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On a return visit to Cincinnati, I had an afternoon off, and discretely asked Karin to meet me for lunch. She suggested a small place near the school where she worked, nice enough that nobody from school would be there to spot us and maybe start gossip about the good wife.

We’d made an afternoon of it, had lunch and a couple of cocktails near a local mall. I was sitting next to her in a booth, stroking her thigh, and kept getting a little higher under her skirt. She’d push my hand away and laugh, but the color rose in her cheeks and then her upper chest. I asked her when she needed to be back at work, and her reply was, “I don’t NEED to work, I NEED to take a day off with my new boyfriend.”

When the waitress was refilling our waters, I slid my hand up higher, jokingly raising her skirt and showing her panties. The waitress smiled at me, and said, “Your wife could use an upgrade on those. There’s a Victoria’s Secret over at the mall.”

Karin pushed my hand away, embarrassed at being exposed, but also at the comment.

I smiled back at the waitress, “She’s not my wife, she’s my brother’s wife.” That took her back a little, her eyes widened, mouth dropped open, but she recovered and said, “Still, I think she’d like some of their things, and I know that you would.” A minute later I caught her and a couple of her co-workers looking over at Karin and me, and I winked at them. They scattered, giggling.

After lunch we drove over to V S. Karin protested, her good Catholic girl showing, but I didn’t have any trouble getting her into the mall. As we approached the store, we ran into a friend of hers from work. Karin worked at a parochial school, doing office work, and this woman was a teacher.

Karin introduced me, they made some small talk, then we parted. As we approached V S, I took her hand and pulled her inside. She giggled, still embarrassed, and I looked over at her. She was so beautiful, her blonde hair falling over her shoulders, face flushed, a lightness in her composure. I was struck by the change in her since our affair had begun. Over her shoulder I saw the teacher. She had stopped when she saw us turn into the lingerie store, a surprised look on her face. I smiled at her, and winked. She didn’t look less surprised then, maybe a little shocked even.

A young woman approached us to ask if we needed any help. She was a tall redhead, with bright green eyes. Loose-limbed and athletic, freckled cheeks and lush lips. She was dressed in a tight mini dress that showed off her high tight ass. Karin had turned to look at some robes, and I flipped up the back of her skirt, briefly showing the granny panties. “Yes, Miss, my sister in law needs something a little sexier to show off this nice little ass.”

Karin turned quickly, now really embarrassed, a little pissed. But the salesgirl, Edie, laughed and said, “I know we can help you with that. We have all kinds of nice undergarments for a woman who wants to feel a little sexier.”

She steered us to the back of the store, where there were racks of panties. I was already aroused, but now I felt like the proverbial kid in a candy store. Edie asked Karin what style of panty she preferred, I answered for her. “She’s so used to the old style. She wore one of my wife’s thongs, and really looked great in that. I think she’d like a few thongs, some boy shorts, and I don’t know, you’re the expert.

Edie looked closely at Karin now, “So you’re, like, really his sister-in-law? And you were wearing his wife’s…” She seemed amazed at this revelation, but suddenly her expression changed to recognition. “I know, Holy Family!”

Karin started. Edie blurted, “I remember you from Holy Family, when I went there for middle school! You’re Holly’s mom!” They both looked at me, neither seemed to know what to do or say now. Karin, shocked and alarmed, started to head towards the front of the store, and I wasn’t sure what to say. I was going to insist on discretion from the employee, but it’s not like there’s patient-lingerie salesgirl confidentiality laws. This was some juicy gossip.

Lucky for me Edie ran and grabbed her, apologizing. “Please Mrs. Marin, don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anybody, really.” They stood and looked at each other, the tall redhead sincere and friendly. “I think it’s so cool that you’re breaking out of your shell. I remember we used to tell Holly how you were the prettiest mom, but how you always dressed kind of old lady. Come on and let me find you some sexy things.”

She steered Karin back towards me, “I’m going to show you some really pretty panties that will make you feel so…,” she leaned close, whispering in her ear, now looking directly at me and smiling conspiratorially, “wet.”

Karin instantly changed from apprehensive to interested. Edie began to select a whole armful of garments, showing the details to Karin as I watched. She pointed out a sheer crotch, “so he can see what you’re hiding, and when he licks you it feels so amazing.” A thong that had a thicker strap, “It won’t chafe you, canlı bahis but feels so tickly up against your butthole.” A pair of stockings with garters, “When he runs his hand up under your skirt, and he gets to your naked thigh, he’ll get sooo hard. And if you wear these,” holding up a pair of crotchless panties, “you’ll actually be dripping into his hand.”

Edie sent her into the dressing room, and stood beside me. I could smell her perfume, it was fresh and young, matched her perfectly. I looked at her, long legs, short skirt, sweet hard ass, little breasts covered by her long red mane. What a babe. She turned and hugged my arm, looking up at me with a smile. “Mrs. Marin is so hot, she’s gonna be on fire when you get her alone.”

“Oh, she’s not my wife,” I replied, “I’m just kind of…”

Edie laughed delightfully, “Kind of what? Kind of fucking her? I know Holly’s dad. He has no idea what to do with her.”

“You kind of sound like you do,” I replied, looking at her closely.

Slyly she smiled, “You bet your ass I do.”

“Yeah, what would you do to my sweet sister in law?”

“Anything she wanted, and most of it she doesn’t know she wants. I love when these poor suburban moms are neglected, and all you have to do is cuddle with them to get them started. Then just touching their nipples gets them spreading their legs, and if you kiss them with a face full of their pussy juice, they’ll do anything, absolutely anything. Know what I mean?” She lay her head on my arm. “I think you do. I think you’ve already been inside her, and you’re leading her astray.”

I turned and held Edie’s face in my palms, she seductively parted her lips and locked eyes with me. I leaned in close, her eyes half closed. I whispered, inches from her lips, “Edie, I’m in love with her. But right now, I’m kind of in love with you too. I want to watch you lick Karin while I lick you. I think it might be the best experience of her life.” I kissed her softly, her little tongue slipped into my mouth. Fuck I was hard. “Hers and mine.”

“I’m going to give you my number, I can’t wait. I am so psyched to do this to her,” she told me. She paused, “You know, I kissed Holly once.”

“Oh fuck, you’re killing me.”

“Yeah, we were playing kind of spin the bottle at this party, and nobody was doing girl-on-girl or boy boy stuff, we’d just spin again. But we’d had a few jello shooters, and I spun and it landed on Holly. Nobody was paying attention by that time, everybody was, like, goofing off. So, when she looked at me, it was like, I wanted to kiss her, and so I kind of crawled over and we kissed. Not real long, but she licked inside my lips, and my nipples got so hard. So I felt her boob, and her nipple was hard too. Everybody went, like, whoa, and we just laughed it off. Her boyfriend got pissed, I don’t think he’d gotten any farther than that with her.

“So, you’re obviously into girls.”

“Yeah, but only once in a while. I have a boyfriend and everything, but I like to be kind of dangerous sometimes, and he’s not like that. He wouldn’t fuck his brother’s wife and buy her crotchless panties or stuff like that,” she smiled teasingly.

I looked closely at Edie, “Honey, I would do anything with you. Anything. Whatever you can imagine. With Karin, without Karin, with Karin and Holly. God, you’re killing me.” I ran my hands down over her dress, feeling her nipples on those small breasts, over her hips around to her ass. No panty lines there. Up her crack to check for a thong. Nothing. All the while, she stood smiling, and let me molest her.

I smacked her ass, hard. She yelped in pain and surprise, her eyes wide. “You bad girl, where are your undies?”

She looked up to me, her expression now one of lust. “Hit me again,” she said evenly, her voice throaty and low. Smack. Her eyes closed. “Again.” Smack. “Harder,” she said, gazing at me, her eyes looking unfocused, her mouth hanging open. I smacked her fine ass three more times, hard enough that my palm burned.

She pulled me close and kissed me hard, her arms wrapped around my neck, her body molded to mine. She leaned back and looked up to me, tears now filling her eyes. “You bastard. You fucking bastard. Look at what you did to me.”

She released me and turned around, lifting her dress above her waist. No panties, as suspected. Her ass was brilliant white, smooth as marble. Her left cheek glowed angry and red. Looking over her shoulder, she whined softly. “Just look.” She bent over and pulled her ass apart. Her pussy lips were swollen and slick, and a trickle of her juices oozed down the inside of her thigh. I reached out to wipe my finger in the stream.

Just then Karin called out to us. “Ready?” We both turned. Edie dropped her dress, our side liaison forgotten for the moment. Karin opened the door a crack and peeked out. Seeing only the two of us, she opened it more, standing shyly in a black ensemble. Slutty as a Penthouse model. “I thought I’d show you the nastiest one,” she smiled. Peek-a-boo bra, garter belt, sheer stockings, bahis siteleri and a pair of crotchless panties. I could tell she’d controlled her bush, combing it aside so it didn’t look too wild, mostly hidden to the sides. That made her lips protrude, and they glistened with arousal.

Edie gaped at her. “Oh my god, Mrs. Marin, you are so fucking hot!” She did a turn, the black thong up her ass accenting the white of her ass and back. She stood on her tiptoes, swinging her hair as she pirouetted.

“Well?” directed at me.

“I think I just came.”

Karin threw her head back and laughed. “I’m going to make you do a LOT of that.”

I looked at Edie, “What about her?” Karin looked at the girl, who was just staring at her pussy now. “What about Edie? I think she needs a little attention too.”

Karin looked at me, a little confused, looked harder at the redhead, then stepped out of the dressing room. She was in the back of the store, but could be easily seen from the mall, dressed like a slutty tramp. It was so hot.

Edie walked over to Karin, and stood very close. Karin looked down at her feet, but Edie took Karin’s chin in her hand, and lifted her face. The lust in the young girl was palpable, and Karin was overcome by it. She leaned close to the girl, stopping so close to her lips, and gazed at her. Edie looked into her eyes, and moved the last millimeter to kiss her. It was brief, soft, loving. I would bet it was the first time Karin ever kissed a girl, I never thought she would be the so bold, but the desire in Edie brought it out in her.

Karin’s expression changed to determination. She turned to the changing room and led Edie inside by her hand. The door closed.

After a few minutes of just staring at that door, I heard a voice behind me, “Excuse me.” A woman slipped past and headed to the far room.

As much as I was dying to be in the room with the girls, I was getting a huge amount of enjoyment just knowing that they were going to make love, that Karin was enjoying the beauty of another woman. Listening closely, I could faintly hear heavy breathing, the rustle of clothing, a quiet moan.

The other woman came out of her room after a few minutes, and looked at their door, then closely at me as she headed past. I nodded, and turned back. A series of small squeaks from the younger lover escaped just then, and the woman turned quickly. She paused, probably would have stopped to investigate had I not been there, then left. After a few more minutes, a long low groan, hitching with what sounded like sobs, was heard. I knew that noise, that was my brother’s wife. Karin. Coming.

I looked around and unzipped my fly. I had to stroke myself, I was so turned on. I took a pair of the panties from Karin’s pile, and softly ran them up and down my shaft, not wanting to come, but too excited to ignore it. But there were now customers in the store, and I hid it away again.

It was a few minutes more, and I heard noises inside, clothing rustling, low conversation, giggling. A pair of women appeared behind me, looked like a daughter shopping with her mother. The younger one headed to the dressing room, and the other stood waiting. I nodded to her, she asked if I was waiting for my wife. I smiled and said that I was, she was being fitted for some custom lingerie. She told me proudly that her daughter was shopping for her honeymoon. “Lucky man,” I smiled.

“Yes, she is marrying a fine young man,” she replied.

“No, I’m talking about your husband,” I smiled. “You should be buying some of these for yourself,” indicating the display with the crotchless panties. She was the next woman to look shocked at my words, she blushed furiously, and started to protest that she wasn’t that bold. A moan from the changing room of my girls interrupted her, she looked up quickly, then back at me.

I looked directly at her, and approached. She stood her ground, but looked intimidated, almost fearful. Slowly I lowered to one knee, reached out and stroked up one of her legs. As my hands approached the hem of her dress, I looked up at her. She was perspiring, her mouth opened, but no words came out. Slowly my hands rose up her thigh, looking around sharply she actually spread her legs an inch or so, allowing my approach.

Watching her expression, I lightly stroked the very edge of her panties, enjoying her heat, and slid just one finger over the center of her full pussy mound, feeling the hair give way to my illicit touch. Her eyes closed halfway, and as I pressed harder she shuddered, but still made no attempt to stop my violation. I began to move the panel aside now, stroking under her panties, feeling a thick bush of hair, and then her labia. They were swollen and so wet, so dripping wet. All four of my fingers slid along her opening bumping over her clit one by one. Her body responded so beautifully, jerking in pleasure as each fingertip flicked the little nub. Her breathing began to quicken, as I’m sure her heartbeat did as well.

Suddenly the door finally opened, bahis şirketleri and Karin and Edie stood there. Karin was fully dressed, Edie was in the crotchless panties Karin had been wearing, and a short nightie. Her nipples were like bullets, incredibly prominent. The panties looked wet, the opening just noticeable, but not a hair to be seen on Edie. The two of them stared at the mother and me, as she now pushed my hand away, and smoothed down her dress, looking guiltily at the pair.

I handed her a pair of black lace crotchless panties, and folded her hands over them. “Trust me.” Then turned to the not so reluctant lesbian apprentice.

Karin walked over to me, the other woman stepped back looking vaguely shell-shocked. “Honey, see what you think,” Karin said, gesturing to the door, where Edie stood, a sultry smile on her face. “I’m too shy to show you, cause I’m not shaved, but see how good they look on Edie? Why don’t you come see?” She led me to the room, I looked back at the woman and shrugged.

Karin closed the door behind us, and reached around from behind me and felt my cock through my pants. Loudly enough for my new friend outside to hear, she said, “Ooh, you do like them. Look how hard he is, Edie.” But Edie needed no direction, she already had my belt unbuckled and my jeans unbuttoned. She dropped my zipper and yanked my pants to the floor. Behind me, Karin pulled my shirt up and off, then pulled my boxers down to my ankles. Edie had my shoes and socks off, pants and shorts gone in a second, and I stood naked, hard as a rock.

Karin hugged around me, and lightly touched my cock. “You are going to feel sooo good in a second. I want you to taste this little girl’s pussy for me, and then she needs your big fat cock inside her.”

She turned my head and kissed me, wetly. I could smell Edie’s perfume, and something else, Edie’s pussy. I could taste it on Karin’s lips. The salty, clean taste of a young girl’s pussy. Something I hadn’t tasted in years.

Then Edie stepped up, and wrapped her thin arms around me, and I tasted Karin on her tongue as she kissed me deeply, that tongue dancing in and out of my mouth. She hopped up and wrapped her long legs around my waist, her smooth hairless pussy just lightly touching the pre-cum slick tip of my engorged cock as the slit in the panties opened up widely. It was all I could do not to shove her down onto it, but I’m a good boy and do as I’m told. I reached under her thighs, and curled her up my chest. Her legs went over my shoulders, and her pussy was directly in my face.

Oh god, the smell of it was so delicious. I studied the tiny opening, red as a rose, slick with my lover’s saliva and the girl’s leakage. The skin outside so smooth, so white. So perfect, like it was brand new. I kissed it, then again. Kissed it like it was her mouth, now running my tongue inside to feel the little ridges that would soon bring me so much pleasure. The hole that led into the redhead was so tight, I knew that I wouldn’t last a second. I licked down below Edie’s pussy to the smooth skin stretched tight. I reached deep into her cleft, finding her little asshole. I rotated her hips up, and gazed at the treasure. It was like her pussy, so perfectly new, pink and tight. I tickled it with my tongue, feeling the little ridges. She squirmed and giggled. I wondered what my friend in the waiting area was thinking now.

Ok, I had my taste. I could eat this young woman’s cunt all day and die a happy man, but Karin licked my ear, her now naked breasts against my back, and told me, “You can go inside her now, baby.” I lowered her back down, Karin moved against my back, molding herself to me. The girl’s legs wrapped around both of us now. Karin reached under and grasped my cock. She didn’t need to point it up, it was at full mast already, but she obviously wanted to feed it into Edie, wanted to be a part of us. I lowered her more, until I felt her crotch rest on my cock. The lubrication from the two of us was amazing, my cock, in Karin’s hand, slipped around her labia, searching for her tiny opening.

Karin began to move me more, rubbing the cum-slick head all over Edie’s pussy and ass. Edie would feel it just start to penetrate her, then lift herself away, teasing me. She looked down at me, her red locks falling all around us like a curtain. “Tell me you won’t cum in me.” I shook my head no. She lowered herself, I felt her begin to split open. Back up. I groaned. “Tell me. Say it. Say, I won’t cum in your tight little pussy, Edie.” I shook my head again. “I can’t.”

She started to lift back up again, then released her weight and sank onto my cock in one long descent. It sounded like the air was forced out of her lungs. She was so tight I couldn’t believe she kept going. If not for the lubrication, I would have thought that I was creating a new opening in the girl. But in one slide, I was buried completely inside her tunnel, the tip of my cock hard up against the limits of her womb. Suddenly I felt a rush of fluid soaking my balls, trickling down my thighs to my ankles and puddling on the floor. “Oops, I did it again,” The redhead sang, her lips moving against mine as she did, her eyes locked on mine. “Tell me when. Tell me when you’re going to cum in my pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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