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She asks you to clear your schedule for the weekend not telling you what she had planned… setting up a surprise for you… they got into the car, she drove them to a little place totally secluded from the rest of the world. She takes him by the hand and leads him inside… locking the door behind them…

“Baby why don’t you go ahead and sit on the couch…make yourself comfortable,” she says in a sexy voice.

Looking at him with a look of desire in her eyes…she turns to walk by him when suddenly he takes a hold on her arm.

”Why don’t you come and sit with me…its been a long week and I’ve really missed you”…he replies softly.

Sitting next to him…he pulls her in closer to him…lightly kissing the nap of her neck…

“What made you do all this for me? He asks softly.

Her fingers running through his hair…as she enjoys the feeling of him kissing her neck…she couldn’t say a word…Kissing her softly…yet deep…his tongue searching for hers…their bodies locked to one another as their hands explore each other. She stops him managing to break out of the hold.

”Baby I will be right back I have to do something”…as he tries to pull her to him again kissing her…she kisses him and again pushes away…looking at her with a confused look on his face.

”Honey why don’t you let me help you do what ever you have to do” he replies.

“You just stay right there this is your night let me take care of you” she slips into the bedroom to change into his favorite shirt as he loves to see it on her.

She goes into the bathroom, drawing him a hot bath, candles lit all around the tub… walking into living room turning the lights down to a dull glow the light from the fireplace warms the room. Standing in front of kartal escort you… staring at her she can see the delight in his eyes she bends down kissing him gently… rubbing his hair… his hands find their way to walk all over me…looking deep into his gorgeous brown eyes as the light of the fire highlights them.

Extending her hand for his…”come with me” she whispers softly.

Taking his hand she leads him into the bathroom, Stopping and looking around in total amazement

“What is all this?” he asks in disbelief

“Baby just relax and enjoy it” her hands running up and down his chest as she work open the buttons on his shirt.

Removing it from him she begins massaging his shoulders, rubbing his back working her hands down to your pants beginning to open them…taking his hardening mass into her hand she strokes it gently.

“Honey what are you doing?” He asks with a soft moan…

”I told you I wanted to take care of you tonight… this is your night now please just enjoy what I do” she drops his jeans to the floor…

He steps out of them… with a very strong sexy look of desire in his eyes; She strokes his hard member, his body trembles…looking at him and at the tub

”This bath was drawn for you now please get in”, she whispers.

She checks the water to make sure that it wasn’t to hot, he slowly gets into the tub and sit down “Aren’t you going to join me?” maybe in a little bit but first I have something that I want to do for you… sitting behind him she has him lay back and begins massaging his shoulders with the hot oil that she had brought in the bathroom… her fingers working deeply into his shoulders and his neck as his head falls back gently.

She kisses his ears and maltepe escort bayan a soft moan escapes his lips…

”Oh baby please come in here and join me…I want you so badly,” he whispers.

Slowly she works her hands down his chest massaging it gently working her way up his arms and back to his shoulders as she kisses his neck softly as his breathing deepens…his hands start rubbing her hair. Looking up at her, he begins to kiss her passionately as their tongues meet and dance feverishly together moaning softly as he tries to get her to come around to him.

Standing up in front of him… she slowly and seductively begin to unbutton the buttons on the shirt that she is wearing and to his surprise she slowly push it off her shoulders and it falls to the floor. He realizes that she has nothing on underneath it… licking his lips softly as he looks at her,

“Come over here to me please” he asks in a soft whine

She stands closer to him, pulling her down to him gently… his hands begin to walk all over Her body… taking his cock into her hand as it slowly begins to harden even more.

“Oh girl come and join me I want you in here with me “ he says in a soft sexy whine…

She gets into the tub with him… facing him straddling his legs… she begins to stroke his cock gently… loving the feel of it hardening in her hand, she sits and stares at him… she begins to melt as the look of him with the candle light shines on his tanned wet skin… drives her crazy as they begin kissing deeply.

She takes that hard cock and slowly begins to enter it into her…he stops her…with a look of lust and need in his eyes…”Stand up baby” she stands in front of him he pulls her toward him…gently he sits escort pendik up kissing at her pussy…her body jumps lightly as she feels his tongue beginning to search for her clit…opening her pussy lips his tongue probes in and out of her as far as he could…nibbling her clit as he body spasms. She grinds into his face… she feels the intensity of her orgasm ripping through her…holding his head she pushes him in closer to her…wanting him to take all her sweet nectar…as her body begins to relax…she looks down at him wanting him inside her so badly.

Taking his hard member into her hand she slides her very wet pussy down on it as she strikes her very sensitive clit against it… His head throws back as a moan of ecstasy releases from his lips. Grinding her hips into him…he places his hands on her hips and push deeper into her as her pace picks up… grinding him harder… “I love the feel of your cock throbbing inside of me” she cries out in ecstasy… wrapping her arms around his neck as she is overwhelmed by the feel of your cock and balls tightening as her pussy clamps down on it and suddenly we scream in harmony as we reach a intense climax as he feels the orgasm ripping through her… he shoot hot streams of cum into her…wrapping his arms around her holding her close.

When they finished she began to wash his body starting at his head and working her way down kissing him with every move she makes rinsing him off they get out of the tub. She dries him off completely and he slips into his robe.

They go into the bedroom…she removes that robe from him as he looks at the … he realized that there is a red rose sitting laying on his pillow and again there are candles all around the bed as she gets him into the bed… she has him lay on his stomach. She begins again to massage his shoulders and his back gently as he peacefully drifts off to sleep kissing you softly on the cheek.

She lies next to him… holding him…and the last thing she says to him is “Good night baby… I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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