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Dick Gif

I have always been an average guy. I’m five foot ten, weigh a hundred and fifty five pounds, dark hair, grey eyes and an average cock (61/2 inches). I made average grades in high school, winding up with a 3.2 GPA.

I didn’t get vast amounts of pussy in high school and that trend continued when I joined the work force. I had to work my ass off for that wonderful stuff. The only thing I had going for me was strength. I was a heavy construction welder. Dragging around steel plates and a welding lead all day had made me harder than wire. Sometimes, if I could demonstrate that strength to a girl without seeming to show off, she’d come across. I was twenty years old and still living at home. I had built up a large nest egg. I had an almost new car. The only thing I needed was women.

Since I didn’t inhabit the numerous bars in the area I had few opportunities at ‘willing’ women. Occasionally, I would meet one in the super market. My hobbies were hunting and fishing. These two sports provided even less opportunities to meet new females.

I was home one day cleaning my deer rifle in the basement den. Almost never did I have visitors down there. I heard a little noise. When I went to investigate it I found my little sister crying softly at the door to the den. Escorting her inside, I said “What’s wrong Kathy?”

“My boyfriend dumped me,” she wailed.

“Do you want me to go kick his ass?”

“No, I’m better off without him. All he wanted to do was try to fuck me.”

I was taken aback. I had never heard her use the ‘f’ word before. She must be really upset. I took her hand and led her upstairs to the couch. I sat her down and snuggled in beside her, putting my arm around her shoulders.

“Oh, Jeff, you’re so good to me. Why can’t I find a guy like you?”

“You mean a total loser?”

“You’re not a loser. You are sweet and kind. You feel kind of strong. Squeeze me.”

I put some pressure on her and she sighed and sank into me.

“Oh my god! You’re a bear!” she said feeling my bicep.

“I work real hard. Don’t worry Kathy. A pretty girl like you will be able to find a good guy easily. Now that you are rid of that asshole, you should spread you wings a little.”

“I don’t want to date any more. I want to stay home.”

“That won’t last. Where are mom and dad?”

“They went to the rodeo. They won’t be back until late.”

“How about I take you out to eat? We’ll go anywhere you want,” I offered.

“Jeff, can I just stay here with you? I’ll fix something for us to eat. Maybe we can watch TV until mom and dad get back.”

“Okay, I’ll go finish my rifle and you get started on dinner.”

She was really upset and I wanted her to feel happy and useful. When I came back, the aroma of hamburgers giving their all assailed my nostrils. “What do you want on yours?” she called from the kitchen.

“Just mustard and onions,” I called back.

She brought the food into the living room and we started to eat.

I flicked on the Tv. “Maybe we should go get some videos,” I suggested.

“I just want to stay here with you,” she replied.


When we finished eating, she gathered the plates and put them in the dishwasher. She sat beside me on the couch and snuggled into my arms. “Cuddle with me, please Jeff.”

We started watching a meaningless docudrama. I hated this kind of programming, but I stayed with it to please Kathy.

She looked up at me. “I feel safer in your arms than anywhere in the world.”

“You are my sister and I love you. If you want something, just ask.”

She was about to say something when they heard their parents car pull into the garage. I squeezed her a little tighter. She moaned as our parents came into the living room.

“How was the rodeo?” I asked.

“It was really good. We brought some brochures. I thought Kathy had a date.”

“It didn’t work out for her,” I replied.

“Well, canlı bahis we’re going to bed. That rodeo wore us out.”

“Okay, see you in the morning.”

The docudrama was winding down, but I didn’t have to work tomorrow. It was Saturday.

Kathy squeezed me tightly and said, “Jeff, can I stay in your room tonight? I’m just so sad, I want company.”

I would do just about anything for my sister. I knew she was hurting. “I’ll let you, but you know I sleep in the raw.”

“Oh, no. Can’t you at least wear some boxers?”

“Anything for you sis.”

I shut the TV off and headed for the bathroom. Teeth brushed and ablutions complete, I entered my bedroom. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a pair of panties and one of my t-shirts. I took off my shirt and dropped my pants.

“Wow, you look like one of those exercise machine ads,” she giggled as she studied my six pack.

I sat beside her on the bed. “Which side do you want?” I asked.

“The side away from the door.”

I put my arms under her and shifted her to the requested side. She couldn’t believe the strength in my arms. I had lifted her like she was a three year old. I turned off the light and slid in beside her. She felt my muscles as they brushed across her body. Her boyfriend became a fading memory. Really naughty thoughts now inhabited her mind. The only question in her mind was, “How am I going to seduce my brother/”

I threw my arm around my sister and fell asleep almost immediately. On the other hand, she was having a tough time keeping her hands out of my boxers. In the end, she gave up, not wanting to scare me off. She had read enough about men to know that most of them were easily trapped, easily trained. Her time would come.

The morning sunlight seeped through my window. I started to get up and that’s when I felt the warm, soft body lying next to me. As the fog left my brain, I realized it was my sister. Thank god she wasn’t awake. I had that typical male morning wood. I eased off the bed and went to the bathroom. By the time I finished, the wood was gone. My sister was still sleeping peacefully. I went to the kitchen. A note on the table said, “We’ve gone to the club. We’ll be playing all day and dancing all evening. See you about midnight.”

I went back to the bedroom. Kathy was tossing and turning in her sleep. “Oh, yes Jeff. Fuck me harder.” She moaned in her sleep.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My sister wanted to fuck me? I had never thought of her as a sexual being. She was always just ‘sis.’ I had no idea what to do next. I shook her gently. She awoke and smiled at him.

“Betcha don’t know what I was dreaming about,” she smiled.

“Betcha I do,” I replied.

“No you don’t. How would you know?’

“You talk in your sleep.”

The color drained from her face. She covered her face with her hands and started to cry. “Oh my god, Jeff, I am so sorry.” She wept.

“It’s Okay, Kathy. I’m not mad. I’m flattered that a pretty girl like you would have those kinds of thoughts about me. How long have you been thinking this way?”

“Just since last night when you were so good to me. I really, really do love you Jeff. Hold me.” She sniffled.

I lay down beside her and held her tenderly. “I think you need some time to think this over.”

“I thought about it all last night. I couldn’t sleep. Your big strong arms had me paralyzed. I had some insanely wicked dreams about you last night. Please don’t hate me Jeff.”

“I could never hate you. I do think you need to ponder this for more than overnight. Mom and dad are gone for the day and they won’t be back until midnight. You’ve got to give yourself some time. I don’t want you to do anything you’ll regret later.”

“Okay Jeff, I’ll think about it, but I already know, my mind won’t change. As horrible as it sounds, I’ve fallen in love with my brother.”

“Kathy, it’s not horrible. Unusual, maybe, but bahis siteleri not horrible.” I squeezed her tightly, sending shivers up and down her spine.

“How do you feel about this?”

“I don’t know, honey, this is all new to me. Any man would be proud to have you as a girlfriend. I’ll have to think about this.”

“I’ll make some breakfast and then we’ll decide what to do the rest of the day,” she said as she hopped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. “This is perfect,” she thought, “My plan is working perfectly.”

She fried some bacon and eggs with toast and coffee. “So what do you want to do today, Jeff?”

“I’m going to the gun shop and order a new revolver. Then I have to see if my boat has been painted. Do you want to come along?”

“Yes, I do. Could we have lunch at Coco’s?”

“Sure, get ready. I’ll be leaving in ten minutes.”

She chattered and babbled all the way to the gun shop. We went in and I ordered a new S&W 500.I paid cash for it.

“I didn’t know you had that kind of money.” Kathy commented.

I didn’t say anything. We got back into my car and drove to Coco’s. As we ate lunch, I said, “Well, have you thought it over?”

“Yes, I have.”


“I haven’t changed my mind. I want it more now than I did last night or this morning. How do you feel about it?”

“As I said, I think any man would be happy and proud to have you as a girlfriend and I am no exception. Let’s just take it nice and slow. I don’t want there to be any mistakes.”

“Oh, Jeff, you won’t be sorry. I’ll be your woman and love you always.” She kissed me hard right on the lips in the middle of the restaurant.

“Gee, Kathy, take it easy. We can’t let anyone know about our blossoming relationship. It’s incest. They could throw us in jail for it. We’ve got to keep it under wraps until we can figure out what to do next.”

“You’re right Jeff. I don’t want us to get into trouble just because we’re in love. We’ll take it easy and see what happens.”

Lunch finished, we headed for the video shop. “Please don’t get any chick flicks,” I begged.

“Okay, I’ll pick out some real ‘manly’ stuff,” she replied.

On the way home she slid her hand up my leg and rubbed my cock through my jeans. “You’ll make me crash the car if you keep doing that,” I reminded her.

“That just means I’ll have to do it more when we get home.”

“It’s a deal.”

When they got home the phone was ringing. I picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hi honey, it’s mom. Your dad and I won a cruise to Aruba at the club lottery.”

“Sweet! When do you leave?”

“Tomorrow morning. Dad’s going to fly us to Miami and we’ll board the boat there. We’ll be gone three weeks. We’ll be home this afternoon to pack. See ya!”

“Kathy, mom and dad are going to be home soon.” I called.

“Oh,no! Why?”

“They won a trip to Aruba. They’re leaving tomorrow. Do you think you can rein in your hormones until then?”

“How long will they be gone?”

“Three weeks.”

She screamed and ran into my arms. “What’ll we do for three weeks?”

“Watch videos and go hunting, I guess.”

She socked me on the arm. “No way, Jose, we’re gonna get used to each other and I mean, really used to each other.”

“Calm down! I was just jerking your chain. We’ll have plenty of time, starting tomorrow.”

“Let’s sit and watch a video until they get home,” she suggested.

“Okay.” And we retired to the sofa to watch the first video.

Five minutes later our parents burst through the door. “Change of plans. There’ll be bad flying weather tomorrow. We’re flying out this afternoon as soon as we’re packed,” mom shouted and headed for their bedroom. They were packed and ready in thirty minutes. “You kids be good. Try not to set the house on fire!” dad yelled. They were gone in a cloud of exhaust fumes and rubber smoke.

“Is it possible that they are younger than we are?” bahis şirketleri Kathy commented.

‘Nope, not possible. Now, where were we?”

I settled onto the sofa and she snuggled up next to me. “We were watching this video,” she said.

She wiggled and wiggled until it was hard to tell where I left off and she began. She rubbed my cock through his jeans. “Have you had sex before?’ she asked.

“Yeah, how about you?”

“I’m still a virgin, but you’re going to fix that.” She pulled me down to her waiting lips. The kiss started almost platonically and then slowly morphed into a full blown tongue fight. “Touch me,” she whispered.

My hands found her breasts. She moaned as I squeezed her and pinched her nipples. “Let’s shut off this silly video and go get comfortable,” I said.

I plucked her off the sofa and carried her to my bedroom. I removed her clothing one garment at a time until she was revealed to me, entirely. She ripped my clothing from my body in a shark like frenzy.

We stood before each other, completely nude for the first time ever. I admired her body. She had nice, medium tits and had shaved her pussy hair into a kind of Hitler moustache. I was entranced, rooted to the spot. She didn’t take her eyes off my cock. I engulfed her in my arms and carried her to my bed.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered as I lay her gently down.

“It is going to hurt some when I pop it. If you want to back out, now’s the time. I won’t be able to stop later.”

“I know it will hurt, but I want you to go slowly so I can get used to it.”

“Preparation is everything,” I replied as I dived on her pussy. I spread her legs enough to get my head in between them.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting you ready for love.”

“Are you going to lick me?”

“Oh yes and much more.” I licked the length of her slit. Her fragrance was fantastic. I took a deep, deep breath of it. She was starting to dribble a little pussy juice. I licked it up and rammed my tongue into her vagina. She screamed and humped her hips off the bed. I slid my tongue up and made a ring around her clit. I sucked it gently between my lips and tongued the end of it rapidly. I slipped a finger into her and started finger fucking her. She shrieked like she was shot and came on my face. I happily licked it all up. It was sweet and salty. It had an unforgettable flavor. I loved every drop.

“That was just so, so good,” she exclaimed. “Can we do it some more?”

“Yes, but first, I want your cherry. I want to pop you and make you a woman. Open your legs wide.” Her legs spread for me and I crawled in between them. Take my cock in your hand and guide it to your pussy,” I said quietly. I felt her fingers wrap around my dick and pull me to her gate. She rubbed her pussy lips with the end of my cock.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes, do me now.” She demanded.

I pressed forward with my hips and slowly penetrated her hungry pussy. I felt her barrier and shoved hard against it, feeling it give way. She squeaked a little, like a mouse. I saw a single tear drop on her cheek. I licked it off. “Are you alright?’

“Yes, it just hurt a little when you popped it. It feels fine now. I know I’ll be a little sore for a while. Let’s get on with it. I can’t wait to get more. Fuck me hard!”

I plunged into her as far as I could. She grunted when my pubic hairs crushed her clit. Soon she was humping back against me. I felt her shudder as another orgasm shook her frame. I could feel my own orgasm starting deep in my balls. “I’m gonna cum,” I told her.

“In me, shoot it in me. I want to feel every drop.”

I slammed into her as hard as I could. I felt her pussy milking my cock. I was squirting into her like a fire hose. I had never come so hard in my life.

I got off and lay beside her, waiting for sanity to return. We were both puffing and panting.

“If I had known it was this good, I would have done that ‘sleeping, horny virgin’ act a long time ago.”

Only then did the light come on. Once again, woman had triumphed, through subterfuge, over man. I said a little prayer of thanks as I stroked her tits.

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