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It has been about a year since I had last seen him. He still looked hotter than ever leaning against his car casually smoking a cigarette with one arm crossing his body gripping the other elbow. He was tall with an athletic build and movie star smile. I was standing around the corner where he could not see me and I was guilty of enjoying the view. He looked a little tired from working and in need of a weekend of R I halted in my tracks. It was a feminine voice. I turned toward the call and I see his mother standing there looking at me questioningly.

Lydia, I forced a warm smile and walked toward her. Giving her a warm hug I said that I was happy to see her. She looked at me with soft kind eyes and asks me how I was doing and what brought me to the festival. I didn’t lie; I smiled blushingly and said well you know I had to catch a glimpse of your son. She rolls her eyes and smiles. She knew how I felt about him. But beyond that, I am just enjoying a little break from work.

Oh she says; where are you working now? I look around her and hope to answer and make my exit before he comes back to his food tent. She notices that I am nervous and I state that I was working for a trucking company in the customer service department. It was not ideal, but it was a paycheck. She says oh, shaking her silver head to nod in approval. I guess it’s a job till you find something else right?

Yep I smile, well it’s been nice talking to you Lydia, but I need to go, it was so lovely seeing you again. Give Don my best regards, she agrees that she will and wishes me a great weekend. As I turn on my heel to walk away I feel eyes boring into my back and a loud voice that says why don’t you tell me yourself instead of running off? I stop dead in my tracks, without turning around I whisper under my breath I am afraid too.

I feel someone directly behind me and my heart is pounding out of my chest. I can smell him, he smells like fryers, grills and his sexy ass masculine cologne which I love. I catch my breath and turn toward him to look up into his silver eyes and tight lips. Hello Don I manage to squeak out. He says hello Lori and my eyes see nothing but red velvet for some reason, maybe it’s the deep tone that he used when saying my name. My cheeks are beet red I am sure of it, and I have down cast eyes as I cannot manage to hold his gaze. Um, I stutter, I am on a small vacay so I decided to drop by the festival. The conversation felt like word vomit in my mouth. I didn’t need to tell him everything.

Oh that’s nice he states matter of fact. The last time I spoke to him was an email telling him that I loved him, but I didn’t want to talk to or text him anymore. I just could not handle the chaos he brings to my life. I said, well good to see you Don, I guess I will catch you around, hope you guys do really well. I looked up, forced a smile and turned to walk away. Okay, he says good to see you Lori.

He broke me just by being near me. I felt the tears welling up as I walked toward a group of friends I was hanging out with. When I reach them Jenny says, he is still watching you. I can’t I say choked up as the tears start to roll. Jenny throws her arms around me and hugs me as she walks me out of the festival. Fuck I say, I need a drink. Tom and David make a suggestion of heading to the pizza bar. Sounds great I smile while blowing my nose on a cheap napkin one of the guys offered me from a stand he stole it from. Friends are great for not making a bad situation any worse. Teresa starts the truck as we all pile in. They were going on to the next town for the night and I was staying at the little motel I loved in the village. It was convenient that the pizza bar was in the village. When we got there, I was excited and forgot about Don as we enter the dimly lit room.

Two large supreme pizzas, and bring us a pitcher of beer and 5 glasses David rattles off to the waitress who seated us. David was pretty vocal when he was hungry. After we were seated I watched the flames dance in the fire place across the room and Jenny and Teresa were laughing and making jokes with the guys. My mind drifted back to the festival and those silver eyes that bore into my soul. Lori? My name being called ripped me out of my stupid thoughts. I look up at Teresa giggling at me. Let him go, Tom scolded.

Okay whatever you say, what were we talking about? Dinner went off without a hitch, David was the designated driver so he limited the amount that he drank and everyone else got sloshed. I was careful with the amount I swigged, I was a light weight and I did not want to overdo it and potentially be puking or wake up with a massive headache. It was getting late; we had spent a couple of hours laughing, eating, and roasting each other. But dammit if my mind didn’t wander back to that silver eyed man who was very much available right this minute.

I was ready to go back to my room and escort kartal crash for the night. Okay guys, do you mind taking my back to my room? Awe… A unanimous response left me feeling guilty to be a party pooper but I really just wanted to crawl into my bed and forget the day. It really was my entire fault taking a peek at the forbidden. My friends dropped me off at my room and waited till I had safely opened the door and waved goodbye.

When the truck backed up and left me in front of my door, a pair of eyes was watching me from across the parking lot. There he was sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette under the porch light in front of his room. I raised my hand and waved a small wave and turned my back on him swinging the door open to my room. I turned to look at the door to where he was previously at. The chair was empty and the room light was on. I breathed a sigh of relief. As I closed the door to my room and turned on the light I surveyed the little room and decided to take a shower to wash the smoky restaurant stink off my body.

I stripped off my clothes and headed for the shower. The warm water cascading over me made me feel half way refreshed. I finished washing and reached for a towel. I hated motel towels; they were always too small and scratchy as far as I was concerned. I like the 5 star hotels with fluffy robes, slippers and luxury towels. I had only been able to stay in a place like that once or twice. It truly was a luxury when I was out of town.

Leaving the bathroom and shutting off the light, I walked over in front of the mirror and brushed my teeth. The cabinet was a little short and I had to lean over to spit in the sink. I examined the bags under my eyes and came to the conclusion that I was no longer a young woman. That did not detour me from doing yoga, I knew that I still needed a little something to keep me vivacious and fuckable.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a slight movement in my room. I freaked out and whipped around. Don was sitting in a chair at the 70’s style table sitting back with one leg crossed over the other in the typical male fashion. What the hell I scolded! You are playing peekaboo he grinned pointing to where my towel had slipped and one tit was hanging out. I turned back toward the mirror and re-adjusted my towel. That was stupid; I just flashed him the view of my entire body when I opened the towel.

Okay Don, how the hell did you get into my room I growled? Well. He laughed, you left the damn door unlocked you dumbass. Fuck, I scolded myself. But I am glad you did he smirked, I was not looking for strip tease but you didn’t disappoint. Whatever, Don, what are you doing here? I was about to ask you the same thing he said dead serious. Well I told you that I was on vacay and I decided to come up here with some friends.

Ah your friends he smirked, where are they tonight? For your information Mr. Smarty pants, they are staying in Baker City for the night. They wanted to see the old historic hotel and agreed to let me stay here as I don’t want to run around town, I want to work on my book and I motioned to the laptop lying on my bed. He gaze slipped from my face to where I pointed for a second and then right back there again.

He got up out of the chair and came toward me. I backed up next to the sink cabinet which didn’t help the small bath towel hide my curvy body. The towel split in the front exposing the top of my thigh. Why don’t you just take the towel off and put on a nightgown, I think I have pretty much seen all there is to see. Gee thanks I blushed. I pushed past him to the bag on the bed that I had not emptied yet and grabbed a nighty out of there.

Ah shit, I had brought bed clothes that made me feel sexy since I was going to be by myself instead of Walmart frocks to cover up my body. Turn around I said as I went to put the negligee on. Why, he grinned, so I can watch you in the mirror? I already told you I seen it all. Fine asshole, I grimaced keep your hands to yourself. I sucked in my breath to gain some courage. I dropped the towel and yanked the negligee over my head but it wouldn’t go.

Damn it, I still had my hair in a towel. Here let me help you he said standing behind me. I reached up to pull the negligee off and he removed the towel from my hair in one swift movement. I was not expecting him to do that and I caught me by surprise. I whipped around with my wet hair falling on my shoulders and the negligee pulled close to my body only covering up my breasts like an idiot.

His eyes traveled all over my body which had drastically improved since the last time that he had seen me. I tried to rearrange the negligee around as fast as I could to cover myself up. Stop, he said huskily. Let me look at you for a minute. No I snarled. You never wanted to before, why would you want to now? Who ever said that I didn’t want to look at your naked body? maltepe escort Whatever I said a little pissed and continued to work the fabric to find the right way up.

He snatched the negligee from my hand and tossed it aside. I was completely exposed to him and I was ashamed, I tried to cover my breasts with an arm and my crotch with my other hand. Lori, he said looking into my eyes. What, I said shivering and looking at the floor. You left me with an email that said you loved me and that was the end of it. I admit I had my problems, but you know that I love you too, no matter what happens. You might have “loved” me Don, but as you stated it was in a platonic friendly family way and nothing more.

I lied he said in a soft tone. With one finger he lifted my chin so our eyes met and he looked from one eye to the other in search of some emotion, something to betray my feelings for him. I felt ugly without my makeup and hair done. I felt naked and vulnerable with his other hand he touched my shoulder and trailed down my arm with his fingertips brushing the side of my breast.

So soft he murmured. Goose bumps rose up on my skin. His eyes followed his hands. What the fuck am I doing he scolded himself as he turned loose of me. You probably have someone else don’t you? Are you still married? No Don, I am no longer married. It was over like I told you. And there has never been anyone else in my heart after Teddy and I called it quits but you. He stared into my eyes again and said its time. What’s time I asked looking confused?

This, he said as he brought me into his arms and brought his mouth down on mine. Soft at first and then more needy and his hot tongue parted my lips and his kiss became more urgent. My arms pulled away from my body and wrapped around his familiar frame. My nails dug into his side through his shirt and his hands were all over my body and then down to my buttocks pulling me closer to his hips grinding into me.

Well this is a new development I said when his lips left mine for an instant. I want you he said huskily making me fall back onto the bed as he swept my bag to the floor. I hear the crash and the spillage of the contents all over the floor. Don, I whined, I’ll pick it up later he breathed into my neck as the kisses continued. He clothes were rubbing my body to a heightened state where it was becoming painful as he slid up and down my frame almost dry humping me while his mouth was all over my skin.

I grabbed his shirt and yanked it free from his jeans and over his head one arm at a time. His warm skin touched mine and my body became enflamed with desire. I reached down and grabbed the silver buckle on his belt and opened it and then the top button and then I slid his zipper down. He groaned as I reached inside his pants to feel his shaft and find the tip of his cock that was down inside the leg of his pants. He maneuvered his body up for easier access and I slid his pants and boxers down to unsheathe a much larger cock than I had ever had the pleasure of playing with in all its glory. It has been a while since the last time I had sex with my ex-husband Teddy as more of a parting gift six months ago.

Like what you see he said huskily as he pushed forward in my hand and rubbed it on the inside of my thigh. He got off the bed and finished kicking his clothes off. You can’t have me unless this is real; I will not be a one night stand young lady. I was shocked the words came out of him mouth. Don, I have always wanted you and I want you for the rest of my life. He smiled; you spin me right round like a record baby. He was naked when he crawled back on the bed and up between my thighs. I held my arms open and welcomed him down on top of me.

At first when he inserted his cock into me, he left it sit there for a minute while he ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my lips and chin. I could not control myself and I started to move beneath him. The thrusting started off slow and gentle and then the passion started to soar. His breathing increased and he said “I have wanted this for so long”. I know I panted as his thrusting started to pound the hell out of me. My body was racked with pent up desire for this man and I wanted him in me for so long that every thrust was like a caress to my soul.

Oh fuck I whined I am going to cum. Oh shit he’s not wearing a condom I groaned inwardly which only added to the intensity. And there it was his muscled started to bunch up in his hips and he started cuming in me. His eyes were tightly closed, his mouth was open and his breath was now a deep guttural groan. I could feel each hot spurt inside me as it itched and burned its way to home base. His mouth came down on mine and our pants became unison for a moment and my mound was becoming rock hard. He was over stimulating me and was not stopping even though I begged him to while shock waves washed over pendik escort bayan my body like an electrical storm.

When he was finished, he lay on top of my body that was still jerking from the supreme fucking I just received. Well, this is definitely not the way I had planned my weekend I grinned in bliss. He picked his head up and kissed me again before pulling out and rolling onto his side. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his body. This is what I had planned for you long before now but the timing wasn’t right he said. Ya know what he grinned looking at me with that sexy little boy smile; I have wanted you since the first day I gave you a hug at the board meeting. I have denied every woman because I wanted you. I knew I could not have a married woman, but I told you that I have a way of making people do what I want them to. You just took a little longer than I expected he laughed.

I raised my left eyebrow and spilled the beans; I did come up here on purpose hoping you were here I admitted. I did not expect this to happen but I am glad that it did. He lowered his mouth to mine and we kissed for a while longer and finally made it under the covers. I asked about an alarm but it was already asleep with his head on my breasts. The lamp beside the bed was in reach so I turned it on and I looked at the door and noticed that he had locked it already.I went to sleep contented and a little sore.

A pounding on my door at 8am in the morning woke me up and I jumped. This stirred Don and he opened one eye and exclaimed oh shit groggily. I grabbed a robe from my bag and peered out the peep hole of the door. It was Steven, the stupid little bastard that was Don’s side kick. I tightened the robe and cracked the door. What the hell do you want you troll!? Nice to see you too Lori, he sneered back. Is Don here? Go away you two faced little ass. Steven murmured, if you see him, tell him that we open in an hour and his momma is not going to be happy if he doesn’t show up.

Oh great I thought, his mom is going to know that I am a slut. Don stirred on the bed and I went over to him and rubbed my hand down his smooth back and leaned over to kiss his cheek. He smiled and lifted his head off the mattress. Come here he said rolling onto his side and opening his arms to me. I came forward and he stopped me by putting his hands on my shoulders and pushing the robe down. When my breasts were exposed he grinned devilishly and said perfect and then started sucking my nipples. One and then the other, my head leaned back in ecstasy.

What time is it he murmured coming back up for air, 8 am sweetheart? Oh shit he said and bailed out of bed with an obvious hard on. I guess I will need to make this a quickie he said as he pushed me back on the bad and picked up my knees and pushed between my thighs taking my breath away. I lay on my back taking him in again and again. Oh fuck he had me cuming already and from the look on his face we were cuming at the same time. On his last thrust he slid out of me and pulled me to my feet and dragged me into the bathroom.

Tossing the robe to the floor he turned on the water and waited for it to warm up. He kissed me long and deep and then stepped into the shower taking me with him. He soaped us both up faster than that I could have imagined and we were clean in short order and back in the bedroom. I fished for clean clothes to wear and he put last night’s clothes back on, he could not be seen streaking across the parking lot. What a scandal that would have been. More than the one that he created by leaving my room.

Lori, come with me he said holding his hand open. I grinned; I want to, I want to follow you anywhere. I have told you that before, however I just can’t dump my friends… He came back up to me and lowered his mouth to mine in a deep claiming kiss and I wrapped my arms around his body. I loved his body, it fit so well with mine, and he made me feel that is where I belonged. Okay, Don, I need to call my friends and let them know what is going on. I didn’t want to leave his side even if that meant working the food booth the rest of the weekend with him.

I phone Teresa and let her know what had happened. She laughed till she almost peed herself. Well that’s okay, Lori. Tom and I are making a slow start this morning too, but we will check in on you on our way out. Love ya girl she giggled. I made my way to the food tent where Steven and Lydia were busy doing morning prep. Don came up behind me and slapped my ass. I jumped and the two turned to look at me. Lydia looked from Don to me and then shook her head. Steven was really pissed and I just didn’t give a shit about the little troll anyhow.

I shrugged when I looked at Lydia his mother. She said well, Don gets his way one way or another, always has. Don came up behind me and put his arms around my waist and said Mom, meet your soon to be daughter in law. I figured as much she said shaking her head with a grin on her face. I love your son and I always will I stated. Yeah, she said I kind figured that. It was pretty evident with the spats you guys have had over the years. It was just a matter of time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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