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H leaned back from D, propped herself up on her elbows and said “I want you to show me.”

They had been kissing and groping each other on top of the bed for several wonderful minutes, their hands and lips greedily exploring each others bodies. It had been nearly two weeks since their last tryst and they been all over one another the instant he latched the door to his small apartment, and naked atop his bed as soon as they could stumbled to his room, barely able to pause their embraces long enough to strip off their clothes. H’s sudden pause and question took him by surprise.

“Show you what?” D said as he rolled from his side to his back. He gestured down to his naked body. “It’s obvious that I have nothing to hide.”

She smiled and leaned in to kiss him, giving him a little laugh and a little tongue as well. “You know how much we like to share our erotic emails. Twice over this stretch of being away you’ve told me that my stories were so exciting that you would have to service yourself to relax. And that just got me thinking about you masturbating, which really turned me on. And then I began thinking how hot it would be to actually watch you jerk off. So I want you to show me.”

“But that’s something I do when I don’t have a pretty, willing and talented woman in my bed. The alternative is so much better.” He leaned up on his right elbow and stroked her face with his left hand. She was wearing her best dirty smile. Her large breasts were showing between her arms, nipples hidden on the bed spread, the ultimate cleavage. Over her shoulder he saw the contours of her lower back give rise to her buttocks, her skin as white and smooth as marble, but as warm and as supple as fine linen. The sight of her made him burn with desire. He kissed her mouth deeply and whispered “Wouldn’t you rather just make love? We’ve proven that we’re pretty good at fucking each other.”

H laughed and pressed into his kiss, pushing D onto his back again. She rose on her hands and knees and drew closer to him, kissing his neck and chest. Now that her breasts had been freed from the bed, he cupped them with his right hand, first one, then the other, finding her nipples and giving each a gentle squeeze. With his left he caressed her shoulders and head, following it as she kissed his shoulders and sucked his nipples.

H brought her knees forward and sat back on her heels, freeing her hands. She stroked D’s body, chest, belly, thighs. The feeling was electric and D found himself hoping she would begin stroking his cock, but instead H stopped and leaned back, and said “Is that the kind of stuff pendik escort you think about when you’re stroking yourself off? Do you think of the feel of my hands and my lips kissing and sucking you?”

In spite of his overwhelming desire to sit up and wrap his arms around her and resume their love play, D remained on his back and thought about how he stroked himself to orgasm, just as H had intended. He glance down his body and focused on the swollen helmet of his cock pointing back at him twitching slightly with his every heartbeat, a clear drop of pre-cum oozing from his slit. He took his right hand from where it had been idly stroking H’s body and slid it down his belly and slowly and gently started stroking the side of his cock with his forefinger, from balls to just beneath the head and back. He looked at H and her wonderful smile had shifted from devilish to genuinely happy. She was pleased that he was going to play her love game, and he smiled back and said “Yes, I think about our love play when I get myself off. Hell, I think about our fun little fuck sessions all the time!” He chuckled. “It can be distracting at work, sometimes. It’s hard to supervise with an erection showing in your pants.”

He eased back into the pillow. “Do you know the old Woody Allen line about masturbation? ‘I enjoy masturbation because it’s sex with someone I love.’ I’ve always liked that line.”

H giggled and leaned over to give him a kiss. He stroked her face with his left hand while he continued his one finger stroking with his right. She leaned back and adjusted herself to a more comfortable cross legged posture beside him. “What else do you think about, D? Do you like my erotic fantasies?”

“Oh, more than you can imagine!” he replied. “Your fantasies, the crazy stories from your youth, your loving recaps of our times together, all of it feeds into my thoughts when I feel the urge to get myself off. You are the stuff of fantasy, H.” He could see in her face that these words pleased her, and he said as much to her.

H leaned over and gave him a quick, passionate kiss, just a ten second tangle of tongues and lips. She shifted her lips to his ear and whispered “I am most certainly pleased. You say the sweetest things to me” She sat back up, ready to resume the interrogation. “And how did you get yourself in the mood before we hooked up?”

“Porn, mostly,” he replied. There’s a huge amount of porn available online, did you know?” He smiled and looked at the ceiling. “But it’s a totally different vibe than thinking about a real and talented lover. Boredom played a big role maltepe escort in it. When you’re seperated from your wife for extended periods like I am with work, you get bored and lonesome. Watching some porn on the internet and playing with yourself in a good timekiller.” He paused for a moment, trying to imagine how it had been before H came into his life. Almost a decade of secret, furtive masturbation in between encounters with his wife. It was almost a sad thought, and he could feel the pressure in his cock ease a bit.

“What kind of porn did you like” H asked. “Young hardbodies being kinky?” He closed his eyes and tried to picture what sites he visited most often. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and started pumping it slowly, his thumb circling the head easily as he swirled the pre-cum from his slit around his helmet.

“No, I was always age appropriate. Fantasizing about girls the age of my daughter or younger always felt pervy to me. And I’m not a big fan of kinky, though I do like some variety. Enthusiasm most of all. And as for skinny, that was never my thing. I like a solid woman, a girl with meat on her bones.” In his minds eye he saw the jumbled images of hundreds of porn scenarios fade as the image of H in all her wanton, libertine glory rose to the fore. His cock hardened as he contemplated just how lucky he had been to find her. “I was looking for a woman exactly like you.”

He rolled onto his elbow and opened his eyes so he could give her a kiss. He saw then that she had started to pleasure herself at some point, her right hand playing with her ample tits and her left hand on her pussy, using her ring finger and forefinger to spread and stroke her labia while stroking her middle finger up and down and sometimes into her pussy, glistening in the low light of the bedroom. She was stroking slowly, and every few passes she would circle her clit with her slick middle finger and shudder a bit. Her eyes had been closed but she opened them when she felt him rise to his elbow. But she did not stop her play, and he still had his hand firmly around his now harder cock, stroking himself ever so slowly. He leaned to kiss her, but whispered first “I guess you wanted to play, too”, and they laughed as their tongues danced.

“You are so hot”!, H said. “I just had to play while I was watching!”

“We’re hot for each other”, D replied. “But there’s something I need from you.”

“Hmm, and what would that be?”

“I’m a bit dry down there. I think I need a bit of lubrication.”

H laughed a seductive dirty laugh, took her hand away from her kartal escort pussy and took his hand away from him cock. She brought it to her mouth and gave his palm and fingers several broad, wet licks, throwing in very suggestive little sucks of all his fingers. “Is that better?” she asked.

He smiled and said “Nice, but not quite what I had in mind”, and lowered his hand to her wet pussy and started stroking her the way she had been stroking herself. Their mouths met again, hungry and frantic, and her stroked her and buried two of his fingers inside her, gently finger-fucking her while his thumb massaged her clit. She broke their kiss and hugged him fiercely, her mouth next to his ear panting “Oh God, Oh God yes! Oh God, D!” and moaning her pleasure at her orgasm.

He smiled at her and lay on his back again, clutching himself with his now amply lubricated hand. “I need to finish,” he said, and began to vigorously stroke himself. Bringing H. to climax had left him very close climax himself, and he started pumping harder and faster. He looked up at H., who looked flushed and smiling with a pleased look in her eyes. She reached between his legs and lightly stroked his scrotum and ran her middle finger between his cheeks as he was working himself. The touch of her started the sequence – the massive pressure inside between his balls and the base of his penis which heralded the approach of his orgasm. He closed his eyes reflexively in anticipation, his consciousness fixated on this one thing only. But H had a different plan.

She quickly moved her hand from his balls to his shaft, covering his hand with hers. She lifted his cock perpendicular to his body and quick as a serpent put her mouth over his helmet, giving the underside of his head a firm lick in the process. He exploded into her mouth, almost shouting a loud “Oh my God!” as he came in one of the most mind blowing orgasms he had ever experienced. Two, three four times he plunged his cock into H’s welcoming mouth, his initial shout subsiding into a series of “Oh God”‘s and “Oh H!”‘s, while his lover hungrily accepted each load into her loving mouth.

H licked his head as he caught his breath. His hands fondled the sides of her head as she finished him off, and gently guided her face up to his. He kissed her deeply and wrapped her in a bear hug. “Oh. My. God!, you are the sexiest woman in the world! I can’t believe what just happened! How did you know that I was about to cum? How did you know when to take me in your mouth?”

H raised herself from D’s embrace and laughed. “Baby, I’ve been watching your cum face for two months now. I know exactly when you’re ready. You’re easy.”

D chuckled happily. “Is that what they call a happy ending?”

H nuzzled her face into D’s chest then looked into his eyes and smiled. “Sweetie, this is only the beginning!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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