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Big Tits

Adam’s search for a picture of Sarah started with a general look around Kate’s room. She had to have something there. A picture of the two of them on her dresser or something would do. Sadly there was nothing hung on the wall or anywhere to be found in the open. He started with the top draw. He did not find the picture, but he did find Kate’s panties. He had never been one to jerk-off with panties, but suddenly it seemed like a great idea. He knew he would have to wait though so he put her panties back in the draw and moved onto draw number two.

Four drawers and he had not found a picture. Next was the closet. Still Adam found nothing, but he would not give up that easily. He knew the best way to find a picture of Sarah was simple. He grabbed his own suitcase and pulled out his laptop. It was a good thing he had his own wireless connection because the house had nothing. He quickly typed in his password and loaded up the internet.

He was logged into Facebook 15 seconds later. He quickly found Kate’s profile and searched her friends. She had five friends named Sarah, two of which were in the network for Kate’s school. Sarah McGlee and Sarah Pawn were their names. He guessed that it was Sarah Pawn because she was the same year as Kate. The picture he could see was not big, but Sarah did look attractive. Sarah was about 5’4 with brown hair and her tits seemed only slightly bigger than Kate’s. She did not look like she had a wild lesbian side, but damn did it create an amazing picture in Adam’s head.

The picture of Kate writhing under the stimulation from Sarah’s tongue instantly brought back his briefly faded erection. With the picture of Kate and Sarah running through his head he did the only thing he could do calm himself, take a nap.

His nap was short and did little to relieve his tension. He had dreamed of Sarah and Kate the entire time he was asleep. He awoke when he heard the door open upstairs. He rushed back up to see if Kate had finally returned.

“Well, someone is eager to see me, and it looks like you listened to me,” said Kate when she noticed the bulge in Adam’s shorts. She loved the fact that she had this much control over him.

“So when do I get to hear more of your story from school?”

“After I put these groceries away, meet me down in our room.”

Adam nodded and headed back to the basement. He sat in the bed on the far left eagerly anticipating what he was about to hear. Kate entered the room five minutes later and sat next to Adam on the bed.

“This next story takes places at the start of my 2nd semester of college. Sarah and I had spent many nights together since that 1st weekend, and she wanted to do something new. She had enjoyed the time with me, but she had come to realize that she really miss cock. For weeks she had been talking about going to a party picking illegal bahis a lucky guy and taking him back to our room for the night of his life.”

“What stopped her from doing it?” Adam asked.

“Well, she didn’t want just the one guy. Sarah wanted the 1st time she was fucked in months to be special. She wanted me to be a part of it, but she also knew that it would take more than one guy to take care of both of us. For her to be happy I needed to pick up a guy myself and make it a big night for the four of us.

“It took her a couple weeks to talk me into, but when she threatened to stop eating my pussy every night I had no choice. It was a Saturday night, so nearly half of the school was home. Fortunately most of those who stayed were boys, and that meant they would do anything for a piece of ass that night.

“She also did not want the whole school to think that she was a whore, so we needed to be discrete about what we were doing. I told her that if she really wanted to do it, then all we had to do was make it simple. Each of us would go for a walk and invite the 1st guy we saw back to our room later that night. No guy on campus would question it because any of them would do anything they thought might lead to sex.”

“One question.”


“What’s Sarah’s last name?”

“Pawn, did you look her up or something?”

“I might have.”



“If only that picture could show her hips and butt. You probably would’ve came already had you seen a full picture of her. I get wet just thinking about her. Sarah went out 1st to find a guy and I left 15 minutes later to start my own search. Before I got the chance to find anyone she found me and told me she had found a guy for both of us. Just up the hall was Alan and Keith’s room. Keith had been just coming back from the shower when Sarah ran into him. Keith had said his roommate was free too, and next thing you knew they were both coming by at 9:30 to watch a movie with us. Alan was gonna bring a few drinks.

“I asked her which one she wanted to start with, but she could not decide. We planned to let them pick. Whoever sat closest would be the guy. They arrived at exactly 9:30, a good sign that neither had been laid recently. We sat on opposite ends of the futon so that they would have to sit between us. Keith sat next to me and Alan next to Sarah. We each took a shot of Captains before trying to decide on a movie. Keith suggested Bad Boys II and Alan agreed. Sarah did not care because her one goal was to get laid.

“Alan put Bad Boys II in the DVD player and the four of us settled onto the futon. I kept most of my focus on the Sarah to see what she was going to do. Ten minutes into the movie she leaned in close to Alan and whispered something in his hear. His only response was a surprised look followed by illegal bahis siteleri a smirk. Sarah grabbed Alan’s hand and guided it to the front of her pants and placed it on her crotch. She pressed herself into his hand and slowly grinded her hips. Keith was enthralled by the movie and had no idea what was going on next to him.

“Sarah reached her free hand into the front of Alan’s jeans. Keith finally noticed what was going on next to him and moved back towards me in shock. Sarah smiled at him and said ‘You’ll get your turn baby.’ She quickly removed her hand from Alan’s jeans and mounted him while firmly kissing him. She took her now free hand and grabbed Keith’s crotch before pushing him toward me.

“My job was to warm him up for her. I was not in the mood to fuck a man that night, but she was horny enough to satisfy 100 guys. She ground her hips into Alan as he fondled her tits. She moaned into him as he unbuttoned her blouse so Alan could have access to her chest. She moaned again as her sucked on her left nipple then her right.

“She stopped and ordered everyone to take of their clothes. Alan and Keith were naked in 5 seconds flat. I stripped slower but followed her order. She stood up in front of Alan and Keith turning around as she slowly removed her panties and gave them a view of her heart shaped bottom. She turned back and leaned forward to suck on Alan’s cock while stroking Keith. I got down behind her so that I could stick a finger into her pussy. She moaned and switched from Alan to Keith.

“I positioned myself under her so that she was sitting on my face giving me access to lick her pussy. She grinded hard against my tongue as I flicked it across her clit. I could hear her gagging herself on Alan’s cock and then switching to do the same to Keith. Sarah stood up and announced that it was time for her to be fucked. She turned to face me as she positioned herself in Alan’s lap so she could lower herself onto his cock.

“She lowered herself onto the tip of his cock and then off. She repeated it as she took Alan deeper and deeper into her pussy. She pulled my head into her cunt as she fucked him. She went up and down. Then forward to my waiting mouth and back. I moved with her as my mouth did not leave her cunt. She moaned louder and louder before screaming ‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming.’

“Alan couldn’t hold back as her pussy gripped his cock tighter as she came. He pulled out and shot his load into the air. Most of it landed on her chest. She lower her mouth back onto Keith who could not take any more either and spurted into her mouth.

“Both guys collapsed on the futon as she got up still not fully satisfied. Neither guy could go again, so they dressed quickly. Sarah told them if they mentioned what happened to anyone it would never happen again. They agreed to silence and headed canlı bahis siteleri back to their room.

“Sarah still wanted more and she wanted to try something new with me. She wanted me to come just as hard as her and knew the perfect way how. She sat back on the futon and pulled me into her. She kissed with more passion and fire than she had on that first night. She lifted my leg and placed it against her pussy while placing her thigh into my pussy. She grabbed my leg and thrust herself into me which caused me to rub against her leg.”

Kate climbed onto Adam’s lap as she said this and started to grind her pussy into his leg.

“She drove herself into me faster and faster. The feeling was amazing I was close to cumming fast. She moaned in pleasure and rubbed herself harder against my leg.”

Kate ground herself harder into Adam’s leg. Adam was too stunned to say a word.

“Harder and faster. I couldn’t control it. Before I knew it I was..oh..oh..cummimg and she was too.”

Kate trailed off as her breathing quickened next to Adam’s head. Adam could feel her pussy sliding against his bare leg as it was now coated in her pussy juices. Kate moaned as she came against Adam’s leg.

As her breathing returned to normal Kate slid off of Adam and sat back next to him. “You really got into that story,” Adam said.

Adam needed to come now more than ever, but Kate seemed to read his mind. “Not yet cousin. If you want to hear more then you’ll have to wait. No jerking-off tonight.”

Adam was disappointed, but he was not given the chance to say anything as he heard the door open upstairs. His Aunt Jenny was home from work. “Clean up and meet me upstairs,” said Kate.

Adam quickly cleaned his leg and headed up to see his Aunt. They said quick hellos, but Aunt Jenny was tired and needed to quickly head off to bed. She suggested that Kate and Adam do the same after they had something for dinner. It was common practice at the house to wake up early, so they would have to head to bed shortly.

Kate cut up the fruit she bought earlier and they sat down at the table to eat it. Adam wanted to ask her when he would be allowed to take care of himself, but Kate would not give him the chance to ask during dinner.

They finished their meal and headed to bed. Adam had already decided that he would be jerking off in bed. Kate stripped to her bra and panties while Adam stripped to his boxers once they were back in the room. Adam got into bed and waited for Kate to get into hers, but she didn’t. She climbed into bed next to Adam.

“What are you doing?” Adam asked.

“I’m going to make sure you don’t do anything funny tonight.”

“I wasn’t going to.” Adam cut off his complaint as he realized that this would mean he would be sleeping in the same bed as his nearly naked cousin tonight. Kate curled up next to Adam and put his hand on her chest while pushing her ass against his erection. “This way I know exactly what you’re doing.”

Adam was not going to complain, he knew that a night in this position he would come somehow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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