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I heard a pounding at my door as some of my friends came to wake me up! It was Friday night and I had decided to take a break this weekend and relax. I was in Technical School in Florida.

My friends (mostly male) came barging in telling and hollering about how I could be in bed on a Friday night!!! Geez, can’t a girl take a rest! That wasn’t going to fly so up I got and started to get dressed. The plan for now was to drive to a neighboring town, rent a motel room, and get drunk….the usual! It was common for us in Tech school to all go in on a large room or combined room and raise a little hell before passing out. (well, not always )

We rode around for what seemed to be forever. Everyone arguing about where to go, where to stay. There were several couples along with more singles. Most all of us where friends. It is a bit unclear to me recalling this if we met others at a site or they just showed up. Guess it isn’t really important…just a lot of friends, good time and drinking.

There was one particular guy who had my eye. He seemed completely uninterested in me and had made several comments about me prior to that night that kept me guessing. He wasn’t your normal guy; sex hungry maniac. (sorry guys) but he was driven, motivated, and seemed so darn mysterious. He had turned down being with many of the tech-school “sluts” and now all that was on my mind was wondering how this guy kissed! Shallow, but true.

Our night ended up on an age-old game of spin the bottle. This was a game I hadn’t played since high school and was always very innocent. We started out…just kissing whomever the bottle landed on. To be honest, I have no idea today who else I kissed, I cannot remember. But I do remember when no one was looking ataşehir escort bayan (or too drunk to see) I finally turned the bottle to him. The kiss I received was the best kiss I had ever received. Never before did I feel as if I was raised from my own body, just a bystander. It was memorizing for a lack of a better description. Maybe addicting would be the best way to describe it.

One kiss led to another and pretty soon the whole room was “hooked” up. We decided to turn out the lights so there would be no embarrassment. I was lying on the bed with “mike” lying on top of me kissing me passionately. Immediately our hands were wondering all over each other. We were both so drawn to each other.

It was strange as to how little attention I paid to anyone else in the room. I am normally rather shy and my actions that night were completely out of character. Now that I am older and married I can see not really out of character, but my sexuality was just unleashed that evening for the first time! I was not a virgin but not someone who acted on impulse.

Quicker than I could comprehend, my shirt was off and bra quickly released. His longing mouth lowered to my breasts and heated every vein within me. For once I just felt and didn’t think. I put all noise from the room out of my head and concentrated on his soft lips and wet tongue. He grabbed my hands and clasped his hands to them as he continued kissing further and further. He released my hands momentarily to unbutton my jeans and slide them off. No turning back now and for the first time I had no second thoughts! All I could hear was the heat in our breath as he slide back up to kiss me. His hand slide in between my legs where he was met with escort kadıöy the okay to continue. Without messing around he slid of my panties and grabbed my legs to pull me closer to his mouth. I was so wet and hot I thought I was going to orgasm right there. His tongue investigated every inch of my pussy for what seemed an eternity.

There was no doubt from my moan as to what was going on. I pulled him up towards me. I felt his penis on top of my pussy and longed achingly for it to enter me! He kissed me deeply as he effortlessly slid it into my hot pussy. He started pumping right away and that is when the silence seemed to be broken by a friend announcing our crazed state. I didn’t care, he didn’t care. There was a crack of light coming from the bathroom that enabled our silhouettes to be seen. I know now that we were not the only ones that night. Wasn’t long before they were drowned out by the sound of my own pleasure. He began kissing my neck as he continued pumping. I could feel his erection become explosive as he tried to quietly release. We kissed and he asked me to go to the bathroom with him. I followed quickly and he closed the door behind us and pinned me up against the wall with his mouth searching mine.

I opened my eyes to see him gazing at me as we kissed. To this day that look is more intense than I could ever write about! I consider myself lucky to have seen that need in someone’s eyes. He turned the shower on and we entered. We kissed for a short time and then he turned me around with my hands up on the shower wall. He teased a bit and then entered me quickly causing me to gasp. He grabbed my hips with both hands and guided me back and forth to meet his steel hard cock. As the shower ran maltepe escort down my back and hair he took me hard from behind. I was a little swollen already from our previous escapade, which only intensified the hard thrusts. He grabbed the back of my hair and used me for more leverage. He announced he was Cumming so I turned around and knelt down to receive his cum into my mouth. He shot so hard and for so long I couldn’t take it all. The shower quickly washed away the remainder on my face and we shut off the shower.

We got out and started to towel off. We had wrapped ourselves in the white complimentary towels from the hotel. The urge was still very strong so I pulled off his towel and began to devour his manhood once more. Surprisingly he became instantly hard again. As I played with his balls in my hand I continued to move and wrap my tongue around his cock. Wasn’t long before he picked me up and set me on the counter of the sink. He pushed my legs towards me as my back was up against the mirror and pushed his cock into my swollen pussy. I threw my head back as I gasped. He began kissing my neck as he slowly pumped into me. I could feel every inch, every pulse of him within and we slowly made love for the first time. I set my legs onto his shoulders and gave him full access for him to go deep. He grabbed my ass and slowly moved himself in and out. We both looked at each other and I believe it was that very night we knew we would be together forever! His thrusts took my breath away. He began to quicken the pace and pushed further into me. I didn’t think it was possible to go any deeper! He moaned loudly as he came. He then collapsed onto me not withdraw ling for several minutes. We kissed slowly as if we were exchanging our souls. To this day, a kiss like that is the one thing that will fire me up in a heartbeat! You can tell a lot about a person by the way they kiss. In fact, a kiss can set the whole mood for an eventful evening!!!!! You can reach a woman’s sexual soul by only a kiss

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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