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It had been three weeks since I had met the girl from the trailer park. I couldn’t get her out of my mind and yet I could not convince myself to call her number. She was way too sweet and young to be my lover; that only left her being my hooker connection and I wasn’t sure that was a relationship I wanted. As good as it was

I admit that I drive by her place; sometime in the late evening and sometime during the day. It was ten thirty and I was leaving the local bar heading home. My old Dodge truck however decided to go see……….Fuck me,,,,,,,I keep forgetting that she never told me her name. Well, I thought, I never bothered to ask.

I eased the truck into the narrow shaded lane and killed the lights. The end of her camper was just visible on the left. It was a hot dry night and I left the truck and walked toward the edge of the trees. Trailer girl was standing out front leaning on the driver side window of a big newer something or other. I didn’t know one car from the other and didn’t care.

She was leaning over at ninety degrees with her elbows on the door and her feet wide apart. A lot of leg was showing below very short cut-offs. The cropped tee she wore was sharing a good bit of bare waistline to boot. She was still barefoot; the girl had no pride, barefoot in public.

She turned to the camper and called out. “Dad, I’m going out for a while.” Well that made no since at all. The last time we met she had said that her father got upset whenever she was out of his sight.

A tall guy got out and let Trailer girl slide into the front seat. The dome light revealed a second person already in the passenger seat. I raced back to my truck and fired it up. It was more that tedious steering out of the court with no lights. As soon as I saw the big car turn onto a side street I switched on my headlights and followed escort bostancı at a safe distance.

They drove the main island road south for more than four miles. When the car turned right onto a shell surfaced narrow road; I waited. A thousand feet up it turned into a driveway and soon their headlights went dark. I turned, found a wide place to pull over, locked the truck and crept thru sparse woods toward the house. I emerged near the rear of the house and since I had no idea where they would be, I crept to the back to find a screened lanai with a very nice pool inside, The yard was wide open grass but there was a cluster of Hibiscus bushes at the near corner of the screened porch. I crouched and made my way between the bushes and the screen. There was a pair of cushioned recliners providing me a decent cover. I waited some time and thought I might try to make my way around the house, maybe find a bedroom window the without shades pulled.

A scrapping sound came from the sliding glass door dragging across warped metal tracks. An average Joe stepped into view carrying an average Budweiser. Another average but taller Joe emerged leading my very not so average trailer girl. Both average, I was feeling better for a reason I didn’t quite understand. Great, I thought, I’m now jealous of two typical guys with a hooker.

Tall guy led her to the corner of the pool deck nearest to me but against the back wall of the house. There was a futon in the couch position and tall guy grabbed the front edge, lifted, pulled and it dropped into the bed position. Goody for him.

She found the bottom of her tee and pulled it over her head and dropped it. No foreplay tonight, I thought, No bra either. The shorter guy was loosing his gear, as was tall guy. Trailer girl unsnapped, unzipped and pealed shorts and panties ümraniye escort in one pull. She kicked sandals to the side and stood there ready for action. The tall one took her by the arm and sat her in the bed. She immediately took that to mean he wanted a blow and she took his cock and began licking it and then let her mouth surround it. She lowered her head and let in glide into her, sliding it down her throat. She was magical and I could even feel her on me. Short guy was stroking himself as she was pulled off of the cock and pushed back onto the bed. Everyone is always in a hurry, I thought. She pulled the cock with her as she went and the guy landed between her legs. She guided him to her and he began to grind into her.

When she pulled her legs over his back and locked ankles was the first time she showed any real interest in their fucking. She lifted herself to him and he was grunting and she moaned. She was uttering things to him that I couldn’t understand and maybe he couldn’t either. He was hitting her harder with every stroke and I could tell he was not long for this world. When he unloaded, he was locked inside of her as deep as he could get, pumping his seed into her.

Finished, he planted a kiss on her forehead and rose up. He patted his friend on the shoulder and said. “You’re on.” He walked out toward the kitchen where the refrigerator light came on. His buddy was already on her when my attention returned to the futon. This fellow was heading over the edge at light speed. He was stroking wildly and the girl just lay there with the look of a complete lack of interest. He was grunting cum into her when his pal returned with more beers.

They had untwined themselves and were all setting on the bed leaning against the wall of the house. They were talking but quietly and I couldn’t understand kartal escort bayan anything. When she finally crawled off of the bed, the tall guy got up, found his pants and produced a small wad of bills and handed them to her. She was holding her shorts and she stuffed the bills into a pocket. Then the buddy got up and said something to his pal and then tall guy put his mouth to her and kissed her and said something into her ear. She nodded.

Buddy got up and found his jeans and removed another stash of cash. He pealed off some bills and gave them to her and she shoved them into another pocket. She dropped her pants; the show might not be over.

Tall guy left and his buddy lay down on his back. Trailer girl sat down on the bed and leaned in and took the soft penis into her mouth, an attempt to revive it I suspected. She had been working on him for a few minutes when the tall guy returned. She pulled the cock from her mouth, straddled him and sank down on the now erect cock.

Once fully on him she leaned over onto his chest and kissed him. The tall guy knelt behind her and aimed a very shiny oily cock at her backside. When he shoved forward she grunted and then as he slid fully into her, she moaned a moan I had heard before and I was jealous once again.

She fucked them both, raising and lowering her ass to please both men. She slid onto cock and rose to feel yet another. She was putting everything into her assignment and her two students were learning what it meant to fuck real talent. When they came, it was in unison calling out profanities and there was sweat soaking the bed. She was feeling sperm gush into her from both sides and she was rocking herself through a small but very welcome climax of her own.

My legs were cramped and growing numb when they finally dressed and said good byes. She walked out with the tall guy who was going to take her home.

I waited to hear the car pull away and raced through the trees to my truck. When I arrived home I went straight to the showers; I washed, beat off and then washed again. I fell asleep wondering what her name was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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