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I have searched the web long and hard looking for incest stories about black people. All the stories I have read involved white people. Don’t get me wrong I love incest stories, but I would love to read one about black people. I know it exists between black people, because it happened to me. That’s way I decided to tell my story.

After I graduated from college I moved to New York City from Florida. I hated Florida. Back home I got no respect. I was what you called a black nerd. I was totally into computers and my studies. I was also very shy when it came to women, I just didn’t have any courage. In high school the other black kids made fun of me. I guess it was because I was 6’3″, and I couldn’t play basketball to save my life. I just wasn’t interested in sports. Its weird how, just because your tall and black people assume you should be playing basketball.

I also wasn’t into what all the other black people were into at the time. I liked all kinds of music rock, rap, heavy metal, and alternative music. Black people for some reason can’t understand or except if your different then they are. The black girls in my school were so materialistic. If you didn’t wear the latest style of cloths, or have a car, and if you didn’t play ball, they considered you to be a sucker. Its not that I was ugly or anything, I just wasn’t down with all the image bullshit. So as you probably figured out by now I didn’t get any pussy in high school.

When I got to NYC all that shit changed real fast. I got me a good job working for a small software company. I rented a small but cozy studio in the village. I was making 60k a year and living the good life. I was banging chicks left and right. Fuck Florida, NYC was the place to be, I didn’t even go home to visit anymore. I was banging this rich white girl named Sharon, who lived on the upper west side .She was fine. She had long blonde hair that went all the way down to her ass, nice plump tits and a thick ass like a black women. We ended up breaking up when her father found out that I was black. I guess, a white man seeing his daughter with a big black man, is like his worse nightmare come true. Her father threatened to cut her off if she continued to see me. I guess the all mighty dollar always comes first.

It was hard to adjust to life without, Sharon. I missed filling her pussy up with cum every night. Watching my 8-inch thick black dick disappear into her ass, was something I was going to really miss. About a week later my phone rang, it was my younger sister Donna. “Hi Derrick its me Donna,” I was shocked, my sister hadn’t called me in years. “Hey what’s up girl… how are you doing?” We chit chatted for a while; you know the usual family stuff. She told me that I forgot to call her for her 18th birthday. I told her I was sorry. I said what would you like for your birthday. She said, ” I have a few weeks to kill before I start school. Then she said, ” You think I could come to New York and visit for a week.” Without thinking I said, ” Sure you can, I’ll send you a plane ticket.” She was so excited she was screaming into the phone. After I hung up the phone, reality hit me. I hadn’t seen my sister in about three years. The last time I saw her was right before I moved to NYC. She knew I was doing well because I always sent my mother money. I remembered that the last time I saw her she was acting like those stuck up black girls in our town. I always hated that type. But she was my sister and I knew she had never been north of South Carolina, and plus I wanted to see her. I promised myself that I would show her a real good time.

That next day I made all the arrangements. I booked her a first class ticket that was scheduled to arrive the following Friday at JFK airport. I also took a week off from work so I could show her the city.

Driving to JFK sucked, the traffic in NYC is something I still haven’t gotten used to. For some reason I was a little nervous waiting for her plane to land. I guess its because I didn’t know what to expect. While the people were filing out of the plane, I searched for my sister. Allot of really fine women got off the plane, but I still didn’t see my sister. Then I saw this women get off the plane. From a distance, I thought to myself “Look at this bitch.”She stood about 5’9” with her high heels, nice and tall. She was wearing a short black mini skirt; it looked like both her big giant ass cheeks were fighting to get out of that skirt. She had big plump tits and her hair was in thin braids down to her shoulders. She looked like she was lost. I usually don’t bother with black women. Soon after I moved to NY I found out that most black women just have too much drama going on in their lives. They either had a bunch of kids or they where a bunch of gold diggers looking for some sorry broth’a to support their ass. I guess that’s why I only dealt with white women. All of a sudden, the women I had been checking out looked at me and smiled. She started running towards me. As she got closer izmir escort bayan I realized that it was my sister Donna. She jumped into my arms and said “Hi! Derrick,” and hugged me real hard. The whole thing happened so fast. Could this be my little sister, this was not what I expected? She was absolutely beautiful.

After we ended our embrace I had to step back and give her another look. I said “Wow! Donna you sure grew up girl, I didn’t even recognize you.” She said, ” You look great too Derrick, have you been working out, and what happened to your glasses?”…. “Yeah I’ve been working out since I got here, I got contacts last year.” She had the prettiest smile I had ever seen. I took her arm and lifted it above her head and twirled her around. She smiled and spun around to let me get a good look at her. She was blushing big time when she spun back around .At that moment I realized, before me stood a women, not the little sister I had last seen three years ago.

We got her luggage, and headed for my car. She never stopped talking the whole ride to my place. She was acting like a little girl in a big candy store. She was so excited to be in New York, as she had never been away from home before. She asked allot of questions about the city. When we entered the city her eyes light up. She was looking out the window at all the tall buildings. She was leaning out the window and that’s when I looked down and saw her thick sexy legs. Her mini skirt had ridden up a little to expose her thighs. Her legs looked so smooth and soft, my cock started to swell up. My little sister was making me hot. I could barely keep my eyes on the road.

When we arrived in the village she seemed to get more excited. She said, “I heard there are allot of crazy people down here”. I said “Donna there are crazy people all over this city”. When we entered my place she said, ” I thought you had a small studio, this place is huge.” My place wasn’t that big it just looked like it was because I didn’t have much furniture. I had a king size bed, a small love seat and a small dining area. She said, ” I have never seen a bed this big before.” Then she jumped in it and stretched out and rolled around like a little kid. It was real cute. Man she looked sexy lying in my bed like that. While she rolled around the bed her skirt road up exposing her crotch. She had on the sexiest black lace panties I’ve ever seen. Her pussy mound was fat. I could see the panties where splitting her thick pussy lips. I turned around real quick before she saw me looking.

I went right into my bathroom and closed the door. While I was looking at myself in the mirror I thought,” What the fuck are you doing?” I was actually thinking about fucking my sister’s fat pussy. It’s been a few weeks since I had some pussy; maybe that’s why I was so sexually aroused. I kind of just laughed it off and said to myself “Yeah… I guess I miss Sharon, that’s why I’m trippin out like this.” It’s been awhile since I last saw a women lying on my bed. I took some cold water and splashed it over my face. After I regained my composure I left the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom, Donna was lying in the middle of my bed with her arms folded behind her. This made her big plump tits stick straight up. The only thing I could say to myself was ” Derrick keep your composure”… I said, “Hey girl, what do you want to do tonight?”…Donna replied, “Anything you want big bro, I’m all yours”. Man if she could only read my mind, she would grab her stuff and run out of here as fast as she could. I said, “Kool… here’s my plan…we’ll go get something to eat later and then I’ll take you to a club tonight.” Her eyes light up, ” I always wanted to go to a real night club.”

We arrived at the club around 11:30; there was a line about a block long. My

sister said “I don’t think were going to get in, and don’t forget big brother (I love it when she says that) I’m only 18”. I said “Don’t you worry about a thing little girl, I’ll take care of everything.” She stopped dead in her tracks; with the cutest little grin on her she said, “I’m not a little girl anymore big bro.”… I said, “Your right… I’m sorry… you are a women and a beautiful one at that. From now on I will treat you as one. She gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips and said, “Thanks bro, you don’t know how much what you just said means to me”. I felt very warm inside; it was one of those very tender moments between a brother and sister that you don’t forget. I took her hand and said, “Come on, let’s go party!”

I hadn’t held my sister’s hand in years. Memories started coming back to me of when we where younger, and I would hold her hand to help her cross the street. Except, this time I was holding the hand of a young woman. I walked past all the fool’s on line heading straight for the front door. My sister said, “What about the line?” I just laughed. When we got to the big crowd in front of the door there were two big bouncers, one black and one white. I think my escort izmir sister felt threatened. I could feel her gripping my hand a little harder. Then the big black bouncer spoke. “Hey Derrick, what’s up bro,” he parted the crowd and we walked in the club. My sister was stunned. “Damn bro… I didn’t know you had it like that!” I guess she was impressed. This club was one of my regular spots I liked to chill at, because a lot of white women came here looking for black men.

The club was jumping that night. I headed straight for the bar; I needed a drink really bad. My boy Lex was tending the bar on the main level, and I knew he would hook me up with some phat drinks. I asked Donna what she wanted to drink. She said, ” I will have whatever your drinking.” I said to the bartender ” Let me get two shots of tequila, and a Hennessey on the rocks. I wasn’t sure what level of drinking my sister was at. Well she really surprised me. She handled the shot of tequila like a trooper. “Damn girl I didn’t know if you can handle that.” She said, ” I didn’t think I could either, I never had tequila before, it’s not bad.” I got us another round of shots, and then I ordered two long island ice teas. After the second shot, I was feeling pretty good. I could tell that my sister was feeling pretty good also. She had a very relaxed and excited look on her face.

A reggae song came on and my sister said “lets dance”. She took my hand and led me to the main dance floor. We went right into the middle of the crowd. The music was loud and you could feel the bass in your chest. We started dancing normal at first. The dance floor was so crowded that we ended up very close to each other. Then the next reggae song that came on it was one of those slow grinding songs. I looked around; it was real dark on the dance floor. The other couples all around us started dancing real nasty,

which is something I love to do. I guess Donna noticed that too. She looked at me with her adorable baby eyes, and moved in real close. She slipped her leg between mine, and started to slow grind on my thigh. I put my hand on the small of her back, just above her thick butt, and started to grind back. What an incredible feeling. I could feel my younger sister grinding her pussy on one of my thighs, and her thigh was gently gliding under my balls. Donna had a big naughty smile on her face. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or just the situation we were in, cause she really started to get nasty. I was loving every bit of it. I said to myself, ” Fuck it! Lets see how far she is willing to take this.” I eased back a little, and then I grabbed her right hand and pulled her to me and spun her around. I wanted to feel that fat ass on my cock. Without skipping a beat, she pressed that big thick juicy booty hard up against my cock. I couldn’t take it any more, my cock started to swell big time.

I could tell that Donna was having a good time. The D.J. was really starting to turn the party out. I knew that by now, she could feel my cock poking her ass. Sweat was pouring down my face. I guess the next song the D.J. played was one of her favorites, because she pushed her booty hard up against my ragging hard on, and kept it there. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me. Dancing with my sister like that was one of the most erotic moments of my life. We danced real slowly; it was like we were one unit, connected to each other at the waist. We were dancing so fucking nasty and it was sexy.

Imagine what was going through my mind. Even though I was a little drunk, I still knew exactly what was going on. Here I was with my fine ass sister, dirty dancing with her in a N.Y.C. nightclub. My mind was on overload. Thousands of dirty thoughts flashed in and out of my brain. Pictures of her as a child flashed though my mind, but, I couldn’t make the connection because what was in front on me, grinding her ass into my crotch, was not the little girl I remembered. It felt wrong, but it felt so damn good. I started to wonder, “What the hell must she be thinking?” I wondered if she thought I was nasty. I wanted to know what she was thinking. Was she enjoying this as much as I was? It was too much for me to handle. The battle in my mind, whether this was right or wrong, went on for what seemed like hours. However, it was actually only seconds. I decided to just go with the flow; it was too late to stop now, “Shit I didn’t want to stop anyway.” I closed my eyes and decided to just enjoy this moment.

I was so lost in my fantasies; I didn’t even realize the D.J. started playing some house music. ” Derrick…. Derrick…. lets go get a drink.” It took me a second to come back to reality. On the way back to the bar I said to my sister “Girl I didn’t know you could dance like that.” She turned to me and whispered in to my ear “There’s allot of things you don’t know about me big bro.” My boy Lex hooked us up with some drinks on the house. We sat down at the bar and chit chatted for a while. I noticed allot of the guys izmir escort in the club walking by staring at my sister. Some of the guys even did a double take. Another guy was bold enough to ask her to dance right in front of me. She politely told him ” No thank you, I’m on a date.” The guy then looked at me, and apologized. After he left, we both started laughing. ” Donna you can dance with other guys if you want. Don’t let me hold you back, have fun girl.” She looked at me with her precious smile and said, “You’re the only man in this club I want to dance with big bro, and I don’t give a damn about these other fools in here. Plus I need you to protect me from these guys, there looking at me like I’m steak, and they haven’t even eaten in days”. We both fell out laughing. If she only knew, I was looking at her the same way.

I needed to get out of this club. It was real hot and getting too crowded. I said to Donna, ” Lets get out of here.” We jumped in a cab and headed back to my place downtown. In the cab, Donna was talking a mile a minute. She gabbed on and on about the club. She told me how much fun she had. When the cab arrived at my place, while getting out, Donna damn nearly fell on her face. Good thing I was there to catch her. She fell backwards into my arms. I caught her under her armpits and the palm of my hands landed on those plump juicy tits of hers. Her tits were nice, soft, and heavy. Donna started giggling as I helped her to her feet. ” I think you had too much to drink young lady.” I said. ” Those long island ice teas are the bomb. Derrick, they kind of sneak up on ya” she said.

When we finally entered my studio apartment, the first thing that came to my mind was getting in the shower. I felt all wet and sticky. Donna walked in, flopped right on the bed, and rolled over on her back. “Those long island ice teas are real powerful bro”. Her skirt had ridden way up to the top of her thighs. I got a tiny little peak of her panty covered pussy mound. I thought to myself “Damn she got a phat!!… Pussy.” Thank God she couldn’t see me looking. She rolled around in the bed giggling, and talking about how much fun she had at the club. I said, “Hey girl I’m going to take a shower, I feel all sticky.” Donna said, “Yeah, I wanna take one to.” I said, ” Ok cool I’ll go first, I know you women take forever. She then said, giggling, ” Remember when mommy used to work late, and you had to make sure I took my bath. I would run around naked, and you would chase me trying to get me to put some cloths on. ” Yeah I remember, you used to drive me crazy. I wanted to put you across my lap and give you a good spanking.” Donna started laughing hysterically. ” I only did it cause, I knew it drove you nuts. It was fun having you chase me around the house, and I knew you would never hurt me.” She started bringing up memories I had totally forgot about. It sure is funny the things we remember about our childhood. I said, ” Well I’m still your big brother, and if you try that shit again, I’m going to spank dat… ass.”…. “Ooooh!! Is that a promise? I’m so scared,” she said sarcastically. We both started laughing. I said ” Girl…. your drunk.”

The cool water hitting my body in the shower was very refreshing. Wow! What a night I thought to myself. I replayed all the events of the evening in my mind. I thought about how my sister looked in the club. I thought about how we danced together. I thought about how sensual she was on the dance floor and how gracefully her body moved against mine. Instinctively my hand found my cock and started to stroke it. I used my memories like one would use a VCR. Fast forwarding and rewinding visions of my sister’s fat ass pressing against my bulging cock. She had to feel it; she just had to feel my thick cock pressing against her soft thick ass. Lost in the erotic porno that was playing in my mind, I was startled when I heard…. Boom Boom Boom. “Come on Derrick, hurry up. I thought you said women take forever. You’ve been in there 15 minutes.” Snapping back to reality I said, ” Sorry, I’ll be out in a second”. My cock was begging me for relief. I wanted to cum so bad. My balls looked all swollen, and they felt heavy. I said to myself ” Man you have to stop thinking like this. Now my lust had turned to anger. I was a little angry with myself. Here I am, a grown man lusting after his younger sister.

I got out of the shower and put on a pair of boxer’s. When I opened the door Donna was standing right out side. She was standing in front of me wearing nothing but a towel, wrapped around the top of her huge breasts. ” About time bro.” she said.” I’m sorry the water felt so good.” The evil incestuous side of my mind took over again. She was absolutely stunning standing there in that towel. ” Damn Derrick, you done swelled up big time.” Oh my God… did she see my swollen cock? I put my head down in shame. She then poked at my bare chest a couple of times with her finger. She said, ” I guess all the time you said you’ve been spending at the gym is paying off.” What a relief, I thought I was busted. Thank God she walked into the bathroom. I just stood there. Feeling guilty and ashamed. I thought to myself maybe it’s the alcohol. I was trying to find some excuse for my behavior.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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