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I originally wrote my first true story about how I began making love to a close friend’s wife and how we had fallen in love. Well in that respect nothing at all has changed. But, as you will see here, a lot of the other aspects of our lives have. As of right now because of families we are still with our spouses but being away from each other has led to some interesting ways to be able to get together.

Sometime ago I told my wife Dana that for my birthday I would like to have a threesome with Laura. Dana had no idea that the two of us were already lovers. After a little coaxing Dana ok’d it and the arrangements were in place. Laura’s husband was always on the stuffy, righteous side and would never go along with anything of that nature. So, we passed it off that Dana was having one of those home demonstration parties where women always get together.

The evening rolled around and eventually after a few drinks the three of us ended up in the hot tub on the patio. We chatted and eased into things a bit but Laura and I kept looking at each other just wishing that Dana wasn’t even there.

Soon we were taking our towel wrapped bodies up the stairs and into the master bedroom. I lit a few candles and turned to see the girls climbing on the bed. I got in between them and took one in each arm. We laid there and I soon felt Laura’s fingers on my hard cock. Dana kissed me and ran her hand down to fondle my balls. I now turned and began to kiss Laura as I felt the precum dripping onto my stomach. Laura slid down and ran her tongue over the little puddle and moaned. She began to come back up to me and again I turned from Dana and kissed Laura fully, tasting my own cum as our tongues met.

Abruptly, Dana jumped up and mumbled,” This ain’t right.” as she rushed out the door. She ended up in the extra bedroom at the end of the hall, closing the door. I have to admit Laura and I looked at each other, but our concern soon turned to giggles like two high school kids!! We kissed for a few more seconds and then agreed that I should go and ‘check on’ Dana.

I made my way down the hall and entered the room. Dana admitted that she was jealous of the way that I kissed Laura. I played the part and calmed her, escort kartal but knowing that Laura had rid my bed of my wife had me so turned on. My cock stayed so hard the entire time I was talking to Dana. She finally said for me to go back so my surprise wasn’t ruined and that she would join us if she felt better.

I got up,closed the door and hurried back down the hall closing the door to the master bedroom. Laura lay there with a grin on her face and I fell into her arms. We told each other how much we loved one another and then I slid down to that wonderful hot pussy that I knew was waiting for me.

Laura’s legs parted and I could smell the sweet hotness cumming up to my nose. I immediately ran my tongue from that little sensitive area just below her asshole all the way to her clit. I swirled my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth. I could tell by her reaction that Laura was in the mood for a little rough play. (I guess the thought of Dana laying alone down the hall turned her on too!!) So I allowed my teeth to graze over it and give her the sensation of lightly biting down. Laura cried out and grabbed the back of my head. I sucked and bit a little harder and she became nasty, telling me to suck her cunt dry. This only made me bite down some more and her clit was now sticking out about and inch and a half from the folds of her pussy lips.

I pulled back for a second to take a deep breath. I looked and could not believe how red and swollen her clit was. I then decided to see what would happen if I sucked it in and out of my mouth. It took about three seconds to realize that going up and down on her clit like this was the ticket to putting her over the edge. She began thrashing back and forth I sucked as hard as I could. I knew her screams were easily carrying there way down the hall to where Dana lay and I felt my cock grow even harder.

Finally I thrust two fingers into that wet box and Laura shuddered to her first orgasm as she covered my face with her juices!!! I slowed down a bit and gently kissed and sucked her down from her ‘high’! I made my way back up her body and our tongues met again. I again told her how much I was in love with her. Her reply was to suck maltepe escort my tongue deep into her mouth and moan as she tasted her own juices.

We lay there for several minutes and she asked me if I wanted to check on Dana. I rolled over looked her in the eyes and guided my cock into her pussy saying, “Your the only real women in this house.”

Laura sucked in her breath and I began to pump my swollen meat in and out of the pussy. She moaned a bit and I grabbed her hips pulling her onto my cock harder and harder with each thrust. We kissed again, and slowed for a second as we thought we heard the floor creak outside the door. The smiles were back on our faces as we realized Dana was listening and was now walking away. I now moved my hands underneath Laura and grabbed hold of her firm cheeks. My finger tips were grazing over that puckered hole as I continued to fuck her. As I broke away from her kiss Laura looked at me and said, “Take my ass!!”

We had done this before but now it was even more of a turn on. You see, Dana shudders if she even thinks that I may suggest fucking her in the ass. But here I was in my bed, with my lover, positioning her ass over my cock head as my wife lay curled up with who knows what running through her mind.

I watched Laura’s face turn from concentration to pleasure as she slowly and masterfully worked my cock into that tight shaft of hers. She began to work her way up and down and soon the friction was allowing the musky scent from her asshole to filter its’ way to me. I moaned out loud and my lover had complete control over me. She milked my balls as she fucked me and made me beg to feel her nails in my balls.

We worked our way into another frenzy one of her hands rubbed her sore clit as the other scraped its’ nails over my cum filled balls. My cock was like a piston now and I could feel the first rumblings of cum starting to boil up through my hard shaft.

Laura began to cry out again in yet another orgasm and this made her pierce my tender ball sac with those talons of hers’!!! I cried out and she muffled my scream by kissing me full on the mouth, taking joy in absorbing the sound. She leaned over and whispered, “Get something pendik escort bayan to clean with. I want to taste you as you suck my pussy again.”

I climbed from the sweaty sheets and opened the door. I fumbled my way through the darkness and as I passed the extra bedroom I figured I should check on Dana. I entered the room and in the dim light I could see her curled up on the bed. We talked for a few minutes and again playing the part I said, “The whole thing was suppose to be a threesome.”

She apologized and reached out to me. Her hand slid down over my stomach and she found my still hard cock. I wanted to say something but the turn-on made me shut up. I watched as she adjusted herself and took my cock into her mouth. She began to suck it and as she wet her lips I think it hit her!!! My cock had just cum out of Laura’s most private part. Dana fell back onto the bed now realizing that the woman down the hall had offered her entire body and soul to me.

To Dana’s credit her only comment was, “You should go back I’ll be ok.”

I went to the bathroom and cleaned off, taking a warm wash cloth with me for Laura. I fell to my knees and patted the outside of Laura’s a cheeks. I then climbed onto the bed, lay down and watched in the candle light as she straddled my face. My mouth immediately covered her entire pussy as I wanted to suck her clean. My nose was buried in her ass and she ground on me as she took my cock into her mouth.

Well, I know Laura is going to read this after I send her the link so I can tell her as well as the Literotica fans that stumble across this.

Laura’s hand and mouth worked in perfect unison again as she brought me to the brink of orgasm. But I needed that one last push to go where I haven’t been before. That same desire that most everyone feels as they expand and experiment. I slid back for a moment and even though Laura knows I love to kiss and lick her asshole, I intentionally kept that wash cloth from getting to close to that hidden area that I desire so much.

The musky scent took over my mind and my mouth and tongue clamped down over her shit hole. I began to lick and suck it clean, and my load shot up through my cock and filled her mouth. I could feel Laura cumming once again as she swallowed my hot cum and she forced her ass onto my mouth. She drained me completely and then gently rolled off of me.

We lay there for quite some time just looking at each other, believe me there was no need for words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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