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Everyone having sex is of the legal age; there is no underage sex, nothing illegal happens with anyone underage. Feedback is always appreciated. The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin

Kirsten Davis is Claire Cestin

Ming-Na is Jenny Thompson

Madeline Zima is Vivian Keentucker

Susan Sarandon is Miss Bolovey

Brenda Song is Soyo Bucks


Year 20XX

Moving is always difficult: having to start over in a new town, getting to know new people, having to make new friends, all daunting tasks, something Regina could not get out of her mind as she looked outside her car window.

Her father had got himself a new job in a newly-constructed town. They had arrived from Maryland to California via plane and on-arrival they were given a new company car. Regina, along with her family, The Cestins, had been packed into this compact car and were on-route to their new home.

Seated in the back of the car was the aforementioned, recently-turned-eighteen, Regina Cestin, a deceptively tall 5’8 teen girl; with a toned figure; lightly tanned, radiant skin; blond hair; green-eyes; pert, youthful breasts, and a firm, round, well-toned ass.

She used to be a fun-living, chipper kinda girl, but all that changed when her looks started coming in; she became more cynical and self-obsessed, always suspecting that every guy she met wanted her for her body. She was wearing a designer pink t-shirt that accentuated her well-developed breasts, along with tight black jeans and flat shoes. She spoke in an understated husky tone.

Seated next to her was her sixteen-year-old brother, Tommy: a kid with medium-length dark hair, along with a black shirt and black pants. He was busy typing away on his BlackBerry, not really taking any notice of what was going on around him.

“Hey Tommy, how you like the neighbourhood?” asked his father, the man steering the wheel.

“Umm, meh~.”

“He doesn’t care,” translated Regina.

“He should, it’s beautiful outside.” The windows were slightly tinted, so all they saw was a stream of identical palm trees. The father of the family, Mathew Cestin — 43, dyed black hair, around 5’8, 210 pounds, wearing a tight red polo shirt — was clearly enthusiastic about this move.

Seated next to Matthew was his beautiful wife of twenty-three years and the mother of his two children: Claire Cestin. Even in her mid-forties she was still a very desirable woman. She had long delicate black hair, a trim 5’6 figure, wearing a flowery summer dress with heels. She had been suspiciously quiet the whole day.

“Come on everyone; be excited, it’s like a whole new adventure! This is going to be great! I can feel it!”

Matthew’s family ignored what he had said: Regina was looking out the window, Tommy was busy with his BlackBerry and Claire began retouching her make-up.

Matthew looked over at his daughter. “So, umm, Regina: how do you feel about spending another year in high school?” Due to the unique ruling of the town, every eighteen-year-old had to spend one extra year in high school.

“Sucks, it fucking sucks.”

“Hey mind your language, young lady.”

“Hmph, like that matters,” quipped Claire.

“Well, either way, you’ll have to go visit that school; you go do that as soon as we get to the new home, ok?”

“Fine, Dad. Doesn’t Tommy have to go too?”

“No, just you.”

Tommy smirked in response.

“Shut it, Tommy! You’re gonna have to spend that extra year in high school too.”

He looked up from his BlackBerry, shrugged, and went back to typing. He didn’t care.

Regina leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms. “Well, Dad, can you at least tell me the name of this school?”

“Kay Parker High School.”

“Kay Parker High School?”

“Yep, you go straight ahead and make a twenty minute walk from our new home, you won’t miss it, it’s pretty big; it has two large cones on the roof of the building.”

“Huh, Kay Parker High School, wonder who they named that after.”


By the time Regina and her family had arrived it was mid-afternoon. Regina opened the car door, stepped out and was immediately taken aback at her new surroundings.

The houses looked like they were right from a production line, they all looked amazingly manufactured. Each built the same: detached, four bedrooms, one garage, some distinguished by their colouring. They had all the trimmings too, with picket fences, neatly cut lawns, porches and mailboxes. The weather was sunny with a gentle breeze, everybody had broad smiles on their faces, waving, laughing with each other, all looking so friendly: this, without a doubt, was the perfect image of suburbia.

“Ah! Isn’t it great, kids?” asked Matthew.

“It’s…weird,” remarked Regina. Tommy looked around for a bit, but quickly went back to his BlackBerry. He didn’t care.

“Well I think you kids will grow to love this place, just you wait.”

“Yeah, whatever, Dad.”

“So, you think you’ll be fine with going to pendik escort the school by yourself?”

“I’ll survive,” she replied sarcastically.

She crossed her arms, and with a sour look on her face, strolled down the street. She was taking in her new surroundings, feeling like she had stumbled into an alien environment. Being from the city, Regina was not used to seeing this amount of friendliness — it slightly unnerved her.

After she had walked a few metres away from her new home, she heard a man shout out to her.

“Well, well, what’s eating you ol sourpuss?”

She turned around to see a bald, very sun-tanned, middle-aged man pruning his bush. He was of average height, wearing a simple grey shirt and dark pants.

He smiled at her and spoke in a soothing low-tempo voice. “You look like you just swallowed a melon, you new here?”

She looked around, had a little snarl on her face and replied, “Yeah, what’s it to you?”

“Oh I’m just being friendly, the name’s Ned, everyone calls me Neighbour Ned, catchy huh?”

“…I’m Regina,” she said quickly.

“Pleased to meet you, Regina. I notice you walk with your arms crossed, pretty defensive, must be the kinda person that don’t really like, well, people I suppose.”

She looked down at the ground and nudged her shoulders.

“Well, Regina, you don’t have to worry about a single person here ever hurting you, this is a very peaceful place, nothing bad will ever happen to you here — I can promise you that.”

Regina was intrigued. “How do you know?” she asked.

“I just know. I think you’ll like it here, give it a chance.”

She gave him a little smile, gave a slight nod, and kept on walking.

As she continued her walk towards the school, she saw a woman taking her shopping bags out her car, with the woman’s two kids there, running around her.

“Come on kids, not even a little help for your mom?”

The two little kids, one boy and one girl, ignored their mother’s request and playfully ran into their house. Regina looked at the woman, sighed, uncrossed her arms and went to go help her.

“I got this,” muttered Regina as she took a heavy brown grocery bag from the woman.

“Thank you so much,” she replied gratefully. The woman was a good-looking, elegant, forty-something Asian-American woman with medium-length, soft brown hair, brown eyes, and a very fine, tasty petite figure. She was wearing a white dress shirt and black trousers. Regina helped the woman unload her bags onto the front step of her house.

She gave her a grateful smile, wiped the sweat of her brow, and put out her hand, “Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen you around, so you new?”

She shook her hand, “Uh, yeah, I’m Regina, me and my family, we just moved in.”

“Is that so? Well, I can tell that you will fit in just fine; you’re such a sweet girl. Thanks for the help, you or your family need anything, you let me know, ok?”


Jenny rubbed Regina’s shoulder, smiled, and went back into her home. Regina was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome she had received from the locals. It gave her a good feeling about the town…


A little while later, Regina had found Kay Parker High School. It was a big white modern building with four floors, and like her father had said, two large cones on the roof of the building. She followed the sign-posts and found herself in line with all the other students, organised in single-file, waiting to speak with the principal. It was not a long queue, only ten or so students in front of her, but the amount of time they spent in the room varied from person-to-person.

Eventually, it was Regina’s turn; she entered the office and sat on the cushioned chair. The principal– a mid-thirties, tall, goateed, suit-wearing Latino man — was sitting on the edge of the desk, looking down at Regina.

“Hello, I’m Principal Sanchez, so glad to have you here at our school,” he spoke in a professional, welcoming tone.

“Umm, glad to be here,” she mumbled.

“This school houses over seven-hundred students; we have the best facilities imaginable, with state-of-the-art equipment and some really excellent world-class teaching. I’m sure your educational experience here at Kay Parker High School will be a very fulfilling one.”

Regina was not sure how to respond, so she just nodded.

“So, umm, let’s get down to business,” he picked up a file and looked through it, “so, umm, Regina Cestin, how you finding this town?”

“It’s good, I like it.”

“Great, good to know, good to know, sooo, you’re a late starter, yes?”

“I think so.”

“Ok, that won’t be a problem, no problem at all, sooo, let’s see what class you’ll be going in,” he flicked through the file with a puzzled expression, “hmm, seems to be a little mix-up, you know how all eighteen-year-olds have to come to this high school for an additional year, we call it our Above-Senior program, but, hmm, it says you’re in that class despite being seventeen.”

“That’s not right,” she stood up and looked at the form, “ah, there’s escort pendik the problem, the year on my date of birth is wrong, it should be one year below that.”

“So…that makes you eighteen?”


The mood in the room immediately changed as soon as she confirmed her age.

“Eighteen, you sure?”

“Umm, yeah,” she awkwardly giggled, “I’m pretty sure.”

The principal cleared his throat and unbuttoned his top button, “You, really, really sure?”

“Uh yeah, I’m very sure.”

There was a momentary silence as Principal Sanchez calmly took his suit jacket off and laid it out on the table.

He looked her in the eyes and said, “So, Regina, you wanna, you know, just… hang out a little?”

“W-what do you mean?”

His way of speaking had completely changed, his professional manner had disappeared. “You know, hang, chill out, you know, go somewhere, just hang, just hang.”

“Wait, are you? Are you hitting on me!?”

“Pfft! Is it that obvious? Oh come on! Can you blame me? I mean, damn girl! You’re smoking hot! Your rack is insane.”

“Eww! Oh my god, oh my god, that’s so disgusting. You’re old enough to be my dad!”

“Oh really, what a lucky man.”

“What!?” Regina turned around, stormed towards the door, flung it wide open, and walked away in total disgust.

“Oh shit, classes start Monday! Monday!” he shouted as she left.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I fucked that up.” He sat back down on his chair, grabbed the nearby office phone and made a call.

“Yes, hello, I want to ask about a female Above-Senior student named Regina Cestin, I would like to know if she attended orientation or not…ok…she didn’t? How’d that happen? You don’t know!? Well because of you, we now got a girl running around this town with absolutely no idea what’s going on.”


It was early-evening. Regina, with her arms firmly crossed, was walking back home, feeling confused. She couldn’t understand how her principal could brazenly flirt with her the way that he did. She wondered if it was even legal for him to hit-on her like that, but she quickly figured out she was legal herself. “Just like all the others, just like all the others,” she muttered to herself.

As Regina continued her journey back home, she saw a familiar face walking towards her: it was Jenny, the mom from earlier; she was wearing some light make-up, heels, and a beige trench coat. She stopped to ask Regina something.

“Oh hey! Regina isn’t it? Thanks so much for earlier.”

“It’s fine –“

“So sorry to rush you Honey, I got an office party to go to, you mind if I get your opinion on something?”

“That’s ok.”

“Great, thanks,” Jenny hurryingly untied her coat, opened it up and showed Regina what she was wearing. Underneath the coat, Jenny was wearing a black lacy bra, matching frilly panties, stockings and suspenders — that was not what Regina was expecting; to say that she was stunned would be an understatement.

“Oh don’t keep me waiting! Tell me what you think.”

Regina could not muster any words in response — she was left utterly speechless. Without thinking, she ran past Jenny, feeling totally confused.

“Hey, you ok? You ok!?” shouted Jenny as she watched Regina run. Jenny then shrugged, tied her coat up, and went to whatever place she was going to that night.


Regina could not even get her head around what had happened: her neighbour had flashed her underwear to her. Possible reasons why were running through her mind, but she could not figure it out.

“What the fuck, what the fuck!?” she muttered to herself.

Regina was almost home when she saw Neighbour Ned brushing his footpath.

“Hello again, how was the school?”

She replied with silence.

“Hmm, what’s the matter? You look troubled, you doing ok?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Well, whatever problem you have, you can tell me.”

“I don’t think I should.”

“Go on, please, I promise it will make you feel better.”

She took a deep breath and spoke quickly: “Well, it’s, god, I don’t know. Ok, you know Jenny right? I was walking home and she flashed me. Like, oh my god, she showed me her underwear, like, why? I don’t get it, that was so weird, and before, my principal turned so weird too, when he found out I was eighteen, he hit on me –“

“Whoa hold it,” he interrupted, “you’re eighteen?”

“Yeah, so anyway, he hit on me –“

“Get in that bedroom you stupid little cunt.”

“E-Excuse me!?”

Ned dropped his broom on the ground. His expression had turned darker, sourer. He spoke in a deeper, commanding tone.

“You, bedroom, naked, two minutes, no, one minute, no excuses, those tits: my face, that ass: my property, that pussy: I’m breaking it. I will make you my little bitch.”

Regina looked at him in stunned silence. She was frozen, her legs would not move.

Ned shook his head and suddenly reverted back to his friendly demeanour. “Oh I’m so sorry, did I shock you? I’m a dominant lover you see, I act like that when I’m aroused. I won’t hurt you in pendik escort bayan any way or make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I assure you intercourse with me will be a rough and enjoyable experience.”

She backed away, slowly, from the deranged Neighbour Ned.

“Oh, another time? That’s fine; I’ll be here anytime you want,” he picked up his broom and went on sweeping like nothing had happened.

She stared at him for a second, completely perplexed. She then turned around and sped away as fast as she could. Just one thought was in her mind: “What the fuck is going on?”


After all the weirdness she had been through, Regina was relieved to be with her family in her new home. She went up the front step, turned the unlocked handle and entered inside.

“Mom? Dad? You won’t believe what just happened to me.”

Her mom and dad were nowhere to be found, but then suddenly, Regina heard whispers coming from upstairs.

“Why is she so early, Matt?”

“I don’t know, school should’ve lasted much longer.”

“Well we ready so let’s go, let’s go!”

Her parents came down the stairs, both wearing dark blue bathrobes.

“Hello Regina,” said her father with a sly smile.

“Mom, Dad, this town is weird! So much stuff happened to me –“

“Hush Baby,” said her mother in a seductive tone, “no need to worry about all that.”

“Mom! Listen! That old man on the street said he wanted to fuck me! Fuck me! Your daughter!”

Both parents gave knowing glances to each other, smiled, and then looked at their daughter.

“He was just being friendly.”

“Mom!? Did you not hear me?”

“We did,” replied her father. “Regina, this town is…different, but not in a bad way, in a good way, you must have noticed that, but right now, that’s not important. You’re legal and ready, this will be fun, we promise.” Both parents untied their bathrobes and let them slip to the ground.

Regina immediately looked away, only getting brief glimpses of her mother’s well-toned body and her father’s surprisingly large member.

“W-What’re you doing!?” she shirked. “Holy fuck! What the fuck is all this!?”

“Don’t you understand yet?” asked her father. “This whole place is built on ‘Free Love’, sex between all, and we are inviting you into the bedroom with us.”

“And don’t worry about your brother,” added Claire, “he has no idea what’s going on around him, he’s been in his room all day, he can’t even hear us, which is great because, Regina baby, I will have you screaming!”

Regina Cestin’s world had been turned upside down. The people she thought were her parents had turned into completely different people. It was like they had been brainwashed, she couldn’t believe that those same people were her parents.

“I-I don’t understand,” she looked into the corner, found the stairs and ran for them, “I don’t understand!”

She ran up the staircase, got to the second floor, found the door with her name on it, rushed in and locked it.

Regina knew at that point that she had not moved to a simple newly-developed town in California, no, the truth was that she was far, far away from California. Her and her family had moved to a secret, secluded, man-made island in the south pacific. It was not a tiny island; it was large, estimated to be around the size of Arizona. The inhabitants of this place, this nation, practiced what they liked to refer to as ‘Free Love’: sex between all (legal), freely, peacefully and easily. This place is Tabootopia — The Forbidden Heaven!


Two days later…

It was Monday, Regina’s first day of school. She had been practically locked up in her bedroom the whole weekend, getting her food delivered through the door and only making occasional quick trips out her room. She hadn’t spoken to her parents since they’d tried to invite her into their bedroom, something that shocked Regina to the core. Sex with her parents? That was something that disgusted her.

But, even after all she’d been through — from being hit-on by her principal, flashed by her neighbour, told to be a bitch by the old man who lives down the road, and finally, propositioned by her very own parents — Regina was coping remarkably well. She had not crumbled; she was not going to wallow in her bedroom. She was going to go to school. She got dressed, wore a navy blue shirt, red plaid skirt, flat shoes, found her bookbag, went downstairs, grabbed some odd-looking money, avoided her parents, and went onward to Kay Parker High School.

Regina’s parents — still in their bathrobes — were eating breakfast.

“…I think she’s still mad,” noted Claire.

“She wouldn’t have come here with us if she couldn’t cope,” stated Matthew. “She’ll come around…”



Regina was seated in her allocated classroom with all the other Above-Senior students, waiting for their homeroom teacher to arrive. By all accounts, this seemed like a normal, everyday classroom. Regina felt uncomfortable; she didn’t like being the new girl in class, especially in a place as unfamiliar as Tabootopia.

As she continued to wait, Regina noticed that the girl sitting next to her was sneaking glances. Regina looked back, the girl looked away, blushed, and then finally plucked up the courage to introduce herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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