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Author’s note: my first attempt in the Incest category. It could have gone in multiple groups, including Anal, First Time, Romance and probably a couple of others, but Incest is the overarching theme. As always, feedback is appreciated, especially voting. It’s painless and helps me know better how I’m doing entertaining the readers. Thanks…

The Bribe

What will his sister pay to pass Trigonometry?

“Steve, I’ve got a problem…” My sister, the college freshman, in whine mode.

“You’ve always got a problem.” Me, the college senior, in study mode. I have Finals in two days.

“No, really, Steve, this is serious…”

“It’s always serious.”

“Steve, c’mon… don’t be like that. I need your help.”

“You always…”

“STEVE!!!” She actually seemed upset this time. Okay, so I thought I’d humor her.

“Fine. What’s the problem?”

“I’m going to flunk Trig.” Strange… it was usually about boys, or being broke, or needing my car.

“Why?” Seemed reasonable to ask.

“Because I’ve got a dot-head T-A that I can’t understand and the book totally sucks and I’ve been struggling all semester to keep a D and nobody I’ve gotten to tutor me makes any sense.”

“And you think I can help you how?”

“You’re a fucking computer geek and a math genius!” she blurted out. “I’ve seen you explain shit to people dumber than a post and they walked away knowing their shit. You can teach anybody! All I have to do is pull a B on the final and I can get through with a C. That keeps me in school. You know I’m on the edge of flunking out… I’m desperate! I mean, if you can’t help me, who can? I’m doomed.”

“Maybe taking a couple of semesters off would help you focus,” I suggested. I really wasn’t in the mood to save her ass again. “Maybe hustling drinks at Beebo’s or flippin’ burgers at the Arches would put things in perspective. You like to party too much, Mandy, and you’re letting it ruin your life.”

I think I saw tears starting to well up.

“Yes, Steve, I like to party. I like to drink and to dance and to fuck my brains out. But this is serious. If I flunk out, Dad will kick me out of the house. And Mom will be right there holding the door. I have to pass this class. What do you want? What will it cost me to get you to help me get through this damned test?”

“What are you willing to pay?” I asked, pretty facetiously. I knew she was broke and didn’t have anything worth bartering. She was going to be preying on my good graces. Again.

“I don’t have anything, Steve, and you know it,” she sniffed, and I realized she really was starting to cry. It’s hard to cry on cue. Not impossible, just hard. I was starting to get my heartstrings tugged at.

“Mandy, I’ve got my own problems,” I tried to reason with her. “I’ve got two finals on Friday, one in Diff-EQ and one in Laplace transforms. I’m up to my ass in studying as it is.”

“My test isn’t until Tuesday,” she told me, moving into negotiating/begging mode. “Maybe you could find some time before then? I know you can explain this shit to me and have it stick in my head long enough to take the test…”

“Okay,” I went back to trying to discourage her. “So what are you willing to pay?”

I could see the crushed feeling descend on her. She sat down on the edge of my bed and her shoulders slumped and her face went all despondent. Her hands went to her lap and she hung her head.

“I really don’t have anything, Steve,” she told me in a forlorn voice. “I don’t know what to offer.”

“How about sex?” I suggested. I figured that would get her running from my bedroom.

Weird… it didn’t. She just sat on the bed looking like a cat that had been locked out in the rain. She sniffled a bit, then slowly looked up at me with the most amazingly pitiable expression I’ve ever seen.

“Seriously?” she asked softly.

Okay, that stopped me cold. Never in a million years would I have thought she might seriously consider sex with me. We had been antagonists the entire nineteen years of her life. I had three years on her but she had Mom and Dad’s affection.

Not that they didn’t love me. It’s just, I was always held to a higher standard. First born, a son, smart… had to be successful — professionally, socially, personally. No pressure there. She was always the cute one that got away with murder.

“I was kidding, Mandy,” I told her. “I figured you’d run screaming from the room. You know, go get Dad to hire some outrageously expensive genius to teach you everything you need to know overnight.”

“Sex isn’t a bad suggestion, Steve,” she went on softly. “My body’s mine, free and clear, and I think I’m pretty good with it. If you’re really horny, maybe we could work something out? Like maybe a couple of blowjobs or something?”

“Mandy, I don’t have time for sex,” I countered. She was scaring me. “That’s why I haven’t been getting laid. Hell, that’s why I haven’t even been dating! I need to ace these courses.”

“Steve, etlik escort everybody has time for sex,” she came back. “Even if it’s just fifteen minutes here or half an hour there. When was the last time you got laid?”

I actually had to stop and think about that one.

“Um… a year ago last New Year’s,” I confessed. “Angie Martin at the New Year’s bash at the country club.”

“Steve!” She actually seemed shocked. “That’s like, sixteen months ago! What are you doing? Jerking off? You can’t possibly be celibate, I’ve seen you…” She shut up in a hurry, realizing she’d said something she didn’t mean to.

“You’ve seen me?” I prompted. I wasn’t about to let it go.

“Nothing,” she answered in that embarrassed and dejected tone.

“You’ve seen me what?” I persisted. I really wanted an answer. She sighed.

“I used to spy on you, Steve,” she admitted, chagrined. “I hit puberty and the hormones were going crazy and you were fascinating to watch. I liked watching you handle yourself, and then later, when you’d bring girlfriends home, I liked watching you going down on them and fucking. You’re a pretty well hung stud, Steve, and don’t try to pretend you’re not. I can’t imagine you going without sex.”

“Honestly, I don’t,” I told her. “I jerk off. Mostly to go to sleep. Satisfied?”

“No,” she told me with conviction. “You deserve a lot more than that! You’re busting your ass to meet Mom and Dad’s expectations, and you’re not even having any fun along the way? Okay, I’ll make the offer. Sex in exchange for helping me pass the damned Trig class.”

There was a whole lot of silence as my mind raced. One, I was horny as hell and usually forced myself to ignore it. Two, Mandy was a fox. Not that I’d ever tell her that, but she truly was beautiful. Five-foot-six according to her driver’s license and a hundred and twenty pounds. Brown hair, green eyes. And I knew from doing her laundry she was a 34C-24-36. If she wasn’t my sister, she’d be hard-rockin’ gorgeous.

But she was my sister! Honest-to-God, same-parents, blood-related sister.

Actually, my evil side prompted, she is hot, sister or not — and lots of girls had incestuous relationships with their brothers. And mothers, fathers and sisters as well. It’s not like it was all bad… as long as there weren’t any pregnancies or diseases, and it was consensual.

“You’re being quiet,” she told me. “You’re thinking about it.”

There were a few more moments of silence before I answered her.

“Of course I’m thinking about it,” I told her. “I’m an intact, twenty-three year old male. What I’m trying to get past is the ‘it’s just plain wrong’ part. Once I get past that, there’s a whole lot of advantages, depending on what you want to do. Like, I wouldn’t have to take time out to wine you and dine you, and then drive you home afterwards. We live in the same house. Your bedroom is next to mine. And it would be a great way to de-stress, probably for both of us. You said you like to fuck. Do you like oral, too? Both ways? Sucking a guy and getting eaten? And vaginal, and anal… and maybe even some kink. I don’t know what you are into.”

“All of the above?” she answered sheepishly. “Except anal. I’ve never tried it.”

I could feel my heart pounding in my ears.

“Really?” I asked, trying to maintain decorum. “With all the guys you’ve boffed, you’ve never had it up your ass?”

“No,” she iterated. “They were more interested in getting off in my mouth or my pussy, or between my tits.”

I went back into thinking mode. I guess I was in it too long because she interrupted my train of thought again.

“Is that what would do it for you?” she asked in that same meek voice. “Getting my anal cherry?”

My adrenaline was going through the roof. But I wasn’t about to let her know that.

“Mandy, it’s late and I have to finish this chapter review before I knock off. And then I’m going to bed. Catch me at breakfast when I’ve had a chance to think it over. Right now, it just seems like a very wrong thing to do.”

I saw a single tear break loose from her left eye and roll down her cheek. But she stood up and said, “thanks, Steve. Thanks for taking me seriously. I mean my offer. I’ll check with you at breakfast.” Then she turned and walked on out of my room, closing the door behind her.

Holy Mother of God, I thought. My kid sister is offering me her anal cherry just so she can pass Freshman Trig. Saying no would be a no-brainer if I wasn’t so horny and she wasn’t so sexy.

Fuck the chapter review. I needed a drink and some sleep.

* * * * *

It was still dark out when I felt someone in bed with me. A naked someone, with big tits pressed into my back.

“What the f–” I started to say, but she clamped her hand over my mouth.

“Go back to sleep, Steve,” she told me. “It’s only four-thirty. I’ve got so much shit bouncing around in my head, I can’t sleep. And most of it is you. I need to know if etlik escort bayan you feel as good as I’ve dreamt you are. So just relax and let me pet you.”

“Those two don’t generally go together,” I told her quietly, once she’d removed her hand. “Just you lying in bed with me, naked, is getting me hard.”

“Oh?” She ran her hand over my hip and across my groin to my cock, already semi-erect. Once she circled it with her fingers and started stroking, he came all the way up.

“Wow!” she breathed. “That’s a healthy chunk of meat, Brother.”

“Thank you,” I answered evenly. “And if you want me to go back to sleep, you’re going to have to stop doing that.”

“Sorry, no can do,” she told me and I could hear the smile in her voice. “At least, not until I’m done checking you out.” Then she started kissing my neck where it meets my shoulder, while still stroking me. I felt the tingles in every cell in my body.

“Mandy, really…” I tried to tell her. “It’s been a long time, and…”

“Do you need to put on a condom?” she asked. “Or… don’t worry about it. I’ll wash the sheets tomorrow.”

“Mandy, I… oh, God!” She’d started tickling my frenulum and I felt my balls starting to pull up.

“Steve, come here,” she told me and pulled on me so I’d roll onto my back. Then she eased a leg over mine and planted a tit in the middle of my chest while she brought her head up even with mine and lowered it into a kiss.

And not just any kiss. There’s the kind of kisses you give your aunts and uncles and cousins at a family reunion. There’s the kind of kiss you give your Mom on the way in or out, to let her know she’s loved. And then there’s the curl-your-toes, rock-your-world, I-own-you kiss you share with your lover.

That’s the one she gave me.

I caved. I had one of those Fuck-it Moments where I just gave up and let whatever animal instinct wanted the driver’s seat have it. I kissed her back, and it was one of the hottest kisses I have ever shared with anyone, bar none. And her continued stroking of my cock had me dangerously close to the edge.

“Or…” she said, breaking the kiss and raising up on one elbow. “I could just swallow.”

Before my brain could process it, she slid down to my painfully hard manhood and engulfed it in her mouth. Her hot, wet, talented mouth. Between her tongue and knowing how to keep her teeth out of the way, I was not going to be long for this world.

“Oh, Jesus, Mandy!” I moaned. “That feels so fucking good! You shouldn’t be doing it, you know, but damn! You are one talented… Oh, my Fucking GOD!!!”

I came so fast and so hard, I didn’t even know I was going over. And I kept thinking please forgive me… please forgive me… as I blew a massive load down her throat. She never spilled a drop.

When I was done, and she was too, she sat up, burped, giggled, and asked me, “Can you sleep now?”

I looked at her through half-open eyes and asked, “Excuse me… do I know you?”

She laughed and snuggled down into my arms again.

“I think I’ll stay here tonight,” she told me. “What time is your alarm set for?”

* * * * *

We woke curled up together when my alarm went off at 6:45am. There was already sun trying to get past my drawn shades and Mandy looked absolutely stunning when she stretched and her curves were outlined by the light playing against her skin.

“Mornin’, Big Boy,” she smiled. “You want bacon or sausage with your eggs?”

“Oh, God… it wasn’t a dream,” I mumbled as the previous events came crashing down on me. “Mandy, I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry.”

“Was I that bad?” she asked, and I think she was teasing me. “What are you sorry about?”

“Taking advantage of you,” I told her. “You’re in trouble and need my help and I was an asshole and parlayed it into a blowjob. That’s not right.”

“What isn’t right is your memory,” she told me flat out. “You told me you’d sleep on it. You weren’t going to do it. You said it was wrong. You’re not the one that decided a blowjob would be nice. That’s all on me, Brother, and I’m glad you let me. You taste and feel fantastic. And there’s no strings. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, even if you end up not helping me with the Trig. So don’t feel sorry. And make up your mind.”

“I think I have,” I told her, marshalling my thoughts. “It may be wrong, but you feel so good to me, I don’t know how it can be wrong. It’s not like we’re hurting each other or anything. And we’re both legal. So if you want to trade sex for a passing grade in Trig, I think I’m willing.”

“That’s really nice to know,” she smiled at me. “But what I meant was, you have to decide between bacon and sausage.”

“Oh.” I felt like an idiot.

She fixed that. She leaned into me and gave me another one of those I-own-you kisses. Whatever else I was thinking and feeling went right out the window.

Then she eased out of bed.

“Sorry, gotta pee,” she told me and headed escort etlik for the bathroom, wonderfully starkers. My testosterone driven horny self just lay there and watched in admiration. I’d feel guilty about it later. In the meantime, it was Thursday morning and my finals were tomorrow. I really did have to hit the books.

* * * * *

Mandy left me alone to study. So, generally, did Mom, other than checking to see if there was anything I needed. Dad was at work all day, so I didn’t have any interruptions from him. That meant I was perfectly free to be distracted as hell by my beautiful younger sister. Having a good memory can be both boon and bane. Having a good imagination was just plain torture.

When I failed to show up at the dinner table, Mandy brought me a plate.

“I told Mom and Dad you were desperate to ace the finals tomorrow, so you probably lost track of the time. I told them I’d bring you dinner, so you could keep studying,” she informed me as she set the plate off to the side of my desk. “I hope everything’s going okay.”

I looked up at her.

“You, dear sister, are an incredible distraction,” I told her. I saw her smile slightly before her face fell into a serious expression.

“Is that a bad thing?” she asked. I don’t know if the ingenuousness was real or faked, but it was there.

“Only if I blow the exams because of it,” I told her. “I feel like somebody plugged me into a wall outlet.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone,” she told me in all seriousness. “Let me know when you’re going to bed, though, please. I want to talk to you for a minute.”

“Fine by me,” I told her, “and thanks for dinner.” She left and I went back to studying

When I finally gave up and decided I wasn’t going to cram any more useful information in my head and went downstairs to get a drink before heading to bed, Mandy and Mom were in the kitchen, talking.

“Mandy tells me you’re really stressing out over tomorrow,” Mom told me as I put about three fingers of rum in a highball glass. She gave me one of those looks as I added the orange juice.

“She also tells me you won’t let her give you a massage and de-stress you.” That surprised me a bit, but I decided to play along.

“I didn’t say that, really,” I told Mom. “I told her I didn’t have time for anything but studying. She needs some help in one of her math classes and I told her she’d have to wait until after my finals were over.”

“Well, if you’re going to get some decent rest tonight, son,” Mom decided to share, “you ought to let her work out some of the kinks before you drink yourself into oblivion. She gives a really good massage, you know. Just ask your father.”

Okay, that set off a bunch of alarm bells in my head, but Mandy just stood there, looking demure.

“Well, I’m going to go get a shower and head to bed,” I told them, “so I suppose if you want to work on me, Sis, you could try, but I’m going to be trying to crash out. Goodnight, Mom.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Night, Sis.” I turned and headed back up to my bedroom.

Mandy’s room and mine bracket a common bathroom. It’s got both a tub and a separate shower and a toilet, plus a double-basin vanity with a huge mirror and so forth. Basically, she had her side and I had mine. I left my drink on my nightstand, stripped off and went to the bathroom to get in the shower. Maybe five minutes into luxuriating under the hot water pounding my neck and shoulders, Mandy unexpectedly joined me.

“Hey, Brother,” she greeted me as she stepped into the shower nude. “Want that massage, yet?”

“Don’t do that!” I told her. “You startled me! And no, I’m not ready for the massage, yet. I was enjoying using up all the hot water.”

“Then let me soap you up,” she suggested. “I can be useful.”

“I’m sure you can,” I replied, heavily loaded with ulterior meaning. “You soap up Dad, too?”

“Sometimes,” she told me as she grabbed the soap and the loofah thingie and got ready to wash me.

“Mandy, are you f–“

“Ah, ah, ah!” she interrupted me with a hand over my mouth. “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

I shut up, but my mind was going ninety miles an hour as she carefully and gently started with my neck and shoulders, then worked her way down, washing away the day’s accumulated detritus. It would go a long way to explaining why she seemed to be his favorite. But that kind of thinking bordered on jealousy and no way was I giving in to that set of emotions. I decided to enjoy her bathing me.

She was good at it and kept to the task at hand, not even getting flustered by my hard-on. That would be the one I was sporting since the moment she stepped into the shower. She washed him, too, and kept right on going. When she finished and had me rinse off, she started playing with me.

“This fella seems happy to see me,” she smiled, and dammit, I was going to get lost in those green eyes. I’d spent a lot of years trying to ignore how sexy and alluring she could be, and concentrate on the annoying brat, but right now all that brat was going right down the drain.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I told her, right before she sank to her knees and started blowing me. “Holy Mother of God!” I murmured as I fumbled for the handicapped bar, to keep from slipping and falling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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