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This, as so many of my recent tales have been, is based on true events. Names have been changed to protect any semblance of innocence we could find. If feedback warrants I will continue the story and tell you all the second half of it.

“I’ve got a strange favor to ask you,” Her lips pursed together in a pout at the end of the sentence, and for the briefest of seconds, I wondered what she was about to ask me.

“Could you go down on me, for like….five minutes?”

Wait, rewind…

Let’s back this up a bit and figure this all out. Kaitlyn, the girl above, is a diver, just like me. We’d been living together for a few weeks in order to get to know each other better and make getting to our twice a day practices a bit easier. Today was the 11th day in that stay, and I’ll be damned if it hadn’t been a strange two weeks.

Today really hadn’t been any different than the rest, save the fact that our third roommate, Shelley, hadn’t come back home with us after practice, saying that she still had things to take care of on campus. So, we’d come back home and followed our normal routine for the five hours between practice. Come in, sit down, grab a bite to eat, and then maybe pop in a movie or something.

Where things got weird, was during the movie. We sat under the same blanket at opposite ends of the couch, and after some hemming and hawing about where feet should and shouldn’t go so we were both comfortable, one of my feet was left in a position to tease her mercilessly. Normally, I wouldn’t think about it, since I’m involved with someone else at the moment, but for some reason, I had to push it. Kaitlyn isn’t the type of woman most guys could pass up.

5′ 8″, 145lbs, tops, she’d been a gymnast for nearly twelve years before becoming a diver, and damn did it show. Her tits were perfect, firm, with absolutely no sag, even when she went without a bra. The hard nubs of her nipples were clearly visible through most of her shirts and nearly always upturned as if she were excited. (Which, as it turns out, she might well have been). That was just the beginning, I mean, we are really talking about a total package here. The perfect body…nice tits, a firm ass in the shape of an upside down heart, and long, long legs that I would love to have wrapped around my waist.

Well, during the movie, I would occasionally let my foot slide forward, my toes would caress the soft outlines of her pussy lips and then I would pull the foot back, each time expecting her to say something, but each time she remained silent, until about halfway through the movie when she started arching her hips up to meet the pressure. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional at first, but after a few more minutes of gentle pressure and experimentation, there was no doubt that she was grinding her pussy against my foot, and I stopped pulling away entirely.

Still not wanting to seem completely obvious about it, I kept up slow, applying pressure and moving my foot around, until the movie ended. I tossed off the blanket and asked her if she wanted a drink, shortly before heading up to my fridge to grab a Coke. When I came back, she was in on the computer, so I sat down on the bed and drank my soda as I waited for her to say something.

And here I was…

“Could you down on me, for like, five minutes?” Her voice was steady, and I couldn’t for the life of me tell if she’d been rehearsing the question, but damned….what a favor to ask.

I wanted to act shocked, but the only words that came to mind were affirmations at first. After a moment to regain my composure I answered her. “That was a bit random…and not that I’m complaining…but I’d like to point out that we’re supposed to leave for practice in about five minutes…”

“Do it for like, two minutes then…please?”


“I’m just so horny, I need to get off…please Corey?”

“Sure” I stood up and moved to the edge of the bed, as she scooted forward, fingers already tugging at the laces of her soft pants.

“Can you get the light please?” She nodded towards the light switch on the wall behind me as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants.

I dutifully flicked off the lights, what do I care? My night vision is as good if not better than my day vision anyways, and god was the sight worth it. Her curves were every bit as firm as the dreams I’d had about her, and the difference between seeing her without her pants and seeing her in a bathing suit was shocking. I took her in for a moment as I knelt down between her legs and pushed them slowly apart.

“You know, flattery aside, you really are beautiful.” I said softly, just before trailing my tongue along the inside of her thigh, up to her most sensitive skin.

She moaned softly and arched her hips up, encouraging me. “Come on…please?”

I dove into her pussy tongue first, with my fingers only the barest second behind. Kaitlyn writhed and moaned as I found her clit and rapidly worked escort ataşehir my tongue around the sensitive button. Two fingers snaked up behind my tongue and slipped inside her and as I ripped another moan from her body I wondered how long this had been brewing…surely since before the movie… it couldn’t have made her that horny…

“OH god! Yes…! I can’t… I’m…cumming…! ” She screamed out as she reached down and grabbed hold of my head, pulling me in deeper to her pussy as I mercilessly flicked her clit with my tongue. “God…! Corey…more…please, more..”

I looked at the clock and knew that if we didn’t leave for practice in the next two minutes or so we were never going to make it, but who was I to argue with a beautiful woman demanding that I eat her pussy some more? I don’t suppose it helped how much I love eating pussy…

I grabbed both her legs, one in each hand and pulled her closer as I dove deeper into her snatch, snaking my tongue into her pussy right alongside my tongue. God she tasted good. I could’ve eaten her pussy for hours, but minutes was what I had to work with…or so I thought.

“Corey…we’ve got…oh fuck! That’s so good!…practice..”

I pulled myself away from my feast reluctantly and shoved two fingers deep into her pussy, driving home another orgasm as her the muscles of her body contracted around my fingers and tried desperately to milk them dry.

Fingers still embedded inside her, and not the least bit inactive I crawled up the rest of her body onto the bed and leaned over her face, planting my lips solidly against hers and kissing her soundly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs closed tight around the hand between her legs and for a moment we writhed together on the bed in an erotic dance that was bound to lead us somewhere we shouldn’t be going.

The kiss was broken after a bit and I indicated the clock with a nod, “Do you really want me to stop so we can go to practice?” I flicked my fingers faster and pushed them a bit deeper into her pussy as I finished off the question.

“God…no…” She opened her eyes and looked up at me… “I want you…not just your fingers or tongue…please?”

I grabbed her hands from behind my neck and placed them at the bottom of my shirt, then leaned forward as she pulled the sweatshirt over my head and tossed it aside. Her hands ran over my chest and shoulder muscles before sliding down to cup my ass in both hands and pulling the denim bulge of my jeans into her waiting pussy, grinding her cunt against me, trying desperately to make contact with her clit.

“You’re still overdressed,” I pointed out, indicating her shirt.

She pulled the shirt from her body revealing her perfect tits to my eyes for the first time. Well, first intentional time, I’d walked in on her changing once or twice previously. Instantly I was drawn to her nipples, and dove for them, mouth first, sucking first one into my mouth and then the other, then taking time on each one, rolling, pinching, nipping, licking, sucking and toying with each one as much as was possible. They were as hard as pencil erasers before I was done, and Kaitlyn was moaning like a bitch in heat.

“Too…much.” She choked out as she pulled my head up and kissed me again. “Stand up…”

I realized at this point that the painful sensation bearing down on my cock was the product of my jeans still being completely on, not even unzipped at this point, and did just as she bade me to do. I stood from the edge of the bed and much to my amazement this luscious beauty sank down to her knees right in front of me as she undid my belt, button and zipper, running her palm the length of the enormous bulge in my pants.

“God…you weren’t…joking about the Bullwinkle thing…were you?”

She tugged the pants down around my knees and I was more than a little amused to hear the opening of Nickelback’s “Figured You Out” come on the CD player in the background.”

“I like your pants around your feet,
I like the dirt that’s on your knees,
I like the way you still say please,
While you’re looking up at me..”

God she looked good from this vantage point. There is little more erotic than the sight of a woman sucking cock, and that’s precisely the view I was about to get. Kaitlyn fished into my boxers and pulled my cock out, admiring it for the briefest of moments before running her tongue along the underside, almost like a child would with an oversized lollipop.

“Please…?” She whispered the word as she ran her tongue over my length time and again.

I wrapped a fist in her hair, causing her to smile widely and jump just a bit as I guided her mouth forward onto my throbbing cock. Inch by inch I watched it disappear into her mouth, until about ¾ of my cock had settled into the hollow of her mouth and throat, and those luscious pouty lips were wrapped around me. She backed up, leaving only the tip of my cock in her kadıköy escort bayan mouth and dove forward again, moving faster now, and I was surprised when for the first time in my life a woman deep-throated me with no real problem.

She was a natural born cocksucker. It was the most wonderful feeling, and there were times where the only thing keeping me on my feet was the grip on had on her hair. She went slow, then fast, then gentle, then hard. At times she sucked my cock, and at times I fucked her mouth. I couldn’t say how long had passed, but soon I leaned back against the bed and muttered a brief expletive as I felt the cum boiling in my balls and start working its way up through my cock.

“God! Kait…I’m going to cumm..” I couldn’t manage most of the words, but she got the point, thrusting me deep into her throat for one last long suck before pulling me out of her mouth and starting to jerk me fast and hard towards her chest and face.

“Cum on, Corey, I love it when guys cum on my tits and my face.” She surprised me more with every word out of her mouth. “Come on…cum al over me, give it to me, so nice and hot…” Her hand had drifted down between her legs and flew in a blur over her clit as she worked her fingers back and forth in effort to give herself yet another orgasm.

I think she started cumming first because I was somehow sure she was going to yank my cock off as I started spewing my load all over her. Shot after shot, a literal flood of cum worked its way from my cock over the distance onto her chest and her face. The first blast took her square in the face and she moaned in ecstasy as the warmth penetrated her skin.

It took a minute for the torrent to subside, but that didn’t stop her. With my load still hanging off her face and chest she pulled my cock back into her mouth and kept right on sucking. It was obvious that she loved it, and the taste of my cum…but I’d had enough of waiting…I wanted the grand prize…

I hauled her up to her feet and bent her over the bed. Her ass was so nice, I couldn’t resist one solid slap across that luscious flesh, and man was I surprised when the spanking elicited nearly as many moans as my tongue had.

“God…you…harder…do it harder…” Her breathless pant told me she was serious. “Come on, smack my ass, Corey…”

I raised my hand and laid y open palm across her ass with a sharp crack. She yelped out in pain and I watched as she shoved two fingers deep into her own cunt. In and out, faster and faster she plunged them as I laid a few more solid swats on that beautiful ass. She moaned and groaned the whole time, and when I finished, I wasn’t at all surprised to see her pussy juices flowing down her inner thighs. This girl came like a faucet, and once she started, she just didn’t stop.

My grand prize awaited me though, and I’ll be damned if I could have honestly said that I would wait another minute for it. I could hear Kaitlyn begging softly for me to fuck her, to shove my cock deep inside her and fuck her without mercy, but I had something else in mind.

Summoning every last bit of self-restraint I placed the head of my nine inch cock at the entrance to her pussy and eased myself forward, feeding just the tip inside her, before easing myself back out and stroking the tip of my cock against the length of her slit, over and over again.

She was so wet, I could’ve shoved the whole of my cock into her and she’d have taken it without problem, but that wasn’t the point. Here I was, getting ready to fuck senseless the subject of countless guy’s wet dreams, a hopeless cocktease and horny little bitch, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to take my time and give it all back to her ten-fold. And from the sounds she was making, mewling and panting, moaning and groaning, she’d take everything I was willing to give her and a little more besides.

On a whim, I turned and strode from the room, my cock swinging as I walked, and I heard her confusion as she turned around and watched. I grabbed a wash cloth and drenched it in the hottest water I could before coming back and tossing it to her.

“Clean yourself off, Kait, I don’t want you making a mess of my bed, at least…not just yet.”

The hot cloth took the cum off her chest, and her fingers cleaned most of it from her face, depositing it into her mouth. She looked up at me, her eyes gleaming and a small puddle of pussy juice collecting between her thighs.

“So what’s next, Corey?”

I smile a smile that showed more teeth than it should, grinning not saliently but evilly at her, as I lifted her up from the floor and tossed her back on the bed. “Time for a new game, sexy…this time you can start on top.”

She crawled up my body from her position on the bed, pausing for a brief second to lick the length of my hard cock before taking my cock in hand and guiding it back between her legs. Kaitlyn sighed heavily as she started working her way down escort bostancı the monster and within a few brief seconds the narrow strip of hair above her pussy was grinding down against the shaved skin of my cock.

“Jesus…I’ve….never felt…this… full!” she moaned, swiveling her hips in time with the beat in the background.

Her hands found their way up behind her head, pulling her perfect tits up to an easily accessible point for me, so I leaned forward and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth, but not so gently as before. I clenched her nipple between my teeth and tugged lightly, flicking it with my tongue and biting softly over and over again. Kaitlyn wrapped her hands in my short blonde hair and pulled me in even closer, obviously a fan of rougher treatment.

“God…it’s been so long since I’ve had anyone who could…make…me cum, and never before like this…good lord Corey…where the hell did you learn this shit?”

I smiled around her nipple and in response I bit down a bit harder, letting my hand trail down her back to grab hold of her ass. Now it wasn’t just her riding my cock, so much as it was a matter of who was fucking who. The woman had the tightest pussy I’d ever seen, no doubt about that, and her muscles could’ve milked me dry in an instant if I hadn’t cum once already. I could tell already that this was going to be a long night.

She bent down and ran her tongue along the line of my ear, sending shivers down my spine, but it was her voice that drove me nuts. It was a soft, sexy whisper, but the words…

“Come on, Corey, I know you want to fuck me harder than that…come on…do what you want to me…I’ll be your slut for the night.” She moaned heavily into my ear, though whether for effect, or not I couldn’t say. “You’d like that wouldn’t you? To do whatever you wanted to me? Would you like to fuck my pussy nice and hard, would you like to fuck my face, cover me in your cum again? How about my ass…” I jumped at that one, my cock twitched inside her, giving me away. “Ohhhh…you would wouldn’t you? You’d love to shove this monster up my ass and fuck me nice and hard? Pump my butt full of your cum? Oh God…Corey…I love the way you fuck…”

I’m wasn’t the least bit sure how much more of her I could take at this point, since I could already feel another massive load building in me, and she was pushing every last button I had.

Switching gears I levered my weight against her and flipped her onto her back, never so much as pulling my cock out of her. I was ready and raring to go, time after time, but now I was starting to feel that desperate urge to cum, and I needed to slow shit down for a minute, or I was going to pump her pussy full of cum far earlier than I planned to.

Pulling Kaitlyn’s legs up over my shoulders I slowed down the frantic pace of fucking and took my time easing my cock out of her pussy before slamming it back in. It was nice and controlled pace that allowed me to work out some of my frustrations and let that enormous load of cum settles itself back down. I kept the pace up for about ten minutes, listening ever more eagerly as her moans and cries coincided more and more with her slut talk. I’d never expected her to get this vulgar during sex, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to complain.

“Come on…fuck me! Please…harder…”

I redoubled my efforts, trying desperately to hold on to my control until the last possible second, but the bitch just kept squeezing her cunt muscles around my cock. Over and over I slammed into her, listening to her cries of pleasure. I reached down under my own cock and shoved my thumb into her ass, knowing full and well that her pussy would have lubed her up plenty by now, and was rewarded with another skyrocket orgasm.

It’s a rare thing to see a woman squirt when she cums, but Kaitlyn seemed to be a statistical impossibility. Her pussy cream squelched around my cock and erupted into the air, landing on my stomach, and hers, her legs, and the skin adjacent to her pussy as I kept fucking her, and finally I could hold off no longer…

“Jesus…Kaitlyn, I’m gonna cum….” I managed to choke out as I grabbed her legs and lifted her lower half up into the air.

“Come on, cum for me, pump me full of it, Corey…” She gasped as my cock started to contract and jump within her. “Cum for me, cum in me, on me, whatever you want, just cum for me!” She screamed the last as the orgasm ripped through me and a tidal wave of cum splashed against her insides.

I jerked and moaned, pulling my cock from her dripping cunt and spraying the last few jets across her stomach. My knees decided that now would be a good time to give out and then all of a sudden I was lying against her chest, my head nestled between her tits as she played idly with my hair. Of course…this was also the point that I noticed we weren’t alone, and apparently hadn’t been for sometime.

Shelley, the other dive was sitting in the chair at my desk, legs spread and fingers playing idly with her pussy. She was flushed, obviously having already had one orgasm, and looked more than a little intrigued by the situation unfolding in front of her.

“No wonder you two didn’t come to practice…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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