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Susie was running late, again.

It was her favorite and best paying client, too. The professor was always well mannered and wasn’t nearly as grabby as her others were. She really hated the thought of anything that could lose him. She had only been doing this for a few months, but had so far been pretty lucky with her clients. Who knew that an ad on craigslist could lead to such a lucrative supplemental income?

She fondly remembered how naïve she had been when she placed the ad: “College student available for housecleaning. There is no job too tough. I love to get dirty! I do dishes, vacuuming, windows, bathrooms, etc. no problem. Extra services available for additional fees.”

Boy was she ever surprised by a few of those calls. Evidently many of the men thought she was a prostitute when she really just meant doing laundry or possibly babysitting. Although, it didn’t take long for the right offer to come along for her discover how she could really make some cash. Most people would pay $15-20 dollars an hour for cleaning, but when she was offered $35 an hour to do it topless, she knew how she was going to pay for the rest of college with no more student loans. It was only a couple weeks after she posted her first ad offering topless cleaning that she was completely booked with just that and no regular cleaning anymore.

It actually made it a lot easier, too. There was no problem scrubbing away in the shower, tub, or really getting at those floors when all you had to worry about washing afterwards was your bikini bottoms and shorts. Most of the clients really were really quite well-behaved. Oh, there was the occasional attempt at a caress or brush against her boobs, but really she expected that. After all they were rather pert and bouncy, if she did say so herself. Anyone who tried for anything other than her breasts was immediately moved over to her block list.

Eventually, she found the real moneymaker, nude housecleaning. She could charge guys $50 an hour to clean if she was completely naked. Susie had always been comfortable in her own skin. Having been active in sports in high school, she had rarely showered alone since it was easier to clean up after practice rather than having to shower twice. The work was the same. It was still cleaning and she figured out pretty quickly how to tease and give glimpses to make some pretty good tips as well!

All of which brought her today to the professor’s house. He was a mid-forties gentleman that taught at the local college. Though single, he lived in a large three story home where he stored books and other research materials as well as just having space to entertain. He inherited some money a while back and appeared to be rather well off. Not only was it a large job, it took her 5 hours and he had her clean twice a week. He tipped well too. Susie had to admit he wasn’t unattractive either. More than once, she imagined spending some “quality time” with him during her masturbatory fantasies not that she would ever act on them. He was too important as a client. He didn’t follow her around like her other clients did He just went about his business while she cleaned, stopping every once in a while to gaze appreciatively from the doorway while she cleaned. It seemed like catching her in the act, almost naturally rather than ogling, was art-like to him. He would watch for a little while, smile softly to himself and then leave to return to whatever task he was currently working on.

He did however have rigorous standards for her, most of which she was more than happy to accommodate. He asked that she always arrive clean, preferable freshly showered, and that she be well groomed and shaved, although she had asked and gotten his okay to have a trimmed and shaped patch of hair on her mons pubis. He always checked her cleaning and made sure she did the job up to his meticulous standards. More than once she had to re-dust a shelf, but he still added that to her compensated time so she really didn’t mind. After cleaning, he allowed her to use the guest bathroom to shower so she didn’t have to drive home covered in dirt and sweat in case she needed to head to the library to study or was headed out with friends.

Susie was running late and was now showing up at the professor’s home just after exercising. She knew she was breaking his rule, but he valued promptness as well. Besides she had some bills due. It wasn’t until she rang the bell that she realized with horror that she hadn’t shaved in almost a week! It was autumn, so she was wearing jeans and pants everywhere and was even exercising in jogging pants. It had been slow for cleaning as well, and she had reluctantly called off her early week cleaning appointment with the professor so she could study for a big test. Mortified, she waited for him to answer the door, deciding that honesty would probably be best.

“Professor, I am so sorry I am late. I hope it won’t be a problem. I was at the gym and lost track of time. I rushed over kartal escort bayan here as soon as I realized it!”

“That is okay, Susie, I really need some cleaning done since we missed earlier in the week, and I have a party I am hosting tomorrow. I may just have to reduce your tip a little,” he chuckled.

Oh thank goodness, he seemed to be taking this pretty well. Let’s hope the next part goes as good.

“Well, professor, I am afraid that is not the only thing I have to apologize for. As you can see, I rushed over here so quickly that I skipped my shower at the gym.”

“Well, you’ll just have to rectify that as soon as possible. I’ll allow you to clean up in the guest bedroom, off the clock of course.”

“Oh, thank you, professor!” She happily headed towards the guest room and bedroom (in any other house it would have been the master bedroom/bath, but she had seen the even larger set upstairs where the professor slept). It wasn’t until she reached the bathroom door that she realized the professor was following her.

“I hope you don’t mind. I am just going to make sure the towels are stocked and check the bathroom supplies to make sure I have some product you can use,” he smiled. “Please don’t mind me. Go ahead and get in the shower and I will bring in anything that is missing.”

As she got undressed, she hoped he was too preoccupied to notice the hairs on her lower body that she hoped to quickly remove in the shower. Unfortunately, he did.

“Susie, it appears you have been neglectful in your maintenance efforts. That is a shame. You can go ahead and use the shower, but I am afraid I will be asking you to leave after it is complete. Maybe next time you can be prepared for our appointment as I have asked. I will just have to find a way to get the house ready myself.”

“Oh professor, is there any way I can correct it and do the work? I promise I am going to shave in the shower right now. I really need to pay my rent tomorrow.”

His gaze fell upon her pleading face, and then it widened to take in her entire form. She stood in his bathroom, her sweatpants and thong loosely bunched around her ankles, t-shirt and sports bra already heaped on the rug next to her. Her hands were loosely clenched in front of her lightly haired mons, not covering in an act of modesty, but more in a pleading prayer position that she had unconsciously adopted when thinking how to get her rent money. Since just coming over from exercising, her skin was ever so slightly flushed and still glistened slightly from her perspiration. The light caught the agilely muscled contours of her limbs and torso revealing a living Venus in profile.

“Well, Susie, there may be an adequate solution to both of our discomforts,” he thoughtfully stated. “Do you trust me?”

Susie paused just a moment before answering. She had been cleaning his house twice a week for three months now, but how much did she really know about him. Oddly, though she did trust him. He was always polite, never seemed to ogle, and did make sure she was taken care of with drinks or snacks while she was working.

“Yes, professor, of course I do.”

“I am afraid I don’t have any shaving products in the bath for you, but if you would go ahead and clean up, I will assemble some out here where I will offer my services in helping to groom you. If that is acceptable then we can continue on as normal. If not you may then leave after your shower.”

Susie was oddly excited about this prospect. She, of course, never allowed anyone to see her while shaving, let alone do it for her. The idea of this slightly older, handsome man doing the task for her, however, sent an unexpected jolt through her lower belly where it settled into a tingle in her sex.

“Okay, professor, if you are sure you don’t want me to do it right now.”

“Oh, I am sure, Susie. It will be my pleasure. Please go ahead with your shower, and make sure it is good and hot. It will help with the shave.”

The professor got out a towel for her and showed her where the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were before leaving. The shower was really quite nice with a Waterpik removable shower head she could pull off the wall to really rinse well. She got it nice and hot and cleaned up while she heard the professor coming and going in the outer bedroom.

When she emerged from the shower, she dried her hair with the towel and then put it up into a pony tail with a hair tie. She dried her body quickly, wrapped her towel snugly around her breasts and walked out to where the professor was waiting next to the bed. Arrayed before Susie was the most complete shaving kit she had ever seen. There was a straight razor with leather sharpening strop, a brush and bowl lather set, Schick Quattro razor, shaving powder, shaving gel, after shave lotion, baby oil, towels laid out on the bed to protect the duvet, and even a bowl with what looked to be moist hot towels.

“Please lie down and make yourself escort maltepe comfortable. I think we will start with your legs and then move to the, ah, more delicate areas.”

Susie removed the towel she was wearing and lay on her back with the top of the protective towel just reaching the top of her butt. Figuring to make it as easy as possible, she raised her knees and spread her legs slightly. After positioning herself, she realized this was the most exposed she had ever been with a client. Not that it mattered, in a few moments he would be right up close. She was distracted from her thoughts by a rough whisk, whisk, whisk sound. She looked over and saw the professor running the straight edge back and forth along the leather strop, sharpening it.

“Are you sure you know how to use that, professor?”

“Don’t worry, Susie,” he chuckled. “I have used this nearly every day for 20 years to shave. You have nothing to worry about, and I guarantee it will be the closest, smoothest shave you have ever had.”

She had to admit the thought of allowing the professor to shave her with this dangerous looking tool was sending all sorts of thrills through her.

Oh, I hope he doesn’t notice how excited this is making me.

“Now, the hot shower should have softened these hairs up nicely to get nice and close with the razor, but it may take a little while to get your legs done, so I am going to use one of these towels to keep your mons and vulva nice and warm. Let me know if it is too hot, and I will let it cool.”

He pulled one of the towels out and placed it on her lightly stubbled pubic mound. It was just under being too hot, but the warmth felt really good. Seeing no reaction to the heat, the professor gently placed it between her legs covering her sex. When the heat of the towel hit her lips, they immediately began to engorge as the sensation triggered an automatic response.

“Wow!” she thought, “That feels soooooo good.”

“Since I am sure you have been shaving your legs for a while, I will go ahead and use the shave gel as it will be faster and I am sure more along the lines of what you are used to.”

He squirted some of the gel into his palm then lightly, but thoroughly ran his hands down her legs, lightly massaging the gel into thick foam that covered her leg from her ankle to the crease in her inner thigh. Even this light massage sent tingles straight up her legs and into her stimulated vagina.

“Oh, I cannot imagine what this is going to do to me when he starts in on that area.” Oddly, the embarrassing thought only made her tingle more.

Grasping her ankle with his left hand, the professor turned her leg slightly out at the knee. Placing the blade of the straight edge just below her sex at the juncture of hip and thigh, he smoothly drew the blade down the length of her leg, curving gently along the side of her knee continuing in one stroke to her ankle. As she watched, he gently rinsed the foam from the razor in a bowl of steaming water. He worked his way around the top of her leg and then the outside in a series of even, smooth, straight strokes. Each slow swipe of the blade along her skin sent a jolt of electricity straight to her labia, and she knew the moisture there was not just from the towel any longer.

With the top and sides of her leg done, he placed her ankle on his shoulder completely lifting her leg from the towel. He inverted the blade and then, as he had done before, placed it at the juncture of leg and buttock. In four luxurious strokes he cleared the rest of her leg of foam. The professor set aside the straight edge, pulled another warm towel out, and gently wiped away the faint traces of shaving gel that remained on her leg. He warmed some of the lotion between his hands and gently massaged it into the just shaved area. She couldn’t believe how smoothly his hands glided along her legs. She basked in the sensations as the lotion was rubbed in slowly and luxuriously starting at her thighs and quads, his hands moving in controlled strokes and then circling to completely massage the lotion into the skin. He applied more lotion to his hands and then began lightly stroking the erogenous zone behind her knee while working his way down her leg. At this point, she was sure she was going to have trouble keeping her composure and hiding her excitement if this kept up.

After completing her right leg, the professor provided the same delicate and arousing attention to her left leg. With each stroke of the razor inching her arousal ever higher, the firm pressure of his hands rubbing in the lotion relaxing and exciting her at the same time left Susie in a near-fugue state. Her mind was nearly overwhelmed by the conflicting emotions coursing through it, arousal, excitement, tingling anticipation, relaxing comfort, and still a not small amount of embarrassment and hesitant surrender. She glanced over and saw the professor mixing the powder and some water with the shave brush, pendik escort working it into a rich lather.

“Since the hairs in the pubic area are thicker and denser than those on the legs, I am going to use this higher quality shave soap and the brush to make sure it is well prepared for the razor. Because of the delicate skin and the curves, I will be using a flexible head razor instead of the straight edge.”

Somehow even this near-clinical explanation inched her arousal slightly higher. As he removed the towel, her labia now fully engorged were puffed out, slightly exposing her labia minora and her engorging clitoris that was beginning to emerge from beneath its protective hood.

“Well, I see you may be enjoying this more than you thought you would,” he chuckled lightly.

He put a few drops of what looked to be oil on his fingertips and then began to gently massage it into the light dusting of hair surrounding her gently pulsing vulva. As his fingers worked, she noticed tingling warmth working its way outward from his fingers.

“Oh, my goodness, what is that? It tingles and is getting warmer.”

“Oh, it is menthol shave oil. It preps the hairs and gets them ready for the shave. I find it gets closer when I haven’t shaved for a couple days. I thought you might enjoy the sensation,” he smiled.

Did she ever! The tingle of the menthol combined with sensation of his fingers rubbing and massaging ever closer to her honey pot took her right to the edge of orgasm. She had never gotten so close with no direct contact before. The excitement of the situation and the surrender of control of such an intimate ritual had her sex stimulated nearly to the brink. How was she going to stop once he began shaving?

Her thoughts were pulled back to reality by a change in sensation. No longer were his fingers working through the soon to be removed hairs. Now it was the gentle pressure of a thousand tiny hairs swirling gently against her mons as he used the badger hair brush to apply the foamy lather of the shaving soap. Gently, gently he stroked with the brush, each hair seeming to find its own nerve ending, shooting mini-jolts of pleasure directly into the warm spot pulsing just beneath her clitoral hood. The sensations swirled as he moved the brush gradually from her mons and along her outer labia, stroking her oh so sensitive skin with those tiny, ever moving fingers. The brush moved back over her mons, applying those constant points of pleasure to the other labia, and then suddenly the stimulation became too much.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming….,” she moaned through clenched teeth, her fists bunching on the towel next to her now quivering ass and thighs.

The engorged labia pulsed in time with the cascading orgasm as it rushed through her. The opening of her vagina was now exposed and thrumming, inviting and grasping for the non-existent stimulant that her body said must be there to be causing this rush.

The professor, seeing the reaction of the nubile young housekeeper and wanting to extend it, simply allowed the orgasm to slowly subside. Grasping the razor firmly he slowly drew it across her mons with the hairs, shearing them off leaving clean glistening skin behind. Slowly the razor stroked against her skin in short smooth movements, removing the rich lather; again getting closer and closer to her still tingling labia. Having removed all the hair from her mons pubis, he turned his attention to her labia. His fingers gently moved along the inside of her lips, caressing and lifting them to pull the skin taut, sending shivers through her body. Tenderly the blades moved along her rosy, sensitive lips, gently stroking from just inside her legs towards her just sated, but still aroused vagina. The fingers on her vulva moved down her labia lifting, pulling, and massaging gently to aid in the depilation.

As the razor changed hands, the professor took the opportunity to tease a little more aggressively. Moving the razor to his left hand, the fingers of his right gently stroked along her labia teasing and eliciting light moans from Susie. As he lifted the labia with his fingers, his thumb gently rubbed against her once-more hooded clit. Susie pushed against the pressure with her hips increasing the sensation and once more building her way towards orgasm. The blades again stroked against her skin, firing the neurons in her vagina in time with the minute caresses on her clitoris as it emerged glistening from her labia.

Completing the shave, his fingers stroking her slit gently, the first two fingers intuitively moved into the grasping mouth of her twat. Teasing, gently moving in and out barely to the first knuckle, but enough to send a spike of pleasure deep into her vulva. Soon, the pressure shifted, his hand rotated and now the fingers were facing his thumb and moving slightly deeper with each thrust. As she felt the second knuckle gently widen her pussy, she realized another new rush of sensation. With a come-hither motion, the professor had discovered her g-spot. Susie almost jumped from the sudden increase is pleasure racing down her nerve endings. The rhythmic motion of his fingers combined with the continued teasing of her clitoris soon brought another crashing orgasm.

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