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Speaking of tortures of delight, I have concocted an exquisite happening for my Julie. It will require some planning but I think she will be turned on by the eroticism of the whole thing and it will be an evening to remember!

I spend a few hours shopping for everything that I will need, leaving Julie home with the baby who has been showing the first signs of teething with mild fevers and some crankiness. I have arranged, unbeknownst to Julie, to have her very thoughtful sister take the babe for the night to give us a much-needed break. Sis will arrive around five in the afternoon and pick up our precious bundle along with the supplies, food, diapers and clothes I had packed and hidden; this was to my Julie’s surprise. At the appointed hour, Sis arrived and with a half hour, spirited baby away with her after I explained to the concerned mum that this had all been planned so that we could have a break and I could give her a few surprises.

I shooed her upstairs to the bathroom where she found our deep two-person tub filled to the rim with a hot sweet scented bubble bath and the room was lit with flickering candles. On the counter, I laid out her best long silk robe with only a silk sash to hold it closed. There was a note beside the robe as well as one long stemmed deep red rose and an open bottle of your favourite wine and a crystal wine goblet. The note read:

‘Relax in your luxury spa, my darling, while I prepare a feast fit for my princess. I will call you with time to spare to dry and prepare yourself to join me. Enjoy my love!’

After laying out the repast fit for a queen – thinly smoked salmon, a seafood salad, a light and airy cheese soufflé and cheeses, and fruit for a light dessert, I called her to the table. “I’m right behind you, baby!” as her arms encircled my waist from behind and I inhaled her sweet smell. I turned in her arms, kissed her lightly and led her to the table where I pulled out her chair and seated her next to me. I poured small glasses of wine and made a toast to her.

“To the sweetest and dearest part of my life; may we spend our life, real and phantom, together forever?” We touched glasses and ate together as she smiled over at me.

“So what is this great and secret plan you have in store? And by the way, this is one of the best meals you have ever prepared!!” I told her she would have to await the first and thanks for the latter. After a leisurely hour and a half meal with general conversation and no small amount of kisses and touches across the table, we quickly cleared the table and I led her to the living room where I had prepared a fire in the grate and, after installing her in the sofa with the last of her wine from dinner, I lit the flames until the fire was crackling. Joining her on the sofa, I turned to her, kissed her lightly, and asked:

“Do you trust me absolutely, my darling? And do you truly believe that nothing I would ever do will hurt you?”

“Of course, my darling! You have never pendik escort been less than gentle with me and I trust my life to you; now what is going on?” Considering that it was about time, I held my finger to my lips bidding her to silence and, reaching down between the sofa cushions, I pulled out the satin kerchief I had purchased and signalled her to turn her head. The scarf wrapped around her head, covering her eyes completely, and tied behind her neck. It was black and relatively heavy so I was assured that she could not see a thing. I whispered into her ear “Take my hand and follow me my love; you are to remain completely silent unless I instruct you otherwise”. A shiver of anticipation shot through your body as your remaining senses heightened. Taking your had, I led you around the large house from room to room with the idea of disorienting you just a little – and to draw out the suspense.

Finally, we reached our bedroom where I had started remotely the small CD player while we were travelling. Sounds of our favourite relaxing music (The Spa) drifted softly through the air. The room was slightly cool since I had left the air conditioner on low during dinner and just turn it off. Lowering your hand, I turned you to face the bed and reached around your waist to untie the sash on your floor length silk robe and slid it off your shoulders to the floor behind you. With your eyes still covered and as the cool air kissed your nipples, they immediately hardened to firm points. I reached around you and tweaked them and pulled them as you leaned back against me for support. While doing this, I was supporting the delicious weight of your breasts in my hands and lightly running my nails along the underside of each firm globe while nibbling on your left ear lobe. You moaned softly and tried to reach my hands with your own to increase the pressure on your tits. “No, my love! Remain absolutely still!”

With that, I reached down and scooped you up in my arms and deposited your sexy body in the middle of the bed. Reaching down and reassuring you, I took your arms and lifted them over your head where I fastened your wrists with soft velvet cords loosely to the outside posts. I then proceeded to the foot of the bed where I did the same with her ankles. She now lay, in all her naked glory with her pussy spread wide and already leaking precum and her breasts thrust upwards! I had left a little slack in the cords so as not to hurt her and the loops around writs and ankles were loose enough to provide circulation. “Are you alright, baby?” I asked. “If at any time you are frightened or want to stop just say the one word ‘Jenny”‘ and I will let you go. OK?”

You were breathing a little heavily but expressed that you still trusted me and were getting turned on, especially as I ran my finger slowly up the length of your crack from your ass to your clit! “No, no speaking, baby” I ordered her gently.

Without a sound – only the soft strains of music, I maltepe escort moved around the room and lit some twenty candles of her favourite scents so that when mixed would create a heady and romantic environment. I went into the bathroom and changed from my clothes to my own short silk robe and then returned soundlessly to the bedroom and sat in the chair by the window and silently watched her for about fifteen minutes. Her head kept turning to try and hear something and I could see her becoming more and more anxious by the moment. Not top prolong her agony any longer, I reached to the floor where I had stored my ‘equipment’ and picked up the long soft feather and, approaching the side of the bed without a sound, passed the feather within a few inches of her already turgid nipples. The movement of air created caused them to harden and grow to at least a quarter of an inch long and her aureoles to dimple. I then lightly brushed her nipples and breasts with the feather causing her to moan softly as her nips grew even longer! The feather moved down her body – just brushing air over her wide-spread pussy – and down her legs to her feet where I softly tickled the soles of her feet. I then moved upwards until the feather was kissing her wet cunt and her exposed clit causing her back to arch in an orgasm as sweat broke out on her brow. I gently wiped her forehead and whispered in her ear that I was going to lightly gag her with another silk scarf so she could easily breath but not cry out too loud; she acquiesced so I tied it lightly around her mouth.

“Are you comfortable baby? Just nod if you are OK; I won’t go any further if you don’t want me to. I lifted the gag long enough for her to speak.

“Oh please…don’t stop! I love the feelings! I have cum twice already!!”

I replaced the gag and then put the feather away and once more sat down and waited and watched in complete silence – this time for 20 minutes. She was starting to thrash around a little so I got up and lifted the strips of fine silk I had tied into a bundle this afternoon and started to run these along the length of her straining body just brushing the surface enticingly. Her moaning behind the gag was becoming quite loud and her body was covered with a fine sheen of perspiration. I kept my sweeps of her skin for almost a half hour and she was wracked with an ongoing wave of small orgasms as the silk continually ribbed her growing clitoris and open vulva.

It is time for the next step. I reach into my box of goodies and pulled out to vibrators; the first was about 7″ long and fairly thick while the second was very slim and perhaps 4″long. I covered both with warmed AstroGlide for lubrication and slowly placed the larger one at Julie’s pussy opening and gently inserted it. As it went in, she tried to spread herself wider and even groaned (muffled by the gag) that it was too big! But after a moment, she relaxed and her hips fell to the mattress as I turned the vibrator kartal escort on to its lowest speed. This sparked another instant arching of her back with the wave of an orgasm! As soon as she came down from that one, I slipped the smaller vibrator against her puckered ass hole and eased it in until it was in 3 ½ “and I turned it on at low speed as well. I then started to rub Julie’s clit with my finger to further the stimulation and she screamed behind the gag as her body was consumed on one orgasm after another! She was struggling so hard against her bonds that I feared for her safety so I released her hands. I was surprised by her reaction; she did not rip off the gag – rather she went straight to her nipples and pulled and twisted them as I rubbed her clit harder and faster! She was crying now in the ultimate pleasure of the feelings – I pulled the gag from her mouth – and her screams of unbridled passion filed the room! Her body was arching against the vibrations being net between the thin membrane separating her ass from her cunt and her nipples spewing forth milk as you pulled madly at them.

I dropped my robe to expose my raging hard cock and the precum that was pouring down my thighs and after releasing the ties on your ankles, I climbed between your legs and slowly worked the vibrator in your pussy to its highest speed as I moved the one in your ass to the middle speed. I lifted the pussy buried tool to touch your clit as well and you screamed out “Oh my god! I’m cumming! Please. Please stop… NO! Don’t stop..!”

After about twelve more minutes, you shuddered over and over as your body went into uncontrollable spasms of a massive series of orgasms! Finally, to give you some release and because you were crying constantly to be fucked, I withdrew the larger vibrator from your stretched cunt and plunged my raging hard cock into you until I bottomed out. You pulled your legs wide as you could – the small vibrator still embedded in your ass and sending its vibes through to my cock as well as your ass – and I grabbed your angles. As I pushed deeper into you until I hit your cervix repeatedly, you came yet again and screamed out as you cried “Cum in me now, baby! Please!!”

With one final push and a couple of short thrusts, I went over the edge and exploded deep inside you, filling your sweet pussy with more cum then I ever thought possible. I just kept cumming and cumming until I was totally drained.

I reached behind your head and untied and pulled off the blindfold and I licked the tears from your face and kissed you deeply as I collapsed on your sweat stained body.

As we waited for my cock to soften, your ass spasmed and the small vibrator slid out to the sheets. I reached down and shut it off and pulled the large vibrator covered in your cum to my mouth and started to lick your sweet juices from it. You grabbed my hand and ran your tongue along the other side so we shared your most intimate essence.

By now, the sun had set and the beams of a full moon were shining across your beautiful body and, as I leaned up on my elbow to admire and take you in, I was once again moved to a realization of how much I loved and adored my sweet Julie and all the pleasures she gives me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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