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We had only met about a month ago but I was missing her badly. She had been invading my thoughts on a regular basis now and I did not know why. After all, she would tell me time and time again that “she wasn’t anything special”…And yet, she was there, like a stain on my brain and it was growing every day.

She had finally agreed to let me do as I pleased which was the single greatest opportunity I could have ever been handed. The honor of making her my queen and driving all of her senses wild, was almost too much to bear. The sheer magnitude of it seemed unreal…having her all alone, all to myself, being able to do as I wanted…I could not fuck this up…it might be my only chance Ever..

The night at long last arrived. After a light meal, we retired to the couch to watch a little television together. I could feel my heart race as the smell of her snuck into my nose, letting my mind go crazy. How was it that she was able to get to me like this? Why did she have so much power over me that I would pendik escort do anything and everything for her? As seconds passed, I could feel myself slipping, becoming less and less resistant. I wanted….no, I needed her, and I needed her now.

I closed my eyes and did whatever my body wanted to do. When I opened them, my mouth was planted softly on her set of full, luscious lips. My body shook as she began to kiss me back. My mind was racing in a thousand different directions but I didn’t care. I just kissed her back again and again, more and more passionately as my need for her grew even stronger.

I then gently pushed her down onto her back and let my tongue do the rest. At first, carefully playing with hers, then gently down her neck, all over that neck of hers…and then her upper chest. My tongue disappeared and my teeth came out…giving her little nibbles around her neck and softly on her ears. Then a big bite on her neck and I sucked and sucked.

By then I was throbbing hard maltepe escort in my pants and breathing heavily. I could not take it anymore. I picked her up, brought her into her room, and lied her down on her bed. I slowly got on top of her and continued my small bites down to her breasts. Full, and round, these had teased me constantly since the first time I saw her….and now, they were in my hands. I squeezed them gently, one in each hand, and lowered my head slowly with my tongue out. I gave her nipple a long-overdue lick and another and finally started to softly suck on it. Then I moved to the other one with my heart pounding harder than ever in my chest, and my cock throbbing harder than ever in my pants.

After getting my fill, I slowly kissed down her stomach, unbuttoned, and removed her pants. I bit onto her panties and pulled them off with my teeth. I parted her legs and moved my head in between. I opened up her cunt with two fingers and began to lick and suck on her swollen clit. kartal escort God, I loved the way her back arched with each new stroke of my tongue. It was almost as if I felt the same intense waves of pleasure as she did. By now, I was dripping wet and opened and took off my pants to present to her what she does to me. My full, throbbing, hard, seven inch cock was needy of being inside her and I was ready to let it have it’s way. I lowered it and slowly pushed it in, inch by swollen inch, until her cunt was wrapped around the whole thing. I bit hard on my lower lip as the muscles inside her contracted and contorted around my cock. I wrapped my arms around her and began to rock back and forth, feeling a fresh sting of pleasure each time. I bent over to kiss her deeply as I picked up speed and force. I could feel my cock ripping her apart more and more with each thrust. I began to sweat despite the room having a chill to it as I fucked her deeper and harder.

I could not take much more…I was ready to explode all over her. I pulled out, placed my cock between her delicious breasts, and vigorously titty-fucked her until I came all over her neck and chest. Exhausted and unbelievably satisfied, I fell beside her, kissed her, and fell asleep with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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