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You were walking on the hospital floor waiting for morning to come because you knew you were going home. When you heard a soft but deeply sexy yet familiar voice say “Hey baby showing off a little of that tight ass of yours aren’t you?” You turned to see me standing in the dimly lit corridor. Immediately your cock got hard and came to a full erection. I smiled and motioned with my finger for you to come closer, and you did without any hesitation.

You were surprised to say the least, and excited that I was actually there. I smiled at your small fitting gown. I’m sure the nurse gave you it on purpose just to show off your hot body, but I liked it since it definitely accentuated your hard cock and tight ass!

I looked again at how hot you looked and stopped just to lick my lips and as I did I smiled. You saw me doing this and liked the idea of me looking at your outline in that gown. Being there in the hospital with you looking so pitiful yet so hot, making me feel even closer to you. In your room I reached up to get something out of the closet. But by doing so, I got your attention.

As I did you reached over and touched my thigh drawing a heart with your finger, I sighed and my heart raced even more. You drew it again, but this time on the other leg, and I trembled, quivering under your touch and saying, “Don’t stop.” I was already squirming just thinking about what was about to happen between us.

We looked around at the empty room, thank god for private rooms and you reached over to pull me into your bed. Shuffled under the covers, and caressing each other in a deep kiss.

We both had longed for this since we’d been apart, so it was very long and passionate. Your strong arms holding me close, one hand finding my skirt and pushing it up, escort ataşehir as you did discovering I wasn’t wearing any panties. As we continued kissing I felt your cock growing harder through your gown and felt you throbbing beneath the sheets. I reached down even though we were in your hospital room. I just couldn’t stand another minute and grabbed it anyway.

I turned around and saw the bathroom got up moving quickly and motioned for you to follow. Your heart was racing but you came to me without me saying another word.

As you stepped into the light you saw that I had unbuttoned my top showing off my huge ivory breasts. I began to undress you with one hand and as I did I reached into the shower and started the shower water running. I’d locked the door so we’d be sure and not get interrupted, because I was stealing a moment in heaven with you, regardless of where we were. I pulled you’re gown up over your head after un-tying it, leaning you up against the wall and kissing you ever so passionately. You’re taking my clothes off as we go. I’m kissing you on your neck just behind your ear. I whisper to you how much you’re going to love this. I’m going to make you cum so hard and so long, because I just couldn’t wait for you to get home. So I came up and surprised you instead.

As I’m kissing you down your chest I stop to nibble your nipples as I follow your happy trail of soft hair down past your belly button, I’m running my hands down onto your hard cock. Slipping my way down, I move down and wrap my hot lips around your throbbing erection. The water is running and your heart is pounding. The idea of making love in the shower turns us on. But the fact we are in the hospital in your room even makes it more exciting.

I take your kadıköy escort cock fully into my mouth, four long three short and one really long deep one, all I can hear is, damn baby that feels so good.

I pull off and lick your balls from one to the other you feel my HOT tongue as I’m squeezing your ass cheeks, I hear you say and feel you grasping my hair a little harder. OHhhhhh baby I want you so bad.

Running my fingers down that little trail between your ass and your balls scraping just lightly with my nails because I know just exactly how much this turns you on.

DAMN BABY I hear you say and I stop and smile.

I come back up with my lips bending you back just a little so to get full penetration as I set you down gently on the stool you know the one inside the shower. You really hadn’t looked at the hospital showers like this before but this is so erotic!

You feel your cock hitting the back of my throat, so hot now the deeper and harder I suck you feel like Cumming, but I just keep going knowing you’re loving every minute of the moment. The harder I suck and the faster I go, you know you’re about ready to shoot your wad right here in my wanting mouth, so I stop, and started kissing you ever so softly and passionately.

I motion for you to step into the shower under the running water, it is warm and feels so good running down between our bodies. The water is hitting your back as I massage your entire body because you’re a little sore from lying in that hard bed the last couple days, but feeling more tired of being alone and horny.

I pull back letting you pleasure me for I can see in your eyes that exactly what you’re wanting to do. You lean down and lick my nipples as your other hand finds my hot pussy. Even maltepe escort bayan though we’re in the shower you can still feel how wet and hot my pussy is!

As you are fondling my wetness I’m giving you licks and kisses talking really dirty to you softly in your ear. I’m saying how being here with you like this sparks things inside me I haven’t felt for a very long time. You kiss me telling me you’re going to take me right here right now.

You gently bend my head down and position me in front of you and enter my hotness! You’re starting to shake at he knees because you’re still a little weak. This is getting you so pumped your holding my long blonde hair gently but firmly just to keep your balance as you drive your throbbing cock harder and harder into me.

You can hear your balls slapping my ass in the wetness of the water. Its driving you crazy feeling my hair between your fingers as you tug just a little harder it excites you a little more with each thrust. Feeling my hard nipples between one hand with your thumb and forefinger. You let go of my hair and slide your hand down my back just between my ass cheeks grabbing my ass tighter and giving me a couple more swift spats of the ass, which does nothing, more than heighten your mood!

Droplets of warm water splatter our faces, feeling the water trickle down between our bodies as you were spanking my ass makes you drive into me harder and harder and a lot deeper. Deep inside my hotness I feel you hard cock pulsing and thrusting into me. You’re driving your cock so deep into my pussy you think you can definitely feel the bottom, knowing it will drive you over the edge and I stop abruptly and say “Where does it hurt baby” just before I feel you Cumming inside me.

This was written for the one man in my life who completes me…When all I’d find was Mr. Wrong he was my Mr. Right but he got lost looking for me…. Then one day an angel dropped him out of the sky like a wild twister but right in my lap from OZ.

Licks & Kisses,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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