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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Episode 6

In Which Our Hero and His Tittie Queen Encounter Patrol Officer Suzy Suxon

They had just left Look Out Pointe when the flashing red and blue lights went off just behind them.

“Uh oh,” muttered Eric, “Look, Jackie, no matter what happens just stay in the car and everything will be fine!”?”Why, what is it? Were you speeding?”

“No, I think it’s Officer Suzy Suxon? The Police cadet that was interested in Kelso? Remember her? Well, some how she actually became a cop. And she is FUCKING crazy! If you get out of the car she’s as likely to taser you as not! She just wants to hassle me a little. Its just a thing she does. No big deal!” He set the brake and turned off the motor.

A baton rapped on the driver’s window which he rolled down. A flashlight snapped on and swept over the contents of the back seat before focusing on the passengers. When the light hit Jackie it paused for several moments while the Officer regarded the generously exposed cleavage between her beyond incredible Double J cup boobs and the twin mountains of breast flesh barely contained within her skin-tight sleeveless sweater. In reflex, Jackie took a deep breath and arched her back a little to emphasize her bust line. She was so proud of her new development!

“Step out of the vehicle, sir. I need to see your license and registration!” The voice was crisps and official sounding but feminine.

“Yes, Officer” he said as he got our of the car.

Stepping to the back of the Vista Cruiser the officer rapped her baton against Eric’s chest. “We have had reports of drug smugglers using a vehicle that matches the description of your vehicle. I’m going to have to search you and the vehicle. Now spread your legs and lean against the side of the car here.”

Jackie watched from the front seat using the rearview mirrors to see what was happening. There was enough light that she could see every thing.

Eric put his hands on the side of the car and spread his legs as she had ordered.

Skillfully, the Officer ran her hands up and down his side and chest. Jackie thought it was a little unusual for the Officer to stand so close to her suspect. In fact, the Officer was practically, no, she really WAS rubbing herself against Eric as she patted down his sides and chest. As she swept her hands over her suspect she mashed her more than substantial breasts against him, rubbing herself up and down, side to side against him.

“No funny stuff, now!” The Officer demanded. Deliberately pressing her tits against him as she moved, she knelt behind Eric’s wide spread legs

She ran her hands slowly up his right leg checking for hidden weapons, Jackie assumed. As the Officer reached the top of her search she paused and checked thoroughly for hidden weapons in Eric’s crotch.

Finding nothing she repeated the operation on Eric’s other leg. This time, as she reached mid-thigh her exploring hands stopped. Using both hands she examined what she had found. She swept both hands up and down. From mid-thigh to his crotch she followed what she had found. A suspiciously large bulge against his leg, she needed to use both hands to gauge it’s extent.

The Officer wet her lips as she continued to squeeze, fondle and pump what she had discovered running an improbable length down his leg.

“This appears to be an EXTREMELY large caliber weapon. Worse yet, it’s a concealed weapon,” she accused her suspect. “That’s a violation. This calls for a deeper investigation! Turn around, you criminal!”

Officer Suxon remained on her knees as Eric slowly turned around.

“Lean against the car, sir! And I don’t need to warn you what will happen if you don’t do EXACTLY as I tell you, now do I?”

“No Officer, I’ll co-operate!” Eric assured the young Patrol Officer.

“Of course you will!” She started to unbuckle him. “I need to get a hands-on evaluation of your hidden weapon, now.”

Watching from the front seat, Jackie couldn’t take her eyes off the scene. With out thinking, her hands were already busy. One sliding under her skirt while the other was plucking and pulling on her expanding nipples. This was hot! She was glad she had just stuffed her gigantic bra under the seat. It made it easy for her to play with her erect nipples!

The Officer had unbuttoned and unzipped the concealing pants. Leaning forward she inhaled deeply, throwing her bust into greater prominence.

“Oh, yes, I love that smell. The smell of a weapon that has been recently discharged,” she clarified. Taking another breath she proceeded to slowly pull his pants to the ground. She grasped the waistband of Eric’s boxers.

“It seems your weapon has escaped it’s holster.” she noted as she tried to wrap a hand around the part of his dick that extended below the bottom of his boxer leg.

“But I had better take a look at the whole weapon.”

Eric’s dick had hardened pendik escort to the point that it was trying to rise upward and this made it difficult for The Officer to pull down the garment. Using one hand she held the cockshaft against his thigh while the other pulled down on his underwear. First one side then the other until she finally had it freed.

When she let go it sprang up, narrowly missing hitting her in the face with his more than 12 inch prick.

“Careful there, that could be assaulting an Officer, you know,” she pointed out with a grin.

“Sorry Officer, I’ll try to be more careful,” Eric responded. “But sometimes I have a hard time controlling my, um, weapon.”

“I’ll show you a hard time!” the entranced Officer told him.

Using both hands she pulled his dick down to horizontal and while pumping him vigorously she lapped up the pre-cum that had oozed from his dick head. Jackie could hear sloppy wet sounds as The Officer worked. Saliva dripped from his dick down onto his hairless balls and then slowly dropped onto the Officer’s uniform.

“Oh, I can’t let this get soiled,” she moaned. Quickly she removed the garment and placed it on the ground next to her. Her white 34 Triple D bra seemed to glow in the dark as she went back to work. Pumping, pulling, stroking his massive cock, she concentrated her mouth and lips on his cock head, never trying to take more than just the tip into her mouth.

More and more fluids dripped down, soaking into her bra. Squelching moist sounds sounded in the night. Watching closely Jackie was admiring The Officer’s skill while also wondering where Eric got the strength. They had just left Look Out Pointe a few minutes ago. Jackie would have sworn that she had emptied Eric’s balls with the two blow jobs and marathon fuck session she had enjoyed with him. He had come at least four times! Yet here he was, less than half an hour later, rock hard and groaning while Officer Floozy was working over his immense hard-on!

Without conscious thought Jackie was squeezing one massive boob while her other hand was gently stroking her pussy lips and dipping into her cunt once in a while. “God, I love sex! I even love watching Eric getting head from this police floozy!” she said to herself.

In the mirror she watched as The Officer slaved over Eric’s big, big dick.

“Now you’re getting my 34-Triple D bra all messy, too!” The Officer pointed out while leaning back to let Eric get a good look at her impressive chest in it’s restrictive bra.

Smiling up at Eric, Officer Suxon reached back to unleash her big tits. She teased him for a moment or two, cupping her covered tits in her hands she plumped them for her audience. Finally releasing her self she dropped the bra onto her uniform top and fondled herself for another few moments.

“Well, since I’ve unleashed the twins, I should put them to work!” She again cupped herself together and mashed the exceedingly large, Triple D cup melons against Eric’s erection. Up and down she raised and lowered her torso, working her large tits against his even larger cock.

“I just adore large weapons like this one!” she husked as she worked. “I love the feel of them between my 34-Triple D titties! Some other time I’d like you to discharge your weapon all over my big titties! But now I think it’s time for a cavity probe!”

Standing up she pushed Eric away from the car and took his place.

Grinning over her shoulder Officer Suxon quickly pushed her pants to the ground.

“Now, you criminal, use your weapon to probe my cavity! I want you to probe as deeply and as thoroughly as you can. Don’t stop until you’ve explored every nook and cranny!”

Her hands on the side of the car, her legs spread and her dripping wet cunt at the perfect level for Eric to probe her The Officer waited impatiently. Twitching her hips from side to side she presented a moving target for Eric’s weapon to hit.

Shuffling behind her, still impeded by the pants around his ankles, Eric moved into position and grabbed Officer Suzy by the hips.

Lining himself up, Eric planted his dick head into the seeping opening between her legs.

“This ought to be good,” thought Jackie. “I haven’t seen Eric fuck another woman since I was hidden in that closet. I wonder if this floozy has any idea what she’s in for? He’s going to fuck her brains out! It’s almost as much fun to watch him pound another girl senseless as it is to have him pound me senseless!”

For the next twenty minutes Jackie kept her eyes glued to the rearview mirror watching as The Officer was launched into one orgasm after another as Eric drove his over-sized organ deeper and deeper into the crying, sobbing, orgasming Officer. She seemed to hit a peak every couple of minutes as Eric worked. Having had a terrific fuck session with Jackie earlier that evening he was in no hurry to cum. Instead he drove The Officer to peaks that she had never suspected existed. His massively thick, more than foot long dick sank further and further maltepe escort into his partner as she slowly collapsed against the car. At the end it was only Eric’s steel hard shaft that kept her from falling to the ground. She had had more orgasms than she could count!

Sitting in the passenger seat Jackie also reached the heights several times while watching in the mirror.

“I’m going to cum!” Eric finally announced. “Where do you want me to cum? Your pussy, you mouth, all over your face or titties? Where do you want the evidence, Officer?”

“Oh, God, let me drink it! I want to drink it down!” she gasped.

The Officer folded to the ground as Eric pulled himself from her ravaged pussy. His dick pulled out of her cunt with an audible sound. Their Mingled juices dripped to the ground from his gigantic cock. On her knees she gazed worshipfully up at Eric as he stroked himself while standing over her.

Reverently The Officer reached up with both hands and gently brought his dick to her lips. She planted an adoring kiss on the tip of his dick and started to nurse on him as she added her hands to his, caressing his shaft from root to tip!

The juice from her pussy aided her as she stroked him faster and faster. She never took her attention away from his dick. She didn’t look in his eyes, she focused only on his pole as she worked to pull his semen from his balls.

Suddenly Eric groaned and grabbed her head to hold her in place as he began to unload a huge portion of cum into her eagerly gulping mouth. Not a drop escaped her devoted attention! Finally, after draining him she leaned back to look him in the eyes.

“Well, it seems that we’ve misplaced all the evidence in this case. I’m going to have to let you go this time but watch yourself in the future!”

“Yes Officer,” Eric said as he pulled his pants up.

“Now, I just need to interview your passenger to be sure that there is nothing untoward going on here!” announced Officer Suxon. She finished buttoning up her uniform as she approached the passenger side door.

“All right, Honey, step out here!” Her tone of command demanded respect and obedience. Without thinking about it, Jackie found herself outside the car.

Tentatively she faced the staring Officer. Without thought Jackie posed for the Officer’s inspection. Drawing her shoulders back she emphasized her huge boobs for Officer Suxon’s review. Confidently, she stood, her upper body slowly swinging from side to side as Officer Suxon examined her.

“Well, what have we here? Honey, you look like a melon smuggler to me! I’m going to have really probe most carefully.”

“All RIGHT!,” The Officer’s voice snapped out. “Assume the position! Hands on the car, spread those pretty legs!”

Leaning against the car, Jackie felt the tug of her immense 32 J cup tits as they hung, barely supported by her top. She knew if she were to shake her shoulders her boobs would fall out the bottom of her sweater into the open and dangle from her rib cage. They swayed under her as she spread her legs. Her tight mini skirt, the one that so flattered her legs, was so restrictive that her feet were barely shoulder width apart!

“Well,” said Officer Suxon, “That scandalously short skirt doesn’t hide much, does it? Where ever did you find it? I’d like to wear something like that to the Policeman’s Ball! It would be nice to distract some attention from these big Triple D boobs of mine! No, we’ll get to that later, perhaps.”

“Alright, I’m going to frisk you. Don’t try any tricks! I’ll Taser you in a second.” Her voice held a touch of menace as she approached Jackie.

Sliding behind Jackie, The Officer ran her hands around Jackie’s waist. As she had earlier with Eric she mashed her big titties against the back of her suspect. Her hands swooped over Jackie’s flat abdomen, her pinkie ducking her navel which tickled Jackie. Moving upward Officer Suzy felt the outer curves of Jackie’s incredible mammaries, she then moved her hands up and across the exposed skin of Jackie’s upper chest. Her pelvis pressing against Jackie’s butt, her hands continued to rove. One hand followed the downward swoop of Jackie’s fabulously lengthy cleavage.

“Are you kidding me?” she exclaimed. “Are you telling me that these huge mounds of flesh are real? No way!”

Gripping Jackie’s shoulders she spun her around. “This I have to see! I thought my 34-Triple D’s were big! You make me feel flat chested, honey!”

Jackie said nothing but she took an extra large breath while pulling her shoulders back and arching her back. The result was to make her already gargantuan breasts seem to expand in front of Officer Suzy’s eyes. Under the disbelieving eyes of Officer Suzy the woman in front of her was proudly displaying breasts that beggared the imagination. Never had she seen anything like it! And just as noticeable as her immense physique was the pride in the young woman’s gaze as she let Officer Suzy stare at her improbable vastness.

“Shouldn’t you make sure kartal escort that I’m not hiding anything in my cleavage? Or under my sweater?” suggested the smirking woman. “I think you should be VERY thorough!” Shimming her shoulders produced an undulation across the exposed flesh that captivated The Officer.

“Yes, yes, of course! An examination is called for!”

Her hands trembling a little, Officer Suzy began a detailed search of Jackie’s vast quivering bosom.

“You, you’re, you don’t have a bra on!” gasped Officer Suzy whose own Triple D required the support of a well made bra!

“I guess I’m just lucky to be so firm.” Jackie’s voice was a little husky as she enjoyed the feel of Officer Suxon’s hands on her breasts.

“Dear God,” whispered the impressed Officer. “What a pair of TITS! I’ve got to make sure,” she reached for the hem of Jackie’s top and began to pull it upward.

“You may have a little trouble getting that over my boobs,” pointed out Jackie as Officer Suzy started to struggle. “Let me help!” With both women pulling and tugging they were finally able to remove the cover from Jackie’s mind blowing titties. Full and luscious they hung proudly, high and mighty, just in front of Officer Suzy’s goggling eyes.

Both of The Officer’s hands were clutching, kneading, pressing and handling Jackie’s huge rack. There was not much pretense of frisking any more. This was a general groping! A breast impressed young woman was feeling the most impressive set of TITS she had ever seen!

“Damn, these are definitely potentially destructive weapons! And talk about mass!” she groaned as she tried to lift them together and then one at a time.

Sighing with pleasure Jackie was leaning into the Officer as she worked her titties over. She shook her self for the Officer’s enjoyment, causing her boobs to quiver and shimmy in the tight grasp of the Patrol Officer’s hands.

Breathing heavily, Officer Suxon stepped back from her suspect.

“I’m going to have to be extremely careful to not over look anything,” she said as she drew her baton from her hip. She paused to take off her shirt, again showing off her 34 Triple-D bra. Some how she didn’t seem as big while standing in front of Jackie’s abundance.

Stepping back to Jackie she ran the tip of the baton around each nipple, causing them to jut out further and further. Pressing the baton into her suspect she mashed the nipples deep into the flesh around them and then let them pop back out. Jackie was enjoying the tittie play. She surmised that Officer Suxon was as entranced by her big, big, boobies as was Eric!

Taking a different tact, Officer Suzy placed the tip of the baton at the bottom of Jackie’s breasts and began to move it up into the valley between Jackie’s breasts.

“There isn’t enough lubrication for my probe to work properly!” the Officer panted. “I’ve got to correct that!” She leaned forward and buried her face between the grandiose sized boobies, licking and licking, spreading her saliva across the inner sides of Jackie’s breasts.

Starting again she pushed the baton up and down Jackie’s cleavage, probing further and further each time.

“Ohhhh,” sighed Jackie, “that’s good probing Officer Suxon. Let me help a little.” Leaning forward a bit she pulled her shoulders together. Placing her hands on her shoulders she began pressing her boobs tightly against one another with her arms. Her elbows reached just over half way to her now erect nipples. The pressure she applied increased. As a result her breasts enfolded not only the entire baton but Officer Suzy’s arm half way to her elbow!

Officer Suzy continued to try to move her hand but was completely trapped between Jackie’s enormous endowments.

“God, that’s sexy,” the enamored Officer breathed. She released the baton, pulling her hand free and stepped away from her suspect. Jackie smiled at her, releasing the pressure between her breasts to allow the end of the baton to poke up at the top of her breasts. Barely bothering to bend her neck, Jackie swabbed her tongue around the exposed end of the baton.

“You are an excellent prober, Officer Suxon!” she declared. “Do you need to do more, um, probing or have I passed your inspection?”

“Honey, I’m just getting started! Now turn over my baton so I can get back to work.”

“Oh, sure, here you are, Officer Suxon” Jackie released her breasts. To Officer Suzy’s amazement the baton remained trapped between those amazingly abundant boobies.

She reached out and took hold of the middle of the baton, deep in Jackie’s cleavage. Smirking at the Officer, Jackie quickly mashed her hands to the outside of her breasts momentarily trapping Officer Suxon’s arm. When she was released Officer Suxon stepped up to her suspect and, pulling her toward her, planted a scorching kiss on her lips. Leaning back, glancing down at their entwined breasts and then back up into Jackie’s dark eyes she whispered, “I’m going to enjoy this probing! And I think you will too!”

Working quickly Officer Suxon pushed the suspects skirt up over her hips revealing a naked, dripping wet snatch.

“Oh, you shave! That’s so sexy! So dirty! I love it! I have to inspect it more closely!” there might have been a note of apology in her voice.

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