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I am sitting at home in Pismo Beach watching the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Currently it’s 2 to 2 in the 8th inning. My number one big boob gal pal, Catherine is on a road trip with Samantha, her new next-door neighbor. The ladies are searching out nude beaches between here and the Canadian border. They have a list of several they plan to check out, including Baker Beach in Humboldt County and Collins Beach in Oregon. I kept telling them there is no better nude beach than Avila Beach, but the ladies are on a mission.

We enjoyed a going-away threesome in Catherine’s spa a few days ago. It was reminiscent of our first encounter several weeks ago when I was first introduced to Samantha. That day the three of us hiked around the hills behind their homes, we helped Samantha unpack boxes at her new house and ended up in Catherine’s spa. I enjoyed my first blowjob from Samantha while Catherine fucked her pussy with an eight-inch strap-on.

Our second session in the spa included me using my tongue to help both ladies enjoy satisfying orgasms. We ended the evening with them double-teaming my cock and covering their tits with a fair amount of cum. They promised to send pictures of their naked adventures over the next two weeks.

I hear a chirp on my phone and look over at the screen; a text is waiting for me. I rarely text so I’m expecting to see an advertisement or public service announcement. I ignore my phone until after the game. When I finally check the message, it’s from Lynette, the Assistant Manager at Diamond Adult World and a very sexy lady. We first met at Avila Beach last fall when I was sunbathing with my next-door neighbor. We watched each other have sex on the beach with our respective partners before hooking up later.

(Lynette): Rob, when you have a chance, swing by the store. I have an important question for you.

That’s all the message contained. It’s a bit cryptic and that’s why I don’t text. It’s much more informative to pick up a phone and dial. This younger generation doesn’t understand that, although Lynette is 50, and not part of the younger generation. I wonder what the important question is? I guess I’ll be visiting Diamond Adult World tomorrow.

The sun is shining in Pismo Beach today. The temperature is a prefect 68 degrees. It’s a short ten-minute drive to Lynette’s store from my house. I arrive to a near empty parking lot. It’s such a difference from my last visit here with Samantha. I enter the sex shop and see Jayne at the register. She greets me with a wave.

“Hey Rob, it’s nice to see you.”

Hi Jayne, where are all the customers? The last time I was here, the place was packed.”

“It’s still early yet, I expect business to pick up after lunch. Lynette is in the back office, you can head back and find her. Is she expecting you?”

“Well, sort of. We didn’t plan a specific time to meet. I hope you have a good day.”

I walk to the back office and see Lynette on the phone. She motions for me to sit down. I plop down in the La-Z-Boy recliner and pick-up a product brochure. There are a lot of new items listed, several vibrators in various new colors; all shapes and sizes of butt plugs and cock rings. I have a flashback to one night last fall when Lynette took me home and used several sex gadgets on me.

Lynette ends her call and comes over. She sits right on top of me and lavishes a long and wet kiss on my lips. She slips her tongue into my mouth.

“Wow, so what do I owe the pleasure of this greeting?”

“Oh, nothing particular, you just have some very kissable lips. Besides, last time you were here we were so busy I didn’t have time to talk. We’re not expecting the crowds until after lunch.”

I can’t resist kissing Lynette again, “That’s what Jayne said. She is such a cutie.”

“Hey, don’t get any ideas. She has a boyfriend and is at least twenty years younger than you, old man.”

“Old man? Ouch. Well, I’ll have you know I prefer mature women who are at least fifty years old. Do you know anyone like that?”

“She’s sitting on your lap.”

Lynette grinds her ass into my lap for emphasis. I reach up and palm her right breast. Lynette has a beautiful pair of D-cup boobs with dark brown nipples. She is an avid sun worshiper, so she has a deep dark tan to go with those nipples. Lynette swats my hand away.

“Hey, I’m working today. You’ll have to save that for later.”

“Maybe we could steal away to the video booth for ten minutes? That’s always fun.”

“Oh you. Speaking of the video booths, I have a serious question for you.”

“That’s what your text said, and not much else. You’ve had me wondering all night what you are taking about. Why couldn’t you just call and ask me the question last night?”

“Because we were super busy, and I could only text in between customers. Besides, I wanted to see you in person, so I could do this.”

Again, Lynette grinds her cute mature ass into me and lays another hard, escort ataşehir wet kiss on my lips. This time she grabs my head and forces her tongue deep into my mouth. She knows how to make the customer feel welcome. When we finally come up for air, she asks her question.

“Rob, when you and Samantha were here last week, and she bought the Chad Vixen cock and green corset, did you guys happen to use the video booth?”

“Not exactly. All the fitting rooms were taken, so we used this office, like you offered. She tried on the corset and tried out Chad to see if he fit. By the way, he fit perfectly; she actually had an orgasm right here.”

“It’s a good thing I like you. The boss’s policy is buying before using. Now go on, what do you mean Not exactly?”

“Well after her climax, I told her that I would be her glory hole stud and she could suck my cock through the hole between the video booths. After all, that was our initial plan. Anyway, she dozed off here in the office and left me hanging, so to speak.”

“You were in the booth and your cock was sticking through the glory hole?”

“Yep, why do you ask? Do you have surveillance cameras in there?”

“No silly, that would be against the law. Well, I’ve been instructed by someone to find out who was in the video booth that day and when I find out, I’m to give that person a phone number to send a text. And, I think that person is you.”

“Instructed by someone? Can you tell me who? Text? What do I say in the text? You’re being very secretive about all of this.”

“I can’t say who, I promised. Let’s just say it will be in your best interest to send a text to this phone number.”

Lynette slips a piece of paper into my shirt pocket.

“So, tell me, what do you get out of this? I know you Lynette, you’ll want something in return.”

Lynette grabs my hand and places it on her breast again. She presses my palm hard against her D-cup.

“Yes, you know me so well Rob. Well what I want is for you to take me to the clothing-optional side of Avila Beach this coming week and fuck my brains out. I want to feel your hard cock pushed deep into my pussy again. It’s been far too long since we last made love.”

I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say other than yes and thank you to the love gods. Lynette has such a sweet, tight pussy and she knows how to use it. Finally, I get my voice back.

“Why wait until next week, let’s go for it right now.”

Lynette laughs out loud and jumps up from the recliner, leaving my hand grasping thin air.

“Sorry, I have got to get back to work.”

“But, I’m sitting here with a hard-on. I need some relief.”

Again, Lynette chuckles, “You’ve got your Fleshlight at home. And we’ve got a special on lube today, two bottles for the price of one.”

“You are such a tease, Lynette. What am I going to do with you?”

“Fuck me on Avila Beach next week, after you send your text. Now scoot.”

I realize I’m not going to persuade her today, but wow, what an offer. I guess it’s back to Pismo and a date with my Fleshlight. I don’t need any more lube, I have plenty, believe me. I walk out to the front and see that Lynette is already helping a customer. She waves and throws me a kiss. I wink at Jayne at the register as I walk out the door.

“Good-bye Rob, see you again sometime soon.”

Lynette is right, Jayne is cute, but far too young for this old man. Back home, I pull the sheet of paper from my pocket and look at the phone number. It’s a local area code, and I wonder if this is one of Lynette’s little games. My hard-on has dissipated on the drive home, but not my need for relief.

I fix myself a sandwich for lunch and then relax naked in my recliner for some much-needed relief. Before I get down to business, I grab my iPhone and look at the paper once more. I compose my text and send it off.

(Rob): Hello, this is Rob. I was told by Lynette at Diamond Adult World to send this text.

If Lynette can be cryptic in her text, so can I. With that chore out of the way, I can now concentrate on my own needs. My Fleshlight, along with some lube are sitting on the side table. I open my iPad and call up my favorite porn site. It’s the one with the cute little hamster in the upper left-hand corner. I enter a search for my favorite videos – big boob MILFs. Several come up for my viewing pleasure.

I watch several short clips while I stroke myself and coax my cock into a nice erection. I grab my Fleshlight and the lube. I find a thirty-minute video with big tits and smooth pussies on the screen. I pour lube along my shaft and spread it around with my hand. Normally, I would just give myself a hand job, but I prefer the soft texture of my Fleshlight and I can pretend that I am sliding into Lynette’s pussy. I drip some lube into the opening of the Fleshlight and line it up with the tip of my cock.

The scene on my iPad shows a big boob lady being massaged by her kadıköy escort lover. She is on the plump side with mammoth tits. He moves his hand down and starts fingering her pussy for several minutes. They switch positions with her in front, while he drips lube all over her fleshy breasts. He then reaches around and rubs the lotion into her boobs. He squeezes and massages the jiggly melons, using two hands to mold her left breast before pinching and pulling her hard nipples. The lady lays back in his arms and enjoys the attention. Her lover continues his devotion to her tits, lifting and squeezing and pushing the mounds together to form deep cleavage.

My cock is now extremely hard as I slide my Fleshlight down my shaft. The soft silicone surrounds my full seven inches providing a snug fit and intense pleasure. I raise the sex toy up my shaft until my tip is barely held in place and then slam it back down my cock. I focus on the screen and move the Fleshlight up and down with a steady rhythm.

I fantasize that Lynette is sliding up and down my dick as I watch the man complete his massage. The lady then turns her attention to his cock, stroking and sucking him to hardness. She squeezes his shaft as her hand and mouth move in unison. She provides an erotic blowjob while her left hand strokes her pussy.

I pump my Fleshlight faster up and down my shaft. The couple on the screen change position and gentleman slides his hand back and forth along her ass crease before sliding four fingers deep into her plump vagina. He nearly has his entire fist between her folds as he fingers his date. This is in preparation for him to take her doggy style and slide his thick cock between her wide rear end. Her mammoth tits hang down and sway from side to side as she is royally fucked.

The scene on my iPad is too much for my senses and I release several ropes of cum into the silicone sheath. I raise and lower my Fleshlight along my shaft as the sensations on my glans nearly make me faint. Each time I lower my Fleshlight, more jizz escapes from my tip. I keep pumping until my shaft begins to soften.

A feeling of satisfaction engulfs my body as I close my eyes and sink back into the soft cushion provided by my recliner. I am totally spent. Before long I am in the throes of an afternoon siesta.

In late afternoon I wake up in time to hear a chirp on my cell phone. My Fleshlight is laying on my lap filled with cum. I need to clean up this mess before I do anything else. After I finish washing out my latex pussy, I open the latest text in my Messages app.

(Anonymous): Hi Rob, thanks for texting me. I’m trying to locate a certain individual. I hope it’s you.

That’s it? That’s the text? I wonder if this is some kind of practical joke being played by Lynette. Why can’t anyone just speak plain English. I’m bound and determined to get more answers.

(Rob): May I ask who this is, and do you know a lady named Lynette who is the Assistant Manager at Diamond Adult World?

A half hour passes, and I am getting a little annoyed with this whole situation. I’m on the verge of calling Lynette for an explanation, however, my stomach has other ideas. It’s dinner time and I need some nourishment. Halfway through dinner my phone chirps again.

(Anonymous): Sorry, I didn’t respond sooner, my husband needed some help moving a desk. Yes, I know Lynette. At least I know who she is. I shop at her store on a regular basis. I’m always looking for new lingerie and sex toys to make me happy.

(Rob): Why did she give me your number?

(Anonymous): I asked her to help me find a man who was in the store last week. I want to meet that man. She said she would try to help me out.

(Rob): And you think that man is me?

Again, no immediate response. I continue with dinner, feeling a little more annoyed and a little curious. As the evening wears on, I forget about this whole texting thing and settle in for a night of television. It’s summertime and the networks are all showing reruns. I flip over to Netflix to see what’s new. The evening wears on and my phone remains silent. Finally, around ten-thirty my phone chirps.

(Anonymous): Rob, are you awake?

(Rob): I am. Where did you go? I’m not big on texting, it’s too impersonal. Is this some kind of prank you and Lynette cooked up?

(Anonymous): Oh no, no prank at all. I’m very sorry I didn’t return your text right away. It’s Wednesday night and it’s my husband’s weekly sex night. He did his usual routine of fingering my pussy until I have a mild orgasm and then it’s missionary for two minutes until he cums and then falls asleep.

(Rob): You don’t sound too enthusiastic?

(Anonymous): I’m not. It’s the same thing every Wednesday night. Very boring. That’s why I go to the sex shop so often. My sex drive is so much bigger than his. I need a good orgasm every day.

(Rob): So, who am I texting? Do you have a name?

(Anonymous): My name maltepe escort bayan is Nanette and I live in Pismo Beach.

(Rob): Nanette? Lynette? Are you sure you’re not the same person and you like pulling my chain.

(Nanette): No really, my name is Nanette and I don’t want to pull your chain, I want to suck your cock, again!!

(Rob): Again?

(Nanette): I was in the video booth at Diamond Adult World last week. I was going to watch some videos and masturbate, but then I saw this cock sticking through the glory hole. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it was long and thick and circumcised. The balls were shaved and hung down low. I took it my hands and twisted the shaft and then sucked it down my throat. I swallowed a huge load of cum.

(Rob): Oh my god, that must have been me, I was expecting my friend to be in the other booth, so she could suck my cock through the hole.

(Nanette): After I swallowed that whole load, I whistled through the hole and said you have a have a gorgeous, thick cock that’s so much bigger than my husband’s. I said my pussy was drenched and I wanted you to fuck me, but my husband was waiting in the car.

(Rob): That was me and that was my cock! You sucked MY cock! That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever experienced. I came so much. I’ve never had my cock twisted like that, you must give the best hand jobs too.

(Nanette): Oh jeez, I’ve found you. Lynette found you. My pussy is throbbing right now. Gawd, we must meet.

(Rob): Can I call you? I want to hear your voice, instead of this incessant texting.

(Nanette): No, too risky. My husband works from home. I’ve got to go take care of my pussy. We’ll text tomorrow. I want to know all about you.

And just like she is gone. My cock is hard again thinking about Nanette taking care of her throbbing pussy. She must have a vibrator or two, since her husband is a one and done kind of guy. Wednesday passes with no texts. I don’t send any, I don’t want Nanette to think I’m over eager, although I can’t wait to have her lips around my cock again. Finally, around dinner time on Thursday, my phone chirps. I grab my phone and am pleased to see a text from Nanette.

(Nanette): Hi Rob, do you have time to chat?

I wait ten minutes before I return her message.

(Rob): Hi Nanette. Sorry for the delay, I was outside doing some gardening. It’s nice to see your message. Have you had a busy couple of days?

(Nanette): You might say that. I’ve been masturbating several times a day thinking about your gorgeous cock. I stopped into see Lynette to thank her for finding you. I was hoping I might run into you there.

(Rob): So, what are you doing right now?

(Nanette): Sitting at the dinner table, texting you. My husband is on the other side reading the newspaper.

(Rob): Isn’t that a bit risky?

(Nanette): No, he thinks I’m playing one of my silly games on my phone. He thinks I waste a lot of time on silly games. If only he knew.

(Rob): Masturbating, huh? That sounds fun. Do you have a favorite vibrator?

(Nanette): I do. It’s a seven-inch pink rabbit. The little ears tickle my clit and makes me cum quickly.

(Rob): I’ve heard woman have several vibrators. Is that true?

(Nanette): Definitely. I have too many to count. The problem is I go to Lynette’s store too often. I can’t walk out without buying something. I’m thinking of buying a strap-on.

(Rob): Do you have a lady friend to use it with?

(Nanette): Not yet. Do you think Lynette would be game?

(Rob): I think she would be game. Both giving and receiving.

(Nanette): Would you consider using it?

(Rob): I have, and it provides a really intense orgasm. But I will only do it with a very special lady. I must be intimately connected with that person.

(Nanette): Oh my. No, I meant would you use it on me? Would you wear the strap-on and fuck me with it? I want to be DP’d. I want your cock in my ass and my dildo in my pussy.

(Rob): We need to meet. When can we meet?

(Nanette): Sorry. Got to go.

And just like that there are no more texts. Our texting has left me with another hard-on, and another session with my Fleshlight. I wish Catherine was home to fuck me. More than that, I wish I could meet Nanette and fuck her all day long. I’ve got to figure out how to make this happen.

The weekend passes with no contact with Nanette. Catherine has sent me a few emails with pictures attached. She and Samantha are having a wonderful time exploring nude beaches. Some of the pictures are of them naked, splashing in the waves. She said they could only stay in the water a few minutes, because it is so cold. I think they are brave just getting their toes wet. One picture she sent was of her laying on the beach and Samantha was between her legs eating her pussy. It’s no wonder she hasn’t called, they are having too much fun.

I did receive one text today. It was from Lynette. Doesn’t anyone use the phone anymore? Anyway, she said Tuesday is my lucky day. It’s her day off and our day to run rampant on Avila Beach. She can’t wait to be with me out by the big rocks. She hopes I take a Viagra, so I can keep it up all afternoon. I plan to do just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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