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I had just gotten home from a party, and I was just getting into bed when the phone rang, I picked it up and the voice on the other end identified himself as a police officer. Naturally I was very concerned, he said there had been an “incident” involving my mother but she was ok, and asked if I could come down to the hospital and bring some clothes for her. I tried to get some details from him but clearly he didn’t want to give out much information. I assumed she had been in some sort of traffic accident or had gotten ill somehow, I grabbed a long sleeved tee-shirt and a pair of sweat pants for her and left for the hospital.

When I got to the hospital I was taken to her room where there was a nurse along with two police officers, one of them was talking to her, the other one came over to me and I recognized his voice from the phone, he informed me that my mother had been raped. I was shocked to say the least, that was something that I never though about, I looked over at her, except for a bruise under her left eye she seemed ok. As I was trying to absorb all of this I heard her tell the nurse that she just wanted to go home. Then the nurse and the police officers, detectives I guess they didn’t have uniforms on, left and told me to take care of her and that they would be in touch.

I went over to her and asked, “are you alright” yea I know a dumb question of course she wasn’t.

She said “I’ll be fine, did you bring me something to wear?” I nodded yes and handed her the paper bag that I had her things in. She looked inside and took the shirt and sweat pants out and said, “thanks”.

Then she got out of bed she was in one of those silly hospital robes, and she stood up facing away from me, he naked rear end was sticking out, then it dawned on me that I should have also brought her some underwear. And then I felt a bit guilty for looking at her ass, when she pulled up her sweat pants I got a very good look at it and I was ashamed, not for looking at it, but looking at it under these circumstances. She then slipped off the robe and pulled the shirt over her head, I didn’t see her breast, but once again I felt bad because I was trying too.

I signed her out of the hospital, and on the drive home neither of us spoke a word, I didn’t know what to say and I’m sure she felt the same way. When we got home around 4:30 she grabbed some other things and went into the bathroom and took a very long shower. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep, just kept thinking about what had happened to her and what a jerk I was for looking at her like that. I got out of bed around 8:00 she was still in her room with the door closed, I hoped she was sleeping, I laid down on the sofa and tried to nap a bit while I waited for her to get up. A bit before noon she finally came out of her room, I asked her if there was anything I could get her, she just shook her head “no” I asked if she was hungry she looked at me for a moment sort of puzzled and said “yea, I guess I am” so I cooked some pancakes, about the only thing I’m good at, and we ate quietly. She was still in the sweat pants I brought her but she had changed shirts and had put on a bra. We ate in near silence, and after I picked up the dishes I went over to sit next to her on the sofa, not knowing what else to say I asked, “are you all right?”

She responded “yea I guess so”, there was a long awkward pause, then I asked her what happened, as soon as the words left my lips I felt like such a jerk. But she didn’t seem upset that I asked, she explained that after work her and some of others from work went for a few drinks, she rode to the bar with another girl, then got a ride back to her office and went to the back parking lot to get her mofos porno car. She said it was dark, and I understood having been there a few times, she shouldn’t have been there alone after dark, but I didn’t tell her that, I’m sure she already knew it. A man came up behind her and grabbed her purse, when she turned around to confront him he punched her in the face knocking her to the ground. She skipped a lot of the details, he took off her slacks and tore off her panties, forced her legs apart and started to have sex with her. While he was fucking her he tore open her blouse and bra, and bit her hard on her right breast, and he ran off right after he came. Once again I felt like a jerk, for some reason I envisioned that it was two or more men who repeated ravaged her again and again, it was like I was a bit disappointed it was just one man who fucked her then ran away.

I’m sure by this point you think I’m a total asshole. And I’m not going to argue with you about that. After she finished telling me what happened I asked her “are you sure you are ok?” she shook her head yes, then once more like a jerk I asked, “how bad did he hurt you?”

She said, “a few bruises, and a few stitches” then a short pause as I just sat there feeling like an ass, “here I will show you” she added. Without standing up she pulled her sweat pants down around her ankles, and spread her legs to show me the bruises on her inner thighs. While I did notice the many large bruises that he made as he forced her legs apart, most of my attention was drawn to her panties. Not that they were real sexy, a pair of light blue, cotton bikinis, but she had hair sticking out around them. There was hair sticking out of the bottom and running down her thighs a bit, and over an inch of hair that was above the waist band of her panties, I had never seen a bush that large, not even in pictures. And let me be honest I had only seen a few bushes in person. She was talking to me but I was lost in a daze, looking at all that hair, and the way her panties were covering the rest of her bush, I could feel myself getting aroused, finally she said “Markus” in a loud tone, and I snapped out of it, I could feel my face blush as I looked up. She didn’t seem to have noticed, or if she did, it didn’t’ seem to bother her at all, then she pulled the sweats back up and took off her tee-shirt, and took her right arm out of her bra, and then pulled the cup off of her right breast. There was a bandage centered above and off to the outside of her nipple, her nipple was covered up with tape. She slowly took off the tape and bandage, I was impressed at how firm her breasts were, I the one I was looking at sagged some but not nearly as much as I would have expected it to for a woman of 41 with two kids. She has fairly small breasts B cup, small but nice, at least I always thought so. When she took off the bandage I could see the bite mark, it looked very bad, and there were stitches all around it. It looked like he came close to taking a bit right out of her, she was cut deeply from both the top and bottom teeth. She could see I was shocked at how bad it looked, she sort of smiled and said, “it looks worse than it is” then put the bandage back on, then covered back up.

That night I masturbated thinking about her, truthfully it wasn’t the first time I had done that, but it was the first time I felt real dirty for doing it.

Over the next few weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I know I should have felt sorry and bad about what happened, and I did, but I was also glad because it gave me a chance to see her, at least part of her. I couldn’t get the image of her panties with all that hair sticking out of them out of naughty america porno my mind. After a couple of weeks things started to get back to normal for her, I got into a couple of discussions with her, I wanted to ask her more details about her attack but I never got up the nerve to do so, but some of our conversations did take some interesting twists. My father had left around six years ago, he had been having an affair with a younger woman, he left us to marry her when she got pregnant. I found out a few very interesting things, she had not had sex after the divorce, and that sex was the main reason for the divorce. I got up the nerve to ask her if she liked sex, she said she did, then I asked why she didn’t date more, that caused her to get very embarrassed and it ended that conversation.

I was too intrigued to let this go, but I dropped it for the time being, and a few days later, brought up the subject again, she was still embarrassed but was more willing to go into details. She said that she didn’t date because she worried that she was afraid that she would be expected to do things she hadn’t done. After a lot of slow prodding, it came out that she had only been with one man my dad (not counting the rape) and that the sex had been almost exclusively missionary. I asked why, and she blushed and didn’t really have an answer, she said that dad would ask her to do things and that while she was a bit interested, she was very shy about sex even with him, and her first response was always “no”. He never pushed things and after a while gave up asking, and finally started looking for things elsewhere. I felt sorry for her, she seemed sort of sad talking about this, but even while I felt sorry for her I kept thinking about how hot she made me when I thought about her. Well nothing much happened for a week or so, other than me masturbating many times thinking about her.

On a Sunday afternoon she asked me if I could do her a favor, I said of course, then she explained that she was supposed to go back to the doctor to have he stitches removed but didn’t’ really want to go and asked if I could take them out for her. I asked if that was really ok, and didn’t she need to see the doctor, she said no that things healed up fine and just wanted to get the stitches out. I said ok, and she gave me a small pair of scissors and sat down on the sofa, and took off her shirt, then removed her bra. He wound did look better, only thing I could see was a large pink scar in a ragged football shape with the black stitches still there. I sat down next to her, her breasts looked so good even with the scar on one of them. I was a bit hesitant to touch her breast but I finally started, cupping the breast I cut off the first stitch and pulled it out. After the first one, I realized that she could have easily done this herself, but I wasn’t sure if she truly realized that or not. I took a few more liberties with touching her breast as I took the other nine out, she didn’t seem to mind. And when I took out the last one I set the scissors down and cupped each breast and said, “there a matched set again” I was trying to be funny, she blushed bright red and got up and walked into her room. I felt bad once more and was in doubt about her intentions, I was so sure she was deliberately tempting me, but now I wasn’t so sure.

At dinner she acted like nothing had happened, but I was so turned on still, after dinner she was washing the dishes and as I walked by I rubbed my hand along her ass, she didn’t say anything but did give me sort of a smile the next time our eyes met. So I stood next to her at the sink, nervously I put my hand on her ass, she didn’t react, I started public agent porno to slowly rub it, man if felt good. Still no reaction, she must not mind I thought, I reached down under her skirt and started to rub her panties, she had on a nylon pair this time, the material felt so great on her firm full rear end. She finished with the dishes and turned to face me, when she did my hand became tangled in her skirt and it pulled me a bit off balance and I stumbled into her. I fell against her pinning her against the counter. We both blushed, and she said “sorry I have to go” and quickly retreated into her bed room. I was so hard I was about to burst, I went to my room and masturbated coming in no time at all.

She came out of her room later, dressed in her pajamas, a nice pair of white silk ones that she usually wears. I kept thinking that I had blown it, I wasn’t sure what I should have done differently but I knew I was so close.

That night I was lying in bed thinking about it, I couldn’t sleep she was so close. I got out of bed, dressed in just my underwear and went to her room. I opened the door it was dark, I could see her lying under the covers facing me. She didn’t say anything at first, I walked around the bed, and pulled back the covers and began to climb in next to her. She asked, “what are you doing?” I responded that I was lonely. She was facing away from me, I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking, after about five minuets of just lying next to her I reached over and put my hand on her hip. I heard her softly say “you shouldn’t be in here, not like this” I just slid my hand around in front and inside of her pajama bottoms and began to rub her crotch through her panties. I could feel the large mound of hair beneath her soft panties, she had on a pair of briefs that covered all of her bush except what stuck out of her leg openings.

I kept expecting her to tell me to stop but she didn’t say anything else, I stopped rubbing her crotch pulled my hand out of her pajama bottoms and pulled back the covers, then I crawled to the foot of the bed and pulled off her pajama bottoms, then her panties, I saw her full bush for the first time in the dim light, it was even larger than I thought it would be. I crawled back up and with one hand reached under her top, I began to caress her breast as I kissed her. I had kissed her many times in my life, but never like this, never with passion, never with lust. I slid inside her slowly, she was wet and ready, she must have enjoyed me rubbing her cunt, I know I did. I fucked her slowly as I could I wanted this to last, I wanted to enjoy ever moment of it, I was glad I masturbated earlier, that would make this even longer and better. I finally came, it was so intense, with my cock still inside of her, I kept stroking her with it, she started to climax right after I finished, after we were both done I collapsed on top of her.

After I caught my breath a bit, I began to kiss her once more, I had her sit up and I pulled her top off, and kissed and suckled her nipples, then I started to kiss lower, slowly kissing her stomach, then lower still repositioned myself between her legs and started to lick her. I ate her until she came twice, her bush was soaked with her juices and my saliva, it was so very sexy. I was hard again by this time, had been for a while, I let her catch her breath a bit as I played with her nipples more, then I told her to get on top of me, she looked at me unsure of what to do. I helped her into positions squatting above my cock and she lowered herself slowly onto me. Let me tell you that was the most awesome fuck I have ever had, she was slowly grinding, ridding my cock, totally amazing, she was getting into it too, when she started to cum I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot one more load into her. After that she fell asleep in my arms, we woke up late and she had to rush off to work.

Well that is how things started, strange and a bit sick to be sure but in ended in a great night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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