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I sat on the fallen log for a moment catching my breath, the sun beating down on my shoulders. I wiped a small bead of sweat from my forehead. Running had always been a good way for me to release frustration and stress, especially after stupid quarrels with Mike. It seems that I’ve been going out running a lot more the last couple months.

Things have never exactly been perfect between us, but we were more distant lately. This didn’t bother me, but it clearly irritated him that I wanted more space. Then again, what could i possibly do these days that wouldn’t make him mad? I guess i can’t blame the guy; I was a couple months away from being 100% financially self-sufficient, and from being ready to file the divorce papers. He knew this, and he wasn’t helping his cause out any by being a prick.

My mind was made up, has been for a while. I’d thought it through long and hard, and ultimately decided that leaving him was something I needed to do. Hell, what was there to lose? Yes, we do have a daughter, but she’ll be okay, and she doesn’t need to grow up around us arguing. He and I didn’t see eye-to-eye any more.

We had little to no communication, very little patience left for each other, and to be honest I wasn’t in love with him anymore. Not to mention our once active sex life had gradually dwindled down to a nauseating feeling down in my stomach. We often used to fuck 2-3 times every day. Even then he would occasionally complain that I was “too sexually demanding.” Ha, I didn’t know such a thing existed! Now I can’t even think about sleeping with him. I moved on; found other ways to satisfy my “demanding” needs.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it, too. See, when you’re an 18-year-old MILF, and a tomboy, and you’re known to be a freak in the bedroom, it’s not too excruciatingly hard to find a willing participant. Mike was too oblivious to ever know I was sleeping with someone else. All he knew was that I sure as hell wasn’t sleeping with him.

He always got mad when I shot him down and he blamed it on the fact that I had gotten my first dildo a year or so before, and that I would rather use it than have sex. Boy, could he have been any more wrong? My sentiment was actually quite the opposite, I’d much rather have the real deal. But there’s no reason for me to try and change his mind, now is there?

My tangent of thought is cut off by the rumble of an airplane passing overhead. I stand up and stretch briefly, then continue running the course back toward my house. As I progress down the trail, my mind wanders off back to sex. I noticed that I tend to do that A LOT.

I thought about the circumstances of the affair. It was forbidden, but that made it all the more exciting. It was risky, but we both need the escape from our pendik escort spouses. I didn’t really care at this point. We were both unhappy in our marriages; I was just a little more fortunate because I was getting a divorce. He wanted out, but wasn’t in the position to do it yet. And there was a strong mutual attraction among our similarities. Call it “Friends with benefits,” or what have you, but it was great sex with no strings attached. And it was an awesome adrenaline rush.

It’s like the best of all the forbidden fantasies you’d expect someone to have, or to read about. The husband sleeping with the babysitter; the “loving” wife that’s blowing her husband’s boss; the friend that’s banging your wife behind your back. Yes, it’s all-around immoral, but it’s so sexy and way too much fun to quit now. On top of that, he gets me turned on like never before and it’s absolutely amazing.

I get back to my house and start the shower. While I wait I check my phone, which was left on the charger while I went for a run. One missed call and two text messages. The missed call is from some 800 number, not important. I look at the texts, both from the very guy I was just thinking about. The first one reads “good morning.” The second one, sent about ten minutes after the first, “What you up to? Have lots of free time today…” If I wasn’t smiling after the first message, i sure was after the second. I unplug it and reply as I walk back to the bathroom.

“Yeah, morning.:) Not much; just got home. Taking a shower……You?” I wait a couple minutes with no response, so I strip off my shirt and bra, then my shorts and underwear and jump in. I expect to hear the text message alert during the course of my shower, but I don’t. I shut off the water, reach out to grab a towel and wrap it around me. I step out and check the screen to see no change, still no text. I dry my hair really quick and head to my bedroom to get clothes and dress.

I thought I had left my stereo on when I went running, but I must’ve been mistaken because there was no music playing. I went to lock the front door, but I guess I already locked it when I came home. I opened my bedroom door and jumped as a hand touched my shoulder, another closes over my mouth to muffle my startled scream. My towel comes unwrapped and falls to the floor, exposing me entirely. The fear vanishes when I hear that deep, familiar voice. “Shhhh, Its okay. Figured I’d surprise you this time. Don’t say anything. Just play along. We’re gonna try something.”

He presses his body tightly against my back, kisses the side of my neck, and spins me around to look at the bed. I see the pieces of rope that have been tied at the corners of the bed. He must have seen the smile flash across my face because maltepe escort he asks “You like that, don’t you?”

Before I can answer he picks me up and tosses me on the bed, slips the loops of rope around my wrists, then on my ankles. “I’m gonna do whatever I want to you, and you’re not gonna stop me,” he declares with a grin.

All I could think is, “why the hell would i want to stop you? This is like one of my biggest fantasies!!” Mmmm, i couldn’t wait to see what else he had in mind…. He moved his hands from securing my ankle and slid them up my thigh, avoiding my crotch intentionally just to tease me. I close my eyes, feeling his fingertips trace their way up my body. Suddenly he bites my nipple and sucks it into his mouth, causing my back to arc; little goose bumps cover the surface of my skin.

His tongue circles my nipple slowly. A low moan comes from my mouth and he releases to move to the other. He does the same, and looks up to see my reaction to his taunting. I can see it in his eyes, he likes being in control. He definitely enjoys teasing me, making me wait until the anticipation is too strong for me to bear any longer. He releases from that nipple, and kisses my chest a couple times. He moves up to my lips, but pulls away just as I lean in to press mine to his. “Ah ahh, not so fast.”

I sigh and drop my head back onto the bed in disappointment. With a devilish smile he whispers, “Do you want it that badly? Be patient, it’s coming. And more….”

With that his head moves down to my nipple, but this time all he does is flick his tongue across each one and pull away again. He heads down, kissing my stomach, stopping at the top of my thighs and diverting to either side, alternating pecks from leg to leg, avoiding that sensitive region in between. My spine tingles from bottom to top and sends an electrifying chill through my body. Finally I can’t take it anymore, “please just do it already!” I plead.

He stops cold and pulls away again. “I told you to be patient; you can’t make me go any faster. You’re tied to the bed, remember?”

There’s just something about the way he says this that turns me on even more. He lowers his head to lick my clit, but stops a few centimeters short and moves away quickly. He slides his body up mine and plants a firm kiss on my lips, slips his tongue into my mouth just a little bit. After too few seconds, he pulls his lips apart from mine. When I open my eyes they are so very close to my clit. There is a quiver in my breath as I anticipate the contact. He plants one small, gentle lick on my hood and stops. “Are you ready?” he asks.

“Yes. Please do it.” I beg. He places one little kiss on my hood again, then firmly runs his tongue all the way down my slit, kartal escort and back up. I shiver with excitement as he continues to lick my anxious cunt. Moments later I’m on the verge of coming and he can sense it. He presses harder with his tongue, goes a little faster. My hips rock with his motions as I get even closer. He stops, to my dismay.

He looks up at me; my face is flushed from the blood rapidly surging through my veins. “Want me to make you come? Do you want me to put my dick inside you?”

“Yes.” Is all I manage to utter between each heavy breath. My heart races faster and faster.

“Are you sure?” he asks, with a sarcastic smile.

“Just fuck me already! I can’t wait any more!”

“Oh yeah? Well what if I want to make you wait a little more? There’s nothing you can do.” He boasts.

He slides off the bed and takes all his clothes off, dropping them on the floor at the end. While I wait in anticipation, I take the time to admire the build of his body, his muscular tone. He climbs back onto the bed, and between my legs. He takes more time to eat my pussy and gets me on the edge of climax again, then scoots up and positions the head of his dick at the wet entrance. With one hard, full thrust he shoves his cock all the way in, feeling me stretch around him to accommodate his tool. I gasp as he pushes it in me, my eyes roll back in my head for a moment.

He starts out slow, letting me feel every inch of him as he slides in and out, the veins of his rock hard dick caressing the inside of me as he moves back and forth. He pumps a little faster, then harder. My cunt gets even wetter as my breathing gets shallower. He thrusts again with an extra burst at the end, driving his cock even farther into my hole.

“Oh god, I’m gonna come!” I scream. He thrusts again, seeming to go deeper each time. My hands clinch the ropes restraining them to the bed; my body releases a tidal wave of endorphins.

“Don’t hold back. Come for me baby. That’s it.” Hearing him talk dirty to me intensifies my orgasm and another wave of adrenaline rushes through my body as I start to come a second time. I can’t hold back the moans sounding from my mouth.

“Oh god, Mmmm, fuck me. Uhhhh that feels sooo good. Oh, Oooh, oooohhhhhhh!!!” The muscles in my pussy contract around his member while he thrusts back and forth. “Uh, ahh, aaah, aaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhhh. Fuuuck!” Then I feel his muscles tense up and I feel a shot of his hot cum fill me, then another, and another as his body trembles with pleasure. I relax onto the bed and he rolls over to the side of me as I lay there trying to catch my breath. He sits up at the edge of the bed then stand to put his clothes back on; All the while leaving me tied up still, like some sort of spectacle to be seen. He puts everything back on and lays back on the bed to start releasing my limbs from their bonds.

“So…? Was that kind of what you wanted?” He inquires.

“Oh, you have no idea. That was something else, that’s for sure!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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