own room forgetting her sewing which she had put on my dresser. But she hadn’t closed my door, and she also hadn’t closed her door. And then she started to get undressed. I was trying to memorize my chemicals, but it was really hard, because there was this hot nude babe who happened to be my mother, like twenty yards away, and now she was naked, and now she was lying on the bed, and she was kind of fingering herself a little, as if she didn’t know I was right across the hall. As if she didn’t know that I was looking. As if she didn’t know that I was getting a big hard-on. Yeah. As if.

“Honey,” she called.

“What?” I asked.

“You know, I think I left my sewing on your dresser. Would you mind terribly bringing it into me?”

“Okay,” I said. What was really going on here? I got her sewing and brought it over to the bed, but she didn’t take it from my hand, she reached out and started gently massaging the front of my pants where I had my big hard-on.

“You have such a pretty prick, Martin.”

“Thanks, mom,” I said.

“Let me see it again, okay?”

What was I to do? She wanted me to fuck her, and I wanted to do it. Whatever middle class bourgeois morals I had acquired in my eighteen years had completely disappeared. I was now a libertine. A libertine with no conscience. A libertine who would have his sexual desires satisfied at whatever cost.

“I really enjoyed what we did together the other night. Didn’t you, Martin?”

“Yes, mom. It was great.” I was getting such a hard-on.

“I’ve always loved you very much. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I would not want you to go live with your father if we got a divorce.”

“I don’t know,” I said. I wasn’t about to make a firm commitment.

“Oh, you have such a beautiful hard-on. I can feel it. Why don’t you take it out?”

I started to pull it through my zipper, but she had a better idea.

“No. Why don’t you get undressed and get into bed with me.”

So I got undressed and she got undressed and we got into her bed, and I explored every inch of her gorgeous body with my tongue. Then she explored every inch of my body with her tongue. And then she started to suck on me, gazing into my eyes to make sure I was loving it. Finally she just straddled my hips and sank down on it, and began fucking my dick. Up and down. Up and down. I was squeezing her tits while she was posting on me.

“Oh, czech harem porno honey. You have the sweetest dick. I love your dick even more than I love your father’s, which is a lot.”

“I wish he would come home,” I pined, as she crushed down on me.

“Do you baby?” she asked me.

“Yes. I wish we could be a real family again, like we used to be.”

“Maybe I’ve been too hard on your father. He sometimes likes to do naughty things, and I got angry. But maybe now I’m also doing a naughty thing, and maybe I can forgive him and tell him how much I love him and ask him to come back.”

“Oh, mom,” I moaned. “That would be so great.” And then I flipped her off me and positioned her on her knees with her ass in the air. I wanted to try it doggy style. I sank in. I felt I was in very deep. It was great. I slammed my hips noisily against the fleshy cheeks of her ladyass, and it was fantastic. I was gonna come in my own mother again. “AAAHHHHH, mommommom,” I screamed as I let loose the family fertilizer and sprayed it way up inside her.

“Oh, baby. You were wonderful. I love you so much.”

“Me too, mom.” And then we cuddled beneath the covers and fell asleep with our arms wrapped around each other. I never even got to school the next morning. I was definitely going to fail Chemistry.

The very next day, I heard my mother on the telephone talking to my father. Begging him to come home.

“I love you,” she told him. “I was a stupid fool. Whatever you did, I don’t care. I love you and want to be with you. And Martin misses you so much. Please come home. We’ll make a new start. And also, what you said you wanted to do. I’m okay with it now.”

They talked for a long time, and my mother caught my eye as she was conversing with my father, and she made a thumbs-up sign, like she thought everything was going to be okay. And it was, because at 6 p.m. that night, he came home.

My mother had a family dinner on the dining room table, and we sat down for a dinner together. Now maybe I could get my life back to normal, and start studying my Chemistry textbook.

After dinner I went upstairs and began an intense study session. I heard my parents go into their room, and after a while I heard activity there. They were probably making up and making love. I was really happy.

I decided to run down to the kitchen for a glass of iced tea, but when I opened the door of my room, I got the most incredible surprise. My parents had neglected to close their bedroom door. Probably in the passion of their reunion they had gotten careless, and there before me was the kind of spectacle one doesn’t expect to see from one’s parents in an American home.

They were fucking. Groaning, and screaming, and crying, and fucking. My father’s ass was humping up and down before my eyes, and his long tool was sliding easily into my mother’s well-lubricated snatch. I knew how well-lubricated swingers porno that snatch was. I had been there. My jaw dropped and I stood there frozen on the spot. Amazed. Appalled. But was this any worse than seeing my mother get fucked by Vito? Probably not. Probably not as bad. At least my mother and father were married. Their fucking was sanctified by society.

Then I saw that my mother was watching me, and she had a big triumphant grin on her face.

“Look, honey,” she told my father. “There’s Martin. He’s watching us fucking!”

“Is he?” My father asked, and he looked over his shoulder. “Come in, son. Come in and sit down on the bed. Join the party.”

Was he being serious? What did he know?

“Yes. Come to mama, baby.” She reached out her arm toward me, and they both watched me approach, neither one of them missing a stroke.

“Spencer. You should see what a beautiful big cock our boy has”

“Does he?” asked my father.

“Gorgeous. Wouldn’t you like to see it?”

“I’d love to see Martin’s cock. Martin, show us your cock,” said my father. I was standing close enough to the bed so that he could reach it. He pulled down my fly and eased it out. Then he stopped fucking my mother. He moved off of her, and began to devote all his attention to me. “Oh, what a sweet dick,” he crooned. He lunged forward and engulfed me in his mouth and began making intense love to my prick. It felt wonderful.

“Get undressed,” he told me. So while he was sucking my cock, I stripped out of my clothing and let it fall to the floor by the side of the bed.

“Climb up,” said my father. And from the sounds he was making, you would have thought that he was at a wine-tasting event. “I love collegeboy cock,” he told me. “I love it.”

“He does,” assured my mother. “That’s why we fought. He told me he liked collegeboy cock even better than pussy, and then said he wanted to be fucked by you. That’s why we had that big argument.”

“When your mother told me I could have your cock, that it was okay, that’s when I decided to come home,” my father explained.

“Oh,” I said. All this was very interesting.

“But I’ve confessed everything to your father. I’ve told him everything. About Vito. About you and me. And he forgives me. And I told him if he returned to the family, obviously there was now a very good chance that he could play around with you. Was that terrible of me? Am I a bad mother?”

“No, mom. You’re a great mother. I’m glad you told him everything. That it’s all out in the open. Oh, dad. That feels so fucking fantastic. I haven’t had that many suckjobs, but you do it better than anybody. You do it with such-what’s the word?-gusto???? Suck it. Suck my cock, suck my cock. Suck your collegeboy son’s dick.”

“Oh, baby. This is so great,” my father told me. “As a reward for this, tomorrow we all go out for Lobster Thermador dinners at the czech pool porno Lobster Shack.”

That certainly was an inducement to let my dad keep sucking on my dick. Then my mother got up on her knees, and we started kissing. Her tongue was in my mouth. Then my tongue was in her mouth. And I had a finger deep inside her pussy. As this was going on, she started to massage her clitoris, and make unintelligible ecstatic sounds. She was starting to shake and quiver, and I felt the walls of her pussy spasm around my middle finger. She was having an orgasm, and my finger got very wet.

Then my father took his mouth off my cock and flopped down on the bed, face up, with his legs raised in the air.

“Come on, collegeboy,” he said to me. “Fuck me. Fuck your dad, okay?”

“Sure thing,” I said, and crawled beneath his doubled-up limbs. My cock was very wet from his mouth, and when I pushed it against his bottom lips, they opened easily for it and sucked me right in. I was fucking my own father, and it was the most wonderful thing. Fuck Chemistry. This was the life.

“Hot damn. I love boycock in my ass more than anything in the world. And now I have my very own boy in my very own house. My very own son is fucking his dad’s slutty cock-hungry ass. It’s what I always dreamed about and was afraid to think about. My very own son. I was always afraid to show you how very much I loved you. Loved you and wanted you from the day you turned eighteen. Come on. Fuck me harder, college boy. You know how to do it. That’s it. Slam it in! Yeah. Great! Great!”

“Oh dad, I’m so glad you’re home,” I said and kissed the hair on the top of his head. “I love fucking your ass. I’ll fuck you anytime you want,” I promised

Oh yeah, baby. Just like that. Fuck me, college boy. Fuck me even harder.

I can take it,” he pleaded. “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Yeah. Yeah. Like that. Yeah. I love it. I love it. Fuck your cock into my ass. Slap my ass. Give me your cum. I want to feel you make a hot deposit deep inside of me. Give it to me. Make me a grandmother, if you can.”

“Oh, dad. Oh, dad,” I muttered with every instroke, and then our arms were locked around each other and our lips were locked around each other’s, as I slammed it home and my cum began flooding out into my fathers beautiful ass.

“That was so beautiful. I love seeing my two boys together like that,” said my mother happily. She was actually pleased to see her son fucking her husband. Oh, well. Isn’t every woman?

After that we all fell asleep side by side in the big bed, our arms lazily thrown across each other. Later in the night, we awoke and wanted more sex, but this time my father watched me fuck my mother, and beamed on with great pride.

We have a great new open relationship in our house, and we enjoy each other’s bodies. But after a while, you know, you always want something a little different, so about a month later when Vito used the telephone number my mother had given him, she invited him over for dinner.

We ate in the dining room. Not at the Lobster Shack. My mother told Vito about our new togetherness, and that my father knew all about their night together, and didn’t mind. And if Vito would be interested, we could all have a swinging scene together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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