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A departure from sibling sex that has a ‘happy ending’ despite the odds. Copyright retained by the author.

This old road was a survivor; on the map, it is a B road, meaning minimum maintenance from the county department of roads. The only reason it is not closed is it is the only access to the few mountain cottages still occupied during the year. In winter, a four-wheel drive in low range can barely make the climb; during spring rains, it is even worse. Summer and early fall are the best times to try the trek up or down. Most folks who stay up here during the summer pack in at least two months provisions. The nearest town with groceries is a two-hour drive down and three-hour drive back if conditions are good.

This summer, it fell to me to head for the mountains since I have the time off. I have early June through late August off since my company shut down to retool for a new production line. I had my small trailer loaded with eight coolers of dry ice and frozen food. I had 25 cases of water in case the well does not work, ten cases of dehydrated fruit and vegetables, and eight cases of surplus military meals – ready to eat (MRE). I also had about 300 gallons of gas for the generator in case the power is out, the power company has a hard time getting equipment up this road and two weeks without commercial power is not unusual.

While I’m getting my fudge packed on this road, let me introduce myself. I am Darin Johnson, 31 years old, and a production worker. Overall, I am in good physical condition from production work, workouts in gyms, biking, jogging, and hiking. Up here, it will be hiking, jogging, and keeping the cottage in order. I have two older brothers and a younger sister. My brothers’ businesses have them booked this summer; they won’t be here at all. My sister, who is 25, will come up later in the summer for a couple weeks. The cottage is just barely tolerable for a guy and for a woman, absolutely impossible is an over simplification. She is my incentive to make sure the well works, the plumbing works, and the water heater works.

I am anxious for Jill to come, we do not see one another often and having a couple weeks with her will let us catch up. Jill is easy on the eyes, as she likes to stay fit. Her figure is proportional to her height; her bust is most likely 34 and maybe a B cup. Her waist is 23 or 24 maybe and her full hips rest neatly on firm shapely legs. She is friendly, quick to start a conversation, and very personable. I hope I can be good company since the population up here is sparse.

I reached the turn off to our cottage and had to stop to open the gate. The pounding my body took coming up the road was about to get relief if only for a few seconds. After swinging the gate open, I made time out of my vehicle to stretch my legs, back, and arms, it felt good to get circulation going. The usual action up here is leaving gates open when cottages are occupied; it is for safety even though emergency response by vehicle is unlikely.

I spent the first few days getting the cottage in shape. Water was first priority, the well was working after a little maintenance, I flushed the plumbing, got hot water going, cleaned the kitchen, and the rest of the cottage. Fortunately, the power worked and with the refrigerator running, and food packed away, I was done.

Out on a long nature hike, my cell phone went off, it was Jill. “Hey Darin, where are you?”

“Jill, are here now? I’m up on Eagle Point about an hour from the cottage. It’s nice to hear your voice.”

“No, not at the cottage yet, I’m about half way up the mountain getting my ass kicked on this road. I hope to be there in maybe an hour and a half. What can we do tonight?”

“I guess a hot soak is top on the list if your cute little ass is all kicked from the road.”

“My cute little ass is none of your business but a soak is a good idea. I have some survival supplies packed away, some beer, wine, and 25-year-old single malt. Ouch! Shit!”

“Are you bringing ‘w-i-n-e’ or ‘w-h-i-n-e’? Sounds like you just took another hit.”

“Both, damn you. I am going to get off see you soon.”

“You too, Jill, I am happy you can spend time with me. Bye.”

My stride canlı bahis increased so I could have a shower before Jill arrived and have more hot water for her. I thought about dinner along the way deciding on a little steak and fish with a wild lettuce salad. I decided to jog the last half-mile as the trail became smoother toward the bottom.

I took meat and fish out to thaw, collected wild lettuce and put it in the sink to soak. I shaved, showered quickly, and dressed in cottage usual jeans and t-shirt. Waiting for Jill, I began fidgeting, anxious for her arrival; we have not seen each other since last year. A car horn honked loudly outside sending a shot of adrenaline through me, it’s Jill, she is here.

I reached the porch as Jill’s feet hit the ground, the sight of her disheveled appearance was funny. Pretty as she is, she looked beat. “Ah poor baby. Looks like more than your ass got kicked.”

“You sure know how to endear a girl don’t you. Get down here and greet me properly.” She smiled a bright smile that was infectious.

I stepped off the porch and reached her in a couple quick paces. Jill leapt into my arms, wrapped her legs around my hips giving me a hug and kiss that did not seem sisterly. To my surprise, I caught myself scooping my hands around her butt and returning the kiss.

“Whoa, Jill. Shit! What’s wrong with us? This is not how brothers and sisters embrace.” I moved my hands from her butt and she dropped her feet to the ground.

“Yeah, but you did get a good feel,” she was laughing, “and I got a nice tingle out of it. Now be a good brother and help me unload.” After three trips, Jill’s car was empty.

“I’ll put my things in the right bedroom,” Jill yelled. “Then I’ll take that hot bath.”

“The right bedroom, I’m in the right bedroom,” I yelled to her.

“Okay then, I’ll just put my stuff in the right bedroom and have my bath. I’m hungry too, you have anything ready?”

“Jill, I said I’m in the right bedroom,” I felt a little frustration growing thinking I now have to move to the other bedroom.

“That’s right, the right bedroom and I’m having a bath. What’s for dinner?”

“I give up, I’ll move my stuff later. I have wild lettuce, a couple small steaks, and fish thawed. Yell when you want me to start cooking. There are some bath oil beads in the cabinet behind the bathroom door.” Jill had me wondering, asking myself, why she was behaving like this, the hug and kiss, the bedroom, not to mention, as I just realized, she is here two weeks earlier than planned.

Water began running as Jill filled the tub. A few minutes later, I heard a happy sigh as Jill settled into the hot water. Surely, the rough ride up melted away as she soaked. “Oh Darin, this is wonderful. The bath beads are the perfect touch, I’m feeling feminine again.” I did not answer although I thought to myself, you felt feminine with that hug and kiss.

“Darin, I’m almost done, I like my steak rare so maybe wait about ten minutes before you start cooking.”

“Okay, Jill. What do you want to drink with dinner, wine or beer?” Jill called back, wine. Time passed and I began warming the fry pan for the steaks and the oven to bake the fish. The wild lettuce salad was ready, the pan and oven warmed, I called out, “Jill, I’m starting to cook”

“Why are you yelling, Darin, I’m right here?” The sight before me was a beautiful woman; I did not see my sister. Jill dressed in a light cotton sundress that hugged her breasts and abdomen then flared over her hips stopping mid thigh. Jill knew the affect she had, “I presume, you think the look is acceptable?”

“Come on Jill. Tell me what’s going on, two weeks early, taking my bedroom, dressing like this. Just what the heck is up with you?” My gaze did not move from the woman before me, I could not shift my eyes to start cooking.

“How old are you Darin?” Jill knows perfectly well how old I am, what is her game?

“You know how old I am, what are you getting at? Don’t as me how old you are either. Give me an answer Jill, what’s your game.”

“Game Darin, I’m not playing a game. I am a woman alone with a man in a mountain cottage with no neighbors. I came two weeks early and plan to stay until I’m bahis siteleri ready to leave, a month, maybe two. The ways you’re looking at me you see a woman too.”

She was right on seeing a woman and my conscious mind could not find my sister anywhere in that dress. My subconscious mind sent disconnected alarm signals. “Jill, I see a woman, holy shit do I see a woman! Jill we are siblings and no matter who I see, you are my sister first and, oh god, what a beautiful woman.”

“You have it backwards, Darrin. I am a woman and then I am your sister. By the way, who ever is here, she is hungry.” The sultry look Jill displayed made me understand her words were serious. How am I going to make her understand that sibling sex is wrong?

I need a diversion and cooking dinner is it for now. “Jill, how about you opening the wine while I get dinner cooking. We have salad dressing in the refrigerator for the wild lettuce.” The scent of Jill’s bath oil filled the air as she moved about the kitchen. My rational mind fought my subconscious mind as the steak and fish cooked.

I heard the wine cork pop and heard Jill pouring. Sliding up beside me, Jill handed me a glass. With one in hers, she made a toast, “For a man, a woman, an evening, and a future.” We touched glasses and sipped our wines.

I made no protest to her toast; I sipped my wine with her, and fell under the spell. “Our meals are ready, Jill lets sit and enjoy.” We sat side by side eating casually and sipping wine. After dinner, we quickly cleaned up and retired to the sitting room. The wine came with us.

“Darin, I’m not your baby sister any longer, I’m a real woman who knows what she wants, who she wants. I am throwing caution to the wind telling you that you are my fantasy man. I want my fantasy to come true.”

“How long, Jill? We are six years apart and only see each other a couple times a year at best. Surely there are men who interest you.” I wanted to remain brotherly in my thinking and acting, yet I saw the woman more than the sister.

Jill took in my words before answering slowly, her words chosen carefully as if she is constructing them. “I am interested in men, yes. I like men and have had one lasting relationship until one day I discovered I could not be happy with him, he could not fulfill my fantasy. How long have I wanted you, Darin, since maybe when I was 17 or 18. But now I am a woman not a girl, and the woman is going to make dreams come true.”

Jill rose from her seat, moved to sit with me, next to me. She put one arm around my neck and the other around my chest, pulled herself tightly against me. “Darin, you already surrendered mentally, surrender physically.”

“What becomes of us later,” I whispered as my lips closed the distance separating her lips and mine.

“We become one.” Our lips touched, mouths opened, tongues danced, with passion and desire taking over. Our arms and legs entwined, our hands searched each other’s bodies. The world existed only where we sat.

My hand roamed the smooth of her back over her light cotton dress, my fingers found a little zipper tab, and I pulled ever so slowly. The dress loosed over her skin with each inch of pull. The zipper ended low on her back, the zipper tab no longer needed, and my fingers began to slide up her spine until they found the shoulder straps. First one strap, then the other fell from her shoulders. Her skin felt soft, smelled of the scent of bath oil.

I broke our kiss to lightly kiss along her neck and shoulder. Jill leaned slightly away from me to allow the dress to fall from her arms and over her breasts. Exposed to me, I saw twin peaks capped with tiny little buds of hard flesh.

“Lovely, Jill. You have beautiful breasts.” I cupped one then the other, perfect hands full. Each nipple responded to touch and Jill sighed with each touch. We embraced again, a tug on my t-shirt and hands explored my flesh.

“Off for me, Darin,” Jill’s breath hot on my cheek. Up, over my head, and lost on the floor, Jill returned to our embrace. Skin against skin, tiny nipples burning against me, Jill’s hand finding my pant zipper. “Off for me, Darin,” her voice a soft whisper; yet demanding. My hips lifted as my jeans slid over bahis şirketleri my hips and down my legs. “Oh Darin! Commando, and what a striking piece of manhood. You are a complete eight at least.

Jill shifted, a bit, “Darin, remove my dress.” On the floor with rest of our clothes, the dress contrasted with wood floor. However, the condition of our clothes paled by the sight of Jill in her naked beauty. “My body is yours, Darin. Take me now, quickly.”

Jill slipped to the edge of the couch, opened her legs wide exposing her blooming flower waiting for pollination. I knelt between her legs, Jill took my cock in hand to guide me into her warmth. Slowly she opened, each movement brought a sigh or moan.

Like on her arrival, Jill wrapped her legs around my waist, her lower legs pushed against me. She wanted my cock; I lost any restraint left and push hard and deep. Jill gripped me with her vaginal muscles and her legs while screaming through an orgasm. It was too much for me, “Jill, oh Jill, I’m cumming too. Oh god, Jill here it is.”

The first hot blast splashed against her cervix, Jill screamed again. Multiple hot shots filled my sister as she trembled against me. “My god, that was quick and hot. Now we can make it last all night. Make love to me Darin.”

We were one body, one mind, slowly moving against one another. We hugged, kissed, panted in unison. The lust was gone from our eyes replaced by passion and desire. We were not seeking orgasm, we wanted to give the other joy and love. If this is true love, I thought to myself, I will never release from it. Jill must have felt the same thing as her eyes fill with tears of happiness. “Please, Darin, tell me what you feel?”

“Love, Jill, I feel love. I feel your soul, your heart beating in my body. I feel complete, all the pieces fit and I am whole.” Jill’s tears rolled from her eyes as we made love; I kissed her tears away all the time rolling my hips my cock penetrating and withdrawing. I pulled her body tightly to me as my strokes became longer and faster. Jill’s nipples pierced my chest, her breathes coming faster mixed with moans and sighs.

“You are making me cum again Darin. Please cum with me. Oh please, please.” Jill spammed, quivered, shook, and then her moment swept over her. I was close and with a few more thrusts, I pushed as hard into her as I could and spewed a second cum against her cervix. The after glow lingered many minutes as my cock reduced to normal and slipped from Jill’s love nest.

“That was beautiful, Darin, wonderful, fulfilling,” Jill sighed as she fell limply against the couch cushions. Jill nodded into a restful slumber. The drive up the mountain road and about 40 minutes of sex took a toll on her. I found the blanket we used for watching movies and laid it atop her resting body.

It was not late and I did not want to sleep, I lingered watching Jill rest and recover. The urge to pee came over me and I thought about a quick shower. I slipped away quietly, went to the bedroom for clean towel noticing that Jill left a bag open on the bed. Thinking, I should move it for bed later, began to close it when I saw a medical looking book titled, “When the diagnosis is terminal.” I found several pages dog-eared and many had notes in the margins, notes in Jill’s hand. One chapter had the most notes, that chapter was how to tell a loved one you are dying. It came rushing back to me, Jill saying she may stay a month, maybe longer. Those words, the book, it hit me like a run-away freight train. Jill is dying.

I left the bag open, went to the bathroom as I originally intended. Coming out of the shower, Jill was awake, the bag closed and moved from the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed in all her naked beauty, sexy smile on her face, “My turn, it feels like I have a gallon of cum in my pussy.”

“How long, Jill, how much longer? I saw the book in your bag, how long.”

Jill went pale, ash white, her sexy smile disappeared. “Not long really, three months, five at the most. That’s why I’m here while I still have my strength. I have always loved you and wanted you as a lover and I will not relent.”

The next five weeks became a blur of the hottest sex any two people could enjoy. Jill became weaker as her disease quickly overtook her. I called an air ambulance one afternoon when Jill collapsed. Before the helicopter could land, Jill was already dead.

That was my last summer in the mountains.

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