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Thanks for your many responses, this is a work of fiction, here is the second part, took a little longer though!

I was having a HARD time literally as Soumini was talking to Sadhana on the phone and Mom glancing at me mischevously. It was already late that night and grandma told her, you should go home, this will be your home after marriage.

“But I wanted to stay here and mom said she was locking the gate and the house” Sadhana looked at me saying.

Grandma was firm and wanted us to not to do anything and wait for marriage. Sadhana was a little upset. Grandma told me follow her car with my car and mother said she would accompany Sadhana.

As we drove near Sadhana’s house, the gate had been locked and and the key was inside the house. I offered to pick up the key from the house and open the gate. I asked them to wait while climbed over the big gate and opened the front door with the key Sadhana gave me. Soumini was there looking at me, as I stopped her from switching on the light and pulled her towards me and kissed and starting groping at her.

“It’s me Raja” I said.

“OH RAJA” She moaned.

I put my hand on her mouth to stop her from moaning loudly, and put my finger in her pussy, and found her already wet.

“Your pussy is now mine” I whispered.

“Yes, Raja all yours” she whispered back.

It could be a quickie, I was thinking to myself, but they were outside, so I just settled for a long kiss, my tongue darting in her mouth as she did the same.

I whispered “I could make it quick” but your daughter is waiting outside.

“Yes, I know, but you can have me anytime” she whispered as she hugged me tight.

I kissed her again and grabbed the key and ran out and opened the gates. As we all stepped in the house, Soumini came by and switched in the lights. Sadhana insisted we stay there for a few minutes and sat next cosying up as I watched both mom and Soumini look at me, smiling at me. I was already stirring again thinking of the women around. I was relieved when mom got up and said it was getting late and we should go home. Sadhana gave me a hug and so did Soumini only making things HARD for me.

As mom sat next to me in the car waving goodbye, she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it.

“It feels good, son to touch your hard cock, I want this cock to fuck your mother real bad” She purred.

“Oh mom” I moaned.

She bent down to suck my already dripping cock and licked it up and down, slow and fast, slurping it as I struggled to drive and managed to get home. As I parked the car, mom looked at me as I pulled her and kissed her mouth and my hands started playing with her boobs in her blouse. I pulled her boobs out of her blouse and started sucking on her nipples hard.

“Oh beta(son), lick my nipples and suck it hard, don’t stop beta” Mom started moaning.

I fondled her nice tits and then put my hand in her pussy, “you are nice and juicy, my dear mother” I teased her as she moaned in ecstasy.

I licked her nice tits and sucked on her nipples as my tongue circled and my teeth pulled at her lovely nipples and big large round areola. Mom pushed my face into her tits and her hands all over my hair.

I looked at her lovely face and started kissing her sexy pouty mouth. She kissed me back as we probed each others mouth, while her hands moved onto my hard dripping cock. I told her to get into the back seat where we had more space. As she got out, she just stood her bare breasted kneeling over the glass, I opened the other door and went and hugged her in the darkness and she slowly pushed my face down her tummy into her wet wet pussy.

“Rub my pussy with your face beta, suck my clit, my fucking son, you are the master of that pussy, and you have all the rights since you put sindoor over there, lick it, suck it, fuck my cunt, your horny mother’s cunt beta, please” she moaned in a canlı bahis whisper.

“I am your husband since I put sindoor, mother” I said.

“No beta, you are a husband only to this pussy, only when you put sindoor on my head, you will be my complete husband” She smiled.

“I love your pussy, my divine mother” I said.

“My pussy loves you, my sexy son” She moaned I licked my mother’s pussy moving her saree up.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” she started as I hushed her mouth and continued to lick as she looked at me clean her wet pussy with my tongue. She shuddered and indicated she was ready to be fucked as I pushed her into the back seat and lay on her, inserting my hard cock in her, as she looked at my face begging for a kiss as my mouth made way into her mouth and starting pushing up and down her pussy with my cock. With each and every stroke, mom kissed me harder and let go of my mouth holding on to the door as I moved in and out harder and harder and when she looked at me and opened her mouth wide, I let my load in her.

She got up and hugged me “Oh beta, I love you, my pussy’s husband”. As she was dressing up, we heard grandma coming near the door and we just walked in.

“Go and sleep, you two, both of you must be tired” Grandma said.

“We are sleeping” I said as we both giggled to ourselves and went to our bedrooms.

We went upstairs and as soon as grandma went to her bedroom, we both started kissing again.

“Son, I want you with me always” She whispered.

“Me too Mom” I said.

“But you are going to marry that slut” she spoke all the time nibbling at my lips.

“Mom, I will be with you” I assured her.

“Yeah, you want to fuck that slut, the aunt you will marry and you will make your mom your slut” She sighed.

“Mom, I will make you the slut married to me” I said winking and smiling at her.

“Yeah, like you married my pussy, all you want is my pussy, not me” She ranted.

“Shut up” I told her smiling and kissed her.

She just put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep, tired after our long long day. The next day as I woke up, Mom stood there in my face, her pussy staring at me, my mom having lifted her saree waking me up with the smell of her lovely cunt.

“My pussy is looking at her husband as it’s wifely duty” Mom whispered.

I pulled her pussy closer and kissed it, then thrust my tongue.

“Mmm, I love my wifely pussy, dear mother” I whispered to her pussy.

The door bell rang, and mom immediately put her saree down.

“Later beta” she hushed as she ran down the stairs.

Sadhana had come home early in the morning wanting to see me and enter wearing a dark blue saree and matching blouse. I watched her enter, standing from the balcony wearing my shorts, and pulling a t-shirt so as to hide my erection. She smiled looking at me and intentionally let her pallu (front part of the saree covering the blouse) down so I could glimpse her ample cleavage through her blouse. She bowed to grandma paying her respects. I walked down and she sat on the couch as mother got her coffee a little grudgingly.

“Raja, I have taken leave today from my office” Sadhana said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I only told her to take leave, so you can go out together” Grandma said.

“I have lot of work” I protested even though I was excited at the thought of getting time with my aunt.

“Rukmini, tell your son to enjoy a bit” Grandma said looking a mom, who was not exactly feeling good about my going outside.

“Raja, Do as your grandmother says, but come home early as you have to take rest and catch up all the work tomorrow” Mom said a little haltingly.

“But I have lots of work” I protested again.

“Your mom has also agreed, please go with her, look at your Sadhana, she is waiting so eagerly” Grandma interrupted again.

I looked at mom as she frowned bahis siteleri a bit at me.

“I have to take a bath and get ready” I said.

“Sadhana, I want you to go the market and get some flowers in the meanwhile for the puja (offering)” Mom said.

The market was a good 15 minutes to and back, and as I left for my bath, Mom came upstairs and knocked on my door. As I opened the door, “I feel jealous” She said, and grabbed my cock and kissed it. She started sucking my cock as the water was running in the tub.

“Oh Mom, you horny woman” I moaned.

“I don’t want you to have energy to fuck that slut” My mom whispered to my long shlong as she sucked in and out, harder and harder.

“Did you think I would fuck her now?” I asked.

“Yes, you are too horny, at least now you have to rest a bit” She smiled naughtily.

“My wicked horny mommy” I whispered

“Aaaaaaaah” I moaned as the showers shut our noises to the outside world.

“I am cummmmmmmmmmming” I groaned as she opened her blouse and made cum in her blouse and on her face.

“My son’s cum will be always near where I can smell today” She reasoned and ran down.

I took my bath quickly and dressed up in a casual t-shirt and jeans. Sadhana was already back and waiting for me, I went and sat next to her on the sofa and she smiled happily. Mom and grandma waved us off as we took off in our car, mom licking her lips with her tongue as she did so with a mischievous look in her eye. Sadhana moved closer to me once we were out of sight and whispered.

“I am so happy to be alone with you” and looking smilingly upon me.

“Why do you like me so much, I am your nephew, you are my aunt?” I asked.

“So what?” she said a little irritated at my referring to her as my aunt. “You will be your own uncle, then you can do your aunt all the time, or maybe you prefer I be my niece-in-law” she continued as she laughed a bit.

“I love you, Raja, that is all I know” she said.

“Sadhana” I said.

“Yes” she murmured a little eagerly.

“You are very pretty, you know” I said to which she smiled flashing her eyes.

“Am I not hot?” she asked

“Hmm, that too” I replied as I put my hand on her back to which she shuddered a bit.

“You don’t have to wait till marriage” she whispered.

I smiled back “Naughty woman”.

We decided to go to a movie. We got out and stood in line, I stood behind her holding her hands as she kept looking back at me lovingly.

I smiled back at her and we got the tickets for the balcony, we headed up and went to a dark corner, there were mostly couples around, and every one not really caring about the movie. I put my hand around her as the lights darkened, and she let her pallu(part of the saree covering her blouse) down, I turned her face towards me and kissed her, she closed her eyes, my hands moved to her bare waist and just touched it, she gasped, we looked around, but nobody cared and were in their own world.

I slid my hand up on around her blouse and squeezed them just a little, she looked at me and smiled and her hand made it to my legs, and touching my balls, my cock showed its appreciation by stirring up.

I whispered “cock says hi”, she giggled.

My hand made it inside her blouse tweaking her nipples, she was starting to moan a bit, as I covered her mouth. She took my hand inside her saree to her panties and her pussy to show how wet it was. I kissed her, squeezed her lovely tits with my other hand. I looked around again just to make sure, nobody was watching, it was dark and everybody was still in their own world, I saw another couple where the girl was going down on the guy. I pointed them to Sadhana, she smiled and winked at me and and started going down on me. she sucked long and hard using both her hands and mouth and smiling wickedly at me. I was fingering her wildly and a gush of cum oozed into bahis şirketleri my hands as she came the same time I did, she took that in her hands as well.

We had each others cum in our hands, she licked her hands and I did mine smiling at her.

We just sat there for a while as the lights came on. We cleaned ourselves in the bathroom and left. We went to a bakery and had some cake, and took a corner spot.

She licked the cake looking at me.

“How is the cake?” interrupted the baker.

“Just awesome” I replied smiling and she nodded.

We walked around the entire day holding hands and making naughty jokes. As it got late, she started feeling a little sad, she I squeezed her hand a bit, and she smiled and got into the car.

I drove her home and she kissed for a long time before we rang the doorbell. As she got in, Soumini asked me to come in and have dinner.

I said “No, they will be waiting at home”.

She said, she will call home and let them know, and called home, grandma insisted I come home.

“At least let him have dinner here” She pleaded with grandma, grandma agreed and both Sadhana and Soumini were beaming.

Soumini was wearing a nightie and I could make her out. I was seeing more clearly in the night and she looked great, she did look young and took care of herself well.

It was a simple dinner with all of us just exchanging looks. Sadhana went upstairs to change into her night dress and Soumini came and stood next to me. I pulled her inside the room downstairs and kissed her.

“Did you fuck her yet?” She asked directly, grabbing my cock.

“Not yet” I replied.

“You can have some practice with me, tomorrow” she whispered and paused.

I nodded as rubbed her clit from outside.

I took my hands off her as I heard Sadhana’s footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked at her smiling and waved. She wanted a hug and hugged me tight, Soumini winking at me.

Mom opened the door at home with a little frown.

“Your mom has been restlessly waiting for you” Grandma said.

Mom glared back at her.

“Let’s us all get to bed” Mom said and grandma agreed.

As we soon as grandma was in her room, I pulled mom and kissed her.

Mom smiled and said “I was waiting for ever, could you not have come early?”

I just smiled and fondled her breasts. “This is all you want, right?” she purred naughtily.

I shut the door behind us and carried her onto the bed. She was wearing her nightie and not wearing anything underneath up or down!

I kissed her forehead, her nose and eyes, and she moaned. I kissed her mouth and she kissed back, our tongues in careless abandon as they wrestled with each other. She hugged me tight as I unbuttoned her completely and saw her in all her naked glory. I got down and stood up and looked at her from head to toe not believing how wonderful she looked. she felt shy a bit and covered her face peeking through the fingers, I smiled and was back on top of her, sucking her nipples as she ran through my hair.

I kissed her pussy, “my wifely pussy is so wet” I whispered.

“Make it wetter: she whispered back.

“Fuck that pussy of yours, beta, make me cum” I parted her pussy lips with my hands and slid my tongue on top it and then inside, she moaned.

“Oh son, that is so good, you make your mother feel good” She squealed.

I pushed my cock inside her pussy and started pumping, she eagerly sucked it in, her pelvis reacting to each and every thrust.

She moaned and I just watched her face full of passion as I went inside and out more and more.

She now touched my back and ran her fingers, I felt a wave of passion descend inside me.

I was ready to come and wanted to take my cock out, she would not let me! come inside! she begged

“I want to feel it inside”.

“What if you get pregnant?” I asked.

“You have to make me your wife, I really still want to be the Daughter in law of the house” she replied.

Next to me on the table was a little sindoor(red vermillion) , this time I put it on her forehead.

Then, I came inside!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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